98% of Humber College students don’t know Canada has a senate! #educationdisaster #onted #onpoli #ottnews

Grade 12 grads are the product of a educational system disaster!!





Why are things like the above happening??? Well, read the essay by Fullan (former OISE dean and most well-regarded education thinker in Ontario). It is all about making narcissistic Social Justice Warriors.




….The two statements above from students reflect the political pathway of deep learning on the rise. School doesn’t directly prepare students to be political. However, we are finding that deep pedagogical learning (Engage the world, Change the world) predictably makes them more sensitive to their environments, locally and globally. It doesn’t mean that the students will always be right, just that they should be a partner in education improvement that should be taken seriously.



A great essay about the disastrous Alberta history curriculum. It is similar in Ontario




….A bundle of isolated topics — last week women’s suffrage, tomorrow divestment from Israel, next week Oka — half-fills the student’s head with random happenings, creating the illusion of insight, whose only glue is the social-justice temperament that left-wingers equate with good citizenship.

Just look at the “themes” of 2005. Grade 4 socials is about “analyzing various actions taken to address historical injustices.” Say again? This implies that current fads of the left are the engine of history, turning 9-year-olds into little SJW’s. In Grade 5 it’s “examining Canadian identity,” an inappropriate, post-secondary sociological approach. Grade 7 covers “origins, histories and movement of people” (dry social history). Grade 9 offers “a few isolated topics in Canadian history” such as the Indian Act and local Treaties. It gets worse, with “multidisciplinary investigations” of “globalization” in Grade 10, “nationalism” in Grade 11, and “ideology” in Grade 12. The problem is not that this stuff is, as Notley asserted, “out of date”; it is too up to date: it’s a curriculum designed by a committee, it would seem by some childless educratic clerisy…..



Our law schools are a disaster



Robert martin Psychopathic Kindergarten  <– PDF



Each fall a horde of illiterate, ignorant cretins enters Canada’s universities.  A few years later, they all[3] move on, just as illiterate[4], just as ignorant[5] and rather more cretinous[6], but now armed with bits of paper, which most of them are probably not able to read, called degree…..

…. Anyone wishing to get a sense of the true awfulness of law students may visit a website[45] operated by Osgoode Hall students.  The content of the website, as might be imagined,  consists largely of incoherent, self-serving whining.

 5.        CONCLUSION

           There are two phrases which can be used to describe every law faculty in Canada.  The phrases are: “feminist seminary”[46] and “psychotic kindergarten”[47] It is outrageous that public funds continue to be spent on feminist seminaries and psychotic kindergartens. Why have Canadian law faculties been transformed into feminist seminaries and psychotic kindergartens?  The answer is straightforward.  Many in the legal profession and in the legal academy have allowed themselves to be persuaded that  lawyers should be actively involved in the pursuit of a chimera called  “social justice”.   Consequently, the work of the law faculties has been reoriented towards the production of a cadre  of “social justice” activists.  This will explain why indoctrination has become the primary activity in the law faculties.

   Canadian Lawyer  is a monthly magazine for lawyers.  Each issue contains a section called  “4 Students”.[48]  A recent issue contained a report on a symposium on  “innovation in legal education” which had been held at Ryerson University in Toronto.  One prominent lawyer/activist  observed,  “I believe that the law schools can be a pawn (sic) for social transformation”, and continued, “… the first is that we in law school do not teach perhaps the single most important skill  in learning  –  relative to becoming transformative to society”[49].   And you wondered why law students are illiterate.                                                                                                                                                                           

           Current levels of homelessness are a disgrace in a country as wealthy as Canada.  I have a two-step plan for freeing Canada at once of two major social ills.  This is the plan. 

            Step One:        Close every law faculty in Canada; and

           Step Two:        Hand the premises of the former law faculties over to homeless people.

            The books in the law libraries would serve a much more socially useful function as cooking fuel than they do being gawped at by illiterate students.



Just yesterday, the OCSB was excited about this talk to new teachers.. using Hip Hop to teach Science and Math..













More $$ to be saved at schools. #onted #onpoli . #AQRacket #2.3Billion

The $2.3Billion “Cost adjustment for Teacher Qualifications Grant” seems huge.
Teachers take 5 3week “AQ” courses and go up grid whether those courses were needed or helpful or even being used by the teacher (say in Grade 2)
many are online and are taught by the union (eg. OECTA)
Why do we need to give a raise for teachers taking a Reading AQ??  Two yrs of teachers college and they don’t know how to teach reading??
Other professions require ongoing education. Teachers receive automatic raises for taking 5 easy courses (example, 1 media, 1 dance and 1 reading). So, basically, the equivalent of one 4mo semester full time gets you a $8000 raise (and an additional $5000/yr pension for life after retirement)
Doctors are required to take CMEs just to remain in the profession.. no addtl pay. why not professional teachers? Why do we expect dentist hygienists to take annual AQ courses with no raises but not teachers?
Dentists and Dental Hygienists: https://www.cdsbc.org/CDSBCPublicLibrary/CE-


budgetzzzA2 to A3





French ” #catholic ” students protest #prolife MPP parliamentarian. #onted #onpoli @archtoronto





and what does the “catholic” school board say?

Eve-Amélie Towner-Sarault, spokesperson for Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir, said the board respects the freedom of students to express themselves.


Their local Bishop is Bishop Bergie, Chair of Education Commission of the. Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (ACBO).. crickets from him

read the comments from students:




This “catholic” high school’s actions more reason to the facade and close down the whole damned pseudo-Catholic system!





The Ottawa French catholic board is no better:












#OCSB removes Papal Flags from schools, probably for Rainbow Flags. #catholic #ottnews #tcdsb

We know that OCSB is basically identical to OCDSB except for a cross (never a crucifix for some reason) on the wall and the Papal Flag.


Now they are removing another display of Catholicism. Updated policy removes Papal Flag, so that they can display special event flags. One employee I talked to said this was CERTAINLY not for prolife flags – it is for Rainbow Flags, Transgender Flags etc.




Former #OECTA Prez insists on continued FREE parking for teachers. #onted #onpoli #tcdsb #tdsb #topoli #ottnews

The teachers unions go on and on about “climate emergency” and “only 12 years left” and “new green deal”.. but when it comes to promoting transit?? NOPE!

The free parking entitlement is a “de facto employment benefit” for all teachers. Not for nurses, not for other govt employees in downtown Toronto, not for any private sector employees. For federal govt employees, “government employees are required to pay market rates to park in any government-owned buildings and facilities, with the exception of employees with disabilities”

Yet, #OECTA insists that an UNWRITTEN privilege not written in their contract must be brought to the union bargaining table. BS.


Only 7% of TCDSB of teachers take TTC to work instead of driving their Vans to free $100/mo parking spots.. 30% of those who drive say it is because of “preference” or “cannot get home in case of emergency”! (ever heard of Uber?)


And James Ryan says teachers paying 40cents a day of carbon tax will solve the world’s problems!

Will the #ONDP call out the teachers for their free entitlements? Nope. What about Jag Singh and his “NO more fossil fuels”? Nope. Solidarity forever!



parking near Jarvis Collegiate:




Some bad school boards should be taken over for outrageous # of layoff notices! #onpoli #onted #topoli


We read about some boards laying off  up to 50% of their secondary teachers for 2019 2020!!


NNSB should be given 2 weeks to show why these were necessary given the 1% reduction in GSN (and an overall increase in the education budget). If not, the board should be suspended with a Provincial Administrator running it.

Every board who has given layoff notices to more than 15% of HS teachers should be required to justify this number publicly. within 1 month.. or else

Ontario Budget:




Truth about 2019 Edu budget. It is NOT drastic cuts:









As well, there are LOTS of layoffs that can be given to non-teaching positions: Superintendents, Managers of “Social Media”. Implementing market-rate parking for teachers (imagine giving FREE parking to teachers in downtown Toronto!! – good for the environment too!!





#Ontario Education system IS an academic disaster! #onted #onpoli #ocsb #tcdsb #ottnews


A VERY interesting study showing how poorly high school kids are prepared for 1st yr university. Unable to write essays, think critically , or do basic math. The universities studied are top end schools (Toronto, Waterloo, Western)! Read the brilliant article by Barbara Kay.

Don’t listen to teachers unions saying how amazing our school system is! Listen to the university professors! Read about Anne Stokke (Math prof). Read the study discussed by Barbara Kay

On another related note, teachers unions are whining loudly about the 1% cut in GSN funding (funding per student) after many years of large increases. This marginal cut is partially because increasing costs to taxpayer on teachers pensions (almost double in 3 yrs). https://www.benefitscanada.com/news/incorrect-pension-accounting-significantly-understates-ontario-deficits-auditor-general-113790



Teachers whine that course selection may decline.

We say “good”! Less bird classes (see bottom), tougher classes that demand essay writing, etc… Less, gender studies, photography, fashion, “career studies”, “leadership and peer support” classes (see bottom)

Less silly courses… more rigour… live within the $31.5 Billion budget for Ontario education!



Barbara Kay article


new study, “Academic Skill Deficiencies in four Ontario universities,” offers solid, but troubling evidence that the secondary schools feeding universities are falling well short of expectations on the skills-building front. In fact, this study, conducted at four Ontario universities — York, Western, Waterloo and Toronto, which together enrol 41 per cent of Ontario undergrads — found that “only about 44 per cent of students felt they had the generic skills needed to do well in their academic studies, 41 per cent could be classified as at risk in academic settings because of limited levels of basic skills, and 16 per cent lacked almost all the skills needed for higher learning.”

16 per cent lacked almost all the skills needed for higher learning

The study team, co-led by York University Department of Sociology Professor J. Paul Grayson, and Western University Department of Sociology Professor James Côté, included associate professor of sociology Robert Kenedy of York University, and researchers Liang Hsuan Chen of the University of Toronto Scarborough and Sharon Roberts of the University of Waterloo.

The study was motivated by Grayson’s and Kenedy’s frustration in having to teach students they deemed unprepared in the critical thinking and research and writing competency required for their social sciences courses at York. Wishing to know the students’ point of view, in late 2017 they surveyed 22,000 students from all disciplines and levels of study enrolled in the faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies at York. They posed 50 questions to students of all demographic backgrounds. Skill questions focused on writing ability, test-taking, analysis, time and group management, research, giving presentations and elemental numeracy. A year later, the same survey was performed at the three other universities cited. The results were consistent across the board.

Clearly the secondary-school system is failing to meet basic pedagogical objectives, and is failing to cull incompetent students

And, as noted, the results were dismal. Students in the at-risk and dysfunctional groups received poor grades, were more likely to consider dropping out and reported dissatisfaction with their university experience overall. One student’s comments summed up typical complaints: “Not enough time on tests. Have difficulty citing. We are not taught. Have difficulty with multiple-choice, short and long answer questions on tests. We should be taught how to cite properly!”

Notably, the authors say that these “effects held independently of students having good grades in high school, of being a domestic or international student, of being the first in their families to attend university, of gender, and of having spoken English in their homes while growing up.”

One cannot blame the universities for these student deficits, which, the authors observe, are often irremediable over the course of campus residency. Clearly the secondary-school system is failing to meet basic pedagogical objectives, and is failing to cull incompetent students. University students should be honing already-absorbed competencies, not learning them from scratch, nor should university-level academics’ time be wasted in remedial instruction.

But pedagogues K-12 are often in denial of the problem, because they are themselves in thrall to the “self-esteem” zeitgeist, about which so much ink has been spilt. They are giving good grades to work that does not merit it, because of the prevailing “all must have prizes” culture they operate within. In a 2008 study, psychology professor Ellen Greenberger found that two-thirds of university students believe that if they’re “trying hard,” their grades should reflect their effort, not their actual achievement. One-third of the 400 undergrads her team interviewed for the study felt they deserved a B grade just for attending most of a course’s classes.

One of the Grayson et al study’s authors, James Côté, co-authored the 2007 book, Ivory Tower Blues: A University System in Crisis, which reported the results of an in-depth analysis of the self-esteem movement’s consequences at Western University in the faculties of arts, social science and natural science.

The authors wrote: “Students with high self-esteem based on false feedback are much more difficult to teach because many cannot take criticism and feedback without assuming that it is personal. Experimental research suggests that such people attempt to preserve their self-esteem, not by altering their behaviour so that it becomes more based in reality, but by attacking the source of the threat.” More than one-third of the profs they interviewed identified fewer than 10 per cent of their students as “fully engaged.” Over 80 per cent of professors said they had dumbed down their course work, and had reduced the frequency and difficulty of assignments.

But even when course work is made easier, the students are not prepared. One student wrote to professors Grayson and Kenedy: “IM IN FIRST YEAR AND IM DOING SO BAD AND IM SO SCARED BC IM FINDING IT REALLY HARD TO MANAGE MY TIME AND MY ANXIETY HAS GOTTEN SO BAD AND IDK WHAT TO DO AND IM SCARED OF GETTING KICKED OUT AND IM JUST SCARED.”

This study might well have been called “Scary cultural chickens coming home to roost in Ontario universities.” Over to you, Premier Ford.





Course Calendar 2019-20 -for printing

Many of the silly courses are “O level” (Open Level) and are used by kids in the “Academic” (ie. headed to university) stream. They are ridiculous compared to Academic courses (which are also too easy)!









http://www2.beens.org/gpp3o1   Leadership and Peer Support (GPP3O1)




IFSD Chart (not including taxpayers’ costs of Teachers pension plan)






Still lots of $$ in boards. OCSB is hiring a manager for Facebook and Instagram and Twitter as opposed to spending more $$ on EAs etc