Another PRIVATE sports academy in an #OCSB school #ottnews #ottschools

It’s all so very strange. The OCSB trustees have to approve field trips for 3 days to Boston, but they are not involved in ANY of the decision making or approvals for these elite private sports academies setting up within schools.

First, it was TopFlight Basketball at NDHS. Now, it is Football North at St Joe’s Barrhaven (doing US 4-down football). Students pay $9-$10,000/yr. The academies seem to be have access to school facilities (gyms, fields, private team room) etc.

Are they academies charged anything for this? How is this all affecting the “regular” students at the schools? And the “regular” basketball and football students?

We know the OCSB gets $13K for each additional student (more from international students). We know the academies make money for the private coaches and trainers. Why not more public oversight of all this by the trustees and media?

An enterprising reporter could come up with a good story on this instead of just being cheerleaders!;topicseen

Ofsaa says they are prep schools operating within high schools. See 7a:

#OCSB ignores KofC Christmas card contest #OCSBarts #ocsbtweetthehalls

There is a very well known Knights of Columbus Christmas poster/card contest that is North American wide. Every church attending Catholic should know about this. But because the “ties” between parish and OCSB schools are so loose (if existent at all), the OCSB went ahead and set up their own contest. Could it be related to lack of church attendance??



For example, St Patrick’s Basilica:



What does OCSB do?? start up their own contest!!


#OCSB. Bishops’ High School doc pushes “Gender Identity” etc #catholic

Pope Francis: The gender ideology is demonic


New 2016 Secondary religious education document from ICE:

secondary-religious-education-policy-document-final-master-document-nov-2016-final-for-print16-11-23-minus-course-codes   (PDF)

Michael Way Skinner is a co-writer. His finger-prints are all over it.

This document will make Ontario Catholic parishes become  like Quebec within 20 yrs. 5% attendance of Catholics at weekly mass.

And graduates from Catholic schools will turn away from the Church even more. They already are:


The document itself is terribly flawed and OECTA (gay pride parade marching) and CARFLEO Genderbread-Person-promoting religion teachers will water the Faith down even more!!


Even when the document does tell the truth, it usually leaves out the WHOLE truth (eg. homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered)




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#OCSB . Ontario school results plummeting. #ocsbdl #ottnews #s2bgn

Grade 4 kids in Ontario are lagging behind counterparts in Kazakhstan, Lithuania and 25 other jurisdictions in math, putting them in the middle of the pack in a 2015 global study of math and science.

As usual, the Singapore Math program came #1!!

Education system Average score s.e.
TIMSS scale centerpoint 5 lower 0.0
Singapore1 618 higher 3.8
Hong Kong-CHN2 615 higher 2.9
Korea, Rep. of 608 higher 2.2
Chinese Taipei-CHN 597 higher 1.9
Japan 593 higher 2.0
Northern Ireland-GBR3 570 higher 2.9
Russian Federation 564 higher 3.4
Norway (5)4 549 higher 2.5
Ireland 547 higher 2.1
England-GBR 546 2.8
Belgium (Flemish)-BEL2 546 higher 2.1
Kazakhstan 544 4.5
Portugal1 541 2.2
United States1, 2 539 2.3
Denmark1, 2 539 2.7
Lithuania1 535 2.5
Finlan 535 2.0
Poland 535 2.1
Netherlands2 530 lower 1.7
Hungary 529 lower 3.2
Czech Republic 528 lower 2.2
Bulgaria 524 lower 5.3
Cyprus 523 lower 2.7
Germany 522 lower 2.0
Slovenia 520 lower 1.9
Sweden1 519 lower 2.8
Serbia5 518 lower 3.5
Australia 517 lower 3.1
Canada 1, 2, 6 511 lower 2.3


This post is an interesting essay about teaching in a Canadian school (Nova Scotia)


Here is  a tweet from Georges Vanier School in upscale Kanata. Apparently, a “great discussion”. Inability to spell the word “life” and actually write sentences!  GRADE 6!!!!

Grade 6s were writing today about what they think the 10 Commandments are. We had some great discussion.

Original Tweet:








#OCSB low curriculum standards. #s2bgn #ottnews #ocsbdl

Students in traditional and/or classical schools are reading CS Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on their own in Grade 4 and 5. See the curriculum links at bottom. Meanwhile, “progressive” OCSB has to have teachers reading the same book to students. Readalouds. Sad! Grade 5s being read a book they should be reading themselves in Grade 3

This is progress for the 21st century? this is “deep learning”?



#OCSB . OECTA-Ottawa pays for Gay Pride cruise #s2bgn #ocbdl

Yep, your local “catholic” teachers unions is in bed with CCGSD/Jer’s Vision

Here are CCGSD’s  other partners: Canadians for Choice, Planned Parenthood, etc

Get your children away from OECTA and “catholic” teachers!





#OCSB Christmas trees in November #s2bgn #ottnews



The following tweet is like decorating your front entrance with Easter lillies, saying it looks a lot like Easter, and that next week is Ash Wednesday!

If you can’t get the easy stuff like liturgical seasons right, how can we depend on the ocsb to get the more difficult things right?

PS: expect teachers to start scaring children with Elf on the Shelf starting next week – trying to keep them well behaved .



“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”…We have a beautiful front entrance! Advent begins this Sunday! #StElizCath #ocsb

Original Tweet:


Another one at St paul’s


PS: same school had a dance party with anti Catholic Hot 899 radio station. pro ivf, pro gay marriage etc etc