OISE Gender Insanity taught to elementary children! #ottnews #toronto #tdsb #oecta #catholicteachers #catholic #tcot

This is the insanity about gender taught to middle school students in the Toronto TDSB.


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Wade Vroom who was suspended a few years ago is mentioned in the credits at end:






What goes on in govt funded “alternative” schools, will be in mainstream schools within a couple of years.

These OISE teachers will be in school boards (both public and Catholic) doing this stuff in 2018!

EIE and Bill 13 and new sex ed are not about STIs and consent and anti-bullying, they are RADICAL GENDER BENDING SOCIAL RE-ENGINEERING!! 


REMEMBER THAT when you vote for PC Leader and in Ontario election!


This sort of stuff will come to “catholic” schools. In fact, of all the teachers unions, OECTA “catholic” union pushes genderbread the most!!




We Day and Snapchat and Rape. #ocsb #ottnews #ocsbcelebrates #hcdsb #oecta #catholicteachers

We warned the OCSB not to bus kids to pro-abort We Day where singers like Official sing lewd lyrics



Now, we find out that a student (not an OCSB student THIS TIME) was picked up by a We Day rock star via Snapchat at that We Day. She was later raped and sodomized.




The woman was an Algonquin College student when she first communicated with Hoggard, 33, in November 2016. She was a volunteer at the WE Day concert in Ottawa, where Hoggard, described as a “WE Day super ambassador,” performed. During the event, she says, Hoggard communicated with her through Snapchat, a social media app that allows users to send texts, photos and videos that disappear after they are opened…..

A few days later:

… She says Hoggard was grunting loudly and making pig noises. He called her a “dirty little pig,” she says.

“I can still to this day picture his face and how scary he looked and how scared I was.”

She says she remembers seeing herself reflected in the mirror over the bed. “He was choking me, and my face went so red.”

She says he didn’t stop assaulting her even though she was bleedingfrom her vagina and anus. At one point, she says, he pulled her off the bed by her legs and dragged her into the bathroom. She says Hoggard asked several times if he could urinate on her, then asked if she wanted to pee on him. She says he backed off when she kept repeating, “No, that’s disgusting.”

She alleges that was the only time he asked for consent.

In the five hours she was in the Thompson Hotel, she says, Hoggard raped her several times — vaginally and anally.



When you have artists singing lewd rap lyrics disrespecting women.. and women at WEDay who dress like this













After two full (and admittedly tiring) days, I was fortunate to join the Grade 6 students on their trip to WE Day! This conference brings together world-renowned speakers (Paula Abdul, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Tragically Hip, Rick Hanson…), A-list performers (Hedley, Classified…), and tens of thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities and changed lives. WE Day is something that I always wished I could have attended as a student, but that opportunity has come full circle for me as a teacher. 




Salt + Light insults Catechism; promotes gay sex and marriage. @archtoronto

She wants gay sex and marriage approved by the Church.

What has she been taught by Fr Rosica and All Inclusive Ministries (AIM) teaching this young lady? What is she teaching youth at Nativity of Our Lord parish? Why did Rosica allow this to be printed and sent out to Canada’s youth?


page 48: https://issuu.com/saltandlight2/docs/magazine_en_issue10_youth_edition_2












OCSTA Catholic Trustees still in bed with pro-abort WEDay #ocsb @archtoronto #oecta #catholicteachers #tcdsb




WeDay and Globe&Mail partner on proabort material for Canadian schools


NARAL endorses We Day Co-chair

Phillips has served many non-profits, and helped bring WE Day to Minnesota, the global youth-empowerment initiative that now engages over 150,000 students in over 550 schools across the state. 

Scathing critique from former #OCSB principal of “Catholic” education . #ottnews



We are certainly no fan of Paul McGuire, recently retired principal of St Anthony’s school in Little Italy. He is one of those classic “St Joe’s parish” folks who is a “new agey” socialist.  He was involved with getting OCSB to go to El Salvador via Salvaide.ca







But interesting posts now that he is retired. He attacks non-listening Board admin, horrible math teaching, silly “6Cs”, funding for Catholic schools etc.
His “partner” Heather is a public school teacher.
All is NOT well with the OCSB! Not only is it spiritually dead, there are many other problems!!
It is fair to ask all these questions. It is also true that the publically-funded Catholic system is siphoning off students from public schools. However, I don’t think it is because Catholic schools are any better than their public school counterparts. Many in Catholic school management would have you believe that and have said this for years, but it really comes down to the individual school, not the overall system. ….

I say that because it is really hard to define what a true Catholic is and why a Catholic is in any way ‘better’ at doing things than a non-Catholic. There is something very unsettling about holding such an opinion. It lacks any sort of critical analysis and tends to enter into the realm of myth – we are just better. 
The system we have now have is governed by trustees who have little public accountability and in the Catholic system, church leaders who have absolutely no role to play in our children’s education. 
Who Monitors Education in Ontario?
The education corporation is in some ways worse – it likes to believe that it serves a higher purpose. This is especially true for Catholic school boards in Ontario where I live. Somehow saying that you are a Catholic school board gives license to all sorts of hypocritical actions… 
Unlike the business corporation, however, the education corporation does not answer to anyone. It could be said that there are public trustees who can call them to account, but at least in Ontario, trustees are underpaid officials who are totally captured by the senior staff that they depend on for information. They do not have the time or the resources to act as a counterbalance to superintendents and directors who really hold the power in the education corporation. 

While we despair when we hear about poor and sometimes unethical management in our schools, nothing is ever done about these situations. We never ask the question – what do we really value in education? If we really asked this uncomfortable question would we continue to protect adults who clearly have no idea how to manage schools and the people in them?

There are a whole set of rules, conventions and practices that exist to protect individuals, especially those in privileged positions of power in the education system. A huge amount of energy is put into sustaining these rules and conventions.



Recently he wrote a biting critique of the 6C fad, 21st-century skills and the current belief that teaching collaboration beats out traditional content. I love the title – Can we add ‘move like a cat’ to the list of 21st century skills? 



Greg Ashman seems to be one of the few people writing in opposition to the ongoing disaster that is math instruction in Ontario. This week, he wrote another great article on what is not working with math in Ontario – Can Ontario fix its math curriculum.

Great article and really interesting comments. I agree that Ontario’s obsession with Michael Fullan is misplaced and he needs to move on. However, from what I have seen, Fullan is still the hero of the Ontario education scene and he can do no wrong. The solution to the problem of low scores in Ontario is just to train teachers harder in the inquiry-based system. You can get a good sense of this in this recent interview with Dr Mary Reid of OISE http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1041393219874/

True enough, no one will listen to the critics as we have been marginalized and to speak out against Fullan and the dominant ideology in Ontario is a huge risk to your career in education…

The trend will continue to be to emphasise inquiry over explicit teaching and results will continue to go down. Senior administrators and ministry officials will continue to drink to constructivist kool-aid because there is little critical thinking going on and school boards demand conformity from their educators and conformity to some really bad thinking is actually the way to guarantee an advancing career for an administrator. 


Once I retired, I began to write a series of articles that were critical of my former employers. The Catholic Board in Ottawa is a public entity, supported entirely by the tax payers of Ontario. I have come to believe that we no longer need separate schools in our province and that we could do a better job for students if we had a single, strong system that caters to all students in the province. 



I can understand this. Everytime I post on this topic, I get all sorts of negative comments and sometimes these attacks come from Catholic educators, some I worked with for years. I will get more negative comments after this post – mostly in the vein of not being ‘loyal’ or being naive about how the world works etc, etc. I will be unfollowed or blocked by more Catholic educators. So it goes.

To be clear, I worked in the Catholic system for 31 years the last six as a principal. Based on my experience, there is no logical reason for keeping this system in place. I was a committed Catholic educator for all these years, but to me fairness and equity are more important that propping up a system that is now an anachronism.



There is an underlying bias within the Catholic school system that these schools are simply ‘better’. Somehow, the Catholic system was better managed. I don’t see this. I have been an administrator in the Catholic system and have seen many examples of very poor management. Both systems have their faults. To say that one is inherently better managed than the other shows an embarrassing bias and should not be part of this debate. 



Originally in Ontario, all education was based on faith. There were Protestant and Catholic school systems. Over time, the Protestant system became public and non-denominational.  I would argue that the same process is happening in the Catholic system that is gradually losing its Catholic character.

Catholic schools now admit students of all faiths – something that I have seen as a very positive step. However, Catholic schools are still allowed to discriminate against teachers who must be Catholic to get a permanent job in this system……

In the last school I worked at as a principal, very few students were Catholic. We prided ourselves in being inclusive to all cultures and faiths. We worked hard to support families new to the country. At the same time, another school, also excellent in our neighbourhood supports the same population. Both schools are at approximately at 30% capacity. Why not bring the resources of both schools together to better serve the community? 

#OCSB Holy Trinity Kanata raising $$ for proabort UNICEF. #catholic #ottnews #prolife

This is what happens in pseudo-Catholic schools and when you run events with your local proabort Liberal MP!!









“Catholic” school boards watered down to nil. #ottnews #ottschools #onted #onpoli #ocsb @archtoronto

2 Cor 4:2 Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God.


2 interesting investigations:




Interesting points:

In some boards, upwards of a quarter of elementary school students and their parents or guardians did not have a baptismal certificate.


In an e-mail marked “Confidential” and sent to directors of education and chairs just days after The Globe sent its FOI requests to the 29 school boards, OCSTA president Patrick Daly said the association was in “the process of obtaining a legal opinion on the obligations of school boards to disclose this information to the media,” he said in the letter, obtained through a subsequent FOI request.


The Ottawa Catholic board says on its website that non-Catholic children “will be welcomed on a space availability basis” – but also noted that space is available in all its elementary schools. Data obtained by The Globe shows that 26 per cent of its students (7,382 out of 28,128) were “not flagged as Catholic” in the 2016-17 academic year.


“Without those non-Catholic kids, those schools would be seriously under-enrolled and under threat of closure,” Mr. Baak said. “The only time non-Catholic kids are welcome is when they need a few more warm, grant-generating bodies to boost the enrolment of a school to make it more cost-effective so that it won’t close. They do not do this out of the goodness of their heart.”


Our points:

OCSB is one of the most aggressive in advertising and getting non-Catholics to go to their elementary schools.

The OCSTA is known for trying to avoid FOI requests. Also, for not telling whole truth of exemption from religion classes.

OCSB has watered down their Catholicism to make it so generic that Muslim kids and atheists are 100% comfortable (also their pseudo-Catholic teachers).

OCSB has a huge advertising budget (the $2XX thousand does not include salaries.)

Some related links:











James Martin SJ promised he would be clear about his views on sinful gay sex. HE LIED! #catholic #oecta #tcot

James Martin had the chance to be clear that he believes that homosexual acts are sinful.

In fact, he promised he would be clear in a Facebook response to Ms Lanigan







Does Martin do that in his new forward> NO! He talks about teaching not being received (in fact, CourageRC members HAVE received the teachings of the Church.). He talks about the LGBT folks views being too far apart from the Church’s. He had the opportunity to say the Church’s teachings are CORRECT and he refused!!


He is not a true priest of Christ and the Holy Catholic Church!!









The Fruits of GSAs in pseudo-Catholic schools: proabort march organizers . #ocsb #oecta #catholicteachers


2018 update.: st pauls SAFE still at it!!






Kate Forman, a student a few yrs ago running a GSA at St Paul’s Ottawa and working for jer’s Vision/CCGSD
St Paul’s High School’s SAFE (Students Advocating for Equality) is promoted
by student Kate Forman who was given OCSB credit for her co-op work for
Jer’s Vision
http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ottawa-catholic-school-gives-course-credit-for-work-at-gay-activist-group/As well, Ms Forman was an attendee at this Jer’s Vision/Day of Pink event
last week targeting Catholic students last week.It was also shamefully
attended by the Mayor and Minister Naqvi.
and host of pro-abortion march:
STP= Ottawa  St Paul’s High School near IKEA