How do Public Catholic schools Compare with Public Schools? a Cardus Study

An interesting report from Cardus in late 2012. They interviewed a thousand
adults from age 25-40 who had graduated in the past from various types
of high schools across Canada. The “separate” Catholic are mainly
Ontario Public Catholic High Schools. The “independent” Catholic High
School are mainly semi govt-funded Catholic High Schools in Manitoba
and BC, not truly independent Catholic high school academies ( I
talked to the lead researcher on this). I would expect truly
independent Catholic academies (eg. NAPCIS) to be closer in results to what the
study labels “Evangelical Protestant schools” but that was not

The good news from this report is that truly independent schools do
MUCH BETTER than Public and Public Catholic schools in areas that
public schools say are important (eg. Socialization, volunteering,
political engagement, etc etc). And other work shows that they do
better academically!!

The bad news is that Public “Catholic” High Schools are WORSE than
Public schools in many areas:
– more likely to support Same Sex Marriage
– more likely to want even bigger government
– more likely to feel helpless in dealing with problems in life
– more likely to believe that Religion is a Private Matter that should be Kept
Out of Public Debates about Social and Political Issues
– less likely to feel an obligation to vote
– less likely to believe God or the Bible Help Me Decide what is Right
and Wrong

– less likely to have boycotted a company for its political or social views and less likely to have participated in a demonstration or protest

Areas where Public and Public Catholic are virtually identical:

– volunteer hours

– rate of cohabitation before marriage

Is this a surprise given CARFLEO. OECTA etc
Cardus-Cardus_Education_Survey_Phase_II_Report_2012   <– Full PDF

cardus 2

5 thoughts on “How do Public Catholic schools Compare with Public Schools? a Cardus Study”

  1. Most Catholic students are non-observant from non-observant homes. How many Catholic educators are actually observant Catholics? Probably only a minority. A non practicing Catholic educator makes about as much sense as a non practicing parish priest. I remember discussing this very issue with two Protestant staff members, who had both spent years in the secular and Catholic systems. Both said that there was no appreciable difference between the two systems.
    In other words, the day to day heart beat of the Catholic system is secular with a token veneer of Catholicism. Welcome to Catholic education in the Age of Aquarius.


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