Did #OCSB hold an illegal in-camera meeting on book bans? #ottnews @Ont_Ombudsman #onpoli #onted @IPCinfoprivacy

ONLY permitted reason for a board in-camera mtg is the following. “Controversial topic” is not an allowed reason!




A few excerpts from a PDF on a FOI that cover 3 days of internal OCSB emails:


Trustee Brian Coburn asks for a discussion at next in camera meeting. THIS IS NOW ALLOWED!

Vice Chair Wittet also talks about an agenda item for next meeting. Except that looking at all agendae and minutes since then (esp Jan 22), there IS NOTHING THERE. Certainly looks like this was brought and discussed IN CAMERA. NOT ALLOWED by the Education Act!

The Information Commissioner and Ombudsman and Police should investigate! How many other things are discussed illegally in-camera?? 







The following FOI was done by a friend of our group (downloadable). 69 pages over 3 days:

FOI 0119 data final  PDF




Other things to note:

  1. Only 14 parents complained. All were pro LGBT (eg. parents with gay partners, parents who are LGBTQ activists)
  2. Several trustees also complained (eg. Spencer Warren et al)
  3. One parent called all priests who visit classrooms pedophiles. No concern by school board (but they were unhappy with a tweet by the book author)
  4. NO reference or concern for Catholic teachings in the Catechism by ANYONE at the Board!




Thomas Rosica and Cupich to lead heretical AUSCP retreat. #catholic #catholicmetoo #pbc2019






In the interests of transparency, do Cupich and Rosica agree with the above AUSCP statement or with the Church position that men with deep seated same sex attraction (even if celibate!!) should NOT be ordained? Notice the ORs? Even having the tendencies bars one from ordination!


“In the light of such teaching, this Dicastery, in accord with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question[9], cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called “gay culture”[10]

Such persons, in fact, find themselves in a situation that gravely hinders them from relating correctly to men and women. One must in no way overlook the negative consequences that can derive from the ordination of persons with deep-seated homosexual tendencies.” 



Do Cupich and Rosica agree with the following?? BE TRANSPARENT!






And will the Canadian Jesuits still honour plagiarist Rosica (and also the Basilian coverup of  Fr Jack Hanna (credibly accused of sexually abusing a  teen boy)?





former #OECTA Prez continues Thomas Rosica support. #tonews #catholicmetoo #catholic

.. Despite Rosica’s rampant plagiarism (and his blaming on interns) and the news about the Basilian coverup of Fr Hanna’s  sex abuse of a teen boy (2013)

When this was pointed out to Ryan, did he correct himself? Nope. He quietly deleted the post. This is the same guy who called proabort #catholic teachers “faithful Catholics”! anything that could hurt the liberal cause like comdemning Basilians for Hanna coverup, will NEVER be done by folks like Ryan and OECTA.

On another note, ever the OECTA “catholic” teachers union publicly comdemn a colleague criminally convicted of teen sex abuse? NOPE!!














#WEDay continues its creepy ways. When will #catholic school boards renounce? #ocsb #tcdsb @archtoronto #prolife

When will “catholic” school boards FINALLY renounce WE day???








Of course, We Day is known for its abortion, contraception, and LGBTQ pushes!












Restorative Justice/Practices does NOT work! Why does #OCSB push it? #ottnews #onted #onpoli



Last week, the first randomized control trial study of “restorative justice” in a major urban district, Pittsburgh Public Schools, was published by the RAND Corporation.

The results were curiously mixed. Suspensions went down in elementary but not middle schools. Teachers reported improved school safety, professional environment, and classroom management ability. But students disagreed. They thought their teachers’ classroom management deteriorated, and that students in class were less respectful and supportive of each other; at a lower confidence interval, they reported bullying and more instructional time lost to disruption. And although restorative justice is billed as a way to fight the “school-to-prison pipeline,” it had no impact on student arrests.

The most troubling thing: There were significant and substantial negative effects on math achievement for middle school students, black students, and students in schools that are predominantly black.

This commenter, Max Eden, faults journalists and RAND for burying or even ignoring the bad news. More:

Restorative justice is frequently presented to teachers as “evidence-based” and on the cutting edge of “social justice” as something that works if they embrace it. Man’s capacity for self-deception cannot be discounted, and if teachers think they’re doing better even as students think things are getting worse, that would be consistent with the policy drama that has played out writ large over the last two years: In the face of increasingly overwhelming negative evidence, social justice education reformers have only grown more vociferous in their insistence that discipline reform works.

Right now, the tally of studies on the academic effects of discipline reform on school districts are three negative (PittsburghLos AngelesPhiladelphia) and one null/positive (Chicago). In terms of student surveys, my tally has four negative (NYCLos AngelesWashoe CountySeattle) and one negative/positive (Chicago). When it comes to local teacher surveys, I’ve seen eleven negative (Oklahoma City, Baton Rouge, Portland, Jackson, Denver, Syracuse, Santa Ana, Hillsborough, Madison, Charleston, Buffalo) and one positive (Pittsburgh).



St Michael’s University has pro-LGBT conference on sex abuse #catholicmetoo #catholic



Of Course, they will blame “clericalism” (and synodality is the answer lol)

Sr Nuala Kenny is great, but Flanagan and Hinsdale are very problematic speakers! Might as well invite James Martin and Joan Chistister or Basilian Jack “Happy Hands” Hanna! (we know the new USMC Head Dr Sylvester is a Fr Martin fan). USMC is Basilian run. And now Basilian George smith is dean at Oblate’s St Pauls U SPU in Ottawa.

This conference will do NOTHING to stop the abuse! 80% were teen boys or young men (eg seminarians) and they were homosexually abused (ephebophilia).











USMC Prez as Fr James Martin fanboy:


Why did Basilians (Rosica and St Mike’s College School) put a credibly acused priest in positions of authority? #happyhandshanna #catholicmetoo #tonews





The Basilians told everyone that Hanna had abused a man (BAD ENOUGH!) but now we found out he was credibly accused of CHILD sex abuse!!)









Jack Hanna, CSB

Religious: Basilian Fathers
Birth Year: 1944
Ordained: 1974
Status: Faculties Removed 2013 (Galveston-Houston)
St. Thomas High School, Houston

(note that he was NOT a diocesan priest, he was a “religious” priest (ie. a member of an Order (eg. Basilians). His faculties were only removed for Houston. The Basilians never ensured that he didn’t receive faculties in Toronto.. swept under rug!








Fr Rosica with Fr Jack Hanna:






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