Ottawa Catholics should not be praying with Moonies etc

Firstly, the members of the Catholic Intelligence Association are very proud to be members of the Archdiocese of Ottawa – many great things happening here  – both top down and grassroots. Excellent archbishop and many great priests!

However, we think the Church should be spending more time with our Evangelical friends as opposed to Moonies, Scientologists and Korean cults like HWPL.


The following was in a recent Friday Fax from the Archdiocese. It is one thing to pray with other Christians, and quite another things to pray with Buddhists, Hindus etc. And even more extreme to ask Catholics to pray with Moonies and Scientologists!

To contrast this, Pope JPII and Pope Benedict prayed SEPARATELY (in different rooms) when they met other religions in Assisi


What is called “Family Federation” is in fact the Moonies Cult!

As well, CRIC contains Scientologists!


In addition, Fr Kabangu and St Gabriel were the physical hosts to a mtg hosting by HWPL, a Korean cult!

The leaders of six different religions had discussions about peace at the first World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Office conference that was held at the St. Gabriel Church in Ottawa on September 5, 2015. The conference host was Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) peace organization and it was attended by six clerics and 24 audience members.

The six religious leaders, adherents of Jainism, Islam, Scientology, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity, had discussions about the beliefs of each of their religions in regards to peace.

The event was started by a congratulatory speech by Fr. Jacques Kabangu, a Catholic priest from Ottawa.

… Finally, the attendees signed a peace agreement that denotes that they will all become messengers of peace and work towards achieving world peace with the HWPL


In Fr Kabangu’s defence, he did say this:

One participant, Fr. Jacques Kabangu, representing Catholic said, “It has been said that there will not be peace between nations if there is no peace among religions. It is terrible and unreasonable when a religion is promoting violence and killing in the name of its belief. It is unacceptable when a religion encourages discriminations of any kind and ignores the rights of other religions to exist and live according to their belief. No one should be forced to practice a religion or to renounce his or her religion.


More info on the HWPL Cult:


 In fact, the meaning of religion indicates the highest teachings from God. Mr. Man Hee Lee, the chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) explained the reason why we need to have WARP offices. Heaven gives us light, rain and air without cost. If religious people who receive such teachings and blessings firmly stick to their scriptures and cause conflicts in the world, they are going wrong way against true meaning of religion. Eighty percent of conflicts of the world are due to religion. If religions become united, there will be far less reasons to break war. The unification of religious texts is a way of unification of religions.




Summary of SCJ’s teachings:

  • –   God loves mankind, and has been looking for a way to reunite with humans as they have fallen in sin. God wishes to dwell with man as He did with Adam and Eve.
  • – For the past 6,000 years, God has appointed different messengers in different generations: Adam, Noah, Moses, and Jesus. This messenger would be the one “where God is at” – the human used by God to reach His chosen people. God’s people had to listen to/follow these messengers in order to be saved. In Noah’s and Moses’ cases it was physical salvation – you had to listen to Noah to be included in the Ark and you had to listen to Moses in order to be saved from slavery in Egypt. In Jesus’s case, it was spiritual salvation – you had to follow Jesus in order to receive atonement. But, in each generation, the people God sends His messenger to, betray him.
  • – Jesus was a messenger of God and came according to the Old Testament prophesies.
  • – Jesus spoke in parables which were actually prophecies about the Second Coming: centred on the creation of SCJ and emergence of another messenger, namely Man Hee Lee (SSN); the Advocate/Comforter that Jesus promised in John 14:16.
  • – SSN is God’s chosen pastor in today’s generation and the one “where God is at”. The Holy Spirit/ Spirit of Truth that Jesus promised in John 14:16 is only in him; the Spirit of Truth indwells SSN. Therefore SSN is the Advocate/Comforter/Counselor that will guide us in all truth and speaks on behalf of God (as in John 16:13). This is the full and true meaning of the Holy Spirit promised by Jesus. The Holy Spirit, as understood by the rest of the world, is false.
  • – Only SSN can bear testimony to Revelation’s physical fulfilment and give a new and inspiring interpretation about the Word and what it really means – as no one could before. This includes revelation about the current time, the time of the second coming of Christ. This has been revealed to SSN by an angel of God. SSN is proclaiming this message at the proper time, as the faithful and wise servant who gives food (spiritual food, the Word of God) at the proper time (see Matthew 24:45).
  • – God, Jesus and SSN are working together to restore God’s kingdom on earth through establishing his New Heaven and New Earth spoken of in Revelation (after which the church is named) so that God can dwell again with humans on the earth.
  • – SSN is gathering the elect: 144,000 chosen people who are being sealed with this new testimony (the 144,000 chosen people who are sealed as in Revelation 7). The 144,000 chosen people are divided into the 12 tribes of the new spiritual Israel.  These 12 tribes are the 12 main groups within SCJ.
  • – The Holy Spirit at the Pentecost was just a foreshadow of the marriage between spirit and flesh that is to come, where Jesus and the 144,000 spirits of the martyrs will come and marry/merge with the bodies of 144,000 SCJ members who are fully sealed with the Word of Testimony of the Messenger (SSN). This is how the martyrs come to life to serve with God and Christ as per Revelation 20:4-6.
  • – SSN is the one who overcomes, and is sitting on God’s throne. He is currently ruling all the nations (see Revelation 2:26-27).
  • – All nations have drunk “the maddening wine of adultery” spoken of in Revelation.  In other words, they have accepted Satan’s doctrine (mixed teachings consisting of the thoughts of men and their interpretations of God’s word). If they do not accept SSN’s message, they are lost and will not be saved.
  • – SSN pursues world peace as part of God’s promise in the Bible – to bring world peace.

Ottawa priest goes on twitter attack again

“Father” Andre Samson has now turned from criticizing Cardinal Burke to going after Cardinal Ouellette. Apparently Cardinal Ouellette is not practising evangelical poverty by having too big an apartment in Rome! This from a priest that makes almost $140K/yr (most diocesan priests make less than $30K/yr) at the Faculty of Education at UO. Nice CRA tax breaks as a clergyman too!


Andre Samson 699 Professeur(e) agrege(e) / Associate Professor $139,21808 $46.80




Perhaps he needs a $20Kyr admin job at the Chancery to ponder things for a few years.. and come back to the Catholic faith


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#Ottnews #OCSB #TCSB How non #prolife is the Ontario #catholic teachers union OECTA?

Read this report from Toronto OECTA.. All fine on the LGBT etc fronts.. but a humble prolife proposal from 9 teachers was defeated at the provincial OECTA mtg. OVERWHELMINGLY!!!



Meanwhile, the reaction of a former OECTA President to a Planned Parenthood by pretty boy Justin is most interesting. Ryan apparently only has a problem with PPFA being American! Most faithful Catholics would be more upset with PPFA doing 300,000 murders/year!

Let’s not forget Ryan accepted an award from LGBT MCC “church”.

agendadec11online  See page 2. Ryan at MCC with Brent Hawkes et al


Ryan is a Director at ICE:









Why is #OCSB not sending letters home before Family Alive (and for every theme)

This letter MUST be sent home according to the Bishops!! And letters must be sent home before each theme. This gives parents a chance to withdraw their children from the terrible components of this program!

Ask your teacher/principal/superintendent why letters are not being sent home as per ACBO instruction!






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Fully Alive is a disaster!! Read what Bishop Danyluk and Msgr Foy say:


Bishop Danyluk says Fully Alive “descends to the level of child abuse”.


Keep your kids away from New Age Rohr Meditation! #ocsb #tcdsb #ycdsb

ICE is hoodwinking the bishops into thinking they are teaching contemplation which is “firmly rooted within our Catholic tradition.” In fact, it is new age stuff from heretics like Richard Rohr, Richard Rohr, Freeman, WCCM, Anglican Cynthia Bourgeault










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Good articles on a rainy day #catholic

PLEASE SHARE!!   Legutko book

#ottnews #ocsb #tcdsb Ontario “#catholic” schools have identical moral results to public schools



A new survey from Cardus reaffirms their 2012 study that Ontario govt Catholic schools are virtually identical to govt public schools (and in many way worse)

2016 results:

  • no difference with public schools of rate of divorce
  • Catholic grads more likely to be gay/bi/trans
  • same as public school in believing so-called gay marriage is ok
  • do not volunteer any more than public school grads
  • more likely to believe that science conflicts with religion
  • -Less likely than public school grads to believe the bible is an infallible guide for behaviour

This is VERY bad news for the future of Catholicism in Ontario!! Is Ontario 20 years behind the virtual collapse of Catholicism like in Quebec? 3% attendance coming?

Ontario a province of “baptized pagans”

2016 study:



“catholic” grads are less likely to be heterosexual/ Also less satisfaction with their marriages:



  • same of public school grads in believing “gay” marriage is ok








See red lines… Seem fine with the Canadian culture of abortion, LGBT marriage, euthanasia..



Less likely to be heterosexual!



Catholics have slightly more divorce than public school grads!



No more likely than public school grads in turning to God for making moral decision. Statistically equal!



Less likely than public school grads to believe the bible is an infallible guide for behaviour!



I guess abortion and euthanasia aren’t worth talking to your co-parishioners about.


Less likely than public school grads to be involved in a religious group!



The following is very bad news!!!

Many young adults leave the Church when they mistakenly believe that the Church is against science!

Reason #3 – Churches come across as antagonistic to science. One of the reasons young adults feel disconnected from church or from faith is the tension they feel between Christianity and science. The most common of the perceptions in this arena is “Christians are too confident they know all the answers” (35%). Three out of ten young adults with a Christian background feel that “churches are out of step with the scientific world we live in” (29%). Another one-quarter embrace the perception that “Christianity is anti-science” (25%

More likely than public school grads that science conflicts with religion.




Less likely to believe that their teachers cared!!