Why kids should not have smartphones. #onted #ocsb #ottnews

When reading this, remember that internet filters at OCSB and other places are weak. Also, Kids will delete apps every afternoon before going home and reinstall them in morning.
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Stories in the last week alone!!!:
1)  21yo Ottawa man Jason Sawyer developed an interest in child porn at age ELEVEN. Sentenced yesterday

Does #OCSB endorse KidsHelpPhone messages? #ocsbadvent #ocsre @archottawa #ocsbbecommunity #

This is a resource that OCSB provides its students. Let’s see what is DIRECTLY on the KHP website:





Does OCSB endorse these messages?



Explore your sexuality: sex is about feeling good — for many people, it’s about experiencing pleasure. Pleasure can come from different sensations, including anything from a touch to feeling desire for someone to sexual arousal to orgasm

  • Try new things: when it comes to sex, there are a lot of options. You can try experimenting with new positions or techniques. Using items such as personal lubrication or “lube” (a liquid you can buy at drugstores or sex shops to decrease friction, increase pleasure and make things more comfortable) and sex toys can be a way to discover more about your bodies and have fun.
  • Be yourself: sex is how you define it (e.g. masturbation, touching, oral sex, kissing, intercourse, anal sex, etc.). It’s key to do what feels good for you and your partner
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Abortion is legal in Canada. You don’t need a parent’s or caregiver’s permission in most cases. Whatever health services you seek are kept private between you and the health-care provider




Hooking up with someone can be exciting….



Canada ranks 60th out of 77 for HS student behaviour! #onted #onpoli #ottnews

This is a MUCH more serious issue than class size.

Why is this happening?

  • teachers trying to be friends/buddies as opposed to authority figure at front of classroom
  • teachers wanting to be “co-learners” and not teachers. “Guide on the Side” and not “Stage on the Stage”
  • not enough “direct instruction” (Quebec does DI well and does much better than Ontario in PISA) and too much “discovery math”, projects. “group work” etc
  • teachers who dress like students
  • admin (principals and VPs) who coddle students and don’t discipline.

Whether a class has 23 or 25 kids, it doesn’t matter one iota if there is so much poor behaviour!!!






Canada ranked 60th out of 77 participating nations and educational districts in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)’s 2018 index of disciplinary climate, released on December 4, 2019.  The index is based on an international survey of 600,000 15-year-old students’ views about the state of student discipline in their classes. A relatively high proportion of Canadian students say the teacher is not listened to and it takes a long time for the class to settle down. In addition, students regularly skip school and report late to class.

A total of 38.9 per cent of Canadian students reported there was noise or disorder in most or all of their classes, compared with 31.5 per cent across the OECD participating states. That’s far higher than in Korea (7.9 per cent), Japan (9.7 per cent), and top European performer, Estonia (23.6 per cent). It’s also more prevalent than in the United Kingdom ( 33.7 per cent) and the United States (28.2 per cent).

Why did #OCSB buy a book with a 6yo positively describing himself performing oral sex? #ocsb #ottnews #onted #onpoli

Should taxpayers pay for books like this at the OCSB?


“Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out is an explicit book which is being promoted in the youth sections of local libraries.

The book contains explicit language, violent acts, and graphic descriptions of oral sex carried out by children as young as 6 years-old.

Written mostly in first-person, transgender people share their journeys without mentioning the illegal nature of their activities or the consequences of certain behaviours.

“From six up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighbourhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-whats. We were really young but that’s what we did.”

The account goes on to describe paedophiles masturbating. The author does not qualify that the acts were harmful or illegal.

Descriptions of violent behaviour include pushing over a pregnant teacher. The author writes, “I know it was wrong but….” – as if their anger were a justification for their actions.”


2 OCSB high schools have hard copies (Grade 7-12) and ALL grades can access the softcopy of the book via OCSB Overdrive (insignia)


Of course the “Freedom to Read” folks will call it censorship. It is NOT censorship to say that taxpayers should not pay for these books for schools. It is NOT censorship to say that school libraries should not have them. Adults can buy these books at Indigo, although I would not recommend books that normalize pedophilia.


Why are these books in schools? Is it to normalize pedophilia? Is it to help groom kids for pedophilic teachers?


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#Catholic support of govt-run #OECTA “catholic” schools plummets. #ocsb #tcdsb #onted #onpoli

Support from Catholics of the Ontario “catholic” school system has plummeted in last 7 years.  Back in 2012, just 15% of Catholics in Ontario supported a single Public system. That has now jumped to 40% (just behind the 45% of Catholics who favour the status quo). Only 25% of Catholics strongly support a govt-funded Catholic system.

What has happened over last 7 yrs?


  • strong, practising Catholics have figured out that OECTA run “catholic” schools are esesentially no different (or worse) than public schools so they are homeschooling, independent schooling etc.. In the last 7 years, we have seeen OECTA marching in Pride, funding pro-abortion groups like Leaf.ca etc etc
  • increased use of Internet has provided a means to see all the anti-Catholic  actions that radical teachers have done to make Catholic schools not any morally better than Public schools
  • lapsed Catholics have become more anti-Catholic given the homosexual abuse of teen boys scandal, etc
  • wishy-washy Catholics who send their kids to Catholic schools are rather ambivalent about them and send them there because of convenience, grandparents/peer pressure, etc

The political risk to the NDP or Greens is getting increasingly small if they support almagamation as so few Catholics care strongly about the OECTA school system.

Yet another marketing campaign from OCSTA is unlikely to do much., nor will Catholic School Week with hip-hop dance demos. https://catholicintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/2019/06/05/large-ocsb-budget-item-for-hip-hop-dance-ottnews-onted-onpoli/



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Former #OECTA Prez says union thug who criminally assaulted a woman should only apologize. #tcdsb @archtoronto #onted #ocsb





When a Catholic teacher talks about anti bullying and “inclusive for all” and protecting groups in Code of Conduct, remember what they think when a woman gets shoved and hit with a sign!!