Education funding during #covid19ontario closure #pcpo #onted #onpoli

Update: cbc reports that bus contracts are paid regardless of whether buses run and drivers get paid 75%. Bus companies do have fixed expenses but the contracts should be reduced by 33% by emergency order. Therefore $100M savings

School boards will spend over $5B over next 3 months in labour costs. SURELY, this can be reduced 10% by less hours or some layoffs (sparing low income like ECEs)



Ontario spends $1B on school busing. If schools are closed for rest of year, the Ministry should reduce school board funding by $350M to pay for elearning

– 300,000 chromebooks @ $200 is $60M

– LTE hotspots for rural kids till Sept

– etc

As well, gym teachers, shop teachers and 20% of all non-classroom staff AT ALL LEVELS should be laid off IMMEDIATELY (viceprincipals, superintendents, diversity advisors, etc etc). This money should also be redirected back the provincial government. Perhaps some more layoffs May 1. Money can be used for more elearning and 1yr only extra staff to help vulnerable kids in 2021/2022.

Also, a lockout of OSSTF if they dont accept same offer as OECTA.




Teachers criticized for using elearning for 2 weeks after march break! #onted #oecta #osstf #etfo #ottnews #onpoli #covid19canada

  • supposed to wait for union direction
  • don’t want it to be success – bad for negotiations with govt!!!
  • “it’s for the kids”??



See twitter stream (may be deleted later). Doug Little – teacher active at OSSTF HQ over last 6 years.


BTW, Flipped Classroom are very similar to elearning.


School boards and unions have been doing a poor job of getting post March break learning ready








#Catholic prep for #COVID19. Praying, Social Distancing, Flattening Curve, Work from Home, Helping Others. #covid19Canada . Pls RT.

Calm Preparation is not panicking.  Calm arranging is not “fear” – it  helps you help others. Prudence is not fear.
Things could decline rapidly in about 2 to 3 weeks (ie. after March break). It really depends on how much “social distancing” North Americans practice to “flatten the curve” and how aware people are of infection spreading by very low symptomatic people.
If 10% of 50% people (total infection rate?) require hospitalization, that will be huge hit on healthcare.
Soon there will  be a place in Ottawa (a hall in arena) for people (particular returning travellers who self-quarantined and experience symptoms). These people are supposed to go to these centres, not the ER!! Medical staff at these halls will have “personal protective gear”. Swab testing results will be back within 5hrs. In USA, tents will be set up.
Situation in Northern Italy (excellent healthcare in rich Milan a region!)
2 doctors. (Italy is more aged than North America and more dense)
Presumably, you have calmly already got a bit of extra food and medicines and started  “social distancing” and got urgent dental work done (and your Easter hairdo!)
Kids wont get very sick (even less the Influenza A/B).. but more upper middle aged will get sick/very sick (50yos die from COVID-19 sometimes, never from the flu)
I predict many people (and some students) will be sent home by late March for a few weeks. Some high tech companies are already doing it. Coca-Cola is having a total “work at home day” for all employees today to practice for a several week “work at home” soon. awesome website

Good 45mins video (starting at 2mins)

Some IT related and other things to do in your home for business continuity and family well-being
– secure computers from bad websites for kids
     – netnanny, sophos, qustodio etc
– get a better monitor, mouse, keyboard for yr work laptop at home (Amazon/Flipgive)
– upgrade that office chair, desks, etc. (Staples, Ikea or a used furniture place. Ottawa: )
– get Learning Spaces and routines ready for chiĺdren!
– get account ready
– download FORMED ebooks to Kindle
– better videocameras for you and grandparents (eg Logitech)
– make sure you are happy with yr Internet speed and data plans from Teksavvy etc
– webaround backdrop for videoconferencing (inexpensive shipping to myusaddress in ogdensburg)
– upgrade contact lists (emails, numbers, skype addresses) of others (eg. Vulnerable co-parishioners, classmates, older neighbours)
– prayer corner upgrade (icons, holy water, sacramentals)

Relax, stay calm, prepare, make good Confessions, pray, help others.

Fr Mark Goring on Coronavirus

Receiving Eucharist on Tongue:


Mark Mallett video


Bring your own Holy Water bottle to Mass!


2 good twitter accounts to follow for USA and Europe news)
Wuhan foot greeting:
 Not enough people are practicing “social distancing”, being careful about crowds in malls and restaurants.
———– (info for you and your family doctor and nurse friends)
Understanding latent and incubation periods of COVID19:



Parent support for teacher strike plummets. Will plummet more with #covid19canada crisis. #onted #onpoli #ocsb #oecta #tdsb #ottnews #pcpo

The major poll by the Toronto Star shows people want teachers to accept the 1%/23 offer. Columnist Martin Regg Cohen also says this. Teachers are furious and are attacking the Star and parents on twitter. They don’t want to believe the poll because Nick Kouvalis did it but the Star paid for the poll and designed the questions.

This drop in support is the REAL reason why OSSTF has stopped picketing for next few weeks!




Things like option vs opt out for elearning or 22 vs 23 kids or a raise will seem extremely petty soon as the coronavirus crisis explodes. McGuinty and Wynne (the “education premiers”) have left our healthcare system in terrible shape!!









Containment is futile:

Are #Ontario school boards doing a poor job planning for #COVID19Canada elearning in order fight Doug Ford’s Elearning? #onted #onpoli #ocsb #ottnews


US School boards are doing a MUCH better job.

Look at the good work in Seattle:

Click to access northshore-learns-parent-information.pdf



Click to access northshore-learns-parent-information.pdf

They are addressing any computer or internet access issues and working woth local businesses with wifi etc etc.

From Ontario school boards: NOTHING!! If schools are closed for 3 weeks will they do anything or just throw up their hands and say “elearning is not for everyone”?? Are they afraid students will like it too much??




BTW, TVO offers great elearning courses:

as do school boards:

But teachers continue to strike because it is proposed that elearning be opt-out!! Teachers insult parents by believing they won’t come in to the school once in 4 yrs for a quick opt-out mtg. It is really about job protection!!


PPS: Multiple learning styles is totally debunked! No evidence – an “edu fad”


Google Scholar Learning Styles


Observations on teachers strikes this week. #ottnews #onpoli #onted #oecta #ocsb #tcdsb #pcpo


1) Lots of bickering between teachers on Twitter re: OECTA and 1% and Reg 274. Tensions really rising. Not so much “solidarity”
2) We were surprised to see the number of teachers who strongly oppose opt-out for elearning. They DEMAND opt-in. They seem to think parents will be too lazy to opt out (or will like it too much). Insulting to parents and looks unreasonable.
3) I think it may come down to 1%/23 or 0%/22class size. Teachers may be painted into corner, given people realize how much more $$ needed for healthcare (COVID-19 and aging population). Also, looming recession. Also, “strike is not about the pay”. Don’t forget heh govt offered 4% increases for benefits!!!
4) Some schools (not in Canada yet) are planning videoconferencing to kids if schools are closed for 2-3 weeks. This may very well make parents realize how good elearning can be (either in “flipped classrooms” or because of quarantines)
5) are OSSTF and ETFO being more militant to force the “nuclear option” of closing down Catholic school system (as they really want).
6) TCDSB has cancelled all Europe trips. Italy has closed all hosps and schools. Why won’t OCSB cancel trips?