WE.org is banned by the policies of 7+ Ontario #Catholic School boards #prolife

Update: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/we-charity-bails-from-catholic-schools-list-of-approved-charities-that-dont



Given the news that WE.org refuses to say that they don’t publicly support abortion, contraception etc, the following Boards have EXPLICIT fundraising and/or partnership policies that forbid partnership with WE Day.  They all refer to the tenets or teachings or moral teachings of the CATHOLIC CHURCH (ie, not the students or the Board or the union)


Paragraph 3:



Toronto Catholic School Board


The Toronto Catholic District School Board permits fund raising to be undertaken by its schools. All fund raising activities whether for the school or for an approved organization shall be related to charitable, humanitarian, educational, or service activities consistent with the tenets of Catholicism


York Catholic School


Educational partnerships shall adhere to teachings of the Catholic faith and shall be
aligned with the Board’s supplementary learning resources, policy and procedures.


Dufferin Peel Catholic


“School community” refers to students, parents, guardians, trustees, school administrators and staff, members of the broader community and partners, as well as others who support the local school and student achievement, as represented by the School Council.
All fundraising activities shall have a designated purpose and timeline. Fundraising activities, to support school related needs, shall be permitted according to this policy and regulated as per General Administrative Procedure (GAP) 538.00.
These activities must support the moral teachings of the Catholic Church and shall reflect the mission, values and system direction principles of the Board, and must also comply with current legislation and ministry policies and/or guidelines, which include a component encompassing consultation, transparency and accountability with the school community.


Eastern Ontario (Brockville etc)



c) Executive Council completes a cursory review to ensure each
organization is compliant with the following:
 Municipal, Provincial, Federal Legislation
 School Food & Beverage Policy
 Equity and Inclusive Strategy
 Facility Partner Guidelines
 Teachings/beliefs of the Catholic Church
 Vision & Mission of the Catholic District School Board of
Eastern Ontario ;


Algonquin (Kingston)


Where funds are raised or actions are taken on behalf of organizations, groups, or individuals, schools must be diligent in ensuring that the activities of the organization are consistent with the teachings of the Church and with Catholic moral principles. Areas of particular concern include the dignity of all persons, the common good, human rights and responsibilities, social justice, stewardship for creation, embryonic stem cell research, cloning and some forms of gene manipulation,. Groups engaged in such activities should consult the information and guidelines available on the website of the Board’s Social Justice Committee at…

Embryonic stem cell research is forbidden:

page 5:



Ottawa also does but their policy on their website is NOT what they passed in 2013!



Obviously Halton Catholic as well!


Renfrew Catholic

page 51 talks about respect for life and consulting Diocesan bishop:






All about Holy Childhood Assoc: http://www.missionsocieties.ca/about-us/history/holy-childhood-association-hca/




ICE Policy:


Does Cardinal Collins approve of We.org vs some great Catholic organizations???


In entering such partnerships, schools and boards are asked to apply the
following principles appropriately, with due diligence and with application to all
operations, in Canada or abroad, of the potential partner:
a) The basic tenets of Catholic social teaching, namely, the dignity of the human person,
human rights and responsibilities, the common good, solidarity, subsidiary, the preferential option for the poor, respect for life and the value and dignity of human work must all be respected.
b) With regard to the application of these principles boards are requested to look at other models available in the Catholic community, involve other Catholic groups and their diocesan bishop.

One thought on “WE.org is banned by the policies of 7+ Ontario #Catholic School boards #prolife”

  1. This is good to see and report … but let’s see what these boards (with the exception of Halton) do about it. (D-P Catholic supported it in my time there.)


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