#OECTA and #OSSTF pushing for “privatization” via credit courses in Fiji, Galapagos and Whistler. #onted #onpoli #ocsb #ottnews


All the teachers unions are complaining about “privatization” (for Ontario selling our online curriculum to other govts (that is not privatization!)).

 Meanwhile, private companies like Edutravel gives credits for skiing in Whistler or “California dreamin”.
Lots of union teachers (OECTA, OSSTF) LOVE teaching these credits!



What is nature of “partnership” with school boards? Why do school boards host these info sessions?

oct edutraveledutravel

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Magenta now banned except for Grade 11/12 #ocsb #ottnews #onted #catholic

The only reason given is that the stories are “graphic and inappropriate for younger grades” (eg. grade 7)



The Board was not able to explain how this book was compatible with Catholic Church teaching and what books that ARE compatible with our teaching were available to students. They could not explain why this book is not “demonic” (even for Grade 11/12)

Pope Francis In Jan 2020:

While Pope Francis “certainly talked about abortion as a preeminent issue,” Archbishop Carlson said, “at the same time he said there’s another significant issue and that would be ‘transgender’ — where we are trying to make all human beings the same, it makes no difference, you can be whoever you want to be.

The pope, he said, brought the issue up as an example of “another significant issue in our day.”

Asked whether the pope then gave the bishops any advice on how to handle the transgender debate, Archbishop Carlson said the pope touched on the way proponents believe people are “all one and that there’s no difference, which would fly in the face of what (St.) John Paul II talked about on complementarity and it would fly in the face of the dignity of the woman and the dignity of the man, that we could just change into whatever we wanted.”

2019-08-29 Gender-Ideology-Select-Teaching-Resources2019-08-29

Vatican Paper

The Human Person, Love, and Sexuality (2016)Bioethics-Matters_MMcQueen_CatholicTeaching_Transgender_March2016_Vol141_FINAL


2019-08-29 Speaking the Truth in Love








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Mindfulness and “Third Path” claptrap at #OCSB @ottawacspa #ottnews

Watch out for “mindfulness” and “the third way” claptrap..

Teaching actual content or knowledge is no longer a priority in the least!



“Critical education analysts quickly spot that Third Path theory carries an implicit bias against teaching knowledge and focusing on student achievement. On the cover of the book and between the covers, Path 2 (Well-Being) precedes Path 1 (Academics/Achievement) in order of precedence. Upon closer scrutiny, Path 3 (Relationships) is actually code for student-centered individualized teaching drawing heavily upon mindfulness and self-regulation practices.

All educators today should be skeptical of such simple formulas for success in connecting with, and effectively teaching,  students. Something like “The Third Path” with a strong whiff of mindfulness should raise cautions.  Mindfulfulness has not only gone mainstream, it has emerged as the magic elixir of our present age. “


A team of respected British psychiatrists registered major concerns in December of 2016 in a widely-read scientific research paper published in the journal of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The proliferation of academic literature on mindfulness was, in their view, sustained by incomplete or inconclusive evidence-based research and “pervaded by a a lack of conceptual and methodological self-criticism.” Their two primary concerns were:

(1) the uneven benefits of mindfulness meditation: While “some people may benefit” from the meditation, “others will not be affected in a substantive way, and a number of individuals may suffer moderate to serious negative effects.”

(2) the insufficient of inconclusive evidence for its benefits, particularly when mindfulness-based interventions are compared with other activities or interventions.”

“Something has gone wrong with the science of mindfulness,” the British psychiatrists maintained.  “Orange robed gurus” had been replaced by “white-collared academics” who speak of the benefits of “being in the moment.” 


OCSB and Third Path:


Would the Prez of @uStMikes @ustmikesPres allow the Unplanned movie? @archtoronto @CampaignLife #prolife #catholicTO

Given the wife of the Prez of University of St Michael’s  College of UofT  signed the following petition protesting Unplanned at King’s College, a few questions are apropos:

a) Does President Sylvester agree with his wife Prof Larkin in support of this petition? (he was formerly head of King’s). She is a Prof in “Social Justice and Peace Studies” (SJPS) (See bottom pic)

b) Would he allow students to show Unplanned at St Michael’s?

c) Does he consider St Mike’s to also be “non-confessional”?




January 15, 2020

To Dr. Malloy, Principal, King’s University College,

On Thursday, January 10th, Campus Ministry sponsored the screening of Unplanned, an anti-abortion film ostensibly based on a true story, which has been widely discredited as anti-abortion propaganda that incorporates graphic and inaccurate depictions of abortion. On July 11, 2019, a Globe & Mail review of the film suggested “Unplanned will make you writhe in agony over how such an ugly, malicious and potentially dangerous piece of religious and political propaganda could have made its way into this world.”[1] Similarly, the review of the film in the National Post ran under the headline: “Anti-abortion film Unplanned is useless propaganda and poorly made cinema packed with lies.”[2] Similar reviews appeared in the Toronto Star[3] and Maclean’s[4], as well as in many other venues. Despite this reception in the media and subsequent protests, the Director of Campus Ministry opted to show a polemical film that he had not pre-screened.[5]

As a Catholic post-secondary institution, King’s is committed to academic inquiry informed by the Catholic intellectual tradition. This tradition takes as its purpose truth-seeking through respectful dialogue and disagreement. If appropriately framed through the formal inclusion of faculty members or other experts, the community at King’s would have managed a difficult conversation through open engagement and the critical assessment of ideas. At this event, however, there was no intentional provision for meaningful dialogue or debate.

The organization of the Unplanned event was inconsistent with the principles of the Catholic intellectual tradition. As the fictionalized adaptation of a memoir, the film was produced by the evangelical Christian movement in an effort to defund Planned Parenthood and undermine women’s reproductive rights. It includes graphic representations of abortions that have been described by physicians as “inaccurate and fearmongering depiction[s] of the procedure.”[6] Further, claims made in the film about Planned Parenthood’s financial policies and economic motivations are inconsistent with the not-for-profit organization’s tax records.[7] Despite these falsehoods, the event is described on the King’s calendar of events as an “inspiring true story.”[8]

We are also deeply concerned with the media coverage of this event, in which the Director of Campus Ministry speaks on behalf of King’s University College. In conversation with CBC, the Director of Campus Ministry stated, “We chose to show the movie Unplanned because it’s really consistent with our general ethic of life at King’s. We support life as a Catholic institution from conception until natural death” (emphasis added).[9] [10] In an email to a concerned faculty member, you stated:

King’s, like any other university, is where challenging political, social, religious topics can be discussed in an environment that is respectful and safe. Open dialogue and debate about ‘uncomfortable truths’ is part of our mission. We are not advocating for any side of this debate but rather being a vehicle for the conversation (emphasis added).

In his media interviews, however, the Director of Campus Ministry explicitly arrogated an institutional position on King’s behalf. This statement directly contradicts an institutional commitment to “open dialogue and debate.” Even faculty, who are afforded the protections of academic freedom, are denied the right to speak on behalf of the institution:

Faculty Members have the right to cite affiliation with and title at King’s University College when exercising their rights of action or expression. Faculty Members shall, however, endeavour to ensure that their actions or expressions are not interpreted as representing the official position of King’s University College (emphasis added). [11]

In addition to taking a specific position, the Director’s pronouncements blatantly misrepresent King’s mission statement and values, which do not include any reference to an “ethics of life.” Instead, our mission statement says we are “engaged in the open pursuit of truth” and that, at King’s, we create “an inclusive and empowering space for students by nourishing their capacity for critical thought, articulate expression, creativity, and ethical action.”[12]

In speaking to the media, the Director of Campus Ministry stated, “I hope it sends a message to women that we are concerned about unborn children.”[13] This position is hostile to women. Abortion is a safe and legal health service for women in Canada and is accessed by approximately one-quarter of child-bearing women.[14] Women who have exercised their rights to reproductive care risk being stigmatized and traumatized by the ideological position presented both in the film and in the Director’s statement.

The furor and fear expressed by students, staff, faculty, and the broader community confirm the inappropriate handling of this event and its promotion. Overall, the organizers of the event wholly underestimated the commitment to deep debate at King’s University College. Consequently, we have lost the opportunity to engage a highly inflammatory issue in an informed, deliberative context; we have lost the opportunity to model to our students and the broader community the methods of inquiry and debate that are at the centre of the liberal arts.

The public endorsement of an anti-abortion stance at King’s University College by the Director of Campus Ministry is of great concern to the viability of our institution as we work to recruit and maintain excellent students, staff, and faculty. Such a claim is antithetical to our mission statement and institutional value of inclusivity and is deeply disappointing and disturbing for many of us at King’s.

We are calling on you, as the Principal of King’s University College, to demonstrate leadership consistent with King’s mission and values as a publicly-funded, Catholic post-secondary institution. Specifically, we call on you to:

  • Assure faculty and the broader King’s community that the institution will uphold its mission of the respectful and critical dialogue of difficult subjects in a scholarly, just and ethical manner and that the Unplanned event did not meet the threshold of those elements within the Catholic intellectual tradition;
  • Insist upon a formal apology from the Director of Campus Ministry to members of King’s and the broader community for appropriating King’s mission and values;
  • Restore transparency and collaborative programming for the Veritas Series (formerly Religious Life Lecture Series) by reinstituting a functional Religious Life Committee with representation from faculty, students, and other stakeholder groups;
  • Affirm that faculty, staff, and students at King’s University College are not mandated to ascribe to all or any elements of Catholicism (i.e. King’s is non-confessional);
  • Provide material resources and other support for the International Women’s Day 2020 Teach-In on Friday, Jan. 17.

Signed (alphabetically),

  • Carrie Arnold, Asst. Professor, Thanatology
  • Stephanie Bangarth, Assoc. Professor, History
  • Laura Beres, Assoc. Professor, Social Work
  • Cathy Chovaz, Assoc. Professor, Psychology
  • Claudia Clausius, Assoc. Professor, English, French & Writing
  • Jinette Comeau, Asst. Professor, Sociology
  • Denise Cooke, Administrative Assistant to Departments/Chairs
  • Anisha Datta, Assoc. Professor, Sociology
  • Tosha Densky, Program Liaison, Social Work
  • Jeanette Eberhard, Asst. Professor, Management, Economics & Mathematics
  • Wendy Ellis, Assoc. Professor, Psychology
  • Jordan Fairbairn, Asst. Professor, Sociology
  • John Grant, Assoc. Professor, Political Science
  • Erin Hannah, Assoc. Professor, Political Science
  • Chaya Halberstam, Assoc. Professor, Religious Studies
  • Michelle Hartley, Asst. Professor, English, French & Writing
  • Lynda Hutchinson, Asst. Professor, Psychology
  • Allyson Larkin, Assoc. Professor, Social Justice & Peace Studies
  • ……








#OCSB Diversity Advisor pushing proabort Amnesty Intl into schools. #prolife #catholic #ottnews @archottawa

We know OCSB hired a diversity advisor fully knowing of her work at proabort ActionCanadaSR and Amnesty Canada. She remains on the Board of Amnesty.



Now, she is using her position within OCSB to help proabort Amnesty to infiltrate the OCSB and make students think AI is just fine.







Pope Emeritus Benedict passionately speaks out by contributing to a book that strongly defends male-only deacons and celibacy #catholic #Catholictwitter


From CatholicVote:

BREAKING: Pope Emeritus Benedict speaks out in strong defense of priestly celibacy in a momentous and heartfelt contribution to a new book by Cardinal Sarah. Usual suspects enraged.


Does anyone seriously doubt that Benedict doesn’t believe in a male-only diaconate? Seriously?

Whether Pope Emeritus Benedict is listed on cover as co-author or contributor is a “distinction without a difference”. Those that say otherwise must be frightened of the intellectual firepower of Sarah and Ratzinger in defence of male-only diaconate and sacerdotal celibacy.

From LSN:

Cardinal Sarah then explicitly mentions the discussion on the female diaconate: “Nowadays cleverly orchestrated media campaigns are calling for the female diaconate. What are they looking for? What is hidden behind these strange political demands? The worldly mindset of ‘equality’ is at work. They are stirring up a sort of mutual jealousy between men and women which can only be sterile.”

Placing the discussion on the female diaconate in a political context, Cardinal Sarah makes it clear that these demands are not coming out of the Tradition of the Church and from the context of the Gospel, but, rather, are stirred up by feminist ideas. Such ideas in the Church, however, can for him “only be sterile.”



From Cardinal Sarah on how the book was written:


#OCSB plans MANDATORY Indigenous Lit in Grade 11. Why? $$$$$ #ottnews #onted

Remember all those protests about reducing the number of courses that kids can choose from because the Education budget is going up slower than teachers want?




Well, the OCSB will be only offering ONE Grade 11 course soon – Hamlet and Orwell’s 1984 and the Great Gatsby are all out as even an option.

There are concerns that students won’t be as well prepared for Grade 12 or university but OCSB doesn’t care – they stand to receive an extra $3M in govt grants.

The OCSB has only given 30hrs notice before the final decision.






Will OECTA protest the reduction in options for Grade 11 English?



How #Catholic are #OCSB elementary schools? #ottnews


This was in 2015:



Data obtained by The Globe shows that 26 per cent of its [elementary] students (7,382 out of 28,128) were “not flagged as Catholic” in the 2016-17 academic year.


One OCSB principal reported that less than 50% of his school was even nominally Catholic (St Anthony’s)


In 2020, the default has changed from needing a baptism record to only “if applicable”