#OCSB and Yoga and Spirituality

Thje CIA has long been a critic of yoga in Catholic schools. There are lots of cases of it: 1) yoga in physEd 2) “relaxation exercise” clubs (codename/euphemism) 3) yoga clubs 4) yoga in chapel as part of Grade 11 World Religion Hindu unit, etc etc

One priest has told me that he believes more local young Catholic ladies attend a local yoga studio on Sunday mornings rather than Holy Mass.

Here is one reason why:


“However, over 62 percent of students and 85 percent of teachers reported having changed their primary reason for practicing.“ . . . (F)or both, the top changed primary reason was spirituality. Findings suggest that most initiate yoga practice for exercise and stress relief, but for many, spirituality becomes their primary reason for maintaining practice.” –


COLF (Canadian Bishops’ organization) statement AGAINST yoga: http://bcc.rcav.org/canadian/3104-colf-warns-families-of-pitfalls-in-new-age-movement (not that the OCSB cares!)


More info:






Yoga in the official Ontario curriculum. Yoga is mentioned 15x in the HP&E curriculum: https://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/curriculum/elementary/healthcurr18.pdf


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