More critiques of school by former catholic school principal . #ottnews #onpoli #onelxn @calphonso @endreg274

This very liberal catholic principal ran an OCSB catholic school with less than 50% of the kids even nominally Catholic.

This was his scathing critique. Please read and share!:


He has written more, with some interesting questions:

My daughter was supposed to be entering JK in the Fall and we’ve chosen not to enrol her, because 36 kids stuffed into a play-based program with limited resources and objects being thrown at the teacher’s head is not my idea of a good learning environment for ANY child. It fills me with sadness that as a public school teacher I don’t feel safe enrolling my own child in my local public school.


How are we served by a trustee system where local representatives are part-time at best and totally dependant on school board staff for the information they need to make decisions that affect thousands of children?

Do the rights of the student really come first in a system where hiring is done based on how many years you have existed on a seniority list?

How are we served by school board superintendents who are not accountable to anyone and have the ultimate authority over everything that matters to children in our schools? In a public school system, why are these people so far removed from public scrutiny?


Get your kids OUT of government/union run schools!! Superintendents are like the Phoenix pay execs of the federal government!! 

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A great article by a faithful Catholic student who attends a public school.

One of my other friends said on Ash Wednesday, homeroom teachers were reminded on the P.A. system to say a prayer after ashes were distributed. She was the only person in her class to line up for ashes, but more disturbingly, according to my friend, the teacher smirked at the end and asked sarcastically if anybody wanted to say a prayer. (They didn’t.)

Judged by what friends tell me, teachers are sometimes as unenthusiastic or detached from the faith as the students. All the Catholic values that school boards try to instil depend upon these significant people. Not all teachers, of course, are passive about encouraging the faith, but some are. And that is too many.


(Gamboa, 17, is a Grade 12 student at Markville Public Secondary School in Markham, Ont.)


Her anecdotes are similar to hundreds our blog hears about (eg. a teacher comparing abortion to making an omelette!).


It also explains why Catholic school grad results are equal or worse from a Catholic morality perspective.


What do Catholic school “chaplains” (they are not really chaplains, they are chaplaincy leaders; only priests can be chaplains) do when they read this wonderful article?? They attack her!

They call her an “outsider” not a sister in Christ. They say the TRUTH harms “the truth”. Thank goodness the paper tweeted support for the rebuttal against CSCO.


For CSCO, it is not about trying to improve and teach orthodox Catholicism – it is about protecting their 90-$100K “professional Catholic” jobs and hiding from parents how non-Catholic their school system really is!









UPDATE: more attacks.. Now she is 2nd class Catholic because sje doesnt belong to a Catholic ( really pseudo Catholicp) community!!



Apparently, going to prom is a “human right” for muslims in catholic schools . #ocsb #dpcdsb #tcot #catholic

Ramadan: May 18 to June 14.

Exam Dates: June 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 2018


This fellow insists on Prom in the 4 days before final exams or crazy early in May with rain and cool temps!!


It’s upsetting because our school community and the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board has always boasted about being diverse and accepting differences, but failed to do so here.

As a student I feel excluded. I feel as though my beliefs have been disregarded and unvalued. I don’t think they made the effort to understand the meaning behind Ramadan and respect it or our religion in general.” Said Neha Ahmed, a senior at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School.”


I cannot believe the sense of entitlement this student has! Of course, the school board and school has been sucking up to these students in order to keep enrollment up. And now it comes back to bite them.


This student does not want tolerance. He wants submission!


(On another note, it is incredible how the Grade 11 World Religions course is a total whitewash of Islam and their “prophet” Mohammed. Catholic students don’t even know that Jesus was the final true prophet!!

More Judases who signed proabort attestion! Including Order of Malta in the Ottawa Archdiocese Office! @archtoronto #catholic #prolife

Great work by Lifesite on this article:

Old article:


Ottawa groups include St Joe’s and the Shepherds of Good Hope. The Mission did NOT sign attestation! Move your donations there and tell St Joe’s and SGH!


This group is at Kilborn place, the Archdiocese centre for Ottawa!


update: Knights are a great folks!! Thanks for the clarification. Many groups dont write a letter like this






Some others not mentioned before?




New LGBTQ indoctrination space for children in Ottawa. #tcot #catholic

Seeking $10M in donations. Whatever corporations don’t donate, I am sure the govt will pick up the rest! Yasir Naqvi was at the announcement and tweeted about it

Not a museum, more of an indoctrination facility for school groups on things like “Gender Elephant”. I am sure all the Grade 8 grad trips to Ottawa will now include this on their itinerary . Monitor carefully at your school trip starting in 2021!!

What is the PINK AGENDA of CCGSD?:

Genderbread Elephant:

Top Blog posts this year #ocsb #prolife #catholic #ottnews

We have done over 450 blog posts – mainly on OCSB and OECTA but also on a wide variety of topics. Here are the top posts that have been read this year (some are from years ago but still very applicable)

Please just google catholic intelligence blog and some/all words from the title to read and SHARE!!





From Genderbread to Gender Unicorn to Gender Elephant. #cathed #catholic #catholicteachers @archtoronto #ocsb #tcdsb


UPDATE: good commentary here:


OECTA’s genderbread person and also gender unicorn are soooo old fashioned. Kids must now learn about gender Elephant!! Now that E is taken, we expect Gender Ferret and Gender Gorilla and Gender Hamster to come next





OCSB is quite proud of teaching kids about taking hormones and girls “binding”



They totally refuse to teach the Social Compendium of the Church about accepting your birth sex (#224)