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Check out Teacher  @NatashaKuzmar’s Tweet:

the provincial “catholic” teachers union loved the girls “dancing” to that song and retweeted..


Let us see the lyrics:
Take my shoes and walk a mile
Something that you can’t do (woo, hey!)
Big talks of the town, big boy gang moves (gang moves!)
I like to walk around with my chain loose (chain, chain!)
She just bought a new ass but got the same boobs (same boobs!)
Whipping up dope, scientist (whip it up, whip it up)
(Cook it up, cook it up) (Skrrt-Skrrt!)
That’s my sauce, where you find it?
(That’s my sauce) (Look it up, look it up, find it)
Adding up checks, no minus
(Add it up, add it up, add it up, add it up, yeah)
Get your “respek” in diamonds (ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice)
I bought a ‘Plain Jane’ Rollie
These niggas bought they fame (woo!)
I bet my back got scoliosis ’cause I swerve the lane (skrrt!)
Heard you signed your life, for that brand new chain (I heard) Think it came with stripes, but you ain’t straight with the gang (Gang, gang!)



Ayy! I gotta stay in my zone
Say that we been beefing, dog
But you on your own
First night, she gon’ let me fuck ’cause we grown
I hit her, gave her back
To the city, she home (she at home now!)
That was that
So I can’t be beefing with no wack nigga, got no backbone
Heard you living in a mansion in all your raps though
But your shit look like the trap on this Google Maps, though
We been brothers since Versace bando, whoa
Name ringing like a Migo trap phone, whoa
Used to be with Vashtie at Santo’s
That’s on Tommy Campos
We live like ‘Sopranos’
And I-




Sad state of Canadian #catholic church. #homosexualist #catholicmetoo

Read this open letter from an ex seminarian (1980s) of St Augustine seminary. Bishop Gervais is mentioned. Also, Cdl Ambrozic.

More recent bad stuff from St Peter’s seminary in London Ontario:

“After he was ordained, two priests took him to a gay strip club.”


And we have Fr Samson still active in Ottawa. And Bishops supporting Fr Rosica…
Strong orthodox orders like CFR in USA have written strong letters. But we hear nothing from the Companions of the Cross.
is Canada in worse shape than the USA?

Grades 1s in “#catholic” Ontario schools will continue to learn about vulva and scrotums . #sexed #ottnews #onted #onpoli @archtoronto



Summary of what PUBLIC school kids will learn with new INTERIM curriculum:

1. Genitalia

2015 curriculum:
Grade 1: how to identify major body parts using proper names, including penis, testicles, vagina and vulva.

Grade 5: students learn the male and female reproductive systems, including how to identify the uterus, clitoris, scrotum and testicles.

Interim curriculum:
No reference to proper names of genitalia anywhere in the curriculum.



However Grade 1 kids in “Catholic” schools will learns about scrotums and vulva etc!

Apparently, this is what it means when ICE/OCSTA/ACBO says “through a Catholic lens”. How is the 2016 “Fully Alive” curriculum compatible with that the Ford govt is implementing?


From OCSB school:

The Ministry of Education has committed to comprehensive public consultation to inform changes to a variety of education topics including: mathematics, Health and Physical Education, EQAO, Parent Bill of Rights, and the grades 1-8 health and physical education curriculum. Parents have likely heard the discussion of the review of the sexual education component of this curriculum. The Ministry has released a 2018 Health and Physical Education Interim edition curriculum based on the revised 2010 curriculum.

However, Catholic Boards will continue to use the ICE (Institute for Catholic Education) program “Fully Alive” to teach areas of personal relationships for our Gr. 1 – 8 students. At All Saints, our 7&8 religion teachers have been teaching the areas related to human sexuality within the family life curriculum. As noted by the Ontario Catholic School Trustee Association, “Through use of the Fully Alive program materials, Catholic teachers will continue to present the issue of human sexuality within the fullness of a faith-based family life curriculum that teaches the content of our faith, the value of persons, human relationships, commitment, and social responsibility. As has been our tradition in Catholic education, the safety and well-being of students remains our priority and is reflected in the curriculum we deliver in our classrooms.”

This means that Catholic children will learn about vulvas etc in Grade 1, but not Public school kids.
C1.3 is the official 2015 govt Sex ed curriculum. This shows how new Fully Alive meets that requirement. But C1.3 is no longer in the official government curriculum (ie. the “interim” curriculum)!!!!  What happened to Bishop Fabbro’s July 2018 saying: “While we have a responsibility to follow the curriculum set out by the Ministry of
Education, we have always done so in a manner that conveys, respects and models Catholic principles to our students. We will continue this tradition.”
What Catholic principle calls for Grade 1s to learn so much about sexual body parts?? In fact, Vatican documents instruct us to respect the “latency period” of children!
TMHS has a long, scientifically accurate, and very useful section on Children’s Principal Stages of Development, which, among other things, reaffirms the importance of the child’s latency period (although it does not use this particular term). The latency period, of course, is the time in the young person’s development when the explicit information about the facts of life should precisely not be given — although most modern school programs are specifically and perversely designed to give it at this very time (usually the fifth grade) in order to break down the child’s natural defenses.
So Catholic Grade 1s learn about scrotums, but not Public school kids!!

Does Fr Rosica CSB think Fr Hanna CSB should be in a Basilian leadership position? #catholic #catholicmetoo

So many “progressives” are trying to excuse priestly sexual behaviour with young men over 18 (eg. Students or seminarians)  vs “criminal behaviour”. THIS MUST END


Folks like Cupich and Rosica want to talk climate change as opposed to priestly sodomy.

Does Rosica agree that the Basilians should open up their records on Fr  Hanna and others?

Does Rosica agree that Fr Hanna should not be in a Basilian leadership position just because his conduct was not criminal? how low are the Basilian standards?



Why does Education ministry say 2015 #Catholic Fully Alive complies with 2018 interim govt sex ed curriculum? #onted #onpoli






in grade 1, they say they teach explicit genitalia names like vulva to meet the 2015 HPE govt sex ed. this is NOT in the 2018 govt curriculum!!


See below for Fully Alive FA 2015 curriculum mapping. What makes teaching vulva as teaching 2018 sex ed through “a Catholic lens”?


Genitalia is in Grade 6 of the new interim curriculum, not Grade 1!! Fully Alive FA says they teach it in Grade 1!!


#Ontario #Catholic schools will disobey govt and will teach 2015 sex to elementary kids. #onpoli #onted #sexed #tcdsb

Ontario Catholic will continue to ue new sex ed for elementary kids. They will disobey government to push forward with gender fluidity talks etc

“As for the Toronto Catholic District School Board, it won’t be turning back the clock when it comes to health and sex education.

“It is Fully Alive program we have been teaching for the past three years. Endorsed by ICE (Institute for Catholic Education) and the Bishops of Ontario,” TCDSB Trustee Maria Rizzo explained.

“We will continue to teach the 2015 curriculum with a Catholic lens. Not going back to Leave it to Beaver days.”

The Fully Alive program will be taught at both Catholic elementary and Catholic secondary all across Ontario.”

What happened to Bishop Fabbro’s statement in July saying that they had the responsibility to follow government curriculum.? Apparently, this was important in 2015 and July 2018 (in order to keep Caesar’s funding) but now the Catholic school boards find genderbread more important than this “responsibility”?


















why is Fr Andre Samson still a priest in good standing in Ottawa? #catholic #catholicmetoo


Remember him?



he is still at it…