#OCSB children must endure 14 years of anti-#Catholic LGBT indoctrination

It all starts in JK. This is an example from yesterday at OCSB Guardian Angels in Stittsville (West Ottawa)


and this is for Grade 7-12 at All Saints in Kanata (also west Ottawa)

Click on pic.twitter for 40 sec video


What percentage of OCSB grads in 14 years will be mass-attending Catholics?? 2%??

PS: Parents will now, after the PC massive re-election, have to endure a year or 2 of work to rule (no sports, extracurriculars, parent teacher mtgs, etc) and rotating one day strikes. Tchrs will declare it is “for the children” lol.

40% of #OCSB students say they are 2SLGBTQ #oecta #tcdsb @archottawa @archtoronto

the efforts of ocsb teachers and egale and the pink lobby appear to be working. Are Bishops and priests really ok with this farce of a “catholic” school system??

With rainbow flags going up again in “catholic” schools, will priests walk under these flags to go to schools to say year-end masses (incl grad masses)??

Check out the hashtag #ocsbpride on Twitter

4 reasons why govt funding for “catholic” schools will end within decade. #onted #onpoli #oecta

  1. Catholic demographics

There is a rapid decline in Ontario Catholicism. It is becoming more and more like Quebec Catholicism. In Quebec City, 90% of parishes have merged/closed into 20 “pastoral centres”. Ontario is becoming a province of “baptized pagans”

2. LGBTQ Activists will never be happy with any traditional teaching in Catholic schools. Even TCDSB teacher Debuono wants defunding of Catholic schools after his victory for rainbow flags at schools. People like Gerry Butts are pushing for defunding now too.

Gerald Butts on Twitter: “The Church is practically begging to have public funding removed from Catholic schools in Ontario.” / Twitter


3. Deepening hatred of Catholic Church because of Residential schools. This will further reduce support for Catholic school funding. One party (lib or NDP) will soon see defunding as a path to electoral victory. 2 yrs ago, 40% of Catholics supported a single public system. What will it be in 2022??

4. Deepening provincial debt crisis will cause governments to look for any savings they can find.

Ontario is the most indebted sub-national state in the world. We have $400B in debt. As interest rates rise of the next few yrs, we will have a financial crisis. There are not huge savings to be found in defunding Catholic schools (a few hundred million from less busing, less board admin, etc) but this few hundred million will be huge when we are in debt crisis.

As well, we have a grey tsunami of elderly coming – this will put a huge financial pressure on the healthcare and LTC system. We are already way below OECD averages for beds/1K persons etc.

To summarize:

a) rapid decline of Catholic demographics

b) leftist activists (LGBTQ etc) will never be happy with only rainbow flags. They really want defunding.

c) rapidly declining support for funding because of residential schools etc. Some party will use this for electoral victory

d) debt crisis and aging population will cause financial problems for province. People will use this to argue for defunding Catholic schools.

This blog calls for vouchers and support for various methods of schools. This is done in most of Europe!

Parishes and parents should start preparing for US style “parochial schools” with classical Catholic curriculum



Neo-Racist Critical Race Theory in K-Grade 2 in #Ontario schools. #ocsb #tcdsb

This neo-racist material is taught in all Ontario school boards (in various ways). Between these lessons and LGBTQ lessons, children’s minds will be so warped by even Grade 6.


#OCSB teacher hiring encouraging “gender diverse and intersectional identities”

We all know that the pastoral “priest” letter is largely a joke. Very few of the 4000 teacher attend mass and believe in the entire Catechism.

Teacher candidates parish shop and find someone to sign this form (often St Joe’s in Sandy Hill)

The following is a new job posting from OCSB. reference to pastoral letter as “optional” (even if it is a joke)


We encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, racialized people, persons with disabilities, people from gender diverse communities and/or people with intersectional identities, as well as others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

(are traditional Catholics allowed? or is that that not covered under diversification of ideas?)

OCSB recently quietly changed their Teacher Hiring policy in March 2021. Reference to the Pastoral Letter is not there

The “Catholicity” policy is up for change this calendar year. The Board never announces what they propose to change, they just quietly change it. I wonder if Pastoral Letter will become optional???

OCSB votes 9-1 for Rainbow Power flag in front of all schools. #catholic

This is simply “truth in packaging” and confirms what is going on daily inside classrooms with rainbow lessons, rainbow flags, GSAs, etc 

Parents and priests can no longer be in denial. All is exposed now.

There were 15 presentations, including by the Archbishop. 11 were opposed and were quite eloquent. Erin Kinsella made a particularly good presentation. The Archbishop was given a mere 180 seconds to speak and spoke very well..

The 4 speakers in favour were:

– NDP MPP Harden

– a queer non-Catholic mom with a a trans kid in an OCSB school

– the head of Ottawa OECTA

(She was/is the “roommate” of former OCSB chair: https://catholicintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/ocsb-chair-and-her-oecta-boarder/ )

– a parent of 2 trans kids in OCSB (unclear whether he was a Catholic ratepayer)

The speeches by the 9 trustees in favour afterwards were like they never heard ONE concern. It was all about diversity, inclusivity, equity (DIE) and the board’s “strategic plan” of “Be Community”. It was very repetitive. blah blah blah and they spoke at the Grade 4 level and like United Church folks. Trustee Curry said this had NOTHING to do with Catholic teachings – it was all about doing right for students in a publicly funded board.

Twitter is now packed with OCSB teachers celebrating (with rainbow profile pics etc) —

Parents and Priests and the Archdiocese now have choices. Will a priest enter a school with a Rainbow flag flying? Will grad masses be said in schools in June or will parents and students be told why the mass cannot be said in the school? Will priests ever enter an OCSB school?

Will parents force their kids to march under the power of the Rainbow flag for a month in June?

Will parents and grandparents and priests and Bishops and CWL and KofC and all faithful Catholics start ACTIVELY helping independent schools and homeschool groups? Will we move to the American model with solid parochial classical Catholic schools? Can we call the experiment from over the last 35 years with full funding from Caesar a failure and start over?

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us

PS: Niagara and Durham “catholic” school boards also voted tonight to fly rainbow flags. A clean sweep.


This is happening now at the TCDSB for “Pride month”

The sexual assault propaganda has already begun at the TCDSB | Everyday For Life Canada

PPS: video of mtg: https://youtu.be/pCDQwOn-Trc

Erin Kinsella spoke well at 1:01hrs

The Archbishop spoke eloquently  after at 1:05hrs

The mtg went to 10:15 pm. The board had prepped a press release before the mtg and released it at 10:25 pm

#OCSB praises ephebophile Harvey Milk (33yo with 16yo bf). #oecta

In 1964, in his early 30s, Milk began a relationship with Jack McKinley, a theatrical stage manager who was 16 years old when they met in New York.

The age of consent in California is 18OCSB also has secret Gay Straight Alliances mtgs for elem kids with no parental approval required.

the French Catholic Board (CECCE) was flying rainbow flags outside today because of IDAHOBIT Day. Expect them outside for all of June. Truth in Advertising – it just tells ppl what is going on INSIDE the buildings year-round.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pray for us. 

#TCDSB invites Cheri DiNovo to speak to staff on “Homophobia in the Catholic Church”

She is a radical proabortion LGBT activist who hates everything about the Catholic Church.

She is the minister of Trinity St Paul’s UNITED!

Will TCDSB invite Michael Coren the following month to tell teachers how wrong Catholic beliefs are??

TCDSB should be renamed TADSB or TUCDSB (Anglican or United Church)!!

#TCDSB capitulates to Rainbow Pride. #oecta @archtoronto #TCDSB

We have known for a long time that a large majority of #oecta teachers hate Catholic Church teachings as expressed in the Catechism.

Now, there is “truth in advertising” outside schools for June. It simply shows what has been going on inside “catholic” schools for years. Classes have oecta rainbow flags and bling. Teachers and schools have rainbows on their social media profiles.

No parents or priests can pretend that TCDSB schools are spiritually safe for children.

See below:





#OCSB pushes lgbtq agenda on 9yos in a secretive GSA club. @archottawa @archtoronto #catholic

As a followup to the new teacher-initiated Gay Straight Alliance at St Stephens called Rainbow Alliance for ages 9-12, the following email exchanges occurred between a friend and the Director of Education.

Some points to notice:

  1. Bill 13 makes GSAs mandatory if a student demands it. This GSA at St Stephen’s  is 100% teacher-initiated to spread the LGBTQ agenda of OECTA. It will also come to other OCSB elementary schools as many other teachers tweeted that to the first teacher
  2. OCSB does not respect parental rights to know what extracurricular activities their 9yo is involved in. The unelected “school parent council” can arbitrarily take away parental rights.
  3. The Director uses cute words to “Catholic lens” and “pastoral”. The whole Respecting Differences (RD) document by the Bishops demands GSA leaders be committed to the teaching of the Church (eg. the monograph on Transgender). D’Amico has RD on the OCSB website to fool parents but has NO intention of following it. It will be all rainbows at this GSA. We know they don’t follow RD because they have given presentations about “chest binding” and taking male hormones from a girl who has Gender Dysphoria at other GSAs. D’Amico explicitly refuses to ensure  Catholic teachings are followed. His “catholic lens” is United Church lens.

It is simply not safe to send your child to an OCSB school. You have NO idea what they will be indoctrinated into at these secretive GSAs!

Please share with other parents and your priest etc.


Respecting Differences document

General Procedures for “Respecting Difference” Groups or Activities in Schools:
i. All activities and organizations should be opened to all students
who wish to participate;
ii. The activities and organization of all groups or organizations
formed within Catholic schools must be respectful of and consistent
with Catholic teaching;
iii. All mentors appointed to work with groups of students must know
and be committed to Catholic teachings;
iv. Any outside speakers must be respectful of Catholic teaching.

Will #OCSB ELEMENTARY (Grade 6 and Below) GSA follow Respecting Differences as promised? #ocsb @archottawa

Is Ms O’Brien committed to official Catholic Church teachings on homosexuality and transgender? (CCC 2357 to CCC2359)

Let’s look at the Respecting Differences document that the OCSB has promised to follow with respect to GSAs. It is VERY clear what Catholic Church teachings are and what a GSA must follow!!

RD document:


a) The Catholic Church and Morality The primary teaching document of the Catholic Church is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) is essentially a guide for how to live as a good Catholic. It is to this resource that we should turn whenever we are seeking guidance on any particular issue, although we should always remember that the Catechism is an authoritative précis, not a complete exposition, of Catholic teaching. There are sections in the catechism that pertain to what Catholics should believe (Part 1: Profession of Faith), how we should worship (Part 2: Celebration of the Christian Mystery), how we should act (Part 3: Life in Christ), and how we should pray (Part 4: Christian Prayer). The topic of homosexuality is found in Part 3: Life in Christ. This is the section of the catechism that concerns morality. The Church’s teaching on homosexuality is an extension of its teaching on human sexuality in general. In order to more fully appreciate the topic of homosexuality, it is necessary to situate the discussion within the broader context of the meaning and purpose of human sexuality

b) Prior to an initial meeting, the principal shall: i. Carefully consider selection of staff advisor to monitor and support the [GSA] group. The staff advisor MUST be an individual who is knowledgeable about and committed to Catholic teaching.; ii. Invite the chaplaincy leader to participate in group meetings, where possible; iii. Clarify the objectives of the group with the staff advisor before meeting with students: See relevant normative policy guidelines including, but not limited to, the 2004 document Pastoral Guidelines to Assist Students of Same-Sex Orientation and the 2011 CCCB statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops “Pastoral Ministry to Young People with Same-Sex Attraction”. iv. Provide In-Service for staff advisor(s) regarding the purpose of the student group and how the group can be supported;

c) Guidelines for “Respecting Difference” Groups 1. All materials whether for group use or for school/community awareness must be reviewed and approved by the staff advisor and administration. 2. All students involved in a Respecting Difference group must agree to strict privacy guidelines including restrictions of all personal electronic devices during meetings, posting on social media sites or breaking of confidentiality of any discussion held in meetings. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of any such group and/or group member. 3. The staff advisor must be present for all meetings from beginning to end;

d) General Procedures for “Respecting Difference” Groups or Activities in Schools: i. All activities and organizations should be opened to all students who wish to participate; ii. The activities and organization of all groups or organizations formed within Catholic schools must be respectful of and consistent with Catholic teaching; iii. All mentors appointed to work with groups of students must know and be committed to Catholic teachings; iv. Any outside speakers must be respectful of Catholic teaching.


Please respectfully write the OCSB Director and ask whether this ELEMENTARY school GSA is following Respecting Differences and do they follow CCC 2357 to CCC2359 (and the ICE document on Transgender). Please copy the Archbishop: reception@archottawa.ca

Neo-racist Critical Race Theory racing through schools and #Catholic groups.

As a follow-up to this post, https://catholicintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/2020/12/04/critical-theory-in-catholic-schools/

CRT/CT is racing through North American schools, Catholic parishes and Evangelical groups..

Please see these links and podcasts and websites.

Please share!!

Christopher F. Rufo | City Journal (city-journal.org)


Search the Crisis Magazine for Critical Theory stories:

What Is ‘White Christianity’ Anyway? | The American Conservative


WaPo Op-Ed Blames ‘Multiracial Whiteness’ for Trump’s Historic Gains with Minority Voters (thefederalistpapers.org)   (Chinese-Americans and Indo-Americans etc are actually white lol)

What Is Critical Race Theory? – New Discourses  (Atheist, but has good analyses of CRT)

Restoring a Broken System with TCDSB Human Rights and Equity Advisor Lavinia Latham (buzzsprout.com)

Having Brave Conversations about Race, Equity and White Fragility with Superintendent Derek Chen (buzzsprout.com)

How long will the Catholic School System remain Catholic? | scrapbookwithtony (wordpress.com) (ontario; govt run)

Critical Theory in #Catholic schools

Critical Theory has long been in some university faculties. Now, it is spreading with mandatory courses in STEM faculties. Also, spreading with mandatory indoctrination sessions in governments and corporations.

It is also spreading rapidly in “catholic” schools in Ontario under the guise of social justice and diversity/inclusiveness/equity (DIE).

In Catholic schools, you will rarely hear it called Critical Theory (or critical race theory crt or frankfurt school or neo-marxism or “woke culture”, or grievance studies or intersectionality) but it is exactly that.

We urge parents and priests to take the time to read about it and protect yr children!!




New book: Tan books: Awake, Not Woke. Noelle Mering . March 2021. https://americanmind.org/features/ending-the-blm-revolution/the-woke-mob-plays-god/

https://www.newsforum.tv/videos/cp053 TanyaGranic with Queens prof

https://archive.is/PVPCG (Catholic Insight)





Rod Dreher on Christian Survival


To learn more specifically about critical theories, Frankfurt School, cultural marxism, BLM, CRT critical race theory, critical social justice , white fragility privilege, etc, there are good youtube videos by James Lindsay. He happens to be atheist, but his analsyis is good

Great fun twitter page to follow: Woke Temple

What does @tcdsb think about these tweets from #tcdsb Brebeuf teacher? @archtoronto @oct_oeeo

has she reported the 5 sexual predator teachers to the police and the OCT?

She really hates the Catholic faith.

The comment about pink below is about Cardinal Collins and him not deserving to be in a TCDSB classroom.

Should she be on the diversity committee?

Dissident #tcdsb trustees decide to side with lgbtq activist teacher Debuono and anti-Catholic Michael Coren

When trustees side with ex-Catholic Coren over the Cardinal, wouldn’t alarm bells be going off in their heads that they are wrong? Do they hate the Catechism as much as Coren?

The trustees support deBuono who believes

A) the Cardinal is wrong

B) the Cardinal is merely a guest of the Board

C) the term ” thru a Catholic lens” is dangerous (term came from the Archdiocese)

D) Catholics should stop donating to their parishes.

E) the Cardinal doesnt care about children.


Why do these hate the Catechism so much? Would they vote against a motion supporting the Catechism?

Have they read Vatican 2 documents on education? Gravissimum Educationis


Do they agree with the ICEOnt document on transgender?

Will #tcdsb trustees follow Wynne and debuono or Cardinal Collins? #onted #oecta #ocsb #onpoli

Will the dissident trustees publicly and formally repent and apologize? will OECTA? Part of repentance is formally stating that the catechism is not homophophic, respects human rights, and that you agree with it in its entirety!!

If not, is this the beginning of the end of govt run Catholic schooling in Ontario? Already many priests are recommending homeschooling and small independent schools for believers.

Will we move to BC model of govt paying for 50% for independent Catholic schools as we move into post-pandemic austerity with $500B prvcl debt?

Is the genderbread TCDSB finished or will it fully repent?

More context in school covid case announcements please! Stop scaring people! #onted #ottnews #onpoli

There should be more CONTEXT with school case numbers. What is community infection rate. What is school age infection rate. Any hospitalizations of teachers or kids? low number of oubreaks compared to cases is a success!!

Also, the term “outbreak” is too loaded. The defn in Ontario is so low and scares people. Even with the low threshold of calling a “outbreak”, less than 10% of case in schools are declared outbreaks.

Starting August 26 2020, 2 student or staff (or visitor) cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 within a specified class within a 14-day period where at least one case COULD have reasonably acquired their infection at school (including transportation and before/after school care) is considered an outbreak in an educational establishment.

In contrast, places like BC and England do not call 2 cases in a class an outbreak. It is called a cluster. Outbreaks are much bigger. BC calls them exposures, clusters, and outbreaks. (And the UK and BC do not send kids home for a runny nose!!

As well, France doesnt even close a class till there are THREE CASES in a class.




#OCSB Notre Dame pushes marxist BLM organization on students. #catholictwitter

Let’s see what BLM believes

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.

We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).


Also see this posts by Father Longernecker and Dr Janet Smith


#OCSB spends big on gender diversity books during pandemic. #oecta #catholictwitter

These books should NEVER be in Catholic schools, but during COVID when the $$ could be used for things like air purifiers, they go and buy books like these for their libraries. PRIORITIES! Gender diversity over clean air!

These books are in no way compatible with Catholic Church teaching! i dare OCSB to ask the Archbishop!!

Books: When Aidan Became a Brotherhttps://www.amazon.ca/When-Aidan-Became-Brother-Lukoff/dp/1620148374/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=When+Aidan+Became+a+Brother&qid=1599092114&sr=8-1

I Love My Pursehttps://www.amazon.ca/Love-My-Purse-Belle-DeMont/dp/1554519543/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=i+love+my+purse&qid=1599092145&sr=8-1

My Mommy My Mama My Brother and Mehttps://www.amazon.ca/My-Mommy-Mama-Brother-Me/dp/1771087412/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=My+Mommy+My+Mama+My+Brother+and+Me&qid=1599092212&sr=8-1
My Princess Boyhttps://www.amazon.ca/My-Princess-Boy-Cheryl-Kilodavis/dp/1442429887/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=my+princess+boy&qid=1599092236&sr=8-1

The Gender Wheelhttps://www.amazon.ca/Gender-Wheel-School-Story-Bodies/dp/1945289139/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=gender+wheel&qid=1599092263&sr=8-1
They He She Me Free to be Mehttps://www.amazon.ca/They-She-He-Me-Free/dp/1945289090/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=They+He+She+Me+Free+to+be+Me&qid=1599092286&sr=8-1

So many #ocsb budget items for banned things (big mtgs, ofsaa sports etc)! #onted #ottnews

It really looks like they copy and pasted virtually all of last year’s budget

  • $87K to rent Shaw Centre for a 1/2 day October mtg with 4000 teachers in 1 room
  • Over $300K for interschool elementary sports
  • Over $600K for varsity sports (eg. Ncsaa, ofsaa)
  • Hundreds of thousands for travel to physical coferences that are cancelled this yr.

As well, their advertising budget remains huge in order to lure students from other Boards.

This is financial mismanagement during the pandemic. A fine tooth comb review is required and they used NO comb!!

Decision cut-off date looms for elementary parents #ottnews #onted #ocsb #ocdsb

Parents seem to think that they have almost 5 weeks to decide between full time in-class or remote learning. They also think they can flip back and forth over the fall.

Nope. Cut-off decision dates are about 15 days away. And you must commit for entire semester. (BTW, Quebec has no masking and no remote learning option at all. BC has no masking and is spending half per capita extra on Covid matters).

Principals are not expected to give school-specific details until 2 weeks before school (ie. After deadline).

Learning at home will be similar to spring with a bit more video learning. However, the teachers doing it will generally be older teachers who may be less tech savvy.

For staffing and planning purposes, we ask families who choose full-time distance learning as the September option to commit to three months (September – November) for elementary students and Semester 1 (September- January) for high school students.  


(after the choice deadline:)..

“Principals will provide an update to all parents and students two weeks before the start of the school year. They will outline school safety precautions and provide detailed information related to your child’s school”  


Ontario govt:


Given the requirement to carefully assign students to classes, and to cohorts with alternating schedules, the typical ability of schools to accommodate late registrations will not be viable for the coming school year.

School boards maintain robust registration processes throughout the summer, although many students and families do register at the very beginning of the school year. This can lead to walk-in timetabling and irregular class sizes up until the September reorganization compliance date.

For the upcoming school year, the ministry will support firm cut-off dates for school registration, to support boards in achieving a safe and predictable school year start-up. Students and families seeking to register past these cut-off dates will have to wait to be assigned to a school, class and timetable.

Pre-registration would need to be widely communicated to parents for awareness and could require a declaration of whether parents wish in-school instruction or remote learning.



School boards are allowed to wait-list students and families who do not pre-register by a cut-off time established by the board. Boards will be able to offer these students and families remote learning until an appropriate class placement can be provided.

They can also set restrictions on the ability of students to transfer between remote learning and in class learning.

WE Chairman sent #tcdsb students to his side biz ALE when he was a #Tcdsb teacher #onted

Before you complain about lack of soap at schools, look for gravy in school board budgets for next year. #ottnews #ocsb #onted #onpoli


for next yr, you will find $80K for renting a room at Shaw center for a half day PD day for 4000 teachers. Also money for principals retreat. Hundreds of thousands for advertising and marketing to steal students from other school boards. So much more!!

Take the time to go over yr school board $$ to find money for hand sanitizers, etc!! Be informed.




Ridiculous #oecta union demands for #covid19 schooling in fall. #onted #ocsb #tcdsb

the whole 1st medical section is useless. The Pediatricians at HSC have read all these articles and 50x more. THEY are the medical experts who will set guidelines and the school boards will have 2 months to implement and tweak. Classrooms will not be smaller. Parents and Teachers should listen to PAEDIATRICIANS!!

The other demands are really me me me. Don’t touch our contract, don’t make teachers spend any extra on safety for students (eg. 5 min wipedown of desks), and give the system A LOT more $$. We now have an LTC/Hosp premier after 12 years of self-described “education premiers”.

What about the $300M spent in bussing over last 3mos for NO bussing? What about savings in the fall from no/less intervarsity sports. What other savings can be found and redirected?? Enough of the more more more. We are $400B in debt and need to spend dollars on LTCs immediately.

As usual, the cancel EQAO hobbyhorse is promoted again. EQAO is needed more than over to see how much actual insttuction was done this year and whether teachers focus on Arithmetic and Reading and Writing next yr (as opposed to “fun topics”)

The section on special ed kids is interesting. A zero tolerance rule for covid dangerous behaviour should be implemented. Immediate suspension for spitting etc. Wear face shields spec ed teachers!!

How little #distanceteaching is being done by #OCSB ? #ottnews #onted

Read the last week of this PDF put out by 4 staff (3 teachers and an EA) for a Grade 6 class. The teaching output is 3 short videos, a googlemeet video chit chat and a short pdf in an entire week.

The students are asked to put in 15 mins per day in Math and English each.

Their math is this level:

Meanwhile, fearful teachers are refusing to go back into their empty classrooms next week.

“Traumatized” teachers have no intention to focus on academic fundamentals next year. Phrases like “building relationships again this fall”, “trauma informed education”, “heavy emphasis on Social Emotional learning” are bandied about oñ twitter and in education journals. Kids will learn little next year!! (Esp if there is a 2nd or 3rd wave!)

Why do school boards abd teachers reject any accountability and transparency? #onted #onpoli #ottnews #ocsb


We need accountability and transparency and reports from school boards as to how much the teachers are actually teaching!! At the elementary level, how many hrs of live video? How many hrs of recorded video? How many hrs on phone with parents or students?

With school buildings closed, creating accountability through transparency might seem daunting. But even though principals can’t visit classrooms, schools and districts can do quite a few things to make their actions more transparent to state education agencies, parents, and the public. In Education Next, Chester Finn has suggested a few examples, such as reporting the number of students who complete their remote assignments and the number of students with disabilities whose families participate in individualized education program meetings by teleconference.

Schools and districts will need to take the lead on these kinds of accountability, because state education agencies rarely have access to the relevant data. Schools and districts can use two general approaches to make themselves accountable through transparency while their physical facilities are closed:

1. Document and report exactly what they are doing to help all students continue learning from home. What resources are they providing, and how are they providing them? What are they doing to ensure access for students with disabilities, students without reliable Internet access, and students without computers? What are their expectations for their teachers? Fortunately, many districts are already doing some of this, though with widely varying depth and specificity (as the database of district plans assembled by the Center on Reinventing Public Education shows).

2. Count successful engagements with students and start reporting these numbers. Some of Finn’s examples fall into this category. State agencies and the public ought to know not just how many laptops a school district has distributed but also how many students have successfully logged into the relevant systems and how frequently they have done so—a pretty clear and direct analog to conventional attendance.


interesting survey results. I wonder what Ontario parents are like;
Ontario Schools are spending $100M/mo on school bussing still! What large cost savings have they looked for in order to get more and more technology out to families. A chromebook costs $250.
Excellent journalist to follow:



Syncronous Teaching, Teachers unions and being woke. #onted #onpoli #ottnews #oecta #osstf #etfo #ocsb

Even the Toronto Star has turned against the ridiculous teachers unions!!





Why no education innovation during #Covid19ontario? #onted #onpoli #ottnews #ocsb #tcdsb


There are 200000 education workers in Ontario costing taxpayers $5B over the 3 months of closure.

Have you heard of anything more than links and worksheets being sent out along with a weekly fun get together video call?

In contrast, see what Australia and UK are doing:

Small group of teachers in Australia:
Oak National Academy:
ONE retired(!) Teacher in Ottawa:


Or this one teacher in UK:



Meanwhile, this study shows kids will be half to a FULL year behind when they go back to school in September


No video instruction at Ontario schools. #ottnews #ocsb #ocdsb #onted #onpoli #oecta

but there are tons of elementary OCSB teachers using google-meet for chit chats and “show and tell”, just not actual math lessons
The OCT says live video instruction is fine. But unions say no. Who is in charge??
parents are not happy. See belowScreenshot_20200429-102713_Gmail
in contrast, small modest independent schools are doing a great job

Are parents happy with #covid19ontario Learn at home? Nope!! #onted #ocsb #tcdsb #ottnews

why are we spending $5B on wages from April to June for 200000 ed workers if they wont even give a video class??
Independent, modest schools are DOING an AMAZING job this spring and will blow away the govt bloated system next year when the 2nd and 3rd waves hit!
Why don’t reduce our labour expenses by 10% and put it into chromebooks etc and do like the UK with $$ into National Oak Academy and BBC:
Btw, a formal complaint has been made to the Privacy commissioner about some illegal school board activities..




Teachers unions selectively concerned about privacy rights. #ocsb #oecta #onted #covid19ontario @ipcoinfoprivacy #ocdsb #ottnews @ont_ombudsman

It is amazing how teachers unions and school boards showed NO concern about how gsuite google non core services could be violating privacy rights of students (gsuite made their easier),

but now the teachers unions are HUGELY concerned about privacy issues with google video hangouts and google classroom (dont really want to actively teach in next 10 weeks!!)

Last yr:
Osstf call this week:


#OECTA bans live video teaching (with lame excuses). #ottnews #onted #ocsb #tcdsb


April 15 Hour 1. From 11mins onward. Oecta Prez Liz Stuart


To followup from the last 2 days’ posts on the $5B being spent for wages, today we get confirmation the UNION has said no live video teaching permitted

Why is the union even setting policy?? Any restriction should only come from the professional college: Ontario College of Teachers. Unions should not be interfering in this pandemic!! The Information Privacy Commissioner has made NO statement against live video teaching.

Let’s look at Liz’s excuses for no live video teaching:

“Equity” – live classes can be recorded and sent out to kids who cannot attend live. (All classes should be recorded and archived anyway in case someone produces a “deep fake” video)

Privacy of kids: all cameras can be turned off by the instructor in apps like Cisco Webex. All mics can be muted. Or they can be off as default and only turned on individually if the student AND teacher wants.

Privacy of teacher: is it too much to ask someone making $95K per year to go into quiet room or put up a backdrop for $30?

All teachers should be doing is providing “connection with kids”: $5B for essentially no teaching and especially no teaching of NEW material?? We have heard that any teachers that actually are using live video are not actually teaching, just group chitchats (“connection”).


Publicly funded charter in NYC (12000 dead from Covid) is doing a fantastic job with video teaching. As well, many of the 1500 independent schools in Ontario (95% of them are very modest, non-elite) have answered the challenge!


Their students are 93% minorities and 80% poor!

Parents should be outraged at OECTA!!  When will OCSB come clean with parents and tell them to expect little from teachers over next 10 weeks (schools were announced closed a month ago)


Toronto TDSB does live teaching:



What is truth about video teaching during #Covid19ontario pandemic? #ottnews #ocsb #tcdsb #onted #onpoli #transparency #accountability #oecta #osstf #etfo

Very good article by top notch education reporter Jacquie Miller



Time for some honest STRAIGHTFORWARD answers from school boards to parents and taxpayers!!!!

We still think teachers unions are being less than forthcoming about what they are telling teachers about teaching via live video. They wont release what they actually told teachers about live videos
Some teachers say that the Privacy Act bans live video (not true). Other talk about inequity. But live videos can be recorded and watched offline.
Microsoft teams and Cisco webex (and google clsssroom) are fine for education and meet privacy (eg. US COPPA laws)
Also, most elementary teachers are not using video to teach any actual content (and especially not NEW content!), just for social class check-ins.
We need ACCOUNTABILITY  for the $5B being spent on education wages for 200,000 till end June!
Reports from Boards needed:
% elementary teachers using live video for teaching new content (math, language, science)
% high school teachers doing same
% teachers creating their OWN content in recorded video in reading, writing, arithmetic
Read this thread and all the replies..ALL over the map!!
4 other points
– it has been a MONTH since it was announced that schools would be physically closed.
– education wages for 200,000 education workers till June will cost over $5B dollars
-small non-elite private schools (there are 1400 of them) are doing a fantastic job during this crisis
– read about this Charter school system in NYC (8000 dead from Covid). This school serves 97% minorities students, 80% of their families are poor!
PS: this tdsb teacher opposes any new curriculum be taught for next 3mos


Billions spent for weblinks and worksheets. #oecta and #osstf allow NO “live video teaching” . #onted #onpoli #ottnews

Here is a publicly funded charter school system in NYC – a city devastated by Covid19. Their students are 93 percent of color, and 78 percent from low-income households


For grade 4 and up, they have SEVERAL video classes per day.

Remote Learning FAQs




In contrast, here is one grade 6 ocsb class. No video classes, minimal work. Another blog had 1hr of class video but it was more for social work and a check-in and way for kids to “see” each other. ie no instruction.


Both OECTA and OSSTF say no “live teaching”. So do not expect any zoom or google hagout video mtgs where thè teacher teaches ANY material!

We are paying $5B in wages to education workers for chitchat cideo mtgs and worksheets to be sent out.




Are #OCSB teachers really ready to e-teach? #onted #oecta

In the last 2 weeks, there were lots of cute photos and videos telling kids that teachers miss them. Also tons of tweets on teacher self-care.

OCSB has 4000 employees and costs taxpayers over $10M/week (over 80% of that is wages).

Let’s see how many views teachers did of their own Learning Technology youtube channel. Less than 200 subscribers (5% of staff). The most viewed video only had 166 views! Most had about 10 or 20.

Are the teachers really ready for eteaching? Have they even tried to learn some new skills over the last 2 weeks?






Education funding during #covid19ontario closure #pcpo #onted #onpoli

Update: cbc reports that bus contracts are paid regardless of whether buses run and drivers get paid 75%. Bus companies do have fixed expenses but the contracts should be reduced by 33% by emergency order. Therefore $100M savings

School boards will spend over $5B over next 3 months in labour costs. SURELY, this can be reduced 10% by less hours or some layoffs (sparing low income like ECEs)



Ontario spends $1B on school busing. If schools are closed for rest of year, the Ministry should reduce school board funding by $350M to pay for elearning

– 300,000 chromebooks @ $200 is $60M

– LTE hotspots for rural kids till Sept

– etc

As well, gym teachers, shop teachers and 20% of all non-classroom staff AT ALL LEVELS should be laid off IMMEDIATELY (viceprincipals, superintendents, diversity advisors, etc etc). This money should also be redirected back the provincial government. Perhaps some more layoffs May 1. Money can be used for more elearning and 1yr only extra staff to help vulnerable kids in 2021/2022.

Also, a lockout of OSSTF if they dont accept same offer as OECTA.




Teachers criticized for using elearning for 2 weeks after march break! #onted #oecta #osstf #etfo #ottnews #onpoli #covid19canada

  • supposed to wait for union direction
  • don’t want it to be success – bad for negotiations with govt!!!
  • “it’s for the kids”??



See twitter stream (may be deleted later). Doug Little – teacher active at OSSTF HQ over last 6 years.


BTW, Flipped Classroom are very similar to elearning.



School boards and unions have been doing a poor job of getting post March break learning ready









#Catholic prep for #COVID19. Praying, Social Distancing, Flattening Curve, Work from Home, Helping Others. #covid19Canada . Pls RT.

Calm Preparation is not panicking.  Calm arranging is not “fear” – it  helps you help others. Prudence is not fear.
Things could decline rapidly in about 2 to 3 weeks (ie. after March break). It really depends on how much “social distancing” North Americans practice to “flatten the curve” and how aware people are of infection spreading by very low symptomatic people.
If 10% of 50% people (total infection rate?) require hospitalization, that will be huge hit on healthcare.
Soon there will  be a place in Ottawa (a hall in arena) for people (particular returning travellers who self-quarantined and experience symptoms). These people are supposed to go to these centres, not the ER!! Medical staff at these halls will have “personal protective gear”. Swab testing results will be back within 5hrs. In USA, tents will be set up.
Situation in Northern Italy (excellent healthcare in rich Milan a region!)
2 doctors. (Italy is more aged than North America and more dense)
Presumably, you have calmly already got a bit of extra food and medicines and started  “social distancing” and got urgent dental work done (and your Easter hairdo!)
Kids wont get very sick (even less the Influenza A/B).. but more upper middle aged will get sick/very sick (50yos die from COVID-19 sometimes, never from the flu)
I predict many people (and some students) will be sent home by late March for a few weeks. Some high tech companies are already doing it. Coca-Cola is having a total “work at home day” for all employees today to practice for a several week “work at home” soon.

https://www.flattenthecurve.com/ awesome website

Good 45mins video (starting at 2mins) https://t.co/Fmnux2yEWK?amp=1

Some IT related and other things to do in your home for business continuity and family well-being
– secure computers from bad websites for kids
     – netnanny, sophos, qustodio etc https://www.techradar.com/best/free-parental-control-software
– get a better monitor, mouse, keyboard for yr work laptop at home (Amazon/Flipgive)
– upgrade that office chair, desks, etc. (Staples, Ikea or a used furniture place. Ottawa: https://www.oflfurniture.com/ )
– get Learning Spaces and routines ready for chiĺdren!
– get FORMED.org account ready
– download FORMED ebooks to Kindle
– better videocameras for you and grandparents (eg Logitech)
– make sure you are happy with yr Internet speed and data plans from Teksavvy etc
– webaround backdrop for videoconferencing (inexpensive shipping to myusaddress in ogdensburg)
– upgrade contact lists (emails, numbers, skype addresses) of others (eg. Vulnerable co-parishioners, classmates, older neighbours)
– prayer corner upgrade (icons, holy water, sacramentals)

Relax, stay calm, prepare, make good Confessions, pray, help others. 


Fr Mark Goring on Coronavirus

Receiving Eucharist on Tongue:



Mark Mallett video


Bring your own Holy Water bottle to Mass!



2 good twitter accounts to follow for USA and Europe news)
Wuhan foot greeting:
 Not enough people are practicing “social distancing”, being careful about crowds in malls and restaurants.
https://emcrit.org/ibcc/covid19/#signs_and_symptoms (info for you and your family doctor and nurse friends)
Understanding latent and incubation periods of COVID19:



Parent support for teacher strike plummets. Will plummet more with #covid19canada crisis. #onted #onpoli #ocsb #oecta #tdsb #ottnews #pcpo

The major poll by the Toronto Star shows people want teachers to accept the 1%/23 offer. Columnist Martin Regg Cohen also says this. Teachers are furious and are attacking the Star and parents on twitter. They don’t want to believe the poll because Nick Kouvalis did it but the Star paid for the poll and designed the questions.

This drop in support is the REAL reason why OSSTF has stopped picketing for next few weeks!





Things like option vs opt out for elearning or 22 vs 23 kids or a raise will seem extremely petty soon as the coronavirus crisis explodes. McGuinty and Wynne (the “education premiers”) have left our healthcare system in terrible shape!!













Containment is futile:






Are #Ontario school boards doing a poor job planning for #COVID19Canada elearning in order fight Doug Ford’s Elearning? #onted #onpoli #ocsb #ottnews


US School boards are doing a MUCH better job.

Look at the good work in Seattle:



Click to access northshore-learns-parent-information.pdf



Click to access northshore-learns-parent-information.pdf

They are addressing any computer or internet access issues and working woth local businesses with wifi etc etc.

From Ontario school boards: NOTHING!! If schools are closed for 3 weeks will they do anything or just throw up their hands and say “elearning is not for everyone”?? Are they afraid students will like it too much??




BTW, TVO offers great elearning courses: https://ilc.tvo.org/en-ca/ilc-courses

as do school boards:


But teachers continue to strike because it is proposed that elearning be opt-out!! Teachers insult parents by believing they won’t come in to the school once in 4 yrs for a quick opt-out mtg. It is really about job protection!!


PPS: Multiple learning styles is totally debunked! No evidence – an “edu fad”



Google Scholar Learning Styles





Observations on teachers strikes this week. #ottnews #onpoli #onted #oecta #ocsb #tcdsb #pcpo


1) Lots of bickering between teachers on Twitter re: OECTA and 1% and Reg 274. Tensions really rising. Not so much “solidarity”
2) We were surprised to see the number of teachers who strongly oppose opt-out for elearning. They DEMAND opt-in. They seem to think parents will be too lazy to opt out (or will like it too much). Insulting to parents and looks unreasonable.
3) I think it may come down to 1%/23 or 0%/22class size. Teachers may be painted into corner, given people realize how much more $$ needed for healthcare (COVID-19 and aging population). Also, looming recession. Also, “strike is not about the pay”. Don’t forget heh govt offered 4% increases for benefits!!!
4) Some schools (not in Canada yet) are planning videoconferencing to kids if schools are closed for 2-3 weeks. This may very well make parents realize how good elearning can be (either in “flipped classrooms” or because of quarantines)
5) are OSSTF and ETFO being more militant to force the “nuclear option” of closing down Catholic school system (as they really want).
6) TCDSB has cancelled all Europe trips. Italy has closed all hosps and schools. Why won’t OCSB cancel trips?







Ontario Teachers Unions supporting rail blockades. #onted #onpoli #cdnpoli #ottnews #osstf #oecta #etfo #tdsb #tcdsb #ocsb

Teachers unions supporting the blockades.

There will be an immediate drop to corporate revenues of all the manufacturing companies who rely on rail. This will effect govt tax revenues. Will a 1% raise now be impossible to give to teachers??

Longer-term, factories will not be built, or expanded. Some factories will close and move to Ohio or Kentucky so they can minimize risk to supply chains.

Internationally, there are legitimate fears that Canada’s reputation as a reliable supply partner will be damaged. The long-term cost of this to the Canadian economy is hard to quantify, but certainly it’s massive.”


“In addition to disrupting domestic and global supply chains, the blockades undermine Canada’s reputation as a dependable partner in international trade,” they said in the letter.



Lost opportunities have real costs both to railways and to the Canadian economy. The economic pain is magnified by the intangible costs to Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier to world markets. If the flow of products can be interrupted, especially without a healthy lead time, then foreign buyers will protect their interests by buying elsewhere. These are the harsh realities


Ways to stop the rapidly increasing cost of education in Ontario. #ottnews #onted #onpoli

We have unstainable growth in the education budget given our aging demographic ($$$$ for healthcare), and loss of manufacturing to USA/Mexico. Why build a plant in Ontario with risk of rail blockades?



Also, despite high graduation rates, the readiness for university has declined and our PISA scores are down and fundamental prep for college/trade is poor (poor math etc)




A potential savings list; not ranked, no editorial comment on pro/cons. Not mutually exclusive: 


1. Slightly larger classes with more “Direct Instruction” and less edu-fads (like in NSW Australia – no more edu fads that have NO evidence,  like play-based learning, group work, inquiry-based learning, the development of ‘self-directed learners’, teachers as facilitators, so-called ‘21st Century skills’, general capabilities, creative thinking, growth mindset, ‘emotional regulation strategies’, ‘student impulse control’, teaching emotional intelligence, collaborative classrooms, flexible learning spaces, co-teaching and constructivist teaching ).


2. Merger of 4 school boards into 2 language based boards (savings of $500M from admin and busing etc?)



3. Merger of 4 school boards into 2 for rural areas (ie. Not GTA or Hamilton or Ottawa, or London). The North, Simcoe, Kingston, SW Ontario, etc all get merged

4.Much Less French Immersion (mainly used for elementary grade streaming by parents in Toronto, Kitchener), especially outside of Eastern Ontario/Ottawa


5. An end to some SHSM courses (eg Emergency) in high school that really need a college diploma (eg. Paramedic) anyways to get a job. Less courses like Fashion, “Living and Working with Children” etc esp in “Social Sciences”


Click to access descript.pdf

6. A ban on school board advertising or allowing unqualified students in their schools (eg. children with no Catholic baptism certificate or English kids in French schools)



7. $5000 grant for those that want to go to independent or charter schools (saves govt $8000 per child)


8. 4 year freeze on teacher salaries (2% raises for EA/ECE ec). Family doctors had a government imposed multi-year freeze and are only up 1% total over the decade.

9. An end to free parking for teachers (esp in Toronto, Ottawa etc). Pay “market rates” (which may be zero) – It is the LAW for federal civil servants

The alternative is a Education Premium Surtax (like the Health Premium Surtax that McGuinty brought in amd brings in $3B/yr). However, only 35% are now in favour of more taxes for education (OISE survey)

Ontario needs Education Reform! Look to NSW. #onted #onpoli #pcpo #ottnews #toronto

Ontario needs a report like this Feb 2020 report in Australia. We need to get away from edu-fads pushed by Fullan, OISE, Jo Boaler, Hargreaves etc etc. It has only led to a DECLINE in PISA scores. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/barbara-kay-universities-shine-a-light-on-ontarios-failing-schools


Powerful Report to NSW State in Australia:


PC3 – Final Report – Measurement and outcome based funding in NSW schools – 18 February 2020

(BTW, Direct Instruction is more amenable to slightly larger classes in High School)


The Committee Inquiry identified a striking lack of measurement, accountability and quality control in the government schools system. Classroom practice has been allowed to deviate from the evidence-base. We know what works in schools and what doesn’t work. It has all been researched and reported on in
many thousands of studies here and around the world. Some NSW schools are using this evidence-base to good effect, but others are not….


…The know-how exists to make every NSW school a high-quality school for each of its students. This should be a hallmark of our civilisation and the governments that guide it. Yet unfortunately, too many schools have ignored the evidence-base, instead pursuing fad, ideological teaching programs with minimal or negative impacts in the classroom.
Educationalists have developed a long list of programs and pedagogies without a positive evidence-base. This includes philosophy circles, play-based learning, group work, inquiry-based learning, the development of ‘self-directed learners’, teachers as facilitators, so-called ‘21st Century skills’, general capabilities, creative thinking, growth mindset, ‘emotional regulation strategies’, ‘student impulse control’, teaching emotional intelligence, collaborative classrooms, flexible learning spaces, co-teaching and constructivist teaching…

…Concentrate on knowledge development in schools, not politics: “The gradual overcrowding ofthe curriculum in some ways is not surprising. Too often, the curriculum has become a depository for content aimed at fixing societal ills. The reality is that instilling value sets and encouraging positions on social and political issues is not the job of schools. It is the job of parents. A school’s job is to equip kids with the knowledge needed to successfully engage with the world as independent thinkers.”….








Click to access PC3%20-%20Final%20Report%20-%20Measurement%20and%20outcome%20based%20funding%20in%20NSW%20schools%20-%2018%20February%202020.pdf




Behaviour Issues in Ontario Schools:


Australian Solution:



The new report, by the NSW Department of Education’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE), examined proven ways to keep order in classrooms. They included consistency, clearly-stated rules and routines, and regular reminders of what’s expected of students.



Growth Mindset does NOT work!








Direct instruction



Great blog: https://gregashman.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/evidence-is-not-the-problem/

Great Canadian: blog: https://michaelzwaagstra.com/

Resources for parents and teachers

School choice:




Are Ontarians willing to pay more taxes for Education? NO! Poll: 37%. #onted #onpoli #ottnews #pcpo

Only 37% would be willing to pay higher taxes! Lowest on record. (An example for an Education surtax could be the Health Premium (surtax) brought in by McGuinty – it now brings in over $3B per year.

Most people want the education budget to grow with inflation. The budget went up $800M (not including child care tax credit) on $30B – well above 2%.





Satisfaction with teachers is also at RECORD LOW!!! Only 58% of parents are satisfied!!



Huge increases in spending since 2004 with DECLINING PISA results







Teachers punished by unions for telling Principal about poor performance of a very weak teacher. #onted #onpoli #pcpo

We are not going to talk about Reg 274 which stops a Principal from hiring the best teacher for a position. Instead, he must hire one of five longest lasting supply teachers. “Hire the next, not the best”.

Instead, we will talk about “adverse report”. If a doctor see a underperforming surgeon (not fully incompetent (which must be reported to CPSO professional college), just not great), he or she will mention that to the Medical Chief of Staff at a hospital. THANK GOODNESS! Same with accountants, engineers, lawyers etc etc.

Not teachers though! If a teacher says an “adverse report” to a Principal, he must give a written report to the bad teacher! If not, the good teacher will punished by the union!! What a PROTECTION RACKET!!

The ONLY exception to this rule is suspected child sexual abuse. Even then, some teachers are so afraid of having to do a written report after an “adverse report”, they will not report child sex abuse!! (See atty genl report below)

Physical abuse is not an allowed exception. Only sex abuse. A physical abuse adverse report must also be sent in writing from the teacher to the abusive teacher (eg an physical abusive senior teacher)





#OECTA and #OCSB: ELearning BAD, Flipped Classes GREAT! #hypocrisy. #ottnews #onted #onpoli


There are differences between Elearning (video lectures at home or during spare at school, homework at home) and flipped classroom (video lectures at home, homework in class at school).

However, from a home technology needs perspective, they are identical –  High speed internet and a computer. In fact, flipped classroom for younger ages than Grade 11/12 (eg. Grade 5) is even worse – no spares at school to watch videos!!!

Teachers unions rage against eschooling but constantly praise flipped classrooms that allow for “flexibility”, “creativity”, “student empowerment” etc.

NOT ONE CONCERN ABOUT TECHNOLOGY ISSUES FOR KIDS! But Elearning is a big no-no because…. “technology poverty”

Take a look at these search results:

Page after page of flipped classroom and flipped learning from teachers and the Assoc Director of OCSB (#2 in command).



Here is a GRADE FOUR classroom in Barrhaven Ottawa. MANDATORY math video lessons at home!! No choice. No parental consulation. Kids must learn via video all their math and do math homework at school with a teacher who becomes and $95K/yr homework helper. Grade 4 video lessons are fine but Grade 12 elearning is TERRIBLE!!!






Even Michael Fullan (basically a saint among Ontario education establishment and teachers unions) talked about kids doing video lessons at home:


Click to access Northeastern%20CDSB.pdf





Click to access Northeastern%20CDSB.pdf

Click to access Northeastern%20CDSB.pdf

Stories from 2012!! We are in 2020!:


Flipped classrom for at-risk first yr university students:





The Confusion of Teachers. #ocsb #onted #onpoli #etfo #oecta #osstf #ottnews

Here is but one twitter conversation with a teacher about the education budget that shows financial illiteracy. If you push them even a little on govt finances, they collapse totally!


Teacher (Mr J Hills): Buck a beer Doug Trump can increase the education budget even more and pay us 2%+

Reply: The $1/beer cost the govt 0. It was just lowering the govt-mandated minimum price

Teacher: But Ford spent over a Billion to end Beer Store monopoly

Reply: That never happened. There is nothing in the budget about that.

Us: Here is a link to the audited  Budget. Tell me where you want to move $$ from (healthcare? old age homes?) and how much.


Teacher: The budget is all smoke and mirrors.

Teacher: Raise taxes on the rich and corporations!! Raise Hydro rates

Us: We have 2nd highest tax rates on rich people in North America. They will move. With the Laffer curve, will an increase in corporate tax rates actually cause a DECREASE in revenue? Why don’t you have signs saying “Higher Hydro rates for Education raises etc!!”

Teacher: there are so many efficiencies to be found in the Education budget

Us: Great! Where? Be specific on where the 100s of millions are.

Teacher: No reply. You are Blocked!






Non-partisan UOttawa (former Parliamentary Budget Office)

EduBudget went from $14B to $30B in 14yrs. The budget went UP $800M this year (exclusive child tax credit)










Two SERIOUS suggestions I have read on Twitter to pay for bigger edu-budget:

  • greatly expand euthanasia to reduce healthcare costs
  • cancel new subway lines

Other ideas:

  • Cap and trade $$ (but that was supposed to be revenue neutral and not go in General govt revenues to pay for health etc. It was supposed to for a separate fund to help ppl buy Teslas etc)
  • The $250M it “cost” to cancel green energy projects. However, the auditor agrees that there hundreds of millions in net savings!!



If teachers can’t come up where the additional $$ should come from then the govt should offer a menu to teachers, after saying the education budget will increase 1.5%/yr over next 3 yrs:


Raise                        Result

2%                            Avg Class size up to 28, 4 ecourses, etc

1%                            Avg Class size up to 25, 2 ecourses using boards, TVO                                    ministry (not private, more like Florida FLVS and                                           Europe)

0%                             Status Quo, 1 Ecourse for those headed to uni

-1%                           Status Quo


(Remember that Wynne unilaterally cut family doctor fees 5% one yr and they are at -1% from 2011 to 2021 to help the healthcare system.)



#OCSB uses Shawn Copeland (“queer Christ” professor) as resource #catholic #oecta

https://wisdomwayscenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Hedgerow-Fall-2018-Syllabus-2.pdf   . This is who OCSB looks to for inspiration. Apparently the Trinity is manifested in multiple sexualities (no, not sexes) according to Copeland

Dr Copeland is big into womens ordination, LGBTQ (presenting at a James Martin SJ conference etc).



Click to access Hedgerow-Fall-2018-Syllabus-2.pdf

Click to access Hedgerow-Fall-2018-Syllabus-2.pdf

Click to access Hedgerow-Fall-2018-Syllabus-2.pdf


“Chaplain” Joe of the OCSB presented her as an excellent resource! Uggggh