Whiny Michael Coren claims to have integrity and be an orthodox Christian. #Catholic #tcot #tonews

Anti-Catholic Michael Coren wants parents to send their children to catholic schools — because the schools really aren’t Catholic anymore
Link: Anglican Coren wants kids in catholic schools b/c they are not Catholic

In his rounds to promote his new book, he writes these ridiculous statements:


“I have never moved an inch from orthodox Christian teaching in 32 years. I do now worship as an Anglo-Catholic in the Anglican Communion but that’s partly because I couldn’t in all integrity and with respect toward the Roman Catholic Church continue to receive its sacraments while knowing in my heart that I disagreed with some of its social and moral teachings.”

He actually says he remains an orthodox Christian! He attends a community with a woman priest, defends abortion, defends doctors murdering their very sick patients (with patient approval), supports gay marriage, etc etc. How is this remotely orthodox? If he is orthodox, his wife wouldn’t still be a faithful Catholic who attends mass at a loyal Catholic parish.

And integrity?? Coren stopped attending Catholic masses in 2014 and, until he was exposed, he continued to take $$ from Catholic publications, take $$ from Catholic dioceses to give talks to Catholic priests and deacons, etc. Yes, Coren and all the other former Sun employees have had reduced incomes from the closure of SunTV, but this has nothing to do with Coren leaving orthodox Christianity. Coren tried to have his cake and eat it too by taking money from Catholic organizations and not telling them that he had left the Holy Catholic Church. The furthest things from “integrity”.


Link: Anglican Coren taking $$ from Catholic groups


Another review:



Link: Anglican Coren taking $$ from CWR and also writing gay puff pieces




#OCSB #TCDSB Radical ICE #Catholic Sex ed supplements released

The radical supplements have finally been released – they were supposed to be released in November. Remember, the catholic boards are forced to teach the FULL Wynne curriculum on contraception, LGBT, “consent” and gender ideology. Remember that Education Minister Liz Sandals has  said this:

2015: ” that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.”


Let’s review the Fully Alive program before the new Wynne/BenLevin sex ed got addded

  1. It was already a disaster. It talked a lot about contraception etc. Bishop Danyluk called it “descends to the level of child abuse”

Bishop Danyluk statement

Msgr Foy – From Winnipeg Statement to Fully Alive

2) The fruits of the Fully Alive program (pre 2015) are a disaster. Children from “catholic” schools had sexual intercourse earlier than public school grads etc


Now, the new additions from ICE.

Family Life HPE Sex Ed Supplements (CARFLEO/ICE)



Does the OCSB really expect Catholic beliefs to respected? Look how the bowed down to this family:



ICE confuses the  idea of respect of people and respect for ideas. We do NOT respect bad ideas – eg. we do not respect the idea that murder of pre-born children is ok. Likewise, Pope Francis has compared the ideas of Gender Ideology to Hitler Youth indoctrination. This documents values “diversity” more than the Truth. Relativism.

This document fails to explicitly state that scociety’s views gender are WRONG. They can only bring themselves to say “different”.

They want to meet the “appropriate goals of a public funded school system” – ie. to bow to Caesar Wynne for money and sacrifice our children


How will all actually play out in classrooms? Lip service to official church teaching and emphasis on understanding society’s view (in order to “respect difference and diversity”) will be common.

  1. Well, ICE has retweeted the head of York Catholic Family Life education (MWS) teaching teachers about the new sex ed. He is the fellow that cherry-picks the bible and catechism.



Lifesite on Michael Way Skinner

2) GSAs (run by teachers who don’t teach the full Catholic faith) will go into classrooms and teach society’s view on sexuality as correct






GSAs and their teachers are actively going into classrooms to teach students society’s views on sexuality. This cowardly new ICE program will do nothing to stop the brainwashing – it will even encourage it.


Family Life (CARFLEO) educatotrs themselves will love all the wiggly room in this curriculum.

Read how Dr Moira McQueen was treated when she presented the Catholic view of Sexuality at a CARFLEO meeting:

Dr McQueen on CARFLEO

CARFLEO just gave its top Family Life education award to OECTA employee Kevin Welbes Godin. He is the one who goes to various cities and teaches OECTA teachers about Genderbread Person. Read his account below of his views on Trans issues. How do you think he would teach the new ICE curriculum with all its talk on diversity and respect ?

Webles Godin Guelph Sexualitygenderbreadb

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PS: This is curriculum from OPHEA (OCSB and other catholic boards are paying members)

understanding_healthy_development-1290 understanding_sexual_health_and_decision_making-resources-1289 understanding_changes_at_puberty-1286

cc_hdshsupportguide_ja16 junior_appendixh_0

understanding_changes_at_puberty-1286 (1)


#OCSB #TCDSB . Troubled CARFLEO gives award to Genderbread Person promoter


Reason #9887651 to get your Catholic children exempted from Religion classes run by CARFLEO/OECTA.

CARFLEO just gave their award of Excellence to Kevin Welbes-Godin. He is the person who goes around the province giving Genderbread talks. See his Guelph Sexuality conference article below. CARFLEO are the religion teachers in “catholic” schools

CARFLEO award Welbes Godin


See page 5 of this:



Webles Godin Guelph Sexuality

gay books (4)genderbreadb


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#Ottnews. #OCSB . “Consent” in Sex ed at Schools #tcdsb

When Wynne and Scandals talk about “consent” in the sex ed program from public and “catholic” schools, they don’t mean what most parents mean. Don’t fall for the nice words of Wynne or your children’s principal!

The Guelph Sexuality Conference is a weird conference with many influential people in the sex ed and sex ed curriclum world. Have a look at the link and all the the talk this year. I have excerpted the ones on consent. They are all from a “pleasure perspective” and include things like sexting consent.

The OECTA “catholic” teachers union has had speakers at GSC. As well they have promoted it in the past.

OECTA Guelph Sexuality conference

Guelph 1Guelph 2Guelph 3Guelph 4


Ruth Neustifter (an Ontario “catholic” high school grad) is big behind the GSC. Check out some of their views from a Salon article




Searching for a solution for these defects, McDonough sought tips from Salon’s “favorite sex writers and sex educators.”  She sought the advice of Ruth Neustifter, sexuality educator and Assistant Professor of Couple & Family Therapy at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada; Joshua Rosenberger, assistant professor of global and community health at George Mason University; Rich Juzwiak, staff writer at Gawker; and Feminista Jones, sex-positive Black feminist, social worker and blogger (I’m not making this up). 


Instead of leaving sex education to parents, or teaching abstinence in school, this body of experts came up with some better suggestions of what should be taught, presumably suggestions they have been promoting in other venues.  Here’s a few:


·         Virginity can’t be lost because it doesn’t really exist

·         We can define gender for ourselves and respect how others define their gender

·         Seek out partners who want to support you in feeling good

·         It’s a lot easier to accept yourself and all the weirdness inside of you when you realize that everyone else is dealing with that, too

·         Sex is about learning what you like

·         Don’t let expectations box you in or limit your pleasure

·         Know who you are when it comes to your sexuality, but don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and be open-minded about sexual experiences

·         The sooner you become open-minded the more fun you are going to have

·         You don’t have to love someone to have sex, but you should respect your partners and yourself enough to make what goes on between you pleasurable and safe

·         There’s nothing more empowering than being able to safely explore one’s desires and fantasies without fear of shame or feelings of remorse

·         Sex is not just intercourse or penetration.  It can include an endless combination of different things

·         Orientation is an identity preference and you can choose who you want and change your mind as many times as you like

·         Embrace the diversity of sexual behavior and identities

·         Embrace words like fluidity and diversity

·         People need to understand that sex is fun—fun and funny

#Ottnews . #OCSB filters let Bing searches show porn to children

A friend of this blog send along an FOI with some interesting information


While the OCB talks about “strong filters” and “proactive approaches”, until a few weeks ago Bing searches on school-provided chromebooks showed up tons of porn. They care so little about children that they didn’t bother testing their filter against the #2 search engine?

The fact is that there are dozens and dozens of search engines. Also, the OCSB promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to both elementary and secondary but doesn’t warn parents that the OCSB filters are not good against many search engines. So, how good are the filters today at the OCSB? Do parents care? Does the media care?


Proactive approach to filtersOCSB P1OCSB P2











#ottnews . Pope condemns “safe sex” sex ed (at #OCSB) #TCDSB

Pope Francis in Amoris Laetietia

Frequently, sex education deals primarily with “protection” through the practice of “safe sex”. Such expressions convey a negative attitude towards the natural procreative finality of sexuality, as if an eventual child were an enemy to be protected against. This way of thinking promotes narcissism and aggressivity in place of  acceptance. It is always irresponsible to invite adolescents to toy with their bodies and their desires, as if they possessed the maturity, values, mutual commitment and goals proper to marriage. They end up being blithely encouraged to use other persons as an means of fulfilling their needs or limitations. The important thing is to teach them sensitivity to different expressions of love, mutual concern and care, loving respect and deeply meaningful communication. All of these prepare them for an integral and generous gift of self that will be expressed, following a public commitment, in the gift of their bodies. Sexual union in marriage will thus appear as a sign of an all-inclusive commitment, enriched by everything that has preceded it.


This is what is taught in Grade 7 and 8 in Ontario “catholic” school in the new Wynne/Ben Levin sex ed:


Safe Sex



Meanwhile, the Institute of Catholic Education (ICE) refuses to publicly release their supplementary material they committed to publish in November.

Will the #OCSB and other boards obey Pope Francis or bow to Caesar (Wynne)? Do they say “We have no King but Caesar!”?

#ottnews #onted . How do orthodox #catholic #OSCB parents get their children exempted from religion courses etc

More and more orthodox Catholic reluctantly send their children to government/OECTA run “catholic” high schools.

Also, more and more parents are getting exemptions from CARFLEO-run Religion classes, new age retreats and liturgies with Liturgical dance etc

Myexemption.ca has the expertise to help. Our advice when writing a letter is to include your MPAC status (Public school), copy the Principal, Super and Director, state there is no need for several mtgs, that is is your legal right according to the Education Act, that you want your child (at their discretion) to be able to attend ALL events except for your list (eg. liturgies without a priest, day-long or offsite retreats, Religion courses), and that this right and request applies for all four years. Also, that you will not tolerate unneccessary delays and bureaucracy to claim your right. If they want a reason (you have no legal obligation to provide one), you can mention the law again or lack of Oaths of Fidelity to the Magisterium by teachers, chaplaincy leaders, OECTA, CARFLEO, CSCO, CPCO, etc. “A signed publc oath by the Religion Teachers, chaplaincy leader, principal and superintendent including the parts of  Bishop Vasa’s proposed oath would be required in order for me as a parent to change my mind”: “This includes declaring such things as: I believe in God, the virgin birth, the existence of purgatory, the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. I also accept the Church’s moral teachings, such as the evil and sinfulness of contraception, homosexual activity, and adulterous behavior.
-Bishop Vasa 
The following is a round-up of the situation around the province:

OCSB PUBLIC policy (we know that orthodox Catholic are getting exemptions) which is cotnrary to the Education Act

OCSB Ottawa Religious Education OCSB2 Ottawa mandatory

Simcoe County SMDCSB arduous process. Why does someone need to meet separately with the Principal, Superintendent and Director Ed to claim a legal right? They have been served notice by a former student who has complained to the OHRT


Secondary Religious Exemption Procedures – November 2015.2


Waterloo’s WCDSB process:


APA002-Appendix-A WCDSB


Halton HCDSB (based on Dufferin Peel)



London’s forms have gotten stricter and do not appear to be in line with the Education Act or recent court rulings

London Old Form Admission-of-Students old London New Admission of Student ldcsb new


Eastern Ontarion CDSBEO also does not appear to be in line with the Education Act (Sec 42 (13))

Catholic Board Eastern Ontario Catholic reg. form


Toronto TCDSB

TCDSB Requests for Religious Accommodation



OCSTA’s own lawyers say that MPAC designation is the only thing that decides whether a student can get an exemption.

Original Proposed letter with OCSTA Legal cmte comments in red (?
Original Proposed letter with OCSTA Legal cmte comments in red (?

Practices and Proceedures

Legal opinion on OCSTA guideline











#OCSB #ottnews . OCSTA Catholic Trustees and Avoidance of FOI Requests

2 Cor 4:2Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God.


The OCSTA is a taxpayer funded organization. They really don’t like the information they send to Ontario catholic schools board to be available under Freedom of Information requests (MFIPPA). This applies particularly to the area of Exemptions from Religion courses/masses/retreats for both Catholic and non-Catholic students (as long the parents of public school tax supporters)

Here are some excerpts from the meeting minutes in 2014 (readily available yesterday on their website)

They went so far as to pay a lawyer to find out if they gave the Directors of Ed at all school boards OCSTA email accounts, whether theu would be ‘FOI-able’.

Legal Advice page 1Legal Advice page 2Legal Advice page 3Legal Advice page 4Send instructions to principals directlyAvoid FOI requestsLegal opinion on OCSTA guideline

Practices and Proceedures

Secondary Religious Exemption Procedures – November 2015.2  (they incorrectly say that Catholic children who went to Catholic elementary school are not eligible for exemption – see yesterday’s post)

Directors Meeting SEPT agenda

#OCSB still has public policies forcing students to take Religion class (against Sec 42(13) of Education Act) #Ottnews

Why does OCSB have policies on the books that are against court decisions and the written law about exemptions from Religion courses and mass/retreats? Why won’t they update their policies and give a simple process for parents to obtain their rights?

Other catholic boards have published processes (although one is being taken to the OHRC for the process being too arduous and nasty (I believe)).

The only way a board can refuse exemption from these courses is if the parents are on the tax rolls of the English Separate school system. Both Catholic and non-Catholic high school students who have parents on the Public School property tax roll can be exempted by parental request. For orthodox Catholics, this is to get your children away from crazy liturgies and anti-Catholic “catholic” religion classes.

HONESTY is a true Catholic virtue!




page 15: https://bboard.ocsb.ca/bbcswebdav/institution/OCSB%20Corporate/Board%20Departments/Directorate%20and%20Corporate%20Services/Communications/Webmaster%20Files/High%20School%20Programs%20%26%20Resources/High-School-course-guide.pdf



The OCSTA knows the truth! Catholic kids must be exempted if their parents are MPAC public board supporters


Original Proposed letter with OCSTA Legal cmte comments in red (?
Original Proposed letter with OCSTA Legal cmte comments in red (?
Fnal letter to Globe and Mail not mentioning that all can be exempted if on public school tax rolls
Fnal letter to Globe and Mail not mentioning that all can be exempted if on public school tax rolls
Letter obtained from OCSB via FOI request
Letter obtained from OCSB via FOI request



Other “catholic” school boards have published processes (albeit arduous) for students to be exempted from Religion courses and masses/retreats

eg. page 50: https://www.wcdsb.ca/about/board/minutes/reg/pdf/2015/agenda/2015-03-23-Board-of-Trustees-Agenda.pdf

PDF of SMCDSB Policy:

Secondary Religious Exemption Procedures – November 2015.2

Court decision allowing students exemptions from masses/retreats:










Related pdfs from ocsta:

Directors Meeting SEPT agenda







#OCSB Grade 7 Teacher charged with Sexual Assault on student #ottnews #catholic #tcot #tcdsb

Looks like she is at Mother Teresa HS

A 30-year-old Ottawa teacher has been charged with sexual assault, sexual exploitation and making sexually explicit material available to a child, police say.

We needto pray for Jessica, her husband, her toddler, her alleged victim, the children of Barrhaven and all victims of teacher sexual assault






I guess she won’t be teaching the Wynne/Ben Levin sex ed this spring to the class. contraception and anal sex is the Grade7/8 curriculum


Also, news today from  Belleville:

Prevalence of Sex Crimes by Teachers:


Shakeshaft (Hofstra U) study:


The best data available suggest that nearly 10 percent of American students are targets of unwanted sexual attention by public school employees—ranging from sexual comments to rape—at some point during their school-age years, Ms. Shakeshaft said.
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