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Despite all the bluster from OCSTA chair about Catholics being forced to take Religion classes (from heretical teachers), the fact is the  public school support on yr MPAC form is ALL that matters!

There is a new simcoe smcdsb process, to comply with the loss at the human rights commission.

It seems quite arduous still.. just made a couple of mtgs “voluntary”.. and a whole committee needs to look at the MPAC designation (ie. a SHEET of paper)..


also, only annual exemption..  why?? is this treating people with respect??

on the plus side, there are exemptions from religious celebrations, retreats..


As per the human rights agreement, this policy is being sent by OCSTA to other school boards. Expect them to make previously mandatory meetings voluntary etc. Also, you do NOT need to give reasons except provide MPAC form. Boards that do not update their policies, including OCSB, etc are in defacto violation of Human rights decision!


Use this new procedure when a Principal bothers you:



Human Right remedy decision:









#OCSB Principals leave tmrw for 3 days at resort. #ottnews #ottschools @ottawacitizen

Starting tomorrow, all OCSB superintendents and principals and managers amd psychologists head to Glen House Resort (nice pool in this heat). $50K down the drain to rent basically the whole resort. What the board calls networking, we call drinking (they all get a free drink ticket). There is a bonfire party on Wednesday night


This a report from last year:


Meanwhile, schools charge for mandatory items like agendas (not allowed by Ministry of Ed). No wonder the OCSB has $50K for 3 days at a resort and $70K for 4 hr PD day at Shaw centre on the Friday before Thanksgiving long weekend.


The $50K could have helped pay for air conditioning at schools or more special ed assistants..




Anthroposophy Religion play at Taxpayer-funded school #ottnews #onted #onpoli #ottschools

Anthroposophy is a strange mix of “esoteric Christianity”, new age, buddhism, zoroastrianism, etc

This video of a play at Trille des Bois Cepeo taxpayer-funded school in Ottawa has several interesting things


This video has been downloaded by us already, so it is of no use to delete it  from youtube.

The french translation is very close to the Eugene Schwartz english version. It is a weird retelling of the biblical story

1) at about 10mins, the archangels talk about reincarnation and spirits coming back to Earth

2) Near the end of the play, the archangels talk about different races. The wise race are the WHITES who head North

3) the last lines talk about Light amd Darkness merging into one. Ie. Anthroposophical Manichaeism


Why are taxpayers paying for this type of education!!! Meanwhile, this school’s Grade 3 eqao math results were 3.1/10!!


Pdf of play:













Taxpayer-Funded Anthroposophy-riddled elementary school in Ottawa! #ottnews #onted #onpoli

This school does not look “public” at all! Taxpayers are paying for a school dominated by Anthroposophy!

So many other countries have shut down public “Waldorf-Steiner method” schools. Why not Ontario!???


A few more notes on the Anthroposophy-controlled Public French CEPEO school in Vanier/Ottawa (Trilles des Bois -TDB)

  1. voloved wiJamesJagfs

James Brian is very involved with the TDB Parent Council mtgs (see PDFs at bottom). He does teacher instruction and is the Director of the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto (they teach anthroposophy)


Trille2 PDF is presentation of TDB to parents.

3) Trille4 talks about the thousands of dollars which go to the external Eurythmist (Sylvie Richard). Eurythmy is tightly connected to Anthroposophy spirituality

4)Weird presentation of TDB to parents in parents guide talking about “rhythm of organs like the liver” (ie. French foie”) . this is tied to Anthroposophy Medicine

5) Useful Link of TDB website to Creativelivingwithchildren. Wacko stuff on their about planetary influences on children!

6) Parent council meetings (trille5) talking about request to board to only have smaller classes permittted

7) Parents council mtg about funding of teachers to talk RSCT Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto teacher training (prerequisite is Anthroposophy Foundations!!)

8) lots of talk in Parent council minutes of student retention. the Grade 3 EQAO reading results are horrible (3.1/10)

9) lots of talk about children who don’t speak ONE word of French. I thought CEPEO was for French families! All Waldorf private schools are closed now in Ottawa, so English and French parents seem to send them to this quasi-private (funded by Taxpayers though!) school

More info here:






(below pic is from )trillee



















Prequisite is  ANTHROPOSOPHY!! How independent is Walfdorf “techniques” from underlying anthroposophy!!




Is an Anthrophosy group running a Public French school? #ottnews #onted #onpoli #ottschools /

You will see that the teachers from this school (Trilles Des Bois, run by ACEPO Public French School Board) go to Anthroposophy meetings (see pic below)

The parents handbook talks about Michaelmas celebrations and Eurythmie dance. The school may claim they don’t teach anthroposophy but Euryhtmie (Eurythmy in English) has to do with reincarnation in Anthroposophy.

Teachers will deny that Anthroposophy is taught but it CANNOT be separated from Walforf Steiner “methods”!!

This must be investigated!!

eg. they celebrate Michaelmas (Michaelie en Francais) with some weird interpretations of St Michael slaying the dragon:



Teachers from Trilles des Bois school attend these mtgs:


Director of Rudolf Stein Centre in Toronto is involved with Trille Des Bois in Ottawa:






tdb-guide-des-parentsv  Parents PDF guide for Trille des Bois





Steiner described the heart not as a pump, but as a regulator of flow, such that the heartbeat itself can be distinguished from the circulation of blood.[8][23] Anthroposophic medicine claims the flow in the blood of the circulatory system is, as Marinelli put it, “propelled with its own biological momentum, as can be seen in the embryo, and boosts itself with induced momenta from the heart.[8][24]

This view of the heart is not based on any scientific theory and has been characterized as “crank science”.[23]


From the Trille des Bois Parent Guidbook:

parent guide









“Ecole Waldorf d`Ottawa“




In the course of nine days, we moved from studying the evolution of consciousness through mythology and ancient wisdom traditions, through considerations of life before birth and after death, karma and reincarnation, and even angels and abortions. Through it all, we focused on the question most fundamental to anthroposophy and Waldorf education –indeed most fundamental to life itself: “What is a human being? And what is our right relationship to the earth and the cosmos?”




PDF of Eurythmy:









Why are #ocsb parents being pressured to pay fees and buy agendas? #ottnews #ottschools

OCSB has $$ to pay for a $70,000 for a 5hr PD day at Shaw Centre, but no $ to pay for necessary supplies like student agenda books?

Just some examples are where parents are NOT told that these fees are voluntary!!


Activity Fee for September Activity fees for our students will be $40.00 with a maximum of $90.00 per family.  These fees are used for such things as class trips, guest presenters, art workshops, special classroom activities and our agenda.


In accordance with Board policy, the school will provide all the necessary basic instructional supplies”


but they MUST pay for “necessary” and “important” agendas!

mandatory purchase of agenda:

more “mandatory” agendas:

What is the Pink Agenda? #oecta #catholicteachers #ocsb #tcdsb

What is the pink agenda from CCGSD/Jer’s Vision (Day of Pink folks)??

Decrimininalize ALL types of drugs, legal sex work, more $$ for trans artists, etc etc




The OECTA President presented at a CCGSD conference a few months ago.. More Pink Agenda from OECTA

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