Did #OCSB hold an illegal in-camera meeting on book bans? #ottnews @Ont_Ombudsman #onpoli #onted @IPCinfoprivacy

ONLY permitted reason for a board in-camera mtg is the following. “Controversial topic” is not an allowed reason!




A few excerpts from a PDF on a FOI that cover 3 days of internal OCSB emails:


Trustee Brian Coburn asks for a discussion at next in camera meeting. THIS IS NOW ALLOWED!

Vice Chair Wittet also talks about an agenda item for next meeting. Except that looking at all agendae and minutes since then (esp Jan 22), there IS NOTHING THERE. Certainly looks like this was brought and discussed IN CAMERA. NOT ALLOWED by the Education Act!

The Information Commissioner and Ombudsman and Police should investigate! How many other things are discussed illegally in-camera?? 







The following FOI was done by a friend of our group (downloadable). 69 pages over 3 days:

FOI 0119 data final  PDF




Other things to note:

  1. Only 14 parents complained. All were pro LGBT (eg. parents with gay partners, parents who are LGBTQ activists)
  2. Several trustees also complained (eg. Spencer Warren et al)
  3. One parent called all priests who visit classrooms pedophiles. No concern by school board (but they were unhappy with a tweet by the book author)
  4. NO reference or concern for Catholic teachings in the Catechism by ANYONE at the Board!




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