St Mark’s GSA violates promised “Respecting Differences” guidelines. Pushes LGBTQetc agenda. #ocsb #onted @archtoronto

See the St Mark’s GSA poster below.


Resources for parents and kids (bottom left and bottom right) are and


Neither of these resources are Catholic-compatible.! They talk nothing about lifelong chastity or the immorality of homosexual acts.

The other parts of the poster are about pronouns, coming out, loving who you want, transgender flag,

How would a student with same-sex attractions know Church teachings from this poster??? How would a friend know Church teachings!!???




(you can download and zoom in)






Parents were promised that GSA would align with the Respecting Differences document. Teachers were ordered NOT to “water down Church teachings” and NOT to approve of homosexual acts. How does this poster following Respecting Differences?


CCCB Pastoral Guidelines for SSA:



See guidelines for GSAs and how they references 2004 and 2011 documents.





OCSB Director has spoken both to the secular media and the BC Catholic paper how the OCSB uses the “Respecting Differences” douments for its equity and GSAs:

The school is required to follow protocols in a document entitled “Respecting Differences” which guides teachers on how to approach LGBT issues in the school, according to Hanlon.

“When a club is formed, the students or teachers who are running the club explain the Respecting Difference document, he said. “We have used Respecting Difference extensively when it comes to our equity clubs,” he said. Equity clubs should be available to all students, not only on particular issues, he added. “That’s where our schools have landed

IS THE ABOVE TRUE???????????


Respecting Differences document highlights:

a) The Catholic Church and Morality The primary teaching document of the Catholic Church is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) is essentially a guide for how to live as a good Catholic. It is to this resource that we should turn whenever we are seeking guidance on any particular issue, although we should always remember that the Catechism is an authoritative précis, not a complete exposition, of Catholic teaching. There are sections in the catechism that pertain to what Catholics should believe (Part 1: Profession of Faith), how we should worship (Part 2: Celebration of the Christian Mystery), how we should act (Part 3: Life in Christ), and how we should pray (Part 4: Christian Prayer). The topic of homosexuality is found in Part 3: Life in Christ. This is the section of the catechism that concerns morality. The Church’s teaching on homosexuality is an extension of its teaching on human sexuality in general. In order to more fully appreciate the topic of homosexuality, it is necessary to situate the discussion within the broader context of the meaning and purpose of human sexuality

b) Prior to an initial meeting, the principal shall: i. Carefully consider selection of staff advisor to monitor and support the group. The staff advisor MUST be an individual who is knowledgeable about and committed to Catholic teaching.; ii. Invite the chaplaincy leader to participate in group meetings, where possible; iii. Clarify the objectives of the group with the staff advisor before meeting with students: See relevant normative policy guidelines including, but not limited to, the 2004 document Pastoral Guidelines to Assist Students of Same-Sex Orientation and the 2011 CCCB statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops “Pastoral Ministry to Young People with Same-Sex Attraction”. iv. Provide In-Service for staff advisor(s) regarding the purpose of the student group and how the group can be supported;

c) Guidelines for “Respecting Difference” Groups 1. All materials whether for group use or for school/community awareness must be reviewed and approved by the staff advisor and administration. 2. All students involved in a Respecting Difference group must agree to strict privacy guidelines including restrictions of all personal electronic devices during meetings, posting on social media sites or breaking of confidentiality of any discussion held in meetings. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of any such group and/or group member. 3. The staff advisor must be present for all meetings from beginning to end;

d) General Procedures for “Respecting Difference” Groups or Activities in Schools: i. All activities and organizations should be opened to all students who wish to participate; ii. The activities and organization of all groups or organizations formed within Catholic schools must be respectful of and consistent with Catholic teaching; iii. All mentors appointed to work with groups of students must know and be committed to Catholic teachings; iv. Any outside speakers must be respectful of Catholic teaching.

#Catholic student fails in #OECTA Ontario pseudo-Catholic School for saying there are 2 sexes! @archtoronto #ocsb #tcdsb #onted

Sr Helena is VERY well respected throughout North America. She teaches Theology of the Body

Here, a Catholic student FAILS an exam for anwering CORRECTLY that there are only 2 sexes (and correspondingly, 2 genders)

This is how awful the OECTA/CARFLEO pseudo-Catholic school system has become!


Get your children out now!!


Mark 10:6

Jesus: “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’





2016 results:

•no difference with public schools of rate of divorce
•Catholic grads more likely to be gay/bi/trans
•same as public school in believing so-called gay marriage is ok
•do not volunteer any more than public school grads
•more likely to believe that science conflicts with religion
•-Less likely than public school grads to believe the bible is an infallible guide for behaviour


#OECTA denies Ontario is in DEBT crisis! #ottnews #onpoli #onted



OECTA wants the gravy train to continue! 60% increase in education costs in 13yrs under Liberals with LESS students over the 13 years!


The post above ignores the fact that interest rates were 3x higher in 1999. With $350 Billion debt at 1999 rates (They WILL go there again!), Ontario would be in default.

Ontario is 1/3 population of California and we have TWICE the debt:

We have an aging population and a healthcare system is total crisis.

What does OECTA want?? MORE education spending, teacher raises to get more teachers on Sunshine List, and smaller classes!



Former #OECTA “#Catholic” teachers union Prez accuses #Covingtonboys of racist acts. #kkkwhitehoods #covingtoncatholic @archtoronto

“Boys might as well have worn KKK hoods”.

This is the same man that supports a Catholic teacher who regularly tweets support for abortion,  and calls her a “faithful Catholic”!!

this is the type of junk that our children in Ontario Catholic schools are subjected to!














Former #OECTA Prez says proaborts are “faithful Catholics”, MAGA hats mean ppl have “turned backs on #Catholic faith”! @archtoronto #prolife #tcdsb #ocsb #covingtoncatholic

While many many people are apologizing Sunday and Monday to the Covington Catholic school students for misjudging them on Saturday when an abbreviated video from the March for life showed them in a bad light.

However, former OECTA President has doubled down. He now says that because they have worn MAGA hats, they have left the Catholic faith! This is the same guy that says OECTA teachers that tweet pro abortion messages are “FAITHFUL CATHOLICS”! (OECTA is the Ontario “Catholic” teachers union in the government funded (100%) pseudo Catholic school system)

Sunday night:














Read what a Georgetown prof said:






#OCSB St Paul’s student activist interviewed at proabort Women’s Day march. #ottnews #oecta @archtoronto

Main themes of womens day march in ottawa were violence against women, proabortion and lgbtqetcetc.. So says the Ottawa Citizen and Canadian Press.


Here is a 17yo from St Paul’s High School, Maria Giroux. Trying to smash the patriarchy and push for lgbtq and abortion.

Not a surprise she comes from St Pauls. They have had a girl talk about how taking testosterone to be a man is great. Also, a recent grad was the chief organiser against the prolife walk for life last year.




Related from St Paul’s


Kate kj forman


Radical LGBT nun on S+L with Rosica. #catholic #catholicmetoo #whywemarch @archtoronto

She is friends with Grammick. Banned from gay ministry with New Ways.. But she ignorés ban

rosica continues to push lgbt. What will the Canadian bishops do?

Meanwhile, the homosexual sex abuse of teen boys AND SEMINARIANS continues


#OCSB back down allow LGBT book “Drama” . #catholic #catholicmetoo #tcdsb #ottnews #onted @archtoronto #onpoli #anticatholic #noprinciples

UPDATE: OCSB wimps out and backs down!! trying to maximize enrollment of kids whose parents hate CATHOLIC teaching! 10yo (Grade 4 and above) will be allowed free acccess to read/takeout book. Activists are now screaming that this is too tight and they want full K-8 access (“no censorship yada yada”
OCSB has removed a novel from its K-6 libraries and the CBC is having a fit.
– it is not banned for use by teachers. it is still being used in classrooms (a cartoon book in Grade 6 when they should be reading CSLewis and Tolkien!)
– it is still available in libraries in OCSB middle schools (ie to 12yos in Grade 7). How is this appropriate for young Catholic minds???
– OCSB was warned THREE years ago about this book!
– OCSB is still radical pro LGBT. Just yesterday, they had radical Kevin Welbes-Godin (google his name!) of Genderbread fame of OECTA/EGALE presenting to OCSB teachers. OCSB refused to make public his presentation to OCSB
Please share!!

Upcoming disastrous CCCB conference on Evangelization. #catholic #catholicmetoo

Things are in free-fall in the Canadian church. Ontario will soon be like Quebec with 3% attendance etc.. (see `related` links). The OECTA run schools are a disaster with 95% of kids rejecting the Faith before they even graduate (a few are recovered by CCO in Uni)

But who do the Bishops invite to a conference on Evangelization?? A Richard Rohr buddy who will talk about meditation for kids!




Read this about Tratynuk and Rohr:


A past talk by Miriam Martin:

(image: Sister Miriam Martin)Sister Miriam Martin, PBVM
Associate Professor, Saint Paul University, Ottawa
A New Dreaming, the Ancient Seeking: LivingReligious Life since Vatican II

Vatican II’s call for the refounding of Religious Life set in motion an adventure of large proportions for many congregations of women religious. The adventure has been bearing fruit in a variety of ways for almost fifty years. As that journey continues here in Canada numerous congregations have been responding to a further call for reframing their missions through a challenge placed before them by Thomas Berry, OP. In his words: “the time has come when the single greatest service that women religious could make to the larger destinies of the human, the Christian and the Earth community would be the recovery of our human and Christian intimacy with the spontaneities of all those wonderful participants in the universe of being.”  Thomas Berry, Women Religious: The Voice of the Earth, UISG Bulletin, #95 (Summer ’93) “Evangelization, New Challenges.”  This lecture will explore changes in religious life since Vatican II and seek to understand how some religious are responding with fidelity to the gospel in light of the New/Ancient Story.





Related links on WCCM (Freeman is a fake OSB) and Richard Rohr (CAC):