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The Catholic trustees have totally given up on running a Catholic school system. It is now a defacto multi-faith system.

even though “Open Access” to all faiths applies to only Grade 9-12, the Ottawa OCSB allows anybody to go K-Grade 8. They don’t even know how many non-Catholics go to their elementary schools. One retired principal stated that his elementary “catholic” school was >50% non Catholic. (OCSB definition of “Catholic” is a child that has a stepmom or non-custodial parent have an old Catholic baptism certificate laying around)

One OCSB student said his homeroom in Grade 11 was >60% muslim and he was the ONLY student in entire class that attended Sunday mass!


The Catholic Bishops only accepted “Open Access” reluctantly after Bill Davis lost his majority and the Liberals/ made it a condition of full funding! Even 15 years ago, there was consideration in Catholic circles to go back and get Open Access revoked.

https://www.ocsta.on.ca/ocsta/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Resource-Material.pdf   (page 6)

Now OCSTA has TOTALLY thrown in the towel. They realize that Catholic-only schools will fail due to demographics (even with a loose definition of a student’s Catholicity (stepmom birth certificate)

The result? Catholic school grads are less biblical than public school grads! Maybe 3% Sunday mass attendance after age 18.




The bad news is that Public “Catholic” High Schools are WORSE than
Public schools in many areas:
– more likely to support Same Sex Marriage
– more likely to want even bigger government
– more likely to feel helpless in dealing with problems in life
– more likely to believe that Religion is a Private Matter that should be Kept
Out of Public Debates about Social and Political Issues
– less likely to feel an obligation to vote
less likely to believe God or the Bible Help Me Decide what is Right
and Wrong

– less likely to have boycotted a company for its political or social views and less likely to have participated in a demonstration or protest

Areas where Public and Public Catholic are virtually identical:

– volunteer hours

– rate of cohabitation before marriage



2016 results:

•no difference with public schools of rate of divorce
•Catholic grads more likely to be gay/bi/trans
•same as public school in believing so-called gay marriage is ok
•do not volunteer any more than public school grads
more likely to believe that science conflicts with religion
•-Less likely than public school grads to believe the bible is an infallible guide for behaviour







OCCB’s education officer, Msgr. Kenneth Robitaille, and an expert on separate school matters, Fr. Raymond Durocher, prepared for the bishops a commentary in response to Davis’ proposal. With regard to open access for students, they wrote that that requirement did not make sense because the highest court in the land had described a separate school as one characterized by a class of people united by one faith, by trustees elected by these people, by teachers of the same faith selected by the trustees, by programs controlled by the trustees which reflect the tenets of
the faith, and by pupils of the same faith. In other words, separate school trustees have a
constitutional right to admit only Catholics to their schools and to accept a non-Catholic student only on an exceptional basis.

Nevertheless, the OCCB decided to accept the premier’s condition. In a public statement and a pastoral guideline, the bishops expressed their assurance that the arrangements required with reference to the admission of non-Catholic pupils could be made without endangering the
Catholic character of the Catholic high schools. They also expressed the concept that the
admission of non-Catholic students was congruent with the ecumenical mission of the Catholic school.
By the time the Ontario legislature considered Bill 30 on funding for Catholic high schools, there was a minority government under Liberal Premier David Peterson. His minister of education, Sean Conway, presented legislation which provided for non-Catholic students who needed to attend a Catholic high school for reasons of special programs or geographical accessibility, or who simply wished to enrol in a Catholic high school. Students attending the school out of necessity would be exempted from religious education. The others would have to apply for exemption to the separate board, which could grant or refuse the request. Furthermore, admission
of non-Catholics would be subject to the availability of space. After first reading of Bill 30, the legislation was referred to the standing committee on social development.
The Committee’s New Democratic Party and Progressive Conservative members objected to the space limitation to open access and to the trustees’ power to grant or refuse exemption from religious education classes and asked that these clauses be removed from the bill. Conway realized that refusal to accede to their demands could result in the defeat of the bill at second reading — the PCs and NDP constituted a majority of the legislature. The final version of Bill 30 provided that any child of a public or separate school supporter could attend a Catholic high school and that no child of a public school supporter would be required to take part in any\ program or course of study in religious education where a parent or guardian applied in writing
 to the Catholic school board for exemption.




St Gabriel’s teachers room:


#OECTA opposes Parents’ rights; pushes gender fluidity etc. #tcdsb #ocsb #otnews @archtoronto #onted #onpoli

Here is OECTA position:


OectaSubmissionNov2018_v2  PDF

“In this effort, enumerating a formal “Parents’ Bill of Rights” is an unhelpful exercise –
one that threatens to drive a wedge between parents and teachers”

ie. “trust us, and you have NO rights!!

If the government is intent on developing a new HPE curriculum, it must provide
teachers with relevant, up-to-date information and resources. Topics such as
consent, gender expression, and a host of LGBTQ+ issues must be included to
ensure that students are prepared for the realities and challenges of modern life.
While it might make some members of the community uncomfortable, we cannot
ignore the fact that students are already learning about these topics on the internet
or from their peers – it is crucial that the publicly funded education system provide
them with proper information, from a trained source (Jolly 2015). It is also
imperative that the curriculum be informed by a broad base of subject matter
experts, including teachers and other education stakeholders, to ensure the safety
and well-being of all students.

ie. we want to indoctrinate your with anti-Catholic gender fluidity etc etc!!


and NO standardized EQA  tests!!


But the Church teaches that parents and families DO have rights! Lots of them! (including full school choice)


Article 5

Since they have conferred life on their children, parents have the original, primary and inalienable right to educate them; hence they must be acknowledged as the first and foremost educators of their children.

a) Parents have the right to educate their children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions, taking into account the cultural traditions of the family which favor the good and the dignity of the child; they should also receive from society the necessary aid and assistance to perform their educational role properly.

b) Parents have the right to freely choose schools or other means necessary to educate their children in keeping with their convictions. Public authorities must ensure that public subsidies are so allocated that parents are truly free to exercise this right without incurring unjust burdens. Parents should not have to sustain, directly or indirectly, extra charges which would deny or unjustly limit the exercise of this freedom.

c) Parents have the right to ensure that their children are not compelled to attend classes which are not in agreement with their own moral and religious convictions. In particular, sex education is a basic right of the parents and must always be carried out under their close supervision, whether at home or in educational centers chosen and controlled by them.

d) The rights of parents are violated when a compulsory system of education is imposed by the State from which all religious formation is excluded.

e) The primary right of parents to educate their children must be upheld in all forms of collaboration between parents, teachers and school authorities, and particularly in forms of participation designed to give citizens a voice in the functioning of schools and in the formulation and implementation of educational policies.

f) The family has the right to expect that the means of social communication will be positive instruments for the building up of society, and will reinforce the fundamental values of the family. At the same time the family has the right to be adequately protected, especially with regard to its youngest members, from the negative effects and misuse of the mass media.


here is an excellent Parents Bill of Rights!:




OECTA and proabort DiNovo have love-in. #catholic @archtoronto @catholicregistr @ocsb @tcdsb #hcdsb

So, a bisexual pro-abort, pro-euthanasia, pro same-sex “marriage” church minister thinks OECTA is doing GREAT work!

And OECTA thinks she is wonderful because of her same sex “marriage” push.

Two peas in a pod – DiNovo and OECTA (really Ontario Engish Anglican/UnitedChurch Teachers Association OEAUCTA)




Get your children away from OECTA-run schools ASAP!!







DiNovo is a rabidly pro-abortion activist who supports abortion-on-demand throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. She also stated on Twitter June 3, 2014 that she supports forcing taxpayers to fund the killing of preborn children. She is an LGBT activist who regularly uses her position at Queen’s Park to advance radical sexual policies and legislation. As a young woman, DiNovo was a drug smuggler, bringing LSD (acid) into Canada from the U.S. by hiding it inside hollowed out Bibles. DiNovo became a religious “Minister” in a homosexual church, where she used that post to fight her sexual politics. She became the first religious minister to perform a legalized homosexual marriage in North America.

In 2013, she voted in favour of Bill 13 which destroyed parental rights & religious freedom in Ontario schools. The tyrannical legislation forced Catholic schools to accept student-led, homosexual-activist clubs, which completely undermines Catholic moral teaching. The legislation also made it mandatory for all schools to accept the dangerous philosophical ideology of “Gender Identity”, which teaches children that their being male or female has nothing to do with their biological reality, and is merely a “social construct”. In 2015, she sponsored a radical and unjust bill that made it illegal for young people to obtain professional help from therapists or psychologists, to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction. 

In November 2016, she defended public lewdness and sex acts being conducted in public parks, and asked police to drop all charges against 72 people who were engaged in public sex acts (see quotes tab).

In October 2017, in a betrayal of our constitutional right to free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to protest, DiNovo voted in favour a draconian Liberal bill to establish “No Free Speech Zones” around all Ontario abortion facilities. 

The unconstitutional Bill 163 banned pro-life witness and free speech on taxpayer-owned, public sidewalks within a radius of up to 150 metres. It will put peaceful, pro-life sidewalk counsellors and demonstrators in jail for 6 months, along with the possibility of a $5000 fine for the first “offense”. The coming into law of this bill will directly result in the deaths of many more preborn children who could have been saved by pro-life sidewalk counsellors, as so many thousands have been over the years. 

the Basilians and the Crisis at St Michael’s College School #toronto #catholicmetoo #tonews







A bunch of Basilians and Fr Tom Rosica’s personal lawyer (Perfetto) who brings lawsuits against bloggers exposing the truth!!



What is the record of the Basilians??




and Fr Tom downplaying the sexual monstrosities of Cardinal McCarrick!

Tom Rosica is now the media contact person for St Mike’s. If he will downplay McCarrick as a “disappointment” what will he say to whitewash the St Mike’s incidents??!!!








No wonder the boys feel is ok to sodomize another boy with a broomstick!


St Joes believes lgbtq is a gender . #ocsb

St joes parish does not believe basic bible teachings. It is the fave parish of the OCSB.

Genesis 5:2

He created them male and female; and blessed them: and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.
But St Joe’s gives three options Male, Female and the gender “lgbtq”