#OCSB Sex Ed heading toward more disease and abortions?


Will the OCSB stop the new lessons from Wynne/BenLevin? Will they stop Radical student-ledGSAs from teaching other students the “normalization” of Same-sex “marriage” from JK to Grade 12? Will they stop inviting LGBT activists like Sarah Cooper?

MUST READ article!:


Terrence Prendergast is the Catholic archbishop of Ottawa. Speaking at St. Thomas University in Minnesota in 2012, he outlined the consequences of same-sex “marriage” in Canada. His list included: restrictions on freedoms, forced sex education, sexually confused children, sexual experimentation among children, muzzling and debilitating the Church, more births out of wedlock, more in-vitro fertilizations, more abortions, more poverty, more misery, more disease, more addictions and higher health care costs.

Calgary bishop Frederick Henry was called before a Human Rights Commission Tribunal in 2005 for writing a letter defining Catholic teaching on same-sex “marriage.” During his speech, Archbishop Prendergast quoted Bishop Frederick Henry saying: “Human rights laws designed as a shield are now being used as a sword. The issue is rarely truth formation, but rather censorship, and applying a particular theology through threats, sanctions and punitive measures.” Archbishop Prendergast continued: “The Bible is being called hate literature. Clearly, the Church is in the crosshairs. There will be growing pressure for the Church to comply or be shut down.”

All Saints transgender logo

OCSB Diversity Day. OCSB invited a speaker from the LGBTQ Centre at Carleton: Sarah Cooper (@sarahcoopshow)
OCSB Diversity Day. OCSB invited a speaker from the LGBTQ Centre at Carleton: Sarah Cooper (@sarahcoopshow)

Love is Louder 1St Paul's SAFE Students Advocating for Equality

#OCSB pushing “Mindfulness” from Zen Buddhism

From the Board that brought students Breathing from Ravi Shankar and Yoga in Chapels, now comes Mindfulness (from Zen Buddhism):

mindfulness1 Mindfulness2I wonder how full of “Mindfulness” Superintendent Atkinson was when he over-ruled St George’s Principal Ann Beauchamp and allowed the LGBT Agenda to move forward into a JK-Gr 6 school??

Of course, there are numerous warnings against things like Mindfulness from Pope John Paull II on down


Saint Pope John Paul II:

For this reason it is not inappropriate to caution those Christians who enthusiastically welcome certain ideas originating in the religious traditions of the Far East—for example, techniques and methods of meditation and ascetical practice. In some quarters these have become fashionable, and are accepted rather uncritically. First one should know one’s own spiritual heritage well and consider whether it is right to set it aside lightly. Here we need to recall, if only in passing, the brief but important document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith “on certain aspects of Christian meditation” (10/15/1989). Here we find a clear answer to the question “whether and how [Christian prayer] can be enriched by methods of meditation originating in different religions and cultures”.





#OCSB pushing “Values Clarification” via “Girls on the Run”

and also pushing “her Individual truth”. If one is into yoga and “inner consciousness evolution”, then “indvidual truth” and “values clarification” seem fine


What’s wrong with Values Clarification?


How Not to Teach Morality


Values Clarification Destroys Conscience





GOTR founder Molly Barker is a Yogi as well.


CARFLEO and “Evolutionary Change” – How does this influence #OCSB ?

I will have more OCSB-specific posts in the next few weeks.

But it is important to keep and eye on CARFLEO – this is the group that all the OCSB “Religion Teachers” belong to.

CARFLEO supports the work of Carter Phipps: take the many bad parts of de Chardin and put it on steroids:

evolutionary CARFLEO

Carter Phipps was the editor of “ElightenNext”:


Lesbian United Church Ministers love Carter Phipps! Here is Pastor Dawn’s comments on him:


Inspired by Matthew Fox’s “Original Blessing”, I have long since given up on the medieval doctrine of original sin and moved beyond the atonement theologies that rely on our need to be saved by a “Father God”.  Like many progressive Christians, rather than describing the human condition as sinful or broken, I understand humanity to be incomplete and still evolving. We did not fall from grace in some mythical garden. Humanity, like all of the cosmos continues to evolve. The idea of evolution has all sorts of implications not only for how we see ourselves as human beings, here and know. As we continue to evolve, the determination of who or what humanity becomes requires that we take seriously our role as co-creators not with some grand-puppetier-god-in-the-sky. But as co-creators with a God who is in all and through all. 

The emerging conversation between scientists, theologians, and philosophers makes the question “Do you believe in the bible or do you believe in evolution?” obsolete. The conversations between disciplines are giving birth to a new spirituality. Evolutionary Christianity is emerging. Evolutionary thinkers are developing new theologies that take seriously God’s presence in all things through Christ. 

After having spent a week, exploring the work of Teilhard de Chardin; an evolutionary thinker who was decades ahead of his time, I am eagerly devouring my copy of Phipps new book”


Teilhard de Chardin was bad enough in so many ways (see: http://msgrfoy.com/2014/12/30/letter-to-the-editor-of-catholic-insight/ ), but Phipps and gang are nuts!



In this workshop with Gertie Jocksch SC DMin, we’ll reflect on the insights offered by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ilia Delio, Andrew Cohen, Carter Phipps, Teilhard de Chardin and other evolutionary pioneers and poet-mystics. Emphasis is placed on contemplating “what is real” for us in these insights and what it means to grow the field of conscious evolution.


Gertie Jocksch is a Sister of Charity of Halifax. She holds a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry. Gertie’s worked as Director of Field Education at RegisCollege, Campus Ministry, and as Director of Graduate Theology Programs at St. Mark’s College in Vancouver. Gertie’s concern and care for Mother Earth moved her to the development of the Centre for Earth and Spirit, and she now works with The Living Language Institute Foundation developing Programs in Earth Literacies and facilitating programs. Gertie also teaches in the area of Ecotheology and Ecofeminism.

Keep an eye for these folks (esp the Canadian Catholic nuns):


How much of this “Evolutionary Christianity” is being taught in OCSB Religion classes?

#OCSB and troubled CARFLEO

The OCSB and the Religion Teachers Organization have close ties.

In fact, OCSB Coordinator of Religious Education and Family Life Education, Jan Bentham is on the CARFLEO Executive and the OCSB was quite proud of her receiving the CARFLEO Pockock award for 2014.


bentham pocock

But CARFLEO is  a VERY troubled organization. I have written previously about their poor World Religions material for Grade 11 (particularly Hindu and Islam), now they pushing a conference with 2 notorious dissidents!


Just googling Chittister and dissent will come up with tons of info.

Here is one on her about abortion, women’s ordination, contraception etc


Here is one about her connect to “Call to Action”


Likewise, O’Murchu is a dissident and has been roundly condemned for his heretical views. Just one example for the Spanish Bishops Conference:


CARFLEO is NOT even trying to be inside the Catholic Church anymore! Why does the OCSB love them so? 

Lifesite Joan

Joan1 O-Murchu


Pope calls gay/trans agenda like “Hitler Youth” indoctrination. Will #ocsb obey Pope?

Orange is the new black…  and Trans/Gender Identity is the new gay

trans book


If one reads the OCSB Chair Hurley Letter and replace “gay” with
“transgender”, we can see that it only a short matter of time until Trans parents like the story
below will push their agenda into catholic schools. It is reasonable to replace “gay” with “trans” as Director Hanlon said the reasoning behind “gay is a human right” came from the OHRC, which now is pushing trans agenda,

The presence of gay parents of St George’s catholic elementary school students was apparently a driving excuse behind the push for gay agenda at the “social justice” fair and the formation of a GSA (driven by jer’s vision of activist parents). Given the number of lapsed catholic and non-catholic OCSB parents, the trans agenda pushed by trans parents or their allies will come shortly to both elementary and high schools.

"Gay Rights are a human right" (OCSB quoting OHRC)
“Gay Rights are a human right” (OCSB quoting OHRCocsb ohrc2

Transgender Parents Will Someday Tell Sons Why Dad Is Mom And Mom Is Dad
This is a crazy story about a woman having 2 babies and then becoming
“Dad” and a man becoming the “mommy”

trans parents

The trans agenda (fluid gender, gender as a “social construct” etc)  will be pushed via GSAs, Wynne/Levin S@x ed (gender ID to be taught in Grade 3 onwards), and guest speakers that the OCSB invites in. For example, the OCSB
invited a guest speaker from the Carleton LGBTQQS group to talk to talk to all the OCSB high schools’ “equity groups” in early 2014

Bentham Equity Sarah Cooper Carleton LGBT

Sarah Cooper, the administrative co-ordinator for the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer (GLBTQ) Centre, said some members of the queer community could be left out. “If we look at gender as a spectrum, some people might not identify as a gay male. My main concern is that people would feel left out,” Cooper said. “I understand it’s a comfort thing, but you’re creating so much disruption in the queer community. It’s hard enough to fit everyone into an umbrella.” – See more at: http://www.charlatan.ca/2012/02/mcgill-admits-first-ever-gay-fraternity/#sthash.4zmhMyos.dpuf
Sarah Cooper, the administrative co-ordinator for the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer (GLBTQ) Centre, said some members of the queer community could be left out. “If we look at gender as a spectrum, some people might not identify as a gay male. My main concern is that people would feel left out,” Cooper said. “I understand it’s a comfort thing, but you’re creating so much disruption in the queer community. It’s hard enough to fit everyone into an umbrella.” – See more at: http://www.charlatan.ca/2012/02/mcgill-admits-first-ever-gay-fraternity/#sthash.4zmhMyos.dpuf
Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) and Trans


OCSB Diversity Day. OCSB invited a speaker from the LGBTQ Centre at Carleton: Sarah Cooper (@sarahcoopshow)
OCSB Diversity Day. OCSB invited a speaker from the LGBTQ Centre at Carleton: Sarah Cooper (@sarahcoopshow)

Remember the Pope has compared this teaching of fluid gender identity
to indoctrination for Hitler Youth

Pope Francis Gender
“ideological colonization” and compared to the Nazi propaganda machine. Asked by a reporter to explain the phrase “ideological colonization,” the pope gave an example from 1995 when, he says, a minister of education in a poor area was told she could have a loan for building schools so long as the schools used a book that taught “gender theory.”

Will the OSCB carry on with this indoctrination? Will faithful parents
allow their children to be exposed to this?

Is the #OCSB “devastated” by Pope F. upholding #Catholic teaching against Birth Control?

Or will they just ignore him? After all, he is their favourite Pope since, well, the mythical Pope Joan. Here is another liberal that is “devastated” http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Blog/3635/cruxs_spirituality_columnist_is_devastated_the_pope_upholds_catholic_teaching.aspx

“The news that Pope Francis has strongly defended the Church’s ban on artificial birth control left me, in a word, devastated”


When one sends a child to the OCSB, the OCSB gets $12000 more dollars to pay for things like free abortafacient Pills for staff.

Here is the OCSB stance on Birth Control: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ottawa-catholic-school-board-defends-coverage-for-employees-contraception-a

In their reply to the ratepayer, they appear to have fundamental misunderstanding of the Pill. They think NFP is quaint thing for some Catholics, sort of like not eating meat on Fridays. In fact, the Pill against Natural Law, ie. it is wrong for all people, all the time. OCSB thinks they have moral obligation to provide free Birth Control to non-Catholic staff. In fact, they have moral obligation to NOT provide birth control to folks. As an analogy, if government OHIP stopped paying for abortions (it should, because abortion are “choice” and therefore “elective” surgery), would the OCSB Benefits Plan step in and pay for them for non-Catholic staff?

The point that OCSB Superintendent makes about doctor-patient privacy is totally bogus as they don’t seem worried about that at all when it comes to free Viagra for impotence! The following statement is the more bizarre, illogical statement I have read in a long time!

the fact that the current practice does allow Catholic employees to not submit or request coverage for any area that may be counter to their personal or religious views, while allowing others who do not share similar views to submit their claims as per current practice.”

What? The plan is great because it allows Catholics to NOT submit claims for birth control?


https://portal.coughlin.ca/downloads/benefits/occsb/na/booklet_english.pdf viagra


Salaries: http://surlyhamiltonian.blogspot.ca/2014/07/ottawa-catholic-school-board-2013.html

By the way, Superintendent Tom D’Amico made $182,000 in 2013 (which translates into annual pension of maybe $120,000/yr). This might make him a “Professional Catholic” –


Ottawa St Paul’s U grad running NB abortion clinic

We woke up this morning to see this the Sat Globe and Mail


Jessi/Jessica Tayor is a grad of St Paul’s U in Theology and “Ethics”


She is also VERY popular with CFOTAE. Apparently, being a having a VII inspired education means you go on to run abortion clinics.

CFOTAE: “Not bad for “under 25” and a credit to her Vatican II inspired Ontario Catholic education.”



Of course, the Religion Teachers in catholic schools in Ontario just LOVE CFOTAE and its speakers!


carfleo cFOTAE

Here is the Catholic School Trustees promoting her!




BREAKING NEWS: Ben Levin to plead guilty to child porn! Will #ocsb reject the Wynne/Levin Sex Ed program?

This will go under-reported so please share!


TORONTO – Dr. Benjamin Levin will plead guilty on March 3 to some of the child pornography-related charges against him, court heard Friday.Levin will plead guilty to some offences, but not all of the seven charges that were laid against the renowned educator.

He is alleged to have authored graphic child porn and counselled someone online on how to commit a sexual assault on a child. Levin has lectured around the world and has been an advisor to several high-ranking Liberals.


Levin is the architect of the sex ed program and the EIE (equity and inclusive education). Major input was from Jer’s Vision, OPHEA, SIECCAN etc http://www.sieccan.org/




Today, the ministry released its new equity and inclusive education strategy paper, Realizing the Promise Of Diversity. . . This province-wide strategy has been a priority for our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me,” Levin wrote to Ontario’s senior educators.


From my other posts, we know that Wynne plans on forcing all boards to teach ONE curriculum on sex education. Will the Catholic school boards reject this, unlike when they fell like a deck of cards on Bill 13 GSAs? With pressure from OECTA etc, I expect the OCSB to meekly accept teaching the sex ed program.

There are MANY good reasons to reject the sex ed curriculum, but will the OCSB??



Ontario Equity Strategy
Ben Levin Strategy Paper pushing gay agenda, gender bending etc etc



All Saints transgender logo

OCSB Diversity Day. OCSB invited a speaker from the LGBTQ Centre at Carleton: Sarah Cooper (@sarahcoopshow)
OCSB Diversity Day. OCSB invited a speaker from the LGBTQ Centre at Carleton: Sarah Cooper (@sarahcoopshow)


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Will #OCSB Follow Pope Francis and Condemn Gay Marriage and Contraception?

We all know that the OCSB is a much bigger fan of Pope Francis than Pope Benedict. They love to quote him (sometimes our of context – eg. Chairman Ted Hurley’s use of “Who am I to judge?”) to their ends.


Will the support the Pope now? Will they publish these quotes? They seem pretty “judgmental”.


Appealing to the traditional values of Filipino Catholic families, Pope Francis made one of his strongest calls as pope against movements to recognize same-sex unions as marriage.

“The family is also threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage,” the pope said Jan. 16, hours after warning that Philippine society was “tempted by confusing presentations of sexuality, marriage and the family.”

“As you know, these realities are increasingly under attack from powerful forces which threaten to disfigure God’s plan for creation and betray the very values which have inspired and shaped all that is best in your culture,” he said.”


“I think of Blessed Paul VI,” he said. “In a moment of that challenge of the growth of populations, he had the strength to defend openness to life.”

In 1968, Pope Paul VI released the encyclical Humanae Vitae, which upheld Catholic teaching on sexuality and the immorality of artificial contraception, predicting the negative consequences that would result from a cultural acceptance of birth control.

“He knew the difficulties that families experience, and that’s why in his encyclical, he expressed compassion for particular cases. And he taught professors to be particularly compassionate with particular cases,” Pope Francis said.

“But he went further. He looked to the peoples beyond. He saw the lack and the problem that it could cause families in the future. Paul VI was courageous. He was a good pastor, and he warned his sheep about the wolves that were approaching, and from the heavens he blesses us today.”

Pope Francis’ comments come in the wake of Philippines president Benigno Aquino’s signing a highly controversial reproductive health bill in 2013 that drew strong protest from local bishops and members of the faith.

The legislation requires government-sanctioned sex education for adults, middle school and high school students, as well as a population control program that includes fully subsidized contraceptives under government health insurance. The nation’s bishops spoke out strongly against the measure.


"Gay Rights are a human right" (OCSB quoting OHRC)
“Gay Rights are a human right” (OCSB quoting OHRC)

Love is Louder 1







Will the Genderbread Army be welcomed at the #OCSB ?

Before I begin this post on trans issues, it might be good to read the following as well as yesterday’s post on Mandatory Sex-Ed from Wynne/BenLevin.


Genderbread People have now moved from Toronto TDSB to Ottawa OCDSB. (Hopewell School in Old Ottawa South)

H/T http://www.subwaytodamascus.com/2015/01/hopewell-avenue-elementary-school-in.html


The letter written by the mother references a lot of things that the OCSB subscribes to: OPHEA, Equity and Inclusive Education. In fact, an almost identical letter could be written by St George’s GSA Activist Mom, Ann Maloney:


The EIE (Equity and Inclusive Education) policies of the OCSB and OCDSB boards are VERY similar. Both are big fans of the OHRC (Ontario Human Rights Commission)

Ontario Equity Strategy
Ontario EIE Document


OCSB Equity and Inclusive Education
OCSB Equity and Inclusive Education

ocsb ohrc2

"Gay Rights are a human right" (OCSB quoting OHRC)
“Gay Rights are a human right” (OCSB quoting OHRC)

The OHRC are big into Gender bending topics:




The OCSB has a bit of a history of supporting trans issues. See the trans sign up at All Saints:

All Saints transgender logo

As well, the OCSB bullying app transfers children to the Kids Help Line:


“The app will correspond with specific schools, Atkinson said. A phone or text message goes to a service centre, where an operator reviews the information and replies with “a limited set of agreed upon responses,” he said, such as asking questions to get more details, telling someone who’s thinking about harmful behaviour to call 911, and offering to patch the complainant through to the Kids Help Phone”

Of course the Kids Help Phone uses the Genderbread Model to “help” kids!


Kids Help Line Genderbread World!
Kids Help Line Genderbread World!

The OECTA-funded EGALE Canada is also into the GenderBread


Also, Ontario Teachers Federation (OECTA is a member)

Ontario Teachers Federation (OECTA is a member)
Ontario Teachers Federation (OECTA is a member)

The BIG Questions:

So, will OCSB teachers be using the Genderbread Person as part of the new MANDATORY sex-ed curriculum this fall?

Will GSAs in High Schools and Elementary schools be using it?

Are some “progressive” teachers already using it?

Has the Board’s “Who am I to judge” and “Gay rights are human rights” (from the OHRC) given cover to all sorts of more things like Gender-bread models for OCSB elementary children?

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#OCSB Sex Ed BAD and Getting Worse!

Before we get to the latest news, let’s look at where things are.

The following study looked at graduates from the OCSB and French Catholic Board in Ottawa as well as Ottawa public school graduates. It also surveyed Ottawa French Catholic teachers and Ottawa Public schools teachers. OCSB did not allow the study of their teachers (too embarrassing?)

2026-5396-1-PB   <– PDF of Sex Ed Study

Catholic graduates from OCSB and French Catholic reported earlier sexual intercourse age than the Public schools kids -almost 8 months EARLIER (16.7yrs for Catholics compared with 17.4 for Public school). So much for Theology of the Body! This, perhaps, jibes with the other post I did on the Cardus survey that showed worse results for Catholic grads on things like turning to God to find out what is right and wrong.

Also, most of the Catholic students talked about how they were instructed in subjects like condoms to stop STIs and SRH (“sexual and reproductive health”)

14 out of 15 French Catholic teachers said that talked about practical ways to get contraception and many of them talked about access to so-called “Emergency Contraception”




Things are going to get EVEN worse next fall!!! There is almost no hope that the OCSB and other boards will stand up to the government on this given how they folded like a deck of cards on Bill 13 GSAs.


Education Minister Liz Sandals stated on TVO’s The Agenda yesterday that Catholic schools will not be able to opt out of the curriculum being forced upon Ontario’s schools by lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne.

“There is one curriculum document, and it’s our expectation that all four systems [English and French Catholic, English and French public] will be using the same curriculum document,” she said.

Sandals said that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.

If the curriculum is anything like its forerunner, shelved in 2010 after parental backlash, it will likely contain items contrary to Catholic sexual and moral teaching, such as approval of masturbation, anal and oral sex, homosexuality, and contraception.



Watch Peter Jon Mitchell of IMFC go up against Planned Parenthood:

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#ocsb Sacred Heart Stittsville promoting camp run by gay activists

Last May (2014), Sacred Heart had the following in their daily announcements. I suspect it will be in again this spring to lure students to Camp Micah

: is a one
week leadership camp for social
justice and peace held every August near beautiful
Bancroft, Ontario. Founded in 2009, the camp is led by a
staff of young adults, teachers, ministers, school chaplains
and peace educators with many years of experience
working with youth and developing leadership programs.
Coming from different Christian traditions (including
Catholic, Mennonite and United Church), the Camp staff
shares a common passion for living out the call to
leadership for peace and social justice. Check out
www.campmicah.ca for more information including a YouTube video

Of course CARFLEO is a big fan of Camp Micah too:


micah3 micah2

Looks like Sacred Heart  may have been advertising the camp for a few years. Here is an article by John Curry (who also happens to be an OCSB trustee) about a girl from Sacred Heart in 2011 going to Camp Micah

Camp micah1

This article from Lifesite has the REAL SCOOP on Camp Micah:



The name Catherine Cavanagh popped up in a previous post of mine for her hard-core anti-Israel teaching to children in Brockville Catholic high school. In her script, there is not even a mention of the 800,000 Jews expelled from Arab lands.

and she says that in 1967 the Israelis INITIATED the war!!

http://www.artistsplayground.ca/jpn.html (see the Bob Holmes connection too. He is also Camp Micah staff)

cavanagh2 cavanagh1


Pro-GayPride and Ravi Shankar Breathing and Yoga and the #ocsb

Check out “DILA and the “Art of Living”


http://www.betterworldtoday.org/helpful-links-human-rights/ (Ottawa Gay Pride and pro-abortion Amnesty International)

Two full-time DILA facilitators work with teachers to create
experiential learning opportunities in Grade 10 Civics classes in the
Ottawa region.

“Since 2006, the University of Ottawa has been home to the annual DILA
Youth Conference which brings together 500 high school students from
almost every school in both the OCDSB and OCSB”.
What did St Pius School get into via DILA: YOGA and “Breathing exercises” via “Art of Living”


http://www.artofliving.org/ca-en (a front organization for Ravi Shankar!!)


What does Pope Francis teach about Yoga?







Grade 11 World Religions course – Islam

Imagine getting children to compare Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to Mohammed, a warrior who married a 9 yr old! Imagine calling Mohammed an egalitarian and visionary!

Imagine teaching a unit on Islam and focussing a lot on MalcolmX and Sufis and failing to mention Saudi Wahhabism ONCE! 80% of US mosques are Wahhabi funded: http://dttj.blogspot.ca/2010/08/saudi-arabias-funding-of-american.html

Jesus Mohammed Comparison

Let’s review what is taught about Islam in the World Religions Course?

It appears to be a total whitewash of Islam! No wonder some OCSB students convert to Islam.  http://www.ottawacitizen.com/pray+same/1474146/story.html

Islam 4

In In In

“OpenIslam.doc” you will see that the students must
prepare and participate in an Islamic prayer service, well a “Christian prayer service in the Muslim tradition”. What the heck does that even mean?

“Students will participate in a student lead, interfaith Christian
prayer service in the form of Muslim tradition, focusing on the
improving relationships between Christians and Muslims”

Appendix 4.13 Planning a Liturgy Checklist shows that is NOT a
Christian prayer service: “We included references to the God/ gods of
the religion we are studying, using appropriate names/ pronouns for
that God/ gods ”

They also compare Muhammed and Jesus (both favourably)
Appendix 4.2 Comparison Chart: Muhammad and Jesus

Since OCSB teachers don’t publish their lessons plans (afraid?), I had to go to the Waterloo Catholic website). There is an example presentation by a Waterloo Catholic Teacher (attached as
Islam.ppt). She calls Muhammed a: Visionary, Preacher, Political
Leader, and Egalitarian.
She justifies polygamy (“the man must treat all four women justly”)
and the niqab/burka because western women must be oppressed because of
they have eating disorders!

Is this a fair/balanced view of Islam or a whitewash?

Another WCDSB teacher , Mrs Coates at St David’s Gr 11 World Religion also presents an only-positive review of Islam:


In the CARFLEO resources, they say: Jihad is “At this point Jihad is
introduced, recognizing its true meaning as a personal and communal
struggle for righteousness”

However, CARFLEO accidently (?) lists a youngmuslims.ca link as a resource for students to use

http://web.youngmuslims.ca/online_library/books/jihad/ (since Taken down)

This website is actually a Muslim Brotherhood front group!!



To quote: “The verses of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH)
are overflowing with all these noble ideals and they summon people in
general (with the most eloquent expression and the clearest
exposition) to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means
of land and sea fighting.”


CARFLEO likes the following resource on Islamic History which is remarkably pro-Islam biased.



There also is  strong bias towards Malcolm X, calling him a MAJOR figure in Islam!


These are relevant documents to download:




Islam  <– Powerpoint

11MOverview – CARFLEO World Religion Doc

Islam Mrs Coates St David’s WCDSB <–Powerpoint

islam3 islam2 islam1 Liturgy Islam  interfaith

Update: Looks like World Religions Class at Bishop Smith High School In Pembroke (Renfrew Catholic Board) is made up henna and yoga (see the Hindu post I did)


Grade 11 World Religions – CARFLEO and Hinduism

What is taught in World Religions classes in Ontario Catholic schools??


“In the Hinduism section of Unit 5 we focus on the Paths of Salvation also called the 4 types of yoga. Raja yoga specifically practicing hatha yoga (physical postures) for a week in the chapel (or even throughout the rest of the semester) is a fun and highly beneficial way to help students understand the concept of mind, body, spirit balance”

Wait a second… hindu yoga in chapel at Catholic schools?? And I thought yoga was just “stretching”!



Also this link about the Christ-Krishna!


“This site provides interesting information and history that can be used for lesson planning on world religions. What is even more interesting is the Christ-Krishna (both second persons of the Christian-Hindu trinity) linkage and similarities that will surely peak the interest of any scholar. The contents include introduction to Hinduism and Early History, and questions on whether and if there a Christ-Krishna linkage. It also lists the similarities between Krishna and Christ and queries whether details from Jesus’ life were copied from legends about Krishna. This site also features the origins of how and why Christian-Hindu conflicts began in India. –Cecilia DeMello


OCSB popular with Saudi diplomats in Canada!

The OCSB is using our $$ to run the Family Welcome Centre. That is great! But why are they using it to enrol Grade 7s (remember, only high schools are “equal access” to non Catholic) from Saudi Arabia?

Officially, the Board says this:


but since so many catholic families are contracepting, the OCSB is now reaching out to Saudi Wahhabi Muslim families




If you have been wondering why there are so many more ads from OCSB
(Billboards, web, newspapers etc) for kindergarten and French immersion etc

Budget in 2012/13 was $129K
Budget in 2014/15 was $259K.


They will say that they are reaching out to Catholics, but they reach
out to anybody they can find!! I guess they non-Catholics students in
elementary schools that aren’t full (eg. Saudis)

All the Boards using $$ to fight each other!



How do Public Catholic schools Compare with Public Schools? a Cardus Study

An interesting report from Cardus in late 2012. They interviewed a thousand
adults from age 25-40 who had graduated in the past from various types
of high schools across Canada. The “separate” Catholic are mainly
Ontario Public Catholic High Schools. The “independent” Catholic High
School are mainly semi govt-funded Catholic High Schools in Manitoba
and BC, not truly independent Catholic high school academies ( I
talked to the lead researcher on this). I would expect truly
independent Catholic academies (eg. NAPCIS) to be closer in results to what the
study labels “Evangelical Protestant schools” but that was not

The good news from this report is that truly independent schools do
MUCH BETTER than Public and Public Catholic schools in areas that
public schools say are important (eg. Socialization, volunteering,
political engagement, etc etc). And other work shows that they do
better academically!!

The bad news is that Public “Catholic” High Schools are WORSE than
Public schools in many areas:
– more likely to support Same Sex Marriage
– more likely to want even bigger government
– more likely to feel helpless in dealing with problems in life
– more likely to believe that Religion is a Private Matter that should be Kept
Out of Public Debates about Social and Political Issues
– less likely to feel an obligation to vote
– less likely to believe God or the Bible Help Me Decide what is Right
and Wrong

– less likely to have boycotted a company for its political or social views and less likely to have participated in a demonstration or protest

Areas where Public and Public Catholic are virtually identical:

– volunteer hours

– rate of cohabitation before marriage

Is this a surprise given CARFLEO. OECTA etc
Cardus-Cardus_Education_Survey_Phase_II_Report_2012   <– Full PDF

cardus 2

OECTA Religion 2 AQ Course and Richard McBrien

The next time a teacher brags to you that they know more than you as a parent about the Catholic Faith because they have taken the Religion 2 Additional Qualification course.


– it is run by the OECTA, the Gay Pride marching teachers’ union

– they use textbooks like Richard McBrien’s Catholicism!



What do the Bishops say about this book?

After studying it for two years, the Secretariat for Doctrine and Pastoral Practices released a statement indicating that the book was inaccurate or misleading in describing Church teachings on the Virgin Birth, the ordination of women, and other issues. Not only had McBrien failed to remove the previously noted ambiguities from the previous editions, but he had introduced new ones.

The bishops’ report stated that McBrien minimized Catholic teachings and practice:

On a number of important issues, most notably in the field of moral theology, the reader will see without difficulty that the book regards the official Church position as simply in error.

The bishops also questioned the manner in which McBrien made use of dissenting theologians, and they noted sections of the book where the presentation is not supportive of the Church’s authoritative teaching. They warned that “for some readers it will give encouragement to dissent.”

The bishops cautioned that McBrien reduced the teaching of the pope and bishops to “just another voice alongside those of private theologians.” In so doing, he created the impression that the official teachings of the Church have validity only when they are approved by a “consensus” of theologians, including Protestant ones. In short, McBrien elevated the theological arguments of dissenting theologians to (or above) the level of the magisterium. The bishops concluded that Catholicism should
not be used in theological instruction.4

But given its title, McBrien’s position of authority at Notre Dame, and his high profile as a Catholic commentator, readers of Catholicism are likely to believe they are reading authentic Catholic teaching. That is not the case. As one reviewer said of the third edition, “Whatever else it may do, it is likely to leave Catholic students doctrinally illiterate.”5

McBrien REligion 2


Update: From a correspondent:

Noel Cooper should also be highlighted! He taught and then worked for the York Catholic Board. When I took the Archdiocese of Toronto Lay Pastoral Ministry Course back in the mid-90’s he gave some of the talks and he qualified all of his talks on the Bible with “this is what I believe.”
Check out http://www.noelcooper.ca/contents,_sample.html
and then view some of his other book The Sexual Believer.
His work is as bad as McBrien’s.

How to Get Your Catholic child exempted from crazy religion courses

CRAZY= CARFLEO teachers NOT teaching the TRUE Catholic faith from the Catechism

I will write more details later, but it is

– entirely possible

– legal

– not well-known

– has been done before in the OCSB and other Boards

It involves simply changing your ratepayer from Catholic to Public. This is preferably done well in advance as the Board will try to delay things for up to a year.

there is more info here: myexemption.ca

I will have more postings about crazy CARFLEO, weird Grade 11 World Religion course, liturgical dance liturgies, eco-warrior religious retreats etc


advent wreathliturgy1carfleo1

Why do Catholics oppose GSAs at the OCSB?

Mygsa_v2  <— Powerpoint of what GSAs REALLY are

Why do so many Catholics oppose GSAs? It is because they are NOT after-hours “support clubs”. They are activists groups out to make Catholic children hate the Catholic faith and moral theology. See the above Powerpoint.

Groups like St Peter’s Love is Louder GSA are not “general equity groups” who follow the Bishops’ Respecting Differences document. They go to presentations like Carleton’s Sarah Cooper (@sarahcoopshow). She was brought into the NDHS all-OCSB equity conference by the Board itself!!

Respecting Differences document

General Procedures for “Respecting Difference” Groups or Activities in Schools:
i. All activities and organizations should be opened to all students
who wish to participate;
ii. The activities and organization of all groups or organizations
formed within Catholic schools must be respectful of and consistent
with Catholic teaching;

iii. All mentors appointed to work with groups of students must know
and be committed to Catholic teachings;
iv. Any outside speakers must be respectful of Catholic teaching.



Archbishop’s Remarks 2013

Archbishop’s Remarks at the
6th Archbishop’s Benefit Dinner/Archdiocese of Ottawa

Ottawa Conference and Events Centre (Hampton Inn)
16 octobre/October 16, 2013


Your Excellencies,
Reverend Fathers,
dear Religious Sisters,
dear Members and Friends of the Archdiocese of Ottawa
and supporters of publicly-funded Catholic education:

We gather on the 35th anniversary of the election of Pope John Paul
II. It was one of the most important papal elections in the history of
the Church. By the time we celebrate the 36th anniversary, he will be
declared Saint John Paul. We give thanks to God for that!

We had a papal election this year, and there has been much excitement
about the new Holy Father. Pope Francis has attracted much attention,
much of it favourable, even from those who are sometimes hostile to
the Church. For this, we ought to be grateful, for the power of the
Gospel cannot transform someone unless he first hears it.

We need to listen to Pope Francis carefully, though. I have noticed
that many people who cheer the Holy Father think that he is
admonishing others. We see, then, the Holy Father enlisted as a
putative supporter by one faction in the Church against another.

On his pilgrimage to Assisi, the Holy Father made it clear that the
Church is not one faction or another, the hierarchy or the lay
faithful, but all the baptized. So when he addresses tough words to
us, he is not only speaking to the bishops and priests. He is speaking
to the whole Church, including the Church in the field of education.
Permit me to quote from the very first homily of Pope Francis, given
in the Sistine Chapel on the day after his election:
We can walk as much as we want, we can build many things, but if we do
not profess Jesus Christ, things go wrong. We may become a charitable
NGO, but not the Church, the Bride of the Lord. When we are not
walking, we stop moving. When we are not building on the stones, what
happens? The same thing that happens to children on the beach when
they build sandcastles: everything is swept away, there is no
solidity. When we do not profess Jesus Christ, the saying of Léon Bloy
comes to mind: “Anyone who does not pray to the Lord prays to the
devil.” When we do not profess Jesus Christ, we profess the
worldliness of the devil, a demonic worldliness.

That is a strong challenge to all of us! Especially to those entrusted
with the Catholic mission in education, health care, social justice,
development, and the various corporal works of mercy. No matter how
well we do that work with professional competence, if we do not
profess Jesus Christ, we run the risk of a “demonic worldliness,” to
use the blunt language of Pope Francis.

In education, it is enticing to adopt the standards of the world.
Despite our generous fundraising efforts tonight for parents and
children in need, who can be supported discreetly by school
principals, the money for Catholic education comes almost entirely
from the state. The state sets most of the rules.

Thus, there is a daily temptation to conform not to the Gospel, but to
the central bureaucracy. It would certainly create a stir if I accused
the Ministry of Education of being a source of “demonic worldliness.”
The message of Pope Francis is not to point a finger at others.
Rather, we must examine our own conscience. The challenge is not so
much what the world forces us to do, but what we allow ourselves to be
seduced into.
Catholic education always faces the temptation of becoming another
NGO…or worse a governmental organization…rather than part of the
evangelizing mission of the Church.

We are grateful for the support of Catholic education by the Province.
However, not only does the constitution guarantee it, but is a matter
of basic justice. If the state wishes to operate in education, it must
respect the choices of parents, who are the primary educators of their
children, and the Church. We have been about the work of education
long before the British North America Act of 1867.

Catholic education has to be fully Catholic. Otherwise, we head down
the path to the demonic worldliness
Pope Francis warned against in the
Sistine Chapel. He forcefully inveighed against it again about a week
ago in Assisi. We have to be Catholic and not worldly in those models
we hold up to our students for admiration and imitation. The first
models–“witnesses” is the better Catholic word–for our students in our
schools should be our teachers and staff. This is why school boards
inquire whether teachers are living in accord with the Catholic faith
before they hire them.

In a labour market where there are many excellent, unemployed teachers
who live lives of Christian virtue, they should be at the top of your
hiring lists. The word for this latter excellence is holiness. If we
desire that our students be holy, they need to see holiness in those
who guide them daily.

We also provide other models to our students. We need to propose to
them—as creatively as the curriculum suggests—the heroes of the faith,
those saints who will inspire young people to aspire to that
excellence that is holiness. We could do no better than Marguerite
d’Youville, whose feast we celebrate today. Another hero is John Paul
II, who decisively shaped history, because he was able to inspire
people the world over. Our next generation would do well to emulate
such champions of servant leadership.

Likewise, we must find good models when we invite guests to our
schools. We are preparing students to be disciples of the Lord Jesus
in a culture that is indifferent to him, even hostile to him. They
need to meet models of men and women, courageous disciples and
faithful Catholics, who are, in cooperation with God’s grace, living
the faith to the full.

These guests and partners must give an authentic Catholic witness that
will inspire and encourage, not a counter-witness that will discourage
and confuse. No matter how great their achievements in politics,
business, sports, science, or the arts, we should not invite to our
schools as guest speakers, or give awards to, those who provide a
counter-witness to the Gospel.

This is a matter of heated debate. But we can get to the heart of this
matter by returning to our shared goal of choosing guest speakers
according to their ability to edify our students by their self-giving,
their love, and their embrace of the culture of life for the sake of
the Gospel, rather than according to their worldly fame.
We do well to hear the lucid observation of Pope Francis. Either we
operate according to the criterion of the Gospel, or we operate
according to demonic worldliness.

Cardinal Collins in Toronto likes to say, “Don’t show me your mission
statement. Show me your budget, and I will know what your mission is.”
We can paraphrase that for Catholic education. “Show me the models you
propose to your students, in your teachers and in the guests you
invite them to listen to, and I will know your mission.”

I thank our Catholic educators here this evening. I salute and support
your excellent service to our young people and their future as
citizens of Canada and of the Kingdom of Heaven.

May the proceeds of our dinner tonight aid you in responding with the
greatest of discretion and respect for the children and families in
need. It is our Holy Father’s fervent wish that our Church be of the
poor and for the poor.

Other smaller questions re: St George’s

St George’s Gay <– pdf of emails

1)  On page 3: what is the “beautiful and specific language” that Jan Bentham has around this issue? Hanlon refers to it

2) Why is Fred Chrystal, the Superintendent of Facilities (ie. buildings etc etc) SO involved with all the meetings and emails? Building maintenance is an important job, but is he a Catholic moral philosopher or something??

3) How involved was the “Local Ministry Officer” in all this? (page 13). How much does the LMO really run the Board? How much pressure in this situation?

4) All the blacked-out names are non-Board employees. Who ghost-wrote Mr Hurley’s “who am I to judge” email? Who attended the capitulation meeting on the Friday morning along with Hanlon/Hurley/Chrystal (page 7)?

HOT NEWS! OCSB St George’s Gay “Rights”

St George’s Gay  <– See this pdf of emails!!!!!!!!


A Freedom of Info request on all internal OCSB emails to/from/cc OCSB Director Hanlon about St George’s school turns up some interesting information. 150 pages were returned and almost all those were media clippings etc. See pdf above of the most important emails!

1) From Wed Nov 27 to Fri Nov 29, the OCSB appeared to be in panic mode with obsessive monitoring of media and social media.

2) Within 48 hours (ie Fri morning), they decided to capitulate. The key meeting was Friday morning with Hanlon, Hurley, and a couple of others. (page 7) The OCSB LOVES blacking out names!

3) OCSB Communications manager Mardi de Kemp actually strongly recommended against backing down and thought they could outlast the media storm (page 6)

4) There were NO emails discussing what was best for the children, or what the Church teaches. Virtually all emails were media-centric

5) Chairman Hurley did NOT write the public statements attributed to him. The OCSB has blacked-out the author’s name. He had second thoughts about whether the “Who am to Judge” quote should go in. One can only speculate why he questioned whether it should go in. Perhaps, it was because Cardinal George said this quote has usually been misused. The Pope was answering the question about a now-celibate gay priest who has repented and asked for forgiveness, not a generic comment about homosexuals. In fact, several months after this quote, Pope Francis excommunicated an Australian priest for supporting gay marriage and woman’s ordination: http://tinyurl.com/oq3hg5p


A public relations type reason is given to Mr Hurley and he agrees with the inclusion within 120 seconds from his iphone (page 8).

Voters in Kanata (he is going for the Conservative nomination) may have further questions about this for Mr Hurley. Given that Mr Hurley is also the Director of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese, this letter is especially egregious.

This letter from Hurley gave Hanlon, Atkinson and the rest of the Board the necessary cover to order the Principal to stand-down and relent to the parents.

6) After the Friday meeting, Director Hanlon tells Superintendent Atkinson to tell the news to the Principal. Phrases like “wheels were falling off” and “damage control mode” and “skating around the issue” are used (page 11). So, top down orders came down to the Principal.

Interestingly, they still seem to support her about gay marriage, so GAY MARRIAGE appears to be still OUT as an issue that can be presented by the girls! This is BIG news!!!!!

7) On the day of the meeting, it looks like the first email describing the meeting with parents came from the Director (a non-attendee) to an attendee (Peter Atkinson). Weird. OCSB was desperate for an agreement. Strangely, the summary of the meeting changes from being about “gay rights as it pertains to bullying” to studying how the topic of gay rights is addressed by an unnamed Catholic high school club (page 17). If the club is anything like St Peter’s Love is Louder or All Saints’ Rethink Hate then a VERY non-Catholic view of gay rights will be presented by the girls! As I have show in other posts, these are hard-core pro-gay organizations with similar outlooks to Jer’s Vision.

8) Another couple of wrinkles about what the girls will be able to present

  1. a) on page 21, Hanlon talks about gay rights as it has to do with the OHRC. However, the OHRC has used sexual orientation discrimination to allow for gays adopting children (a big NO-NO in Catholic morality – children have a right to a Mother and a Dad http://tinyurl.com/lh5l36t )
  1. b) the presentations will be reviewed for content and age-appropriateness by the teacher. Isn’t that what the first press release said? However, two days after the first press release all that language was thrown out and it was “Who am I to Judge?” and “Gay rights are human rights”. TOTALLY different message.

To summarize, the media storm caused the OCSB to back-track within 48hours. Looking good in media seemed more important to the OCSB than what is ACTUALLY best for children or trying to actually be a CATHOLIC Board. The internal emails were shockingly shallow for people being paid so much money.

Gay marriage remains OUT, but other gay “rights” like gay adoption (OHRC) remain in. As the CIA has an operative in St George’s willing to snap a picture, we will soon find out to what morality the other students will be exposed.

Other media storms may be quite successful in getting the Board to back down on moral issues. Things could get interesting later this year when the new Wynne/BenLevin sex-ed curriculum comes down from the province.

All Saints Kanata Rethink Hate Group

The OCSB likes to present their GSAs as generic equity groups that focus on many issues. In fact, they are generally closely aligned with groups like Jer’s Vision “International Day of Pink”, like Rainbow colours etc etc

Is this the group the St George’s girls will be studying about their take on “gay rights”? Or will it be St Peter’s Love is Louder? Or St Paul’s SAFE?

prochoice JV

ASH Rethink Hate 5ASH Rethink Hate 4ASH Rethiink Hate 3ASH Rethiink Hate 2
All Saints transgender logoASH Grade 8 teacher IDOP

St Paul's SAFE Students Advocating for Equality
St Paul’s High School SAFE Group

Jer's Vision Day of Pink

A few links to read during the Ottawa snowstorm…

3 links that I may (or not) discuss over the next few postings. They are good to read anyways.

http://msgrfoy.com/category/catholic-education/  (discussion of the current “Fully Alive” program in schools)

https://foolishnesstotheworld.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/john-allen-jr-interviews-cardinal-george/ (about the “who am I to judge” soundbite)