New #OCSB sex ed policy violates Ont govt guidelines #ottnews #onted

the OCSB voted on a new policy/procedure last night. The Ont govt ordered all boards to have it done by Nov 30th.

Firstly, they lazily put the comment date to be Nov 26th 5pm for a new policy to be voted on at 7pm the same day.. they were non-chalant about it when informed that the date must be wrong.  They never even published the proposed new policy

Now, they are making it hard for parents to get exemption. The provincial rules talk about having a policy to inform parents about a form they can use. They even give a sample form

The OCSB process talks ZERO about informing parents about a form. Instead, parents need to write out a request. The OCSB took PPM162 and basically deleted all references to the easy-to-fill-in Form in order to make it harder for parents to get an exemption!! Such disrepect for parents!! 

Are the Catholic boards following some secret guidelines from OCSTA to make it tough for parents? The public boards follow PPM 162 closely.

why does OCDSB do it right and not OCSB? Less respect for parents and the law?

PR 695 CUR:

The HCDSB has an even more ridiculous process (Appendix B):

This is an example of a Board who actually wants to comply with PPM 162:

another good one: Renfrew Catholic

another good one:






How #Catholic schools should deal with children with Gender Dysphoria. #ocsb #tcdsb #oecta @archtoronto #onted

UPDATE: Amazing and encouraging comment from a reader about a US independent Catholic school:

I am the mother of a child who decided she was non-binary and wanted to dress in androgynous clothes and asked people at school to call her by a gender nonspecific name. I am incredibly grateful that she attends a Catholic HS and when we found out about this we went to administration and a text was sent out to all of her teachers informing them that she was to only be called by her given name and called by female pronouns. A few of the teachers at school had allowed her to sign her “new” name in any communication they had with her. The school also implemented some other checks and controls, as we did at home, to keep her from getting any positive feedback about her trans-positive inclinations. Over several months she began to move back towards a more feminine style of dress and dropped the extreme image she was attempting to create. My daughter has suffered from anxiety and depression since 8th grade and also has ADHD. She has always been a different kid that found it hard to fit in. That the school did not give into her confusion is worth every penny I have ever paid for Catholic school tuition. With a new Catholic therapist and many open conversations between her, her dad, and myself she has realigned her self image with her biological reality. People continue to say how kind and loving and Christian it is to support young people (in this case a 15 year old girl with a history of mental health issues) by using their preferred pronouns and new names and self professed gender identity. But when it is your child you may feel very different about that. I think it was kind and brave of the school to uphold the truth of her femaleness and not cower and misgender her as a boy, or as a nothing. She was not able to see the truth so we her parents and the administration of the school showed her the truth. That is the Christ-like thing to do.

I once read a story, I think it was fictional, about a tribe in that had a song for each member of the tribe. When a member of the tribe would do something wrong the people of that tribe would sing that person’s song so they could remember who they were in the family of the tribe. My daughter’s Catholic school sang her song to her and helped us bring our daughter back to herself.


What does OCSB do?? Have talks by kids praising “chest binding” and taking hormones!

#Catholic principals learning about “Limbic synchronization” #tcdsb #ocsb @archtoronto #cpcoconference

Are there are any research papers on limbic syncronization? Nope. Anything on Google Scholar? Nope.


New age quackery, similar to Deepak Chopra..

Taxpayers paid for hotels, travel, missed work to learn about lymbic synchronization.





Pulling the prana?

Prakramanasana | Parsvottanasana | Parsva Vrksasana




Ecotheology Ecofeminism Candomble Umbanda Pachama #AmazonSynod #catholic Syncretism Paganism Neo-Paganism etc Resources

For Spanish and Portuguese page, use Chrome and ” mouse right click” and google translate will translate page!
Peru Bishops etc and Pachamama:
Syncretism in Brazil. More from Afro-Brazilian Side.
Yacy, Guaracy etc of the Amazon, from the Amazon native side (eg. Tupi/Tupy)
Gustavo Gutiérrez, Leonardo Boff, Jon Sobrino, Ivone Gebara, Maria
Clara Bingemer and Elza Tamez, to name a few.
The Ecofeminism of Ivone Gebara:
On another occasion, Gebara (2005a: 119-120) visited a mãe-de-santo do Candomblé.
Candomblé is a hybrid between Christianity and black-African religious traditions that were brought to Latin America with the slaves during the colonization. In the Candomblé tradition women are religious leaders, known as mãe-de-santo, “mother of saints”. These women are seen as holders of great power due to their ability to contact the spiritual world, which is interlinked with the natural world.50 Traditionally, Candomblé was prejudiced by Christianity and generally condemned as pagan/satanic by most Catholic priests and Evangelical pastors. Gebara described her mixed feelings during this visit and a type of apprehension or fear of the unknown. The room in which she waited to see the mãe-de-santo was filled with different altars, colourful candles,
incense, different images of divinities, offerings from rituals—nothing that reminded Gebara of a  Catholic church. Gebara told the mãe-de-santo that she would like to know who her guides or protectors were within Candomblé. The mãe-de-santo consequently performed a ritual that began by throwing shells, at the end it was revealed that Iemanjá was Gebara’s protector. Iemanjá is believed to be the goddess of the oceans, the very essence of the water protecting all the mothers and children. The second protector was Iansã. Iansã is a warrior goddess, full of happiness, who likes gold. The religious pluralism in the pernambucano context challenged Gebara to reflect on the religious experiences of those from different traditions. Her meeting with mãe-de-santo was a singular experience that triggered questions about the symbolic representations of the divine and how many of Christianity’s expressions of God that were based on men’s experiences.


Candomble and Umbanda Syncretism in Brazil. #catholic #amazonsynod

We have written before about how Bishops and priests in western South America have done things like “Pago a la tierra” and Pachamama (Peru, Chile, Ecuador etc)

But there are huge syncretism issues in the Church in Brazil (particulary in areas like Bahia) and  parts of Uruguay and Argentina.

Candomble and Umbanda are both syncretic religions based on Afro-Brazil Spiritism and Catholicism. Many Catholics practice both Catholicism and a spiritist religion. Bishops and priests go along with it or even join in!

Umbanda has many gods and goddesses (orixas) who are hidden by various Catholic saints (Mary, Benedict, Cosmas and Damian etc). For example,  Yemanjá is the sea goddes behind Our Lady of the Seas. Oxum is Our Lady of Apericida.

Candomble has feast days on same days at Catholic feasts (eg. Candlemas Feb 2). Always dressed in white

There are not many pure Candombles or Umbandans, but many Catholics practice parts of them!

Catholics will go to BOTH celebrations! ” a great number of Catholics would have some belief in, if not fear of, Candomble spirits and practices. These Catholics practice what is called dulpa pertença or “double belonging”.”

Bishop Keller spoke strongly against these errors, but many other bishops seem to go along. Is this what we want for a future for the global Church?

Why are African bishops and Cardinals so good (Cdls Sarah and Arinze) and in the South America they push liberation and syncretism??

The following few screens are unorganized videos, links, and screenshots to give you an idea of the HUGE issue in Brazil. We hope someone can write a good article about this. Use google translate within Chrome broswer (right click on webpage).



(This is a picture done by Spanish theologian SUPPORTERS of Pope Francis)

















Watch the following from 26min onwards: Priest kneeling for a Umbanda priestess (Mother of Saint)
This event took place this weekend in the parish of São Joaquim and Sant'Ana in the archdiocese of Campinas, SP.
Faithfuls report that “afro” masses have become frequent. They say that these masses have typical songs accompanied by drums, typical clothes and dances.
The Mass held this Sunday had the special participation of the members of the Umbanda terreiro Ilê Omonibu Axé Beje-Ero, as well as a Mother of Saint and a Pastor.
Through social networks the umbandista organization released photos where it is possible to perceive the participation of people with characteristic clothes and turbans. The priest was not left out either and was featured wearing a brightly colored tunic and stole. It is also possible to observe that there was the entrance of a banner with the photo of Zumbi dos Palmares, as well as a procession with "offerings" that were placed before the altar, and dances.
In one of the photos of the publication you can see the priest and probably the pastor kneeling before the altar receiving prayers from the Holy Mother.
The ritual of the washing the steps of La Madeleine carried out in the Yoruba language was officiated by a Catholic priest and a pai de santo (Candomblé priest)

I believe that I have understood something of the old African religions that are practiced in Brazil when, in another Terreiro of Umbanda, also at the foot of the beach, protected from the sun by a giant umbrella, a Catholic bishop with miter celebrates a mass before a sculpture of Yemanjá and other Orixás . Pray an Orthodox Our Father and I feel that I have returned to the starting point, that I still don’t understand anything.
In Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul State, on February 2, the image of Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes (Our Lady) is carried to the port of Pelotas. Before the closing of the Catholic feast, the boats stop and host the Umbanda followers that carry the image of Iemanjá, in a syncretic meeting that is watched by thousand of people on the shore.
Critical analysis from Eastern Orthodox
Repam is pro. Imporant Read!
Fanciscans are pro!
Critical Analyses
Santo Daime is a small Amazon offshoot that uses Ayahuasca drug/Ubanda/Catholic
Mediumship and canalization are processes of Spiritism, a process of form and expression on the physical plane of disembodied entities, energies, beings or intelligence. Mediumship and channeling can manifest differently from person to person.Canal Umbandaime-no-YoutubeThis range of events can include both artistic expression on a daily basis and the incorporation of a spiritual guide as part of a sacred ritual. In Eastern philosophies, the supreme form of incorporation and manifestation is found in service, “compassion in action,” while Love and the Light of the Divine Heart are revealed in the daily life of an individual. In the Santo Daime doctrine, mediumship is rooted in both Amazonian shamanism, the Umbanda tradition, and spiritualism, and includes the incorporation of specific beings and entities for the purpose of teaching and healing.























Loyola Jesuit U… Students asking for advice from “spirits”

umbanda4umbanda       =====



a rare awesome Brazil bishop:
Bishop Azcona referred to a meeting held in Brasilia by the REPAM [Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network], before the Synod, last June, during which several “indigenous rituals with invocations and prayers, to which some bishops also participated” took place. Then he mentioned the ceremony held at the Vatican.

“These are fundamental questions and here in the Amazon we know the meaning of Macumba or Candomblé, magical rites and curses from northeastern Brazil and the state of Bahia, which are common here,


#Amazonsynod Cardinal tells proabort politician that she is suffering like Christ himself. #prolife #catholic









What does “through a #Catholic lens” mean at #TCDSB ? @archtoronto

The whole world is talking about the following radical sex ed video series. Even Bishop Strickland of Texas took to twitter about it. A little known fact is that it is made in TORONTO!  Toronto is a world-leading hotbed for radical sex ed material and trans activism.


We know that people get BLOCKED by TCDSB trustees for politely asking on twitter whether Church teachings on Transgender are hateful:


@My_sexed is just as radical as SexEdSchool. She teaches future TCDSB teachers at OISE in Toronto.

Here is another trustee reassuring her that her agenda is fine.





How does “through a Catholic lens” REALLY get implemented? Here is a Toronto-area Catholic teacher using “through a Catholic lens” to justify using GENDERBREAD man!!



PDF of OISE thesis:

Catholic sex ed


TCDSB will get raises paid by taxpayers for taking this course:


Teacher training at Catholic St FX University in Nova Scotia:


#OECTA #catholicteachers pensions profit from evil mine in Peru! #tcdsb #ocsb #catholic #toronto

The OECTA teachers union likes to get all preachy and attack others. For example, they spent months attacking Tim Hortons for not paying its workers $15/hr. Meanwhile, their own pension plan 100% owns Winerack and pays its workers $14/hr and refuses to give workers bathroom breaks!

They hide their money in the Cayman Islands to avoid Canadian taxes while they chant “make the rich pay”. Their average annual pension is >$50K/yr!

Now they get all preachy on mining when we find out they profit from the Antamina mine!! PS: they love to own toll roads, airports, private water, plane leasing, private healthcare (Phymed), gambling lotteries, Busybees private childcare etc too!


#amazonsynod Cardinal Barretto gets honourary degree in Ottawa

At 3:40:00 (or 5:59:00) The cardinal confirms 100% that it was a figurine of Pachamama.. his actual speech was relatively boring and he made some good points.

At 2:30:00 (or 4:43:00), ecofeminist theologian heather eaton speaks in favour of womens ordination to applause, reproductive rights, ANTI dogma, PRO “ethics”… also a fan of extinction rebellion…

No surprises from her.

Papal nuncio was in front row. The usual folks like Joe Gunn and Tony Clarke were there.







Eaton with WOW




What do the #tcdsb actually believe are the teachings of the Church? @archtoronto

They appear to believe what anglican deacon Michael Coren believes more than the Church,

What did they mean when they agreed to “Policy will be interpreted through the lens of the Catholic faith as articulated by the teachings of the Church” ?

Our friend got blocked for simply asking a question about the newest Catechism and a 2015 CDF statement.

So is the catechism hateful to Markus? Is OECTA genderbread in and the CDF out at TCDSB? What will the Archdiocese do now that “as articulated by the teachings…” isn”t worth the paper it is written on? Will devout Catholic kids be bullied?



Oecta’s faith is in following human righta code, ours is in Christ and his teachings through the Catechism.


Are these teachings to be ignored in favour of genderbread at TCDSB?

2019-08-29 Gender-Ideology-Select-Teaching-Resources







Pago a la tierra/ Payment to the Earth at Amazon Synod. #Catholic


With the apparent sacrifice-offering ceremony to Pachamama/Mother Earth at the Vatican gardens before the Amazon synod, we were reminded of all the syncretism we saw in rural Guatemala at Catholic churches. Shocking!,,

We looked today into Pago a la tierra in South America and only found one bishop opposing it. Too many bishops and priests have bought into this worship.

Two years ago, the bishop of Puno, Jorge Carrión Pavlich, called the ceremony of payment to the earth a “diabolical act”, which has provoked the opposite reaction of several authorities, leaders and population, since for the majority he considers the words of the religious as an attack against the Andea culture.
Sad examples below.
 Monseñor Óscar Blanco también destacó que previo a la celebración de la Eucaristía la comunidad realizó el “Pago a la Tierra”, dos ritos que resaltó son muy importantes para reconocer la obra de Dios, la tierra como obra sagrada que hay que custodiar y no maltratar “A la tierra se le pide permiso, se le agradece, porque es capaz de dar frutos, de entregar el agua, por eso tenemos que cuidar la tierra, sobre todo cuando la vemos amenazada y explotada”.

Monsignor Óscar Blanco also stressed that prior to the celebration of the Eucharist the community made the “Payment to the Earth”, two rites that stood out are very important to recognize the work of God, the earth as a sacred work that must be guarded and not mistreated “The earth is asked for permission, it is thanked, because it is capable of bearing fruit, of delivering water, so we have to take care of the land, especially when we see it threatened and exploited.”

I add that the payment to the land has a lot to do with the Eucharist which is the sacrament of bread and wine, fruits of the work of men and women who sow, cultivate and harvest the land. The Eucharist is to renew the work of man who is presented as an offering to God, to become sacred food.

Agrego que el pago a la tierra tiene mucho que ver con la Eucaristía que es el sacramento del pan y el vino, frutos del trabajo de hombres y mujeres que siembran, cultivan y cosechan la tierra. La Eucaristía es renovar el trabajo del hombre que es presentado como ofrenda a Dios, para convertirse en alimento sagrado.


The Inauguration of the studies began with the Payment to the Earth, a tradition in the Andean communities and to which the Church adheres, promoting these as a fundamental value in the life of its inhabitants and of all those who integrate their work in the different towns and ayllus that are part of the commune.

Bishop Óscar Blanco said: “The Church’s mission is to favor the culture of the meeting. Radio and the media have that noble mission, because radio reaches all places, families to work, everyone listens to radio. But how important it would be for the radio to listen to us, that’s why I believe that these studies have to become a place of listening to people in the community, in order to communicate what is really needed. ”

th celebration of the Eucharist presided by the Bishop of Calama, Mons. Oscar Blanco and then procession through the streets of the town in which different stops were made in front of the houses that had prepared a small altar. On Calvary, at the entrance of the town, It was asked who wanted to be ensign of the party next year and with much joy and applause from the audience, a family was offered. Then he went to Chacras Viejas to make the payment to the land and later returned to the town for the “wedding” or community lunch, ending on 5 with the kacharpalla.
Here is a Catholic priest kneeling and praying to the sacrifice payment to the Earth/Pachamama at the opening of a Catholic radio station.

What has been the best of your bishopric?

What we did for vocational training and homes for victims of terrorism. And I remember the endearing contact with my parishioners: the rite of payment to the land, the Pachamama, with the paco, the shaman.

Is that tradition not mere animism?

It is a beautiful penitential ceremony that does not have to be despised. I became a bishop to serve God and others, not to judge them. I believe that outside the Church there is also salvation. Outside there is a universal natural law that obliges all humans and that Jesus also preached.


Prelature of Ayaviri has an exorcist priest
Ayaviri, May 20. A religiously rich reality like that of the surandino but with great confusion, disorientation or ignorance in matters of faith leads many people to seek the solution to their problems in magic, ancestral cults or pagan practices, in the use of sorcerers, shamans or other supposed mediums.

“Religious ignorance – Mons. Kay Martín warned – can be a breeding ground for superstition and the use of magic. There are few who instead of finding help are subjected to evil forces and a subtle demonic presence in their lives. Surprise dislike and even hostility that can sometimes be in people to the sacred. ”

Realities such as these have led the Alaviri Prelature to have a priest dedicated to the ministry of exorcism, one of the ministries of the Church and that today seems to be increasingly needed worldwide. That is why the RP Alejandro Flórez, priest of the Lumen Dei received this commission for the benefit of this particular Church and its faithful.

The “Minor Catechism” of the Ayaviri Prelature, published a little less than a year ago, warns in its “pastoral guidance” about the danger of various harmful practices for Christians. In his section entitled The payment to the land, the Andean rites and other practices of superstition affirms that “the payment to the land and other similar rites have nothing to do with our Catholic faith, they resemble superstitious practices and do not respond to a true inculturation of faith ”. It is also cited there that “divination and magic are practices often associated with dark powers and linked to evil … Directly or indirectly they are accompanied by the invocation of the devil.”

Peru religious education
“Mother Earth is a typical Andean deity, whose cult was the most important within popular religion, rather than the sun or other Inca gods … Most of the gods of the Inca pantheon were forgotten. For the Quechua peasant, the land, a habitat of the Pachamama, is not only useful; it is a ‘way of life’, a ‘living environment’. Despite the marginality of subsistence agriculture, typical of the Quechua peasant, the land, even if it is the smallholding , is the totality of his world, in which he feels rooted, with that singular roots common to Indians and mestizos 27. – 27 – Andean. The Quechua man is one more plant of the landscape, fixed to the earth and dependent on it. The earth is its circumstance “78. The previous testimony is Peruvian. Let’s see another Ecuadorian:” Pacha is both space and time. In its spatial dimension Pacha is a vital force of nature, benign and enveloping. The Pachamama is intuited as a great fecund maternal breast, which shelters all living beings at the same time and provides the necessary sustenance for all. This spatial divinization of the feminine and benign nature produces in the puruhá an extraordinary local stability, a remarkable psychic equilibrium, despite the distressing ambivalence of the Pachamama, claimant of payments and jealous of the propitiatory rite “79. For the Andean indigenous the Agricultural activity is not simply a profane work, but above all a ritual that is performed on the body of the Mother, which must be respected, loved and even feared.The “well-done” cultivation of the earth unleashes its sacred forces, since it is she who produces; the action of man, although necessary, is secondary. He limits himself to fertilize that maternal womb. That is why the cultivation of the land is executed with immense respect. There is a feeling of acting in a being alive and dear, but dangerous.Therefore, in the most intimate of his being, selling, dividing or altering the natural rhythm of the earth is considered as something sinful, which desecrates the sacral spell of l Pachamama, and she can take revenge. Still, in many Andean heights, artificial fertilizers, pruning, grafting, “foreign” seeds, all this is regarded as sacrilegious and daring manipulation. Against this feeling, many culturally invasive agricultural projects have crashed. Manuel Marzal says that “Pachamama is like the intermediary between God and men, a manifestation of divine power …
The contents reflected during the formative process were: I) Amazon Reality; II) Human Rights with Pan Amazonian Approach; III) Documentation of human rights violations; IV) Socio-political impact. All of this was permeated by a mystique rooted in the bowels of Pachamama, in the memory and rites of the indigenous peoples Gavião, Mura, Awajun, Takana, Kichuya, Inka and Chimam. We drank from the source of a spirituality populated by the ancestry and wisdom of these peoples and navigated the rivers that connected us and thus wove the NET of commitment and solidarity with the defense of the Amazon, our Common House.

….We know that we will have a lot of work and struggle ahead, because the current political, social and economic context is hostile and unfavorable to the conquest and fulfillment of human rights, which are above party ideologies, but in their reality depend on the state, public policies. guarantee laws and their enforcement in defense of injured and threatened human dignity. We are advocates of LIFE and will fight for it to the last consequences. We are roots, water, earth, air, fire, seed, we are sons and daughters of Pachamama, breath and lightness of Divine Ruah that feeds us and recreates us with each new dawn.

Gratitude to the special people who are part of our history and during this period were in communion, attuned to prayer, messages of support. Gratitude to our families, brotherhood and congregation. Special thanks to CIMI Norte II, REPAM-Brasil and the Gavião Akrãtikateje People who entrusted us with this mission.

Read Jaramillo and Sartor

PJ_127_ENG (1)


More on the artist who created #AmazonSynod logo. #catholic

Fred Aurelio of Atelie15. Can good fruit come from a bad tree?




He recently made an icon of the Pachamama that Austeni tweeted as “Our Lady of the Amazon/Tiber”


Let’s see his other “art” from Atelie15 on Instagram.


Let’s see facebook stream:


Posts supporting gay sex, women “priests”,  abortion..






First known sighting of “Pachamama” idols – Jesuits in Feb 2016. #catholic

aka @austeni ‘s “our Lady of the Amazon/Tiber”

They did not appear out of nowhere.. they appeared almost 4 yrs on Jesuit Brasil websites!!

Feb 2016 (from Nov 2015?) and jun 2016 and April 2017 pachamama statue






At 0:10









520  REPAM PDFScreenshot_20191105-205241_BraveScreenshot_20191106-100517_Twitter.jpg



pacha mama


 Catholic ecotheology needs to dialogue with indigenous religions that worship nature and their “Pacha Mama” (Mother Earth).



In their culture, they are the ones who take care of the land and, in fact, the goddess who takes care of the land is feminine, just like Pacha Mama .


“Coordinators” presiding over Lord’s supper already


Also, lots of bizarre postings about “chakras”


El segundo día recorrimos diferentes chagras (chacras) para ir preparando los ánimos, el conocimiento respectivo y el espíritu para el tercer día: día de siembra.

En la madrugada del tercer día, salimos cuando aún era oscuro, tan oscuro como nuestras manos bañadas en Huito y conjuradas, en la víspera, en un rito Tikuna para echar de lado lo negativo y para que las fuerzas

On the second day we went through different chagras (chacras) to prepare the spirits, the respective knowledge and the spirit for the third day: planting day.

In the early morning of the third day, we left when it was still dark, as dark as our hands bathed in Huito and conjured, on the eve, in a Tikuna rite to cast aside the negative and for the forces

#TCDSB and Gender Identity and faithful #Catholic students. #toronto #onted #oecta

Will TCDSB students be free to state Church teachings as expressed below? Will teachers? Will they be bullied? Found guilty under the Code of Conduct?

Why won’t TCDSB adopt publicly in a policy statement “Speaking the Truth in Love” in its ENTIRETY so faithful Catholic students will not be bullied? Or Is the plan to drive them out? Does TCDSB not believe in protecting “creed” as listed in the OHRC?

Is a pogrom of faithful Catholic students planned by TCDSB administration and OECTA?


PDF: Aug 2019 from Archdiocese of Toronto

2019-08-29 Speaking the Truth in Love


PDF: Oct 2019 from ICE



Key Phrases:

A Catholic world view is a way of looking at the world through a Catholic Church lens. Thisworldview is derived from Catholic Church Teachings, scripture and Catholic Church traditions.
These teachings, scripture and traditions form the basis of what is taught in Catholic Schools.”1
The perspective of the Church and the
perspective of the OHRC are very different, and a
clear understanding of both perspectives is necessary
for a full appreciation of the context within which
Catholic educators are expected to work and support
students who identify as transgender. We are called to
respect persons who disagree with us, while holding
the expectation that our beliefs as Catholics, and our
denominational rights, will similarly be acknowledged
and respected.
Church Teaching on Gender
As affirmed by Scripture and articulated in the
Catechism of the Catholic Church human beings
are created in the image and likeness of God. God
has chosen to create each person uniquely, and calls
each person into loving communion with God
and all other persons. Human identity as a unique
creation of a loving God unfolds over each person’s
It is ultimately from this understanding of God
that the Church’s vision of the human person, love,
and sexuality emerges: a vision that reveals that
every single human being without exception has
immeasurable value; a vision of human love and
sexuality as a vocation to love as God loves —
revealing in the creation of the human person, body
and soul, male and female, ourdeepest meaning and identity.
Far from being closed-minded or exclusionary — a mere set
of rules and prohibitions — the Christian vision of the human
person and human sexuality offers the fullest possible
understanding of the human person — a union of body and
soul, created out of love, to fulfill a purpose revealed
by God, that promises fullness of life now and which
will be eternal with God
While the Church has compassion for those who
may experience gender dysphoria, and encourages
counselling support, Catholic teaching does not
support alteration of the physical body to represent
the opposite sex
Be knowledgeable about Catholic teaching on the
human person and human sexuality;
Be as current and knowledgeable as possible of
the varied, and sometimes contradictory medical
and psychological opinions regarding gender
orientation and gender expression;

Other PDFs:
These dimensions of the Church’s pastoral care form an inseparable whole. If any of the dimensions are missing, not only will our care of God’s chosen ones be incomplete, but we may also, however unintended, become the voice that leads God’s flock away from true and abundant life and joy. If we are not clear and committed to the full vision of human life – the flourishing of the human person and the meaning of human sexuality – we risk leading those in our care astray. As the Congregation for the  Doctrine of the Faith firmly and rightly notes: “Departure from the Church’s teaching, or silence about it, in an effort to provide pastoral care is neither caring nor pastoral.”17 Continuing, the Letteracknowledges the fundamental importance of this guiding vision: “Only what is true can ultimately be pastoral.”
Male and Female He Created Them. 2019
55. The culture of dialogue does not in any way contradict the legitimate aspirations of Catholic schools to maintain their own vision of
human sexuality, in keeping with the right of families to freely base the
education of their children upon an integral anthropology, capable of harmonizing the human person’s physical, psychic and spiritual identity. In
fact, a democratic state cannot reduce the range of education on offer to
a single school of thought, all the more so in relation to this extremely
delicate subject, which is concerned on the one hand with the fundamentals of human nature, and on the other with natural rights of parents
to freely choose any educational model that accords with the dignity of
the human person.
Gender Ideology Teaching resources:
Pope Francis:
Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (March 19, 2016)
(No. 56) “Yet another challenge is posed by the various forms of an ideology of gender that ‘denies the difference and reciprocity in nature of a man and a woman and envisages a society without sexual differences, thereby eliminating the anthropological basis of the family. This ideology leads to educational programs and legislative enactments that promote a personal identity and emotional intimacy radically separated from the biological difference between male and female. Consequently, human identity becomes the choice of the individual, one which can also change over time.’ It is a source of concern that some ideologies of this sort, which seek to respond to what are at times understandable aspirations, manage to assert themselves as absolute and unquestionable, even
dictating how children should be raised. It needs to be emphasized that ‘biological sex and the socio-cultural role of sex (gender) can be distinguished but not separated.’ …It is one thing to beunderstanding of human weakness and the complexities of life, and another to accept ideologies thatattempt to sunder what are inseparable aspects of reality. Let us not fall into the sin of trying to.
Pope Francis Address to the Polish Bishops during the Apostolic Journey to Poland (July 27, 2016):
“In Europe, America, Latin America, Africa, and in some countries of Asia, there are genuine formsof ideological colonization taking place. And one of these – I will call it clearly by its name – is [the ideology of] ‘gender’. Today children – children! – are taught in school that everyone can choose his or her sex. Why are they teaching this? Because the books are provided by the persons and institutions that give you money. These forms of ideological colonization are also supported by influential countries. And this terrible!
“In a conversation with Pope Benedict, who is in good health and very perceptive, he said to me: ‘Holiness, this is the age of sin against God the Creator’. He is very perceptive. God created man and woman; God created the world in a certain way… and we are doing the exact opposite. God gave us things in a ‘raw’ state, so that we could shape a culture; and then with this culture, we are shaping things that bring us back to the ‘raw’ state! Pope Benedict’s observation should make us think. ‘This is the age of sin against God the Creator’. That will help us.”
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