#OCSB EQAO Results disturbing #ottnews #ottschools

Of the OCSB Elementary schools that have a rolling 5 year average (49 of them), the latest published EQAO results  are concerning. Their most recent scores were only 0.5% above their 5 year average (ie. virtually nil). Please note that the 2015 results are not out because their were too many strikes and “work to rules” (whose rules? union rules) to give good multi-board data across Ontario

Taxpayers are spending $12000+/child (there are always other special infusions to school boards). This is approximately equivalent of a good independent school (some cost more, some are 30-40% less)




EQAO results:



Let’s look at St Thomas More (STM)


St Thomas More was mentioned as model digital eco-system in the Ottawa Citizen. Lots of media were there.



https://www.fallconnections.com/news/innovation-that-sticks-at-the-ocsb (safe link)


What has happened to STM?? Grade 6 math marks down from 2.9 to 2.6 and their ranking has gone from 334/2348 schools to 656 our of 3037 schools


Parents at the following schools should check carefully what is going on (too much social justice, eco-schools, no phonics, weird discovery math, etc)

St James Kanata

Chapel Hill

St Michael Corkery

St Augustine

St Rita

Corpus Christi (Glebe)

Holy Family

St Thomas More








#OCSB Strange Liturgies

If you even wonder where all the strange liturgical ideas come for for OCSB “liturgies”, look no further than our local St Joe’s parish and the Los Angeles “Religious Ed” conference.

Taxpayers paid lots of dollars for Jan Bentham (Coordinator, Religious Education and Family Life Education, Ottawa Catholic School Board) to go to this California conference. Lots of other Ontario CARFLEO types were there too. Lots of speakers like LGBT Dissident Arthir Fitzmaurice http://www.ebar.com/news/article.php?sec=news&article=67855



An example of wacko OCSB liturgies. It is banned by our Holy Church in the Liturgy:




advent wreath




St Joe’s parish in Ottawa and Liturgical Dance:



Get your children exempted from Strange liturgies!




#OCSB mocks complaints about vulgar books #ottnews

Given the extremely loose porn filters on the OCSB Wifi, it is not a surprise to see the following tweets (bottom) coming from the St Matthew’s “Learning Commons” (aka library for Gr 7-12 school)

They mock parents who are concerned what books are in school libraries for children. They mock taxpayers who don’t think we should pay for such books.

They mock parents who don’t think children have the freedom to read whatever they want. They teach children (see how young the children are in the last picture – Grade 7) that they supposedly have the freedom to read WHATEVER they want.

All censorship is BAD apparently. Parents complaints about vulgarity in books should be ignored and mocked . The “experts” (librarians) know best. Show Grade 7 and 8s (12yo) a series of “banned books” (not banned, just age restriction requests), and get them to believe that they have right to read ANY book


Your local librarian is not a friend to parents:



The American Library Association believes that restricting ANY book regardless of age is “censorship” (the Cdn association is no better)





Parents: Do not trust OCSB libraries or their internet access!


Never read books you aren’t sure about . . . even supposing that these bad books are very well written from a literary point of view. Let me ask you this: Would you drink something you knew was poisoned just because it was offered to you in a golden cup?

St. John Bosco



OCSB Freedom to Read

OCSB Freedom 2


Super easy access to p*rn at #ocsb schools #ottnews

Filters appear to be a farce. Please share and tell parents!!





#OCSB Immaculata “Chaplain” promoting Anti-#Catholic Sexual Health Services

This is what OCSB Doors ofMercy are? See the sexual health reference on the YSB poster.


YSB Sexual Health

This is sicko stuff from the YSB Spectrum group:

https://www.facebook.com/SpectrumYSB?fref=ts    Check out their August 26/2015 post about “Man C**t”




YSB promotes contraception, Jer’s Vision, Planned Parenthood Ottawa, etc


Lord have Mercy on the OCSB staff pomoting the YSB to young impressionable students.



#OCSB Students as “Change Agents” . #ottnews

Michael Fullan is one of four key education advisors to Premier Wynne.

Dr. Campbell Dr. Jean Clinton, Dr. Michael Fullan and Dr. Andy Hargreaves as the Premier’s key education advisors.

Fullan is part of the 3 amigos of Fullan, Hargreaves and Ben Levin (now disgraced and in prison). They did lots of work together. eg:


Fullan was Dean of Education at OISE: the Mordor of Education:




More and more education “leaders”, teachers and education bureaucrats discount the 3 Rs in favour of the non-testable and nebulous 6 “Cs”. They want to make “change agents” – ie Social Justice Warriors (SJWs – google it!) and Eco-Warriors.

Fullan Change Agents


What happens to these “change agents” when they go on to university? Listen to UO English Professor Janice Fiamengo. (Trust me, she is a rarity of common sense on campus)


Or these students who find academics getting in the way of protest work:



So, these grads go into the work force planning on being narcissistic “change agents” – meanwhile their employers complain of poor literacy and numeracy skills (ie. the3 Rs!)



Or this analysis by a notre dame prof

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture



Radical Sex Ed in Ontario and Alberta. #ocsb #ottnews

While we await the 3-months-late ICE sex ed commentary on the Wynne/Levin sex ed, have a look at the following video

Bill 10 in Alberta is VERY similar to what has happened in Ontario (EIE Equity and Inclusive Education, GSAs, new gender bending sex ed etc).

In contrast to Ontario, Bishops and Priests in Alberta are standing up to the government.

The following is a talk at a Catholic parish in Alberta. May God bless Fr Jerome for hosting this and putting it on the web.


https://st-peters.ca/video-library/#  Weekend Homily on Bill 10 and also Fr DeSouza on Mercy (Special event)


In Ontario, we get:



PS: Don’t forget, if you get a $60 Roku stick, you can stream Vimeo and EWTN to your TV:




#OCSB Students, Low Standards and the CLT Exam. #ottnews

There is a new University Entrance Exam that competes with SAT and ACT – the Classic Learning Test
Try the practice exam (or get your teenager to try it). It involves reading comprehension of a CS Lewis piece etc.
Given the standards at the OCSB (and throughout Ontario), this blog wonders how OCSB students would do on the CLT
OCSB Example 1: High school english students  using maquettes to do a “Hamlet in the Hood” scene:
Example 2: Grade 7/8s proud to make it through first round of spelling bee by spelling N-E-A-T
 Example 3: Grade 3 blogging (and their atrocious spelling and sentence structure)
67s school day Spelling Bee
Blog 2
This blog advocates for a return to curriculum like Core Knowledge:
CK Grade 8 English: Animal Farm and Dostoyevski
CK Grade 8 English

#OCSB pitiful education standards #ottnews

Very sad to see OCSB seems to be more worried about teaching tweeting and blogging to young children as opposed to Reading and Writing. Unlike the OCSB, this blog believes that being able to write a coherent sentence is a 21st century skill. Apple founder Steve Jobs agrees – he wouldn’t allow his children to use IPads at home or school!

Below is Grade 3 class blog and at the bottom is an example of a fantastic 3rd grade curriculum (Core Knowledge). What a difference!

Taxpayers are paying over $13K/yr/student for this education. Is is a good use of money?

Catholic education is about educating the “whole person”. Is this educating the whole person?



ciampa Grade 3 OCSB blogs


Blog 1

Blog 2

Blog 5

Blog 3Blog 6


In contrast, this is what a good Grade 3 program looks like (page 79-85)


Core Knowledge Grade 3









#OCSB 6yo Student and Porn on School Tablet. #ottschools #ottnews

http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/parents-claim-six-year-old-exposed-to-porn-in-class   (alleged, not proven in court)


The school board seems pretty relaxed about it – sort of like “oh well, a little lesbian porn”


“But de Kemp acknowledged the possibility that restricted content can find its way through a parental filter.

“The way that these search engines tag these photos, once in a while,” she said, “something slips through.””


Here: the KW school board basically admits it fixes things AFTER complaints of bad content getting through:


In a previous interview with the Times, school board chief information officer Mark Carbone explained that the school district’s computers operate under a central enterprise-level filtering system which makes upgrades and security changes efficient.

Carbone described the Internet as an “explosion of data”. In the span of 60 seconds, 204 emails are sent on the Internet, 42,000 images are uploaded to Instagram and three million posts are made on Facebook.

He said it’s “impossible to make things perfect” in those conditions.

The board often tests, audits and upgrades its Internet safety technology, assured Carbone, and reviews are done when complaints regarding inappropriate images or sites are received.

The vast majority of calls to his team, however, are from teachers requesting greater Internet access than the district allows, he noted.


The above is what happens when you teach twitter to kindergartners:

Kindergarten Twitter


and by Grade 12, they can tweet like this:


and dance like strippers:



Meanwhile, Steve Jobs would not allow his kids to use tablets at school or at home:

http://nextshark.com/why-steve-jobs-didnt-let-his-kids-use-ipads-and-why-you-shouldnt-either/   and

The Smartphone menace:



and the OECD says computers and tablets do NOT improve education results:






OAPCE 2016 conference and its radical anti-Catholic speakers #ocsb #tcdsb

We know that the OAPCE is essentially a front group for the Wynne government and OECTA. They are member of ICE which is pushing radical gender-bending sex ed.





2016 Conference:



Their 2016 conference will have a union sponsored cocktail party and MetoWe/FreetheChildren (we have lots of links about them and abortion/contraception) and in the infamous LGBT activist Kevin Welbes-Godin.



genderbreada genderbreadb




#Catholic Principals Conference and Dissident Speakers #OCSB #TCDSB

Well, the “catholic” principals seems to do no better than OECTA in choosing their conference speakers. Expect continued further deterioration of the “catholic” school system. These are the folks that hire and promote teachers.



This time:

Fr Thomas Reese: pro- LGBT columnist for National catholic Reporter (they use the Catholic name against canon law rules banning them (ie. local bishop denied permission to use Catholic in title))

“Reese, a vocal critic of the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church, is the former editor of the Jesuit Magazine America, who was pressured to step down by the Vatican in 2005 for misrepresenting Catholic teaching on a number of issues, including same-sex marriage, homosexual priests, priestly celibacy, women’s ordination and offering Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians




Opening CPCO speaker is Andy Hargreaves. He is part of the three amigos of Ben Levin, Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan:


Just google Hargreaves Levin Fullan and lots of links come up; For Example:




Dr. Campbell joins Dr. Jean Clinton, Dr. Michael Fullan and Dr. Andy Hargreaves as the Premier Wynne’s key education advisors.

The folks that bring us EIE, sex ed, etc

hargreaves Wynne Sandals EIE

This team is bringing Sex ed, EIE etc to “Catholic” schools




From the beginning, Dr. Fullan was viewed as an “OISE change theorist” who appeared scary to most classroom teachers. After completing his PhD in Sociology in 1969, he haunted the University of Toronto and was a PD Day “favourite” of principals right across Ontario. In the late 1980s, he joined with the Brit educator Dr. Andy Hargreaves at OISE to form the “British connection.” Together with Hargreaves, he published the What’s Worth Fighting For? pamphlet series. It was aimed at principals and teachers and preached “empowerment” with a blatant teacher union orientation.

In the 1990s, Fullan and Hargreaves promoted the “teacher empowerment” reform agenda. T



Hargreaves and LGBT Curriculum











Secrecy at #OCSB and #OCDSB . #ottnews

The blog calls for immediate end of all secretive practices at school boards in Ontario (de-gagging of trustees, video broadcast of all board meetings, recorded votes, easier access to information without MFIPPA requests). The OCSB and OCDSB should stop acting like the secretive NCC!

We want 21 century governance (transparency and openness) of the BILLIONS of dollars that are spent by school boards (over $1Billion by the OCSB and OCDSB alone)


The OCSB is extremely secretive:



No published votes, much less recorded votes (ie. who in favour)

OCSB minutes

This board, which prides itself so much on 21century learning, won’t even set up a free Periscope account to broadcast their meetings, like other boards in Canada and USA:

Periscope for Board Meetings

Meanwhile the UCDSB in Brockville LIVESTREAMS all their meetings.

While Livestream does cost money, remember that the OCSB has a $400 MILLION budget!

The OCSB is the same board that spends over $50K/year for an annual conference at a 1000 islands resort: http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/11/19/catholic-school-board-splurges-on-brass


https://www.tcdsb.org/liveattcdsb/Pages/Default.aspx     Thames Valley


The Toronto Catholic Board started streaming FIVE years ago along with 6 other boards. Many others now do so:

TCDSB Streaming Link



OCDSB seems to have the same secrecy problem. Remember, these 2 boards spend well over a BILLION dollars of our taxpayer money!




Here is another board that seems to have problems with secrecy:

A well-known Catholic trustee has resigned his position because he refuses to be silenced and ineffective any longer.

Frank O’Hagan submitted his resignation, which was accepted at last month’s Nipissing Parry Sound Catholic District School Board meeting.

He said there were several reasons for his sudden departure, however the greatest being his lack of right to speak publicly about board issues.

“As a former elected city councillor and last elected chairman of the North Bay Hydro Commission I don’t remember in any of those positions ever being as limited as I have been by board policies, bylaws and a governance model where my voice was lost,” O’Hagan said Thursday morning from his North Bay home.

“If the chair does all the speaking or refuses or doesn’t speak out, then I question why do we need the other six (trustees)?”

He said trustees could be penalized if they speak to the media as the chair is the only position allowed to do so.

“And because every vote isn’t unanimous this process prevents the public from knowing what the real issues are,” O’Hagan said. “What’s wrong with full disclosure?”

When asked if school board trustees can talk to the media, Anna-Marie Bitonti, director of education for the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board, referred to the board’s policies and bylaws posted on the board’s website.

She said the chair is the official spokesperson for the board, however input is taken from trustees.

When asked if trustees can speak to the media if there is a dissenting voice on a particular issue, Bitonti said, once a decision has been made, the chair is the official spokesperson.

She said board of trustees speak to issues at the public board meetings and our policies clearly articulate the role of the chair as well as trustees.

“The board can determine if another trustee can release the information, but the board speaks as one voice after deliberations are done.”

O’Hagan said he’s thankful for those who voted and supported him throughout the years, but he wants to make one thing clear.

“I had no plans of resigning before my four-year term was done,” he said. “I don’t agree with the policy that allows or limits the chair to speak publicly about school issues.”

O’Hagan said he isn’t the only one who is frustrated.

He said many individuals and groups are skeptical, intimidated or discouraged by board processes or personnel and often feel powerless to bring an issue forward.

O’Hagan said he would like to see the board discuss or implement an external audit process.

He said a third party review would validate the accuracy of the information the board receives from the director of education.

“Unfortunately as of my resignation there have been no efforts to discuss or implement an external audit which is critical to resolving any issue,” O’Hagan said. “And all that information should be released to the public.

“Integrity, credibility, transparency and accountability unless backed up with commitment, action and meaningful processes are mere words.”

He said many issues never reach the trustees and not knowing by whom, how or if they were resolved leaves the larger issues of transparency and accountability unanswered.






#OCSB and Murder. #ottnews #ottschools

  1. This student was charged in 2013. Note how his All Saints classmate NEVER contacted police when he confessed her:


2) St Peter’s student Chris Gobin was found guilty last year for a 2014 murder of his mom. He was not found not guilty because of insanity. He was guilty and sentenced to 12 years:


He kept to himself and mostly stayed alone in his bedroom playing video games.

“Instead, he texted a neighbour to buy marijuana, which he smoked next door around 11 a.m.”

3) Devontay Hackett, a St Pius student, is to stand trial for the murder of St Patrick’s High student at an after-prom party in 2014:



The public OCDSB board has about twice as many students (>70,000) and has had no murder charges against its students in the last 5 years. In fact, we cannot find the last murder charge.

Are three murder charges from 37,000 students a statistical anomaly or is there something fundamentally wrong?

Certainly, tweets from OCSB students are upsetting:



Something to ponder and keep and eye on.



@ICEontario continues to not publish S@x ed material #ocsb #ottnews #tcdsb

Just a followup to this post in December:


They are now THREE months overdue. There are a few hypotheses about why:

  1. Ontario Bishops have grown a backbone like the Alberta Bishops – unlikely
  2. ICE is trying to keep the info as secret as possible and away from parents to minimize protest and analysis.
  3. They are continuing to edit and re-edit to whitewash the anti-Catholic nature of theWynne sex ed program (gender fluidity, contraception, LGBT, etc etc)

Feel free to phone them at (416) 962-0031 and email them at office@iceont.ca and ask them


Nov 20th ICE presentation of Sex Ed to Family Life folks at all school boards
Nov 20th ICE presentation of Sex Ed to Family Life folks at all school boards








#OCSB partner WeDay/Free the Children continues pro-abort push

A blog post by the Global Head of We Day proudly references an article on “reproductive freedom”

We Day Dalal


Let’s look at this article by We Day Global Head:


How does her blog post end?? With a link to this article discussing “reproductive freedom”. “Learn more about the advancement we have made” (easier to see on a tablet)


Reproductive Freedom CL

Can you guess what is meant by REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM in the chart referenced by the blog?







Why does the OCSB continue to expose our children to this radical organization?