Salt+Light Fr Tom Rosica and his LGBT mass. @archtoronto #catholicto #tcdsb







No surprise here that Fr Rosica is doing a LGBT mass. So few people watch S+L, but the following is one less reason.



AIM was praised in this ‘insulting-to-Catechism’ S+L magazine article:

Salt + Light insults Catechism; promotes gay sex and marriage


AIM is run by Fr Mongeau. He is a fan of the Transgender Bill C-16:

Here is more about the AIM LGBT masses:



Here is Mongeau talking about AIM and speaking positively of Dignity and the “WorldPride Mass”



This is what Fr Rosica is descending into!!

Please ensure Rosica is not allowed to give talks to any groups you are part of!!





One of the four writers behind the first section works as a producer for Fr. Thomas Rosica, a Martini disciple who gave skewed briefings against “exclusionary language” on homosexuality at the family synod. Fr. Rosica recently acknowledged his staff member’s role in the document and said to “really pray” that “the right young people” are delegates at the synod (23:37).


Rosica/Greg Baum




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