Another #OCSB employee performing gay weddings

Not as bad as previous posts (ie. she is not a teacher, dept head or principal). She is All Saints Office admin. Mother of Matt, OCSB teacher

Reverend Patricia Koeslag   pretty weird links

Interesting friends of her business’ facebook page; marlene pignat, Caroline pignat et al

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From her LinkedIn, she seems to be involved with Waupoos, Cursillo and St Elizabeth’s parish?

Koeslag Linked In   (Carleton Place)  (REALLY weird links from this page)

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Yet another retired #OCSB teacher performing gay weddings! #ottnews

Yesterday, we reported about 2. Today we find another one.. How many more are there??


A retired Dept Head from St Paul’s and Sacred Heart high schools


Lynne Langille

Lynne 2

I wonder if son-in-law Vito (“chaplain” at the OCSB) has spoken out against these terrible acts of wife Renee’s parents




#Ottnews #OCSB Retired Teacher and Retired Principal doing “Gay Weddings”



Recently retired OCSB teacher now doing LGBT so-called weddings. Wendy MacPhee





She was involved with the All Saints HS GSA. OCSB broke the “Respecting Differences” rules that say mentors must be committed to Catholic teachings. Clearly MacPhee, doing gay weddings, is not committed to Catholic teachings!


 iii. All mentors appointed to work with groups of students must know
and be committed to Catholic teachings;


Wendy 2




Recently retired OCSB Principal doing so-called Gay weddings:

OCSB Wedding

Donna Bekkers



Here is AL Micus, retired from Pius High School. He won’t do gay weddings, but likes to do weddinga of former students.he also does funerals and baptisms


#ottnews . #OCSB partner parish St Joe’s studying anti-#Catholic Michael Coren

If you still believed that St Joe’s was Catholic, you won’t now.


Their LGBT group is studying anti-Catholic Michael Coren. This same group will be marching at the 1pm Pride parade in August, interrupting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at St Patrick’s Basilica that starts at 1215pm.


St Joe's Coren


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#TCDSB #OCSB Typical “chaplain” at an Ontario “#catholic” school

People are rightfully upset about radical activist Jenna Ten-Yuk coming in to speak about at Toronto “Catholic” schools. But what about someone the students see every day? The so-called “chaplain” Mary DeNisco. She LOVED the talk by Jenna! Did she bring Jenna in? Is her daily message to students the same as what Jenna told them?

These students’ souls are in GRAVE danger!



“Mary DeNisco

June 2, 2016

Jenna – There WAS light in the room, and you brought it!!!

There IS NOTHING WRONG with LGBTQ people; finally the world is embracing this.

It is because of Your bravery and YOUR courage that the “conversation started” at LCS and, I’m sure, many other places.

It is because of YOUR work and YOUR ability to engage an audience that young people will find the same courage and the same bravery to one day tell their stories.

If there was warmth in the room, YES, I must say it came from my colleagues who not only stood in solidarity with LGBTQ students but expressed the commitment of our Catholic school’s ACCEPTANCE and INCLUSION of ALL PEOPLE! It was one of THEE proudest moments of my teaching career!

You express it well, Jenna….”This is the start of something beautiful and will impact generations of students to come.” Our Religion Department Head, Laura Caprara, summed it up similarly, “And with one small gesture, we begin to change the world.”

Keep it coming, young woman; you’re our lead!

Mary DeNisco
Loretto College School Chaplain”


pretty wacko Holy Thursday liturgy. Why not just go to a local parish?


Denisco was a keynote speaker at a Buffalo GSA.. And of course the local abortionist was there with an an info table:



Have you had patients who have both had an abortion and a full-term pregnancy?

I have patients who have had an abortion with me, had a baby, and had an abortion, or had a baby, had an abortion, or had a couple of abortions and had a baby, then had a couple of abortions.


Her twitter:


#ocsb #tcdsb . #carfleo pushes conference with proabort, pro-gay-marriage nun

Save your children’s souls! Get them out of religion classes taught in “catholic” schools! Religions teachers in #Ontario are part of carfleo and they push stuff like this! Our tax dollars fund “catholic” school boards to send teachers to conferences  like CFTOE






About Forcades:”

Spanish Nun: Same-Gender Relationships Are a ‘Sacrament’ of God’s Love”


Even too radical for the LA religious ed conference.. but welcome by CARFLEO!