Whiny Michael Coren claims to have integrity and be an orthodox Christian. #Catholic #tcot #tonews

Anti-Catholic Michael Coren wants parents to send their children to catholic schools — because the schools really aren’t Catholic anymore
Link: Anglican Coren wants kids in catholic schools b/c they are not Catholic

In his rounds to promote his new book, he writes these ridiculous statements:


“I have never moved an inch from orthodox Christian teaching in 32 years. I do now worship as an Anglo-Catholic in the Anglican Communion but that’s partly because I couldn’t in all integrity and with respect toward the Roman Catholic Church continue to receive its sacraments while knowing in my heart that I disagreed with some of its social and moral teachings.”

He actually says he remains an orthodox Christian! He attends a community with a woman priest, defends abortion, defends doctors murdering their very sick patients (with patient approval), supports gay marriage, etc etc. How is this remotely orthodox? If he is orthodox, his wife wouldn’t still be a faithful Catholic who attends mass at a loyal Catholic parish.

And integrity?? Coren stopped attending Catholic masses in 2014 and, until he was exposed, he continued to take $$ from Catholic publications, take $$ from Catholic dioceses to give talks to Catholic priests and deacons, etc. Yes, Coren and all the other former Sun employees have had reduced incomes from the closure of SunTV, but this has nothing to do with Coren leaving orthodox Christianity. Coren tried to have his cake and eat it too by taking money from Catholic organizations and not telling them that he had left the Holy Catholic Church. The furthest things from “integrity”.


Link: Anglican Coren taking $$ from Catholic groups


Another review:



Link: Anglican Coren taking $$ from CWR and also writing gay puff pieces




3 thoughts on “Whiny Michael Coren claims to have integrity and be an orthodox Christian. #Catholic #tcot #tonews”

  1. Coren is correct about Catholic schools not being Catholic. If Catholic education really, and I mean really, tapped to the beat of authentic Catholic faith and morals, it would be a very small school system.

    There is such a thing as an ecclesial “prostitoad”, being one who hops from church to church to church. Also it still amazes me how some people, on their own authority, decide for themselves if they are Catholic. Catholicum me esse dico, ergo sum.


  2. Coren exemplifies a syndrome characteristic of his whole milleau. CTS, Evangelicalism, man-centered prolife-ism, narcissistic thuggery under the veneer of good causes, emotionalized sophistry. It has all degenerated into self-serving rackets. And, the ultimate imperial social up-reach — Anglicanism. He seems oblivious to the endemic pederasty and faggotry of English Lords and Clerics, idolizing the so-called “Great and the Good”. The whole lot of them can’t compare to a single Catholic Saint.


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