Large #OCSB budget item for Hip Hop Dance. #ottnews #onted #onpoli

In previous posts, we have found SO many areas to cut (eg. $90K for the Christian Community Day (ends at 1pm on Friday before Thanskgiving), $50K for a principals’ retreat at a Gananoque resort, etc). In a future post, we will discuss the $1M in “release time” to pay for supply teachers (4000 days total) for non-sports mtgs etc for teachers to attend.


ocsb-budget-supplemental-2018-2019   <– Click for PDF of Budget

Let’s look at the Hip Hop Dance budget for elementary kids. So many of the young female elementary teachers love dance club music.

let’s look the Arts Incentive Fund. Most of this $100K is to bring in hip hop dance instructors from companies like Luv2Groove


As well, the OCSB is SO proud of their elementary dance showcase during Education Week. The videos and posts show kids (90% girls) doing modern dance routines. Buses etc need to be paid for.


There are SO many places to cut in school board budgets!! And they will instead do cuts to vulnerable students!












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