How faithful to the Church are the OCSB “Chaplains”

I have previously written about chaplains who are involved in hard-core GSA gay activist groups (SPKLoveisLouder) and “chaplains” who are into “yogic philosophy”. Here are some more examples:
Example 1: NDHS chaplain promotes pro-abort Plan Canada and gets children to sign a pledge to them
Example 2: Nun/OCSB “Chaplain” using OCSB to raise funds for FMLN party in El Salvador
Example 3: John Dear
Chaplains LOVE John Dear.. but he is an example of someone who has lost his way. He was expelled by the Jesuit order after this conference that the chaplains were so excited about!
Tweets from Last yr from All Saints High and St Peter’s chaplains:

Back from an amazing retreat experience with my colleagues. Heard Fr. John Dear, SJ speak – inspirational! #johndear

to meet and chill with Nobel Peace prize nominee John Dear; an amazing Catholic pacifist and witness to the Gospel (and a fun guy too!)

The catholic schools chaplains conference in 2013 was called “Holy
Mischief”. It is mischief on our children, and it is NOT Holy!

They have 2 main speakers: Fr John Dear SJ and Michael Dallaire.
Dallaire is a former Ottawa catholic school chaplain and a former
parishioner of, of course, St Joe’s! He lives in Vancouver now

1. John Dear
They will have dissident Fr John Dear (Call to Action, etc) as their
KEYNOTE speaker.

John Dear: “Sooner or later, whether in ten years or one hundred, the
Church will ordain women, allow clergy to marry, permit local
communities to elect bishops, welcome gays and lesbians and respect
other religions. The tide of history cannot be stopped.”

2. Michael Dallaire

His thesis is 170 pages of gobbly-gook quoting Marxist Freire, Thomas
Berry, Thomas Groome, Matthew Fox (ex Catholic priest, now Anglican
“rave mass” nut), Chistister, etc.

His most recent book is also gobbly-gook.



JohnDear creedJohnDear creed


Read how shockingly anti-Israel the activity at St Mary’s high school in Brockville was. There are glowing references to John Dear at CSCO conference at top of page:


Palestine Solidarity Program

An outline of a program used at St. Mary’s High School in Brockville, Ontario, to raise awareness about Palestine”

Sister Helen Prejean, Dissident at $65000 PD Day OCSB event

A couple of months ago, the OCSB spent $65000 to have a short “Christian Community Day” at the Shaw Centre (the old Congress Centre). Rents have apparently gone up.

Like the year before, they paid for a major dissident to speak. Sister Helen Prejean. Apparently hearing about American death penalty laws is crucially important to teachers in Ottawa.

Prejean is a major dissident who loves going to conferences like “Call to Action” (one Bishop excommunicated all members of CTA in his diocese) and LGBT-militant “New Ways Ministry”

– she supports women’s ordinations (against the infallible teaching of the Church)

– she has rather strange  beliefs of the Crucifixion

– she acted as the minister at Susan Sarandon’s daughter’s wedding (her Mother Superior denies this, but guests insist it it true)

– has only ONE problem with pro-abort Pres Obama – he supports the death penalty

– works with pro-abortion ACLU

– says  “it is the Church’s doctrine on homosexuality that is sinful”

– pro-birth control etc etc.

Please see the attached pix and links

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Prejean Abortion prejean terri schiavo prejean crucifixion prejean women priests prejean LGBT

Prejean New Age Prejean Family Planning

OCSB gets a pro-GSA dissident to speak to 3000 teachers

This year’s speaker, Sr Helen Prejean, will be written about in another post.

However, last year, the OCSB payed tens of thousands of dollars to have a CCD “Christian Community Day” at the Congress Center. Their keynote speaker was Mark McGowan of U of T.

He is known for his pro-gay agenda and his support for Bill 13 GSAs.
In fact, he called the Ontario Bishops’ ‘Respecting Differences’
document a document motivated by fear. He also equated the inability
to students to name their clubs “GSA” to the support of the Church for
slavery! In his speech to OECTA, he tries to portray GSAs as mere support groups. They are anything but that. They are activist groups – just read

McGowan is also known for the queering of St Mike’s College at U of T and his disdain for Dr Peter Kreeft for merely using the Catechism to answer a question on homosexuality

The disdain the OCSB shows for the “Respecting Differences” document is evidenced by getting such a dissident to speak to all its teachers at a very expensive event! All this in important background to what happened a few weeks ago at St George’s School
Mark McGowan at OECTA Meeting:

“The model used by the trustees in Respecting Difference is
based on the good Samaritan parable — one who acts with
compassion. Yet, when I read in Respecting Difference the reference
to race, body type, ethnicity and culture, I see fear. How much of
that document is motivated by fear and how much by compassion?

Why are LGBT students excluded from peer counseling
and open discussion? The elephant in the room
is GSAs and the government’s Bill 13.

Jesus says, let us go to the “other shore,” which is the
unknown, fearful and chaotic. To live on the frontier of change
— the “other shore” — is terrifying and where it’s hard to avoid
difficult conversations. Following a less traveled road
is what I learned to be necessary.

Respecting diversity means allowing for different
pastoral approaches. Local groups should be allowed to
name themselves. To not allow LGBT students to
name themselves is to live in quiet desperation.

If you expect that things will change overnight, think again.
The Church thinks in centuries, but it will change. Remember
that the Church once condoned slavery and was rocked by the
discovery of North America. But the Church of the catacombs
became the Church of the cathedrals.”

He also insulted Dr Peter Kreeft for using the Catechism to correctly
answer questions on the Church’s position on homosexuality at his talk
at St Michael’s College.

All Saints transgender logo
All Saints GSA (Re Think Hate) and the Transgender Logo for International Day of Pink (organized by Jer’s Vision”)
prochoice JV
Jer’s Vision/Intl Day of Pink” and some of the things they support

Check out what GSAs are REALLY all about in the following powerpoint!


OCSB St George’s Controversy

Happy Christmas! Remember, Christmas is just STARTING today and goes all the way to Epiphany!

The CIA (Catholic Intelligence Association) received a great Christmas present today from a friend of the CIA. 150 pages of internal OCSB emails about the St George’s controversy (all received via a Freedom of Info request).

Fascinating stuff!! Great little quotes from Director Hanlon like “wheels were falling off” and “major damage control mode”

It will take another day or two to analyze and post the most interesting 20 pages of emails! Stay tuned!!

St Anne OCSB School Kanata and Inappropriate Brick Bible

If you look at the St Anne School (Bridlewood, Kanata) Twitter account, it says:
“Principal, Kari Burke, tweeting on behalf of St. Anne Catholic School.
Kanata, Ontario ·

In January 2014, she tweeted this:

St. Anne School @OCSB_StAnne 7 Jan
10 Commandments as shared in the Brick Bible

Why would a very highly paid principal ($120K + benefits and pension)
take the time to make a collage and tweet it on the school account?
The book is NOT a childrens’ book, is written by an atheist who calls
himself The Reverend ( ), and makes a total mockery of
the Bible!

Read all the 1* reviews:

St Anne Brick Bible Collage

OCSB and Gay Pride Parade

In 2014, an OCSB student was Youth Marshall at the Ottawa Gay Pride Parade:

My informed predictions for 2015:

– the bankrupt Ottawa Pride will be refloated by Mayor Jimmy Watson with our tax dollars

– Quinn Maloney, who pushed for the JK-Gr6 GSA at St George’s School will be named GRAND Marshall after some lobbying by Jeremy Dias of Jer’s Vision (he is called a “buddy” by mother Ann Maloney)

– the Ottawa OECTA local will have a small contingent there, along with St Joe’s parish

– one OCSB trustee from West Ottawa will march too

acmaloney buddy Jeremy Ann Maloney Favourites P1260473 P1260477

OCSB and Questionable Spending of OUR Dollars

Given things like the $50K last year spent on a Gananoque resort in 2013 ( ) , it would be interesting to look at the 2014/15 budget.
Also, remember ALL the issues with We Day/Free The Children!
(eg. Kielburger support for Planned Parenthood, etc)
A few highlights:
A) Christian Community Day $65,000 (Shaw Centre: Sr Helen Prejean)
Christian Community day is an annual gathering of the entire Ottawa Catholic School Board community for an adult faith experience ofspiritual development and community building. The costs involve the rental of a large facility, audio-visual requirements, decorations,
copyright costs for music, a stipend for the Archbishop or alternate presider and the keynote presenter. Supply coverage for teachers who assist with music and ambiance, refreshments and guest speaker costs (including travel expenditures) are also part of the total. The total here reflects a significant increase in the cost of the rental of the facility. 
Continue involvement in Me to We/Free the Children Sacred Circle training modules ($9,000).
Functional Area: Student Success Superintendent: Manon Seguin/Simone Oliver
Name of Department/Program or Service: Conference Funding Dept.: 338
Purpose of Department/Program or Service:
To support contractual agreements and terms and conditions with various employee groups in the area of conference funding.
Summary of Initiatives or Activities:
The total budget request for this department is: $192,400
and includes the following major initiatives or activities:
This initiative supports a professional development fund for members of the following employee groups:
A) OECTA/Board 1/3 Conference Fund $40,000
B) Principal/Vice-Principal Association Professional Development $90,000
C) Director’s Conference for Leadership $50,000 (resort in Gananoque?)
D) Director’s Conference for Vice Principals $12,400
Catholic Education Distinctiveness:
Funding for professional development opportunities provide for the continuation of the sacred work of Catholic education.
Building capacity and providing for the needs of all employees strengthens the sense of faith and community.
Student Services Experiential Learning – Student Leadership/ Voice – Peer Assistance Camp, Youth Summit, Me to We, Free the Children,
Take Action Schools, Adobe Youth Voices, Leadership Training and WE Day ($21,500).
All in all, a lot of $$ for conferences and things like resorts and We Day

“Diversity Day” at Notre Dame NDHS Ottawa – LGBT lessons at OCSB

After students at St George’s live through several years of GSAs, the nearest high school to attend is NDHS.

What type of speakers are brought in for their diversity day?? It’s someone from Carleton’s LGBT centre – someone into “gender as a spectrum” etc etc… pretty anti-Catholic!

Sarah Cooper, the administrative co-ordinator for the Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer (GLBTQ) Centre, said some members of the queer community could be left out. “If we look at gender as a spectrum, some people might not identify as a gay male. My main concern is that people would feel left out,” Cooper said. “I understand it’s a comfort thing, but you’re creating so much disruption in the queer community. It’s hard enough to fit everyone into an umbrella.” – See more at:

GSAs lie St Peter’s Love is Louder @spkloveislouder and All Saints “Rethink Hate” were there.

The VPs and “chaplains” seem excited!!

Div2 Div1

St Gabriel’s School, Kanata – Buddhist/Hindu and a tiny bit Catholic?

Looks like their staff meetings have lots of various “gods” there.

Jennifer King works at St Gabriel’s Kanata. “Leadership Journey” is an official OCSB term..

Looks like they are having school meetings with Catholic, Buddhist, Native and Hindu images.. Of course, they have Romero there too
st gabriel's 2 st gabriel's

Christmas Hanukkah card at St George’s

A non-observant Muslim Cabinet minister comes to St George’s school to celebrate an Xmas/Hanukkah card? What is an Christmas Hannukah card? Christmas is about the Birth of our Lord. Hanukkah is a minor Jewish festival about the the Rededication of the Temple.

The card is quite nice, but seems to be about winter activities and not about either Holy-Day

Xmas Hannukah card

By the way, Naqvi is big into pushing the new sex ed into schools (including St George’s) and is also a big fan of Jer’s Vision and GSAs:


2014 Holy Redeemer School Kanata Hip Hop Xmas


See all the gangsta-style poses these young children do!

This could be a reason why the OCSB supports We Day that has Hip Artists like Big Sean

“For rapper set to perform at We Day Toronto, women are ‘b*tches’ and ‘whores’”

A 2013 Holy Redeemer Christmas Dance Routine

Lyrics about Kwanzaa etc..

Inane lyrics like “I’m so bad just like Michael, Stupid, stupid, love
like Cupid”

This is the true, good, and BEAUTIFUL??

Justin Bieber – Drummer Boy Lyrics

Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum
A newborn king to see, pa rum pum pum pum
Our finest gifts we bring, pa rum pum pum pum
To lay before the king, pa rum pum pum pum
Rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum

[Verse 1]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum pum
Yeah I’m on the drum, yeah I’m on the snare drum
Yeah I’m on the beat, cause the beat goes dumb
And I only spit heat, cause I’m playing with the sun
Playing for the king, playing for the title
I’m surprised you didn’t hear this in the Bible
I’m so tight I might go psycho
Christmas time, so here’s a recital
I’m so bad like Michael, I know
I’m still young but I go, I go
Stupid, stupid, love like Cupid
I’m the drummer boy, so do it, do it

[Hook: Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes]
Little baby, pa rum pum pum pum
I am a poor boy too, pa rum pum pum pum (Gather around the mistletoe real quick)
I have no gifts to bring, pa rum pum pum pum
(Matter of fact, let’s gather around a fireplace while we get hot in here)
Nothing to give our king, pa rum pum pum pum (Reba, whattup)
Rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Now let me get straight to it, yo
At the table with the family, havin’ dinner
Blackberry on our hip and then it gave a little flicker
Then I took a look to see before it activates the ringer
Came to realize my homie Bieber hit me on the Twitter
I hit him back despite I had some food up on my fingers
Sippin’ eggnog, with a little sprinkle of vanilla
Even though it’s kind of cold, I’m pullin’ out a chinchilla
Bieber hit me back and said, “let’s make it hot up in the winter”
I said, “cool”
You know I will deliver
Let’s collaborate and make the holiday a little bigger
Before we work I gotta get this off
See the other family members and drop gifts off
Then I’m headed to the studio cause ain’t nothing stopping how
You know we ’bout to turn it up and get it really popping now
People everywhere and all our Twitter followers
Merry Christmas, Kwanza, and Happy Hanukkah!

Mary nodded, pa rum pa pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my drum for him, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my best for him, pa rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum

[Verse 3]
If you wanna give, it’s the time of year
J Bieb on the beat, yeah, yeah I’m on the snare
It’s crazy how some people say they, say they don’t care
When there’s people on the street with no food, it’s not fair
It’s about time for you to act merrily
It’s about time for you to give to charity
Rarily do people even want to help at all
Cause they’re warmed by the pocket and toys by their dolls
Not thinkin’ there’s a family out hungry and cold
Wishin’, wishin’ they had somebody they could hold
So I think some of you need to act bold
Give a can to a child, let’s change the globe
Globe, globe, globe, globe

I’m the drummer boy so

New Age Labyrinth at All Saints OCSB Kanata

Is it coming to a school near you too?
This is how All Saints School describes it. Some “nice words” but also
full of new-agey elements.

All Saints High School recently unveiled a labyrinth outside the
school’s courtyard! The labyrinth, which symbolizes “walking a sacred
path,” is surrounded by gospel values. It is used by many classes for
restorative walking, especially religion classes. In restorative
walking, students walk the labyrinth while reflecting on their
relationships and experiences. With a teacher’s guidance, they restore
their inner self, forgive those who wronged them, and forgive
themselves for actions that may have caused pain to others.
— at All Saints Catholic High School.

If you google labyrinth and restorative walking, you get some crazy
new age stuff

Also, if you google labyrinth and “walking a sacred path”, one gets
Lauren Artress:

The centre of the labyrinth is NOT a Crucifex. It is 4 colours (red,
yellow, white, black). it could repbe from from Ojibwa Teaching:


What does the Church ACTUALLY teach about education?

Courtesy of NAPCIS:

Click on quotes for the PDF

Education quotes

For example:

Divini Illius Magistri, 80. “For the mere fact that a school gives some religious instruction (often
extremely stinted), does not bring it into accord with the rights of the Church and of the Christian
family, or make it a fit place for Catholic students. To be this, it is necessary that all the teaching and
the whole organization of the school, and its teachers, syllabus and text-books in every branch, be
regulated by the Christian spirit, under the direction and maternal supervision of the Church; so that
Religion may be in very truth the foundation and crown of the youth’s entire training; and this in
every grade of school, not only the elementary, but the intermediate and the higher institutions of
learning as well. To use the words of Leo XIII: (Militantis Ecclesiae, 1897) ‘It is necessary not only
that religious instruction be given to the young at certain fixed times, but also that every other subject
taught, be permeated with Christian piety. If this is wanting, if this sacred atmosphere does not
pervade and warm the hearts of masters and scholars alike, little good can be expected from any kind
of learning, and considerable harm will often be the consequence.’”

How “Catholic” are OCSB Gay Straight Alliances?

Are they even close to following the Respecting Differences Document?

See who they follow? See what OCSB teachers/superintendents follow them? See their pics?

Followers include Superintendent Brenda Wilson, “Chaplain” Joe Rogers, Teacher Searle (the one who tried to take the kids to an Ohio Get Out the Vote

SPK Love is Louder happy to radical gay Love is Louder Following these groups Love is Louder (1) Love is Louder 1 spkfollowers

Gay indoctrination at OCSB in Kindergarten

Looks like at least one OCSB school has a gay penguin book for kids to take home!


Penguin2 (1)

This “And Tango Makes Three” is a fave of the OECTA Gay activists. See what they did at a TCDSB event:

See the pic with these fellows
Kevin Welbes-Godin (OECTA) – Safe & Inclusive Communities for LGBT
Students & Kevin Lobo (TCDSB) – Catholic Leadership & Social Justice

gay books (4)

The books on the table are:
Mommy, Mama, and Me
Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming
Daddy, Papa, and Me

It looks like there were 4 separate “I-LItes” events, each with 200+ kids

Along with the above picture at that one event. Other events included:

“TEACHER WORKSHOP by EGALE Canada – Safe and Inclusive Communities for
LGBT Students”

“After the opening ceremonies, we broke up into 28 different workshops
including this one that all the teachers attended facilitated by Kevin
Welbes Godin from OECTA – Safe and Inclusive Communities for LGBT

It is interesting to see that the workshop descriptions are password protected!

“Protected: iLITE Workshop Descriptions This post is password protected.”

PS: here are the Amazon listings for these books

Purpose of blog

This blog will be prettied up later.

The blog is to expose the anti-Catholic practices of the Ottawa Catholic School Board (and St Joe’s parish).

We are a group of faithful Catholics called the CIA – Catholic Intelligence Association

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