OECTA and proabort DiNovo have love-in. #catholic @archtoronto @catholicregistr @ocsb @tcdsb #hcdsb

So, a bisexual pro-abort, pro-euthanasia, pro same-sex “marriage” church minister thinks OECTA is doing GREAT work!

And OECTA thinks she is wonderful because of her same sex “marriage” push.

Two peas in a pod – DiNovo and OECTA (really Ontario Engish Anglican/UnitedChurch Teachers Association OEAUCTA)




Get your children away from OECTA-run schools ASAP!!







DiNovo is a rabidly pro-abortion activist who supports abortion-on-demand throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. She also stated on Twitter June 3, 2014 that she supports forcing taxpayers to fund the killing of preborn children. She is an LGBT activist who regularly uses her position at Queen’s Park to advance radical sexual policies and legislation. As a young woman, DiNovo was a drug smuggler, bringing LSD (acid) into Canada from the U.S. by hiding it inside hollowed out Bibles. DiNovo became a religious “Minister” in a homosexual church, where she used that post to fight her sexual politics. She became the first religious minister to perform a legalized homosexual marriage in North America.

In 2013, she voted in favour of Bill 13 which destroyed parental rights & religious freedom in Ontario schools. The tyrannical legislation forced Catholic schools to accept student-led, homosexual-activist clubs, which completely undermines Catholic moral teaching. The legislation also made it mandatory for all schools to accept the dangerous philosophical ideology of “Gender Identity”, which teaches children that their being male or female has nothing to do with their biological reality, and is merely a “social construct”. In 2015, she sponsored a radical and unjust bill that made it illegal for young people to obtain professional help from therapists or psychologists, to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction. 

In November 2016, she defended public lewdness and sex acts being conducted in public parks, and asked police to drop all charges against 72 people who were engaged in public sex acts (see quotes tab).

In October 2017, in a betrayal of our constitutional right to free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to protest, DiNovo voted in favour a draconian Liberal bill to establish “No Free Speech Zones” around all Ontario abortion facilities. 

The unconstitutional Bill 163 banned pro-life witness and free speech on taxpayer-owned, public sidewalks within a radius of up to 150 metres. It will put peaceful, pro-life sidewalk counsellors and demonstrators in jail for 6 months, along with the possibility of a $5000 fine for the first “offense”. The coming into law of this bill will directly result in the deaths of many more preborn children who could have been saved by pro-life sidewalk counsellors, as so many thousands have been over the years. 

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