Ontario bishops Gen Secty continues pro abort push #prolife #catholicto @archtoronto

Update: https://www.lifesitenews.com/all/yesterday#article-canadian-bishop-defends-catholic-employee-who-tweeted-support-for-pro-abort



We’ve been watching the General Secretary of the ACBO Ontario Bishops twitter account for the last few years. He spends most of his time bashing Trump and Ontario/CanadIan conservatives.

In the past, he has gone after anyone opposing the Wynne/Ben Levin sex ed push



If you analyze his tweet stream, you can see he supports the positions of 100% of his retweets. (Some ppl retweet ridiculous tweets from ppl they oppose to show their idiocy.. not Roger)


A couple of monthe ago, he was supporting Roe v WaWade


and today, roger starts supporting Alicia Keys proabort speech at the proabort Women’s march in Washington! ! He also retweet ed the proabortion speech by Scarlett johansson



https://mobile.twitter.com/CNNPolitics/status/822878660659187712/video/1 Scarlett johannsen “choice” speech


Roger only started retweet michael coren after MC left the Church and became proabort anti catholic.



OECTA President blonde Ann Hawkins attended the proabort toronto women’s march. Prolifers were explicitly forbidden ….

Memories of oecta at gay pride.. but with more clothes

This is her supporting abortion



The lame argument “it’s just a retweet” doesn’t fly. Analyze the twitter streams of hawkins and lawler. It is obvious they agree with 100% of their retweets. Blatantly obvious

1st VP of #oecta promoting proabort toronto women’s march. #prolife #ocsb #tcdsb #s2bgn


Toronto march organized by wetalkwomen.org in solidity with Washington march

Washington march largely organized by Planned Parenthoo







Will #Catholic teachers get fair hearings at the OCT? #ocsb #s2bgn #tcdsb

So, this fellow (Joe Jamieson) started teaching at the Halton Catholic Board in 1992. In 1993, he left the Catholic faith and joined the LGBT MCC (the community of Brent Hawkes, charged with sex crimes). He did not do the honourable thing and stop teaching at the Catholic Board. Amazing how one year after he gets a job at the Catholic board (presumably with a Priest recommendation letter), he leaves the faith and continues to take a paycheque/pension from us Catholics
After 16 years teaching at “catholic” school, he becomes Deputy Registrar of the Ontario College Teachers. He now pushes the AQ (Additional Qualification course) for teachers to learn how to teach LGBTQ students
If there was a complaint against an Catholic teacher who holds to the Catholic faith about the sin of homosexual acts, would he get a fair hearing from the OCT?

Why is anti- #Catholic CCGSD allowed in Ottawa French Catholic board? #cecce #ocsb #s2bgn



Why is Jer’s Vision/CCGSD allowed in French “catholic” schools in Ottawa? This group is VERY anti-Catholic









More decline in Faculties of Education. #ottnews #ocsb #ocsbdl #s2bgn

The horrible state of Faculties of Education is going to get worse. If this quota system comes to Ontario expect more decline in teacher quality from OttawaU, Trent, Queen’s etc

The new policy reserves 45 percent of spaces in the Bachelor of Education program for students who belong to the following categories: “Indigenous, Métis or Inuit (15 percent); having a [physical, mental, psychological, sensory or diagnosed learning] disability (7.5 percent); LGBTTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, two spirit, or queer] (7.5 percent); being a racialized minority (7.5 percent); or being socially disadvantaged [homelessness, low levels of education, chronic low income, chronic unemployment] (7.5 percent).”….

….As in other faculties or schools of education, these standards are already rock bottom: U of M B Ed applicants are accepted with grades as low as a “C” in courses they wish to teach together with a meagre Grade Point Average of only 2.5, which is the lowest admission standard of any U of M post-baccalaureate degree programme. This means students with GPAs of 2.5 could be selected over those with GPAs of 4.5 if they belong to one or more of the designated categories…..

….Over the last 100 years, faculties of education have invented and promoted an almost endless list of false or unscientific school reforms (new math, discovery learning, social promotion, mainstreaming, open-area classrooms, multiple intelligence, etc.). This latest fad – which has nothing to do with teaching or learning – shifts attention to a ghettoizing preoccupation with teacher-focused identity politics. Like so many other modern innovations, this one is bound to fail. Until then it will certainly bring us no closer to realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s inclusive dream.


Too bad that there are no teachers’ colleges like Hillsdale in Canada:





See student teacher at bottom: