The pitiful state of #Catholic religious education in Ontario govt schools #ocsb #tcdsb #oecta @archtoronto

Teachers getting AQ credit for colouring?? Grade 6 religion class using a colouring book for “purposeful colouring” and listening to calm music?? Will we have flourishing parishes or empty parishes in 15yrs??

(Also see the video at bottom that CARFLEO recommends about the Eucharist!). “communion for kids”

Book written by wife of episisopalian minister
Imagine getting course credit for Reliigon AQ1 for colouring. No wonder kids know nothing about the Eucharist.





Check out what our “professional” religion teachers recommend!


Watch the first video below “Communion for Kids”. Grape Juice? Symbolizes?


All About Communion
Video Link:
Discussion Questions:
What is another name for Jesus’ friends?
What does the bread represent? What does the wine represent?
Is communion just for the disciples?
Communion is a time to show how Jesus showed his ___________ for us.


No wonder so few believe in the Real Presence of Christ and receive with reverence and awe!!


PS. A followup post will discuss how kids know MUCH more about Seven Grandfather Teachings than Catholicism (fruits of Holy Spirit)..just ask your kids or grandkids!!. Tons of time and resources and $$ spent on carpets, videos, posters etc on this compared to Catholic teachings.



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While kids colour now, this was a Grade 8 exam 60yrs ago:





New Equity advisor at #ocsb is proabort from Action Canada ACSHR #ocsbccday #prolife #catholic

$120K position. Mante Molepo


The winning candidate has close ties to pro-abort Action Canada SHR and also on Board of Directors for proabort Amnesty International.



Molepo was a featured speaker today at OCSB community christian day. $87000 to rent Shaw Centre for selfies and coffee and speeches and get home at lunch for a long weekend!!

she wants more diversity of gender identity and sexual orienation at the Board decision makers level


There was also a proabort teacher candidate Miss Seguin (related to superintendent Seguin?) who put she/her/him  gender pronouns on her twitter profile and tweets proabort messages! She/her/him??????

What a disaster!!









Is #OCSB following privacy rules for students? @IPCinfoprivacy @Ont_Ombudsman @OntarioAuditor #onted #onpoli #ottnews


Is the Catholic board doing enough (anything?) to give parents the opportunity to give permission TO the school board to use Gsuite with the kids? are they given an effective means to opt out? what about all the other online services??

Seems to violate latest thinking on this.. or is Gsuite exempt from “Allow for students or parents to opt out of online educational services that collect, use, retain or disclose personal data. Provide other ways to deliver the same educational services.  “
the OCSB does not explain anything about core v additional services of GSuite services. Also there are TONS of apps the students use every day outside of google.
OCSB simply asks students to sign a Code of Conduct. No permission forms are sent to parents.
This blog calls on a full investigation of the OCSB by the IPC, Auditor, and Ombudsman!
Various links for future research:
So many different non-google apps
Youtube Accounts (this is NOT a Gsuite core service):

All OCSB students also have a youtube account using their gmail address and password. These accounts are set to “restricted mode” which blocks some content and comments. You can learn more about restricted mode here or watch this video to find out how to set up “restricted mode” on your own computer.

G Suite for Education Core and Additional services

G Suite for Education offers two categories of Google services:

  1. G Suite Core Services (like Gmail, Calendar, and Classroom) are the heart of Google’s educational offering to schools.
  2. Additional Services (like YouTube, Maps, and Blogger) are designed for consumer users and can optionally be used with G Suite for Education accounts if allowed for educational purposes by a school’s domain administrator.

G Suite for Education administrators determine which Google services their users can access, and are required to provide or obtain consent for the use of the services by their minor users. When a school obtains appropriate consent, Additional Services that allow it, such as YouTube, Maps, and Blogger, can be used without age restrictions by G Suite for Education users.


Allow for students or parents to opt out of online educational services that collect, use, retain or disclose personal data. Provide other ways to deliver the same educational services.
a lot better than OCSB:
  Grade 1 to 12 students will receive an On-line Code of Conduct form to sign as well as information/permission regarding access to Gsuite (Google Apps for Education) and an individual @BloorviewSchool email account that students may be assigned.
Contrast HDSB and OSCB:
Good video:
FIPPA Presentation 2016 GAFE – YouTube
Australia guidelines
  l) Is there an alternate method of access to information, notifications, communications and transactions enabled through the online service? Students of parents who do not consent to the use of G-Suite for Education will be provided with alternate arrangements for accessing information, notifications and receiving communications. Typical arrangements may include using Microsoft Office, a personal email account and access to school servers for storing data.
OCSB uses “additional” google services not just core.. and LOTS of other online websites.
In response to a lawsuit brought forward by the Electronic Frontier FoundationGoogle admitted that it mined data from G Suite for Education users who use core services outside of G Suite for Education– contrary to their user license agreements. This G Suite for Education user data includes name, email address, telephone number, device information, and IP address. In response to another lawsuit, Google admitted that it scanned student emails for advertising purposes. In fact, the state of Mississippi recently sued Google for illegally harvesting student data, and asked the company to fully disclose its data tracking practices. Google relies on data mining because the practice supports the company’s non-paid business model for users by providing a way for the company to make a profit.

Number 2 in command at #OCSB wants to ban ALL homework for elementary kids. #ottnews #onpoli #ocsb @educhatter

Assoc Director D’Amico wants to ban all homework. Usually the #2 in command takes over as Director upon retirement of Director (she will get a $160K/yr pension)

Duke University Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Dr. Harris Cooper has been studying the benefit of homework for years. He said doing away with it completely is not a good idea.

“Studies do show even small amounts of homework help kids do better on unit tests. But they also help to begin shaping a child’s time management skills, their organization,” he said.

Dr. Cooper also believes homework improves self-discipline and achievement. But he cautions moderation is key.

“Teachers have a rule that they call the 10 minute rule,” he said. “You take a child’s grade and you multiply it by ten, and that’s how much time students should be spending.”

Prsumably not having 30mins of homework will give kids more time to play videogames, snapchat, watch TV etc.
The OCSB focusses more on “soft Skills” rather than “hard skills”. This is one reason why they hate the EQAO and their declining scores: it measures hard skills
Their “6 Cs” – unmeasurable
character education, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. 
Do they really think that people had less “Cs” in the 1950s and 60s went they collaborated to go the moon, etc?

School board refuses to sell excess school to citizen taxpayers’ independent school. #onted #onpoli #ottnews #brockville

Taxpayers want to set up an independent school and are willing to pay ABOVE market rates for an excess UCDSB property.

The school board fears losing students to a superior system. The govt saves $13000 for every student that is homeschooled or independent schooled. Parents usually pay $5 to 7K per child (on top of school taxes)  for an education from a small independent school with better academic results!!



The UCDSB supports “school choice” but only to four school boards. They actively oppose citizens who want more school choice!




Board refuses to sell to Christian school

Letters to the editor: School board chairman responds

The public school board has refused to sell a vacant school to the Heritage Christian Community School, citing an obscure 15-year-old policy that prohibits property sales to private schools because they would cause “irreparable harm” to the board.

The Christian school made an offer to buy the shuttered Wolford elementary school in August, offering more than the board’s $290,000 asking price, but the Upper Canada District School Board refused to consider it, according to Jennifer Feenstra, principal of the Christian school.



fearful chair:

This is not a process that applies to one private school of one faith; it applies equally to all private schools, faith based or not. That is the policy of the board and it is in the best interests of public education. We believe in public education and schools that are fully accessible to all. That’s why the policy and procedure in place does not support the sale of surplus school properties to private schools of any kind. The strength of publicly funded education in our community, all four public school systems, is not enhanced by our facilitating the growth of private schools.”

There is no FACILITATION! You are obstructing taxpayer citizens from paying market rate for a surplus school building!


#Catholic bishops come out with strong #prolife statement for #elxn43 . #cdnpoli #ottnews #toronto

Interesting that there are only 4 footnotes. Footnote 3 is explicity prolife – it is Section 4 of “CDF Doctrinal Note on some questions regarding the participation of Catholics in Political Life”. VERY important to read! Footnote 4 condemns abortion and euthanasia several times. It also comdemns so-called same sex “marriage”.

A “well formed conscience” does not permit one to vote for a program of abortion, funding for overseas abortion, euthanasia etc etc!!


What to expect in teacher “work to rule” #ocsb #onted #onpoli #ottnews #toronto. LONG history of job actions!!

Teachers unions have a long history of holding children hostage over their demands. They strike or work to rule regularly against NDP, liberal and PC govts.


They expect total submission. The hostage taking are always “for the kids” or to “defend the amazing school system”


Work to rule (where teachers decide the rules!) expectations:
  • Not fill in for an absent teacher or take on additional students if a class is collapsed because an occasional teacher has not been retained
  • Not take on additional duties during regularly scheduled preparation time (including teaching in another class)
  • Not participate in teacher performance appraisal meetings, unless the member is on an improvement plan or long-term occasional assignment
  • Not respond to email, electronic or phone communication from administrators unless it involves the safety of others, absences, day plans or occasional teacher assignments
  • Not update classroom websites, blogs or newsletters
  • Not submit any long-range or short-range plans, or literacy and numeracy block plans
  • Not update Individual Education Plans (IEPs) after the 30th day of school deadline
  • Not participate in any in-school meetings or professional learning activities on PA days, opting instead to use the time for their own professional development within the classroom
  • Not prepare report card comments or complete or package progress reports, though they will provide administrators with a hard copy list of learning skills and work habits ratings
  • Not conduct parent interview related to the progress report cards, unless there are concerns identified by the teacher about a child’s progress
  • Not act as division chairs or team leads


History of strikes and work to rules: