#ottnews #OCSB busing children to see lewd singer at #WeDay


Archbishop Prendergast has been clear as to what types of people that students of OCSB should see:


 Likewise, we must find good models when we invite guests to our schools. We are preparing students to be disciples of the Lord Jesus in a culture that is indifferent to him, even hostile to him. They need to meet models of men and women, courageous disciples and faithful Catholics, who are, in cooperation with God’s grace, living the faith to the full.
These guests and partners must give an authentic Catholic witness that will inspire and encourage, not a counter-witness that will discourage and confuse. No matter how great their achievements in politics, business, sports, science, or the arts, we should not invite to our schools as guest speakers, or give awards to, those who provide a counter-witness to the Gospel.
Despite  this, the OCSB is busing students to see lewd rap singer Classified at We Day. Below is a small sample of his lyrics:
Now try and picture this, 15 still a virgin
93 let me set the scene perfect
Young guy still shy around women
But knew her from the Outback, small town livin
Same age, same grade, same date
We agreed to let our sex life take shape
Made a plan and kept it between us
At the Jr. High Prom party, we was gonna fuck (YUP!)
Still nervous as hell
But I was excited as well
Before I burned any L’s
So I was hyper as hell
Date came at the party time for action
Walked down the road to be alone and make it happen
Only lasted for a minute and a half
And I don’t know man; I think I heard her laugh
Woke the dead up, yeah I popped her cherry
But neither of us knew we just did it in a cemetery
Dead silence… Felt kinda awkward
Small town so everybody talkin
This high school shit is stressin me out
But I got older and figured every recipe out
And you the hardest… to listen to, trash man
So say good bye to your career jazz hands
Yea, I’m a titty and an ass man
At the cheapest strip club getting a lap dance
Masked man, boner in my track pants
Disappearing in the dark night like I’m batman
Back to my cave in the early morn
Looking run down like those chicks off of Jersey Shore
Dog tired, body all hurt and sore
Please have mercy lord, pick me off the dirty floor
And pick a path we gone run till we collapse
Get the people on their feet and get the haters off their ass
Yo, I’m havin’ problems; I suffer from manic depression
But I don’t see a shrink and never take my prescription
My girl’s wonderin’ why my mind races
My have black, half white, “Why I’m so racist”
Nobody’s perfect; And Women, love to date ’em
But can’t keep ’em for too long cause I start to hate ’em
Try not to get too drunk
Cause one time my girl talked shit and I smacked her up
Oh fuck; My biggest problem gotta be
Watchin’ Videos of MC’s that’s not as hot as me
This independent shit is kinda shady
Industry rule number four-thousand and eighty







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