#OCSB EQAO Results disturbing #ottnews #ottschools

Of the OCSB Elementary schools that have a rolling 5 year average (49 of them), the latest published EQAO results  are concerning. Their most recent scores were only 0.5% above their 5 year average (ie. virtually nil). Please note that the 2015 results are not out because their were too many strikes and “work to rules” (whose rules? union rules) to give good multi-board data across Ontario

Taxpayers are spending $12000+/child (there are always other special infusions to school boards). This is approximately equivalent of a good independent school (some cost more, some are 30-40% less)




EQAO results:



Let’s look at St Thomas More (STM)


St Thomas More was mentioned as model digital eco-system in the Ottawa Citizen. Lots of media were there.



https://www.fallconnections.com/news/innovation-that-sticks-at-the-ocsb (safe link)


What has happened to STM?? Grade 6 math marks down from 2.9 to 2.6 and their ranking has gone from 334/2348 schools to 656 our of 3037 schools


Parents at the following schools should check carefully what is going on (too much social justice, eco-schools, no phonics, weird discovery math, etc)

St James Kanata

Chapel Hill

St Michael Corkery

St Augustine

St Rita

Corpus Christi (Glebe)

Holy Family

St Thomas More








#OCSB Strange Liturgies

If you even wonder where all the strange liturgical ideas come for for OCSB “liturgies”, look no further than our local St Joe’s parish and the Los Angeles “Religious Ed” conference.

Taxpayers paid lots of dollars for Jan Bentham (Coordinator, Religious Education and Family Life Education, Ottawa Catholic School Board) to go to this California conference. Lots of other Ontario CARFLEO types were there too. Lots of speakers like LGBT Dissident Arthir Fitzmaurice http://www.ebar.com/news/article.php?sec=news&article=67855



An example of wacko OCSB liturgies. It is banned by our Holy Church in the Liturgy:




advent wreath




St Joe’s parish in Ottawa and Liturgical Dance:



Get your children exempted from Strange liturgies!




#OCSB mocks complaints about vulgar books #ottnews

Given the extremely loose porn filters on the OCSB Wifi, it is not a surprise to see the following tweets (bottom) coming from the St Matthew’s “Learning Commons” (aka library for Gr 7-12 school)

They mock parents who are concerned what books are in school libraries for children. They mock taxpayers who don’t think we should pay for such books.

They mock parents who don’t think children have the freedom to read whatever they want. They teach children (see how young the children are in the last picture – Grade 7) that they supposedly have the freedom to read WHATEVER they want.

All censorship is BAD apparently. Parents complaints about vulgarity in books should be ignored and mocked . The “experts” (librarians) know best. Show Grade 7 and 8s (12yo) a series of “banned books” (not banned, just age restriction requests), and get them to believe that they have right to read ANY book


Your local librarian is not a friend to parents:



The American Library Association believes that restricting ANY book regardless of age is “censorship” (the Cdn association is no better)





Parents: Do not trust OCSB libraries or their internet access!


Never read books you aren’t sure about . . . even supposing that these bad books are very well written from a literary point of view. Let me ask you this: Would you drink something you knew was poisoned just because it was offered to you in a golden cup?

St. John Bosco



OCSB Freedom to Read

OCSB Freedom 2


Super easy access to p*rn at #ocsb schools #ottnews

Filters appear to be a farce. Please share and tell parents!!





#OCSB Immaculata “Chaplain” promoting Anti-#Catholic Sexual Health Services

This is what OCSB Doors ofMercy are? See the sexual health reference on the YSB poster.


YSB Sexual Health

This is sicko stuff from the YSB Spectrum group:

https://www.facebook.com/SpectrumYSB?fref=ts    Check out their August 26/2015 post about “Man C**t”




YSB promotes contraception, Jer’s Vision, Planned Parenthood Ottawa, etc


Lord have Mercy on the OCSB staff pomoting the YSB to young impressionable students.



#OCSB Students as “Change Agents” . #ottnews

Michael Fullan is one of four key education advisors to Premier Wynne.

Dr. Campbell Dr. Jean Clinton, Dr. Michael Fullan and Dr. Andy Hargreaves as the Premier’s key education advisors.

Fullan is part of the 3 amigos of Fullan, Hargreaves and Ben Levin (now disgraced and in prison). They did lots of work together. eg:


Fullan was Dean of Education at OISE: the Mordor of Education:




More and more education “leaders”, teachers and education bureaucrats discount the 3 Rs in favour of the non-testable and nebulous 6 “Cs”. They want to make “change agents” – ie Social Justice Warriors (SJWs – google it!) and Eco-Warriors.

Fullan Change Agents


What happens to these “change agents” when they go on to university? Listen to UO English Professor Janice Fiamengo. (Trust me, she is a rarity of common sense on campus)


Or these students who find academics getting in the way of protest work:



So, these grads go into the work force planning on being narcissistic “change agents” – meanwhile their employers complain of poor literacy and numeracy skills (ie. the3 Rs!)



Or this analysis by a notre dame prof

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture



Radical Sex Ed in Ontario and Alberta. #ocsb #ottnews

While we await the 3-months-late ICE sex ed commentary on the Wynne/Levin sex ed, have a look at the following video

Bill 10 in Alberta is VERY similar to what has happened in Ontario (EIE Equity and Inclusive Education, GSAs, new gender bending sex ed etc).

In contrast to Ontario, Bishops and Priests in Alberta are standing up to the government.

The following is a talk at a Catholic parish in Alberta. May God bless Fr Jerome for hosting this and putting it on the web.


https://st-peters.ca/video-library/#  Weekend Homily on Bill 10 and also Fr DeSouza on Mercy (Special event)


In Ontario, we get:



PS: Don’t forget, if you get a $60 Roku stick, you can stream Vimeo and EWTN to your TV: