Before you complain about lack of soap at schools, look for gravy in school board budgets for next year. #ottnews #ocsb #onted #onpoli

for next yr, you will find $80K for renting a room at Shaw center for a half day PD day for 4000 teachers. Also money for principals retreat. Hundreds of thousands for advertising and marketing to steal students from other school boards. So much more!!

Take the time to go over yr school board $$ to find money for hand sanitizers, etc!! Be informed.


Ridiculous #oecta union demands for #covid19 schooling in fall. #onted #ocsb #tcdsb

the whole 1st medical section is useless. The Pediatricians at HSC have read all these articles and 50x more. THEY are the medical experts who will set guidelines and the school boards will have 2 months to implement and tweak. Classrooms will not be smaller. Parents and Teachers should listen to PAEDIATRICIANS!!

The other demands are really me me me. Don’t touch our contract, don’t make teachers spend any extra on safety for students (eg. 5 min wipedown of desks), and give the system A LOT more $$. We now have an LTC/Hosp premier after 12 years of self-described “education premiers”.

What about the $300M spent in bussing over last 3mos for NO bussing? What about savings in the fall from no/less intervarsity sports. What other savings can be found and redirected?? Enough of the more more more. We are $400B in debt and need to spend dollars on LTCs immediately.

As usual, the cancel EQAO hobbyhorse is promoted again. EQAO is needed more than over to see how much actual insttuction was done this year and whether teachers focus on Arithmetic and Reading and Writing next yr (as opposed to “fun topics”)

The section on special ed kids is interesting. A zero tolerance rule for covid dangerous behaviour should be implemented. Immediate suspension for spitting etc. Wear face shields spec ed teachers!!

How little #distanceteaching is being done by #OCSB ? #ottnews #onted

Read the last week of this PDF put out by 4 staff (3 teachers and an EA) for a Grade 6 class. The teaching output is 3 short videos, a googlemeet video chit chat and a short pdf in an entire week.

The students are asked to put in 15 mins per day in Math and English each.

Their math is this level:

Meanwhile, fearful teachers are refusing to go back into their empty classrooms next week.

“Traumatized” teachers have no intention to focus on academic fundamentals next year. Phrases like “building relationships again this fall”, “trauma informed education”, “heavy emphasis on Social Emotional learning” are bandied about oñ twitter and in education journals. Kids will learn little next year!! (Esp if there is a 2nd or 3rd wave!)