Are #OCSB libraries #Catholic ??

Spend some time looking at what books OCSB buys for its libraries. One can see where their priorities are from where they spend our $$!!

85 schools (69 elementary, 1 intermediate, and 15 high schools)

For example, Our Lady of Peace (JK-Gr 6) has more LGBT books than books with the keyword “Christ”.

OurLadyPeace LGBT Books


library 0.JPG

Some other tidbits:

  1. not every high school has a copy of the Catechism. Some high schools have more Dan Brown books than Catechetics books.
  2. There are 450 books in system with keyword “Catholic”. Many of these are things like hymnbooks and curriculum frameworks (ie. not for kids). There are 328 books with keyword “Islam”
  3. For 40,000 kids, there only TWO books by the largest Catholic publisher in the world (Ignatius press)
  4. Over 600 books on Native “Seven Grandfather Teachings”, only 45 Catechisms of the Catholic Church
  5. 22 Father Lovasik St Joseph’s Picture books for 69 elementary schools (I have more in my own home!)
  6. 88 copies of Drama (and 22 French copies). This is a “graphic novel” (aka comic book with 2 boys kissing for students 10+ (ie. grade 5)  OCSB DRAMA BOOK of 2 boys kissing. CBC story on Drama, a graphic novel ..
  7. 21 Vision Series books on Saints across 69 elementary schools
  8. 6 Chesterton books across 15 schools
  9. Lots of books on contraception including a Planned Parethood book called “All our Birth Control – A Personal Guide” at St Mother Theresa High School
  10. Some prolife books, but even more proabort books: Abortion books
  11. The Little Black Book for Guys : Guys Talk about Sex
  12. 33 Transgender books – not ONE presenting the Church’s teaching on the matter. Transgender books
  13. 5 copies of Richard McBrien’s Catholicism

The first edition of Catholicism was published in 1981. Almost immediately the doctrinal committee of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops pointed out serious problems with it and asked McBrien to make revisions.3 The third edition was released in 1994—still without an imprimatur. After studying it for two years, the Secretariat for Doctrine and Pastoral Practices released a statement indicating that the book was inaccurate or misleading in describing Church teachings on the Virgin Birth, the ordination of women, and other issues. Not only had McBrien failed to remove the previously noted ambiguities from the previous editions, but he had introduced new ones.

The bishops’ report stated that McBrien minimized Catholic teachings and practice:

On a number of important issues, most notably in the field of moral theology, the reader will see without difficulty that the book regards the official Church position as simply in error.


How are children supposed to learn about Catholicism with SO few books about it!










abortion privacy.JPG







Try some different keywords, authors, etc for yourself..

Taxpayer Funding of #Catholic Schools. #ocsb #tcdsb #onted #onpoli

Green Party of Ontario already supports one system only. It is only a matter of time that either the NDP or Liberals move in that direction as a path to victory.

A new liberal leadership candidate says scrap the Catholic school system. He is Catholic – went to Catholic elementary and high schools. His kids go to French Catholic school.

He says savings of $1.6B

Not surprisingly, the OECTA president says ZERO savings.  That makes no sense given having a 1 School Board Director in Ottawa as opposed to 2 would obviously save $$. Also savings in dollars and “green house gases” with less busing.

But how much can be saved? If we look at admin costs of $600M and Transportaation costs of $900M, perhaps $0.5B can be saved. There may be other categories (eg. building maintenance) that may help get to that number (eg instead of 2 half empty rural schools, one full one)




The OECTA Prez can really only appeal to inclusiveness and non-Catholics attending Catholic schools. (ALL OCSB Ottawa schools, both elementary and secondary schools, are 100% open to non-Catholics.). With all this “diversity” and “inclusiveness”, how watered down is the “Catholic” education in order to not offend anyone. We know that OECTA is opposed to many teachings of the Catholic faith and seem more Anglican or United than Catholic.

No barriers to non-Catholic teachers??? really? You gave one example of Ann Hawkins but declined to talk about school board policies that expressly forbid all applicants that aren’t Catholic In Name Only (CINO). If a majority of teachers become non-Catholic (a large majority don’t practice already), how Catholic will the system be? You expect Hindu teachers to discuss LaudatoSi on the environment? You expect Muslim teachers to talk about Christ?

Try again Liz.






Why are #Catholic students writing the Islamic Statement of Faith, Shahada? #ocsb #tcdsb @archtoronto

Why have students “practice calligraphy” by SPECIFICALLY writing out the Shahada ??

Shahada: ” “There is no god but ..”

If calligraphy is the goal, write out “The Sky is Blue”. Why the Shahada??

Do students practice writing out the Nicene Creed? Actually, the Nicene creed or Apostles creed is NOT mentioned in this course curriculum!



page 152.   

PDF: 11Ofullprofile

CARFLEO Grade 11 World Religions Curriculum for Ontario








PS: just to remind readers, this blog calls for NO violence or threats against anyone.




The pitiful state of #Catholic religious education in Ontario govt schools #ocsb #tcdsb #oecta @archtoronto

Teachers getting AQ credit for colouring?? Grade 6 religion class using a colouring book for “purposeful colouring” and listening to calm music?? Will we have flourishing parishes or empty parishes in 15yrs??

(Also see the video at bottom that CARFLEO recommends about the Eucharist!). “communion for kids”

Book written by wife of episisopalian minister
Imagine getting course credit for Reliigon AQ1 for colouring. No wonder kids know nothing about the Eucharist.





Check out what our “professional” religion teachers recommend!


Watch the first video below “Communion for Kids”. Grape Juice? Symbolizes?


All About Communion
Video Link:
Discussion Questions:
What is another name for Jesus’ friends?
What does the bread represent? What does the wine represent?
Is communion just for the disciples?
Communion is a time to show how Jesus showed his ___________ for us.


No wonder so few believe in the Real Presence of Christ and receive with reverence and awe!!


PS. A followup post will discuss how kids know MUCH more about Seven Grandfather Teachings than Catholicism (fruits of Holy Spirit)..just ask your kids or grandkids!!. Tons of time and resources and $$ spent on carpets, videos, posters etc on this compared to Catholic teachings.



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While kids colour now, this was a Grade 8 exam 60yrs ago:





New Equity advisor at #ocsb is proabort from Action Canada ACSHR #ocsbccday #prolife #catholic

$120K position. Mante Molepo


The winning candidate has close ties to pro-abort Action Canada SHR and also on Board of Directors for proabort Amnesty International.



Molepo was a featured speaker today at OCSB community christian day. $87000 to rent Shaw Centre for selfies and coffee and speeches and get home at lunch for a long weekend!!

she wants more diversity of gender identity and sexual orienation at the Board decision makers level


There was also a proabort teacher candidate Miss Seguin (related to superintendent Seguin?) who put she/her/him  gender pronouns on her twitter profile and tweets proabort messages! She/her/him??????

What a disaster!!









Is #OCSB following privacy rules for students? @IPCinfoprivacy @Ont_Ombudsman @OntarioAuditor #onted #onpoli #ottnews


Is the Catholic board doing enough (anything?) to give parents the opportunity to give permission TO the school board to use Gsuite with the kids? are they given an effective means to opt out? what about all the other online services??

Seems to violate latest thinking on this.. or is Gsuite exempt from “Allow for students or parents to opt out of online educational services that collect, use, retain or disclose personal data. Provide other ways to deliver the same educational services.  “
the OCSB does not explain anything about core v additional services of GSuite services. Also there are TONS of apps the students use every day outside of google.
OCSB simply asks students to sign a Code of Conduct. No permission forms are sent to parents.
This blog calls on a full investigation of the OCSB by the IPC, Auditor, and Ombudsman!
Various links for future research:
So many different non-google apps
Youtube Accounts (this is NOT a Gsuite core service):

All OCSB students also have a youtube account using their gmail address and password. These accounts are set to “restricted mode” which blocks some content and comments. You can learn more about restricted mode here or watch this video to find out how to set up “restricted mode” on your own computer.

G Suite for Education Core and Additional services

G Suite for Education offers two categories of Google services:

  1. G Suite Core Services (like Gmail, Calendar, and Classroom) are the heart of Google’s educational offering to schools.
  2. Additional Services (like YouTube, Maps, and Blogger) are designed for consumer users and can optionally be used with G Suite for Education accounts if allowed for educational purposes by a school’s domain administrator.

G Suite for Education administrators determine which Google services their users can access, and are required to provide or obtain consent for the use of the services by their minor users. When a school obtains appropriate consent, Additional Services that allow it, such as YouTube, Maps, and Blogger, can be used without age restrictions by G Suite for Education users.


Allow for students or parents to opt out of online educational services that collect, use, retain or disclose personal data. Provide other ways to deliver the same educational services.
a lot better than OCSB:
  Grade 1 to 12 students will receive an On-line Code of Conduct form to sign as well as information/permission regarding access to Gsuite (Google Apps for Education) and an individual @BloorviewSchool email account that students may be assigned.
Contrast HDSB and OSCB:
Good video:
FIPPA Presentation 2016 GAFE – YouTube
Australia guidelines
  l) Is there an alternate method of access to information, notifications, communications and transactions enabled through the online service? Students of parents who do not consent to the use of G-Suite for Education will be provided with alternate arrangements for accessing information, notifications and receiving communications. Typical arrangements may include using Microsoft Office, a personal email account and access to school servers for storing data.
OCSB uses “additional” google services not just core.. and LOTS of other online websites.
In response to a lawsuit brought forward by the Electronic Frontier FoundationGoogle admitted that it mined data from G Suite for Education users who use core services outside of G Suite for Education– contrary to their user license agreements. This G Suite for Education user data includes name, email address, telephone number, device information, and IP address. In response to another lawsuit, Google admitted that it scanned student emails for advertising purposes. In fact, the state of Mississippi recently sued Google for illegally harvesting student data, and asked the company to fully disclose its data tracking practices. Google relies on data mining because the practice supports the company’s non-paid business model for users by providing a way for the company to make a profit.