No video instruction at Ontario schools. #ottnews #ocsb #ocdsb #onted #onpoli #oecta

but there are tons of elementary OCSB teachers using google-meet for chit chats and “show and tell”, just not actual math lessons
The OCT says live video instruction is fine. But unions say no. Who is in charge??
parents are not happy. See belowScreenshot_20200429-102713_Gmail
in contrast, small modest independent schools are doing a great job

Are parents happy with #covid19ontario Learn at home? Nope!! #onted #ocsb #tcdsb #ottnews

why are we spending $5B on wages from April to June for 200000 ed workers if they wont even give a video class??
Independent, modest schools are DOING an AMAZING job this spring and will blow away the govt bloated system next year when the 2nd and 3rd waves hit!
Why don’t reduce our labour expenses by 10% and put it into chromebooks etc and do like the UK with $$ into National Oak Academy and BBC:
Btw, a formal complaint has been made to the Privacy commissioner about some illegal school board activities..




Teachers unions selectively concerned about privacy rights. #ocsb #oecta #onted #covid19ontario @ipcoinfoprivacy #ocdsb #ottnews @ont_ombudsman

It is amazing how teachers unions and school boards showed NO concern about how gsuite google non core services could be violating privacy rights of students (gsuite made their easier),

but now the teachers unions are HUGELY concerned about privacy issues with google video hangouts and google classroom (dont really want to actively teach in next 10 weeks!!)

Last yr:
Osstf call this week:


#OECTA bans live video teaching (with lame excuses). #ottnews #onted #ocsb #tcdsb


April 15 Hour 1. From 11mins onward. Oecta Prez Liz Stuart

To followup from the last 2 days’ posts on the $5B being spent for wages, today we get confirmation the UNION has said no live video teaching permitted

Why is the union even setting policy?? Any restriction should only come from the professional college: Ontario College of Teachers. Unions should not be interfering in this pandemic!! The Information Privacy Commissioner has made NO statement against live video teaching.

Let’s look at Liz’s excuses for no live video teaching:

“Equity” – live classes can be recorded and sent out to kids who cannot attend live. (All classes should be recorded and archived anyway in case someone produces a “deep fake” video)

Privacy of kids: all cameras can be turned off by the instructor in apps like Cisco Webex. All mics can be muted. Or they can be off as default and only turned on individually if the student AND teacher wants.

Privacy of teacher: is it too much to ask someone making $95K per year to go into quiet room or put up a backdrop for $30?

All teachers should be doing is providing “connection with kids”: $5B for essentially no teaching and especially no teaching of NEW material?? We have heard that any teachers that actually are using live video are not actually teaching, just group chitchats (“connection”).


Publicly funded charter in NYC (12000 dead from Covid) is doing a fantastic job with video teaching. As well, many of the 1500 independent schools in Ontario (95% of them are very modest, non-elite) have answered the challenge!

Their students are 93% minorities and 80% poor!

Parents should be outraged at OECTA!!  When will OCSB come clean with parents and tell them to expect little from teachers over next 10 weeks (schools were announced closed a month ago)


Toronto TDSB does live teaching:



What is truth about video teaching during #Covid19ontario pandemic? #ottnews #ocsb #tcdsb #onted #onpoli #transparency #accountability #oecta #osstf #etfo

Very good article by top notch education reporter Jacquie Miller


Time for some honest STRAIGHTFORWARD answers from school boards to parents and taxpayers!!!!

We still think teachers unions are being less than forthcoming about what they are telling teachers about teaching via live video. They wont release what they actually told teachers about live videos
Some teachers say that the Privacy Act bans live video (not true). Other talk about inequity. But live videos can be recorded and watched offline.
Microsoft teams and Cisco webex (and google clsssroom) are fine for education and meet privacy (eg. US COPPA laws)
Also, most elementary teachers are not using video to teach any actual content (and especially not NEW content!), just for social class check-ins.
We need ACCOUNTABILITY  for the $5B being spent on education wages for 200,000 till end June!
Reports from Boards needed:
% elementary teachers using live video for teaching new content (math, language, science)
% high school teachers doing same
% teachers creating their OWN content in recorded video in reading, writing, arithmetic
Read this thread and all the replies..ALL over the map!!
4 other points
– it has been a MONTH since it was announced that schools would be physically closed.
– education wages for 200,000 education workers till June will cost over $5B dollars
-small non-elite private schools (there are 1400 of them) are doing a fantastic job during this crisis
– read about this Charter school system in NYC (8000 dead from Covid). This school serves 97% minorities students, 80% of their families are poor!
PS: this tdsb teacher opposes any new curriculum be taught for next 3mos


Billions spent for weblinks and worksheets. #oecta and #osstf allow NO “live video teaching” . #onted #onpoli #ottnews

Here is a publicly funded charter school system in NYC – a city devastated by Covid19. Their students are 93 percent of color, and 78 percent from low-income households

For grade 4 and up, they have SEVERAL video classes per day.

Remote Learning FAQs




In contrast, here is one grade 6 ocsb class. No video classes, minimal work. Another blog had 1hr of class video but it was more for social work and a check-in and way for kids to “see” each other. ie no instruction.

Both OECTA and OSSTF say no “live teaching”. So do not expect any zoom or google hagout video mtgs where thè teacher teaches ANY material!

We are paying $5B in wages to education workers for chitchat cideo mtgs and worksheets to be sent out.




Are #OCSB teachers really ready to e-teach? #onted #oecta

In the last 2 weeks, there were lots of cute photos and videos telling kids that teachers miss them. Also tons of tweets on teacher self-care.

OCSB has 4000 employees and costs taxpayers over $10M/week (over 80% of that is wages).

Let’s see how many views teachers did of their own Learning Technology youtube channel. Less than 200 subscribers (5% of staff). The most viewed video only had 166 views! Most had about 10 or 20.

Are the teachers really ready for eteaching? Have they even tried to learn some new skills over the last 2 weeks?