WE Day/ Free the Children big supporters of Emma Watson’s pro abortion Speech #OCSB #TCOT

We Day in Ottawa is next week (Nov 10). Despite the OCSB empty promise that Catholic and social and moral teaching” will direct partnerships”, OCSB continues sending young children to hear speakers at We Day

This move also opposes Archbishop Prendergast’s statement:

““Guests and partners must give an authentic Catholic witness that will inspire and encourage, not a counter-witness that will discourage and confuse,” he added. “No matter how great their achievements in politics, business, sports, science, or the arts, we should not invite to our schools as guest speakers, or give awards to, those who provide a counter-witness to the Gospel.”


It also ignores the demands of Kenyan Bishops to stop supporting FTC/We Day. One can only speculate on the reasons that the OCSB is ignoring African bishops.



WE Day are huge fans of Emma Watson and her UN speech. Emma was hermione in Harry Potter and is very popular. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for Pro-abort “UN Women”.

And they think she is a great role model for girls ! Look at the number ofLikes, Retweets, Shares  of We Day tweet and FB post. etc etc,, Thousands. We Day leads thousands of children off course.

Her speech was very pro-abortion.


Emma: Pro-abortion euphemism:
“I think it is right that I should be able to make decisions about my own body”. –

also very support for Hillary’s Beijing pro-abort speech:

Hillary Clinton Speech:

=WE Day Emma Facebook 9000 Likes WE Day Emma 2 WE Day Emma 1

UN Women: Un Women and Abortion

UN Women
UN Women

We Day: “To be fair, there were small victories, inspiring moments, and tiny steps forward to celebrate in 2014. Emma Watson’s#HeforShe speech at the United Nations was a powerful rallying cry for men to join the fight for women’s equality.”




We Day is now pushing Emma and her pro-abort speech in LEARNING materials to ELEMENTARY students!


PDF: GV-Dec.6-Elementary-Unbranded

Education Materials 2

Education Materials 1

Please share and warn others about We Day and Free the Children!


PS: Pro-abort Justin  and his wife Yogie Sophie may not be happy

We Day 2012 Sophie Justin We Day


Sophie: "The Sacred Feminie is on the rise"
Sophie: “The Sacred Feminie is on the rise”

Kielburger gave the max $1200 to pro-abort Trudeau leadership bid in 2012 (along with Bronfman)


last month at We Day: https://catholicintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/03/toronto-we-day-speaker-pushes-planned-parenthood-backstage-ocsb/

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