#OECTA “catholic” Teachers union continues abortion push #catholicteachers #ocsb #tcdsb @archtoronto #prolife #catholic

UPDATE: Prolife people are CONFIRMED to be BANNED. OECTA still promoting and attending





OECTA remains silent about Trudeau forcing all summer camps etc to say they support abortion.

Meanwhile…. they are going on a proabort “reproductive rights” march next week.

This is not surprising given they formally supported abortion by signing the FAFIA document (see bottom) and raise money for the pro abort LEAF.ca legal group.

Get your children away from these people! Tell the Bishops to stand up to them and Justin!





OECTA tweet:











Ontario Teachers Pension Plans and their $$ in tax-haven Cayman islands #paradisepapers #ottnews #oecta #catholicteachers

While Teachers whine and protest about a few Timmies franchisees taking away paid breaks, their own pension plan, which owns Constellation Brands, treats its workers MUCH worse at WineRack. No benefits, no washroom breaks etc etc

As well, they have investments in all the companies in tax-haven Cayman Islands? Why?



All these companies are based in Post Office Boxes in Cayman Islands, OTPP has more than $150M in each
  • AQR Offshore Multi-Strategy Fund VII Ltd
  • BDCM Offshore Opportunity Fund II, Ltd.
  • FMAP CIM Limited
  • FMAP PCM Limited
  • FMAP WMC Limited
  • LMAP 902 Limited
  • LMAP 903 Limited
  • LMAP 904 Limited
  • LMAP 909
  • LMAP Chi Limited
  • MR Argent Offshore Fund AB L.P.
  • Exal International Limited





Former #OECTA Prez wants a Church full of UNREPENTANT adulterers etc. @archtoronto #catholic #tcdsb #ocsb @tcdsb

Jimmy wants a BIGGER Church. He doesn’t want people who are divorced with no annulment and “married” to a second person and having sex with him/her to need to repent and make a firm purpose of amendment (ie. live as brother/sister). By the way, the traditional communion rules in Toronto and Ottawa remain the same – NO communion for adulterers)

James’ logic of wanting a bigger Church of unrepentant sinners must also apply to unrepentant abortionists, active homosexuals, politicians who support taxpayer-funded abortion etc.

A bigger Church can help keep pseudo-Catholic Ontario schools full and pay for lavish salaries and pensions of OECTA teachers.

James’ Jesus cares about Church size. The real Jesus’ first words wereMatthew 4:17

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.





As well, James is VERY upset when Pope Francis teachings on the family being a husband and wife are quoted. He goes off the handle talking about hate, KKK, etc

Please keep OECTA teachers away from your children!



Former #OECTA Prez again attacks Knight of Columbus etc.. #cathmedia #catholic #ewtn #catholicteachers #tcdsb

James Ryan ,  ex Prez of uber-rich OECTA, again attacks KofC etc.

He retweets an article criticizing The Knights, First Things, Courage Apostolate, EWTN etc.

It criticizes prolife funding, political action against forced contraception funding, school choice, theology of the body initiatives  etc




Ryan has attacked the KofC before.




Good thing we have a friend who will be sending this info to all the Grand Knights of Ontario councils. They should know the contempt OECTA folks have for the the Knights





Former #OECTA Prez calls Church teaching evil, pushes gay families and gay priests. @archtoronto #catholicteachers #ocsb #tcdsb

We know that James Ryan and the OECTA executive have been directly and publicly and harshly criticized by Cardinal Collins for their incorrect understanding of the faith. In fact,  the Cardinal has criticized Ryan more harshly than any Catholic under the Cardinal’s jurisdiction.

Now Ryan takes on the Pope for saying that a family consists of a husband and wife. He did this on the feast day of the Holy Family!!

And he called evil the Church teaching from 2005 (still in full effect) that men with deep seated homosexual inclinations (even if chaste) CANNOT be priests.

On this wondeful day celebrating the Blessed Mother of God,  please pray to Mary that Ryan and OECTA do not ruin the souls of our children.








Will James Martin be clear in new book intro that gay sex acts are of grave depravity? #catholic

Now is the chance for Fr Martin to be perfectly clear that he believes what the Holy Catholic Church believes! Will the book peddler take this opportunity??


Dear friends: Today and tomorrow are good days to reflect on the past year. To that end, New Ways Ministry has posted a list of its “Best Catholic LGBT News Events from 2017,” which highlights the reaction to “Building a Bridge.” So this is also a good time to thank everyone for their support for the ministry of building bridges between the institutional church and LGBT Catholics. Since the book was published, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from LGBT Catholics and their families, from my brother Jesuits, from my Jesuit superiors, and from many church officials–cardinals, archbishops and bishops. At the same time, I’ve benefited from some intelligent critiques of the book, from all quarters, which has helped me think more deeply about the topic. And as for the hateful and homophobic attacks on the book, and sometimes on me, I find now that they bother me hardly at all. That has been a great grace for me.

In March, a revised and expanded version of the book will be published (in paperback), which will include an introduction that responds to the most common questions and critiques and examines the hateful reactions to the book; many new stories (almost parables) from the lives of LGBT Catholics to help embody some of the themes of the book and help us learn; statistics about LGBT violence, suicides and bullying; and a new biblical meditation. In addition, I’ve included all the endorsements from church officials, which might surprise some readers, to remind people that a great many of our church leaders want to build bridges with the LGBT Catholic community.

In other words, thanks. I look forward to continuing the conversation in 2018. And just for fun, here’s a sneak peak of the new cover.


Leslie Lanigan Does your revised edition now address the issues of legitimate Catholic sexual ethics and moral teaching? Or are those topics still, I’m sorry, rather side-stepped?


Fr. James Martin, SJ
Fr. James Martin, SJ Yes, it does. Why not order a copy?
CCC 2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,141 tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.”142 They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

#Ottnews . #OCSB @motherteresahs teacher CANNOT cancel final exam

Lots of excitement in the media about this teacher who plans to cancel final exam if there are 75K retweets


The final exam was worth only 15%  and was pitiful preparation for students who will have exams worth 60% or more in university. Cancelling an exam is doing a big disservice to the kids!

Ministry and Board policies state that Assessment rules cannot be changed after the Course Outline has been published and signed by parents and students. They cannot even be changed by agreement of all the students and the teacher!

My understanding is that an official complaint has been lodged with the Ministry. As well, universities might not recognize the credit and they might be unsure of the validity of the marks.

PS: It is easy to buy retweets. Each student could spend $30 to buy 1000 retweets (2 hrs work at McDonalds). Retweeting is NOT learning


From the Board:

exams ocsb

From the Course outline:


PDF of Course Outline from school website:

BBB4M Course Outline 2017-2018