NO balance betweem GSAs and #Catholic beliefs . #OECTA #Catholicteachers #WECDSB #OCSB

What a ridiculous headline from the Nat Cath Reporter (the “Fishwrap” has been banned by their local Bishop from using the name Catholic in their title, but they ignore)

There is NO balance at all. The GSAs never tell kids that homosexual acts are grave sins or grave moral depravity (CCC 2357). They never tell kids that they CANNOT choose their gender and transgenders CANNOT be Godparents because they are not living the Catholic faith.

All they talk about “authentic selves” and nebulous “Catholic social justice)

“Catholic schools balance gay-straight alliance clubs with beliefs”

“”Our religious background is something that we respect, but at the same time, it is conservative, and we want to respect that and we want to help these kids along so that they can definitely go along and feel like they’re accomplishing things,” said Davis.”..

“…Butler appreciates her school’s progress, but was disappointed with the school board’s response to her request to raise a rainbow pride flag outside as other secular schools and local businesses do.

“When they don’t see the immediate need to change protocol for something like this, if everyone else is doing it, it’s a big statement,” she said. “It’s a statement to make [by] not doing, I think.”

Considering that the pride flag hangs inside the school, a new set of identity-focused books is available to the school community, and partnerships stand with Windsor Pride and others, Davis reminds students to be patient.”


The truth?

Anti_Catholic jenna ten yuk at presenting at windsor catholic gsas

Former #OECTA Prez thinks catechism should be “corrected” on gay sex. #catholicteachers @archtoronto

Appaeently, “correcting” (the term preferred by Jimmy) the Catechism is possible in the area of gay sex because Catholics eat bacon now. Also, there was once a bad Pope who had a mistress.

Apparently, the former President of OECTA doesn’t know the difference between Jewish ceremonial law and God’s moral law. Dietary laws can be changed, not the moral law!

Yet, this shallow thinking of Ontario “catholic” teachers leads them to believe that something that is called “gravely depraved” can be “corrected” to “all’s great” in the Catechism

No wonder OECTA marches in gay pride parades and the Cardinal says “what are you thinking?”









Does #OCSB love football too much? #ottnews #s2bgn #ottawa


Doctor Bennet Omalu  to parents: “Do I love football more than I love my child?

This is also a question for the OCSB and their football programmes too!! Does the OCSB love football more than they care about OCSB students?

Here is a private academy that operates within an OCSB school:


Here is all the info about CTE and football

brand new book:

A devout Catholic, born and educated in Nigeria before making his career at the Allegheny County Coroner’s Office in Pittsburgh, Omalu said he performs his work living in the Spirit, manifesting the love of God in his life.

Now the chief medical examiner in San Joaquin County, Calif., and the featured doctor in the 2015 film Concussion, Omalu spoke with the Register about his Catholic upbringing and the role of his faith in working as one of the nation’s most renowned medical examiners.



A 2015 study conducted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University showed that 87 out of 91 former National Football League players tested positive for a degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The disease is caused by repeated blows to the head.

The most recent CTE-related death, of former New York Giants safety Tyler Sash, was reported in January. Sash was 27 years old.




Lgbtqa play at st mike’s kemptville #cdsbeo #ocsb


The play will feature several LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual) characters.

“More than half the characters fall into one of those letters,” noted Graham. “Those characters are there for people to relate. All my friends are part of that acronym and I wanted there to be someone for each of them to relate to.”


What has gone off the rails at st mike’s in kemptville???

More on St Mike’s situation @archtoronto

St Mikes President Mulroney shouldn’t worry anymore. The former VP of the St Mike’s student union says the gender binary nature of the event is gone!!




Jess Afonso is the sort of grad the protesting profs are PROUD of.  Pro abort, anti Mother Teresa, Pride parade attending, Pro lgbtqssetc

Read this writing from a future Catholic “leader”


afonso4      afonso3afonso2afonso1Afonso6

@archtoronto . Michael Coren, Gerry Butts etc on St Mike’s problems

Anti-Catholic Michael Coren has taken an interest in the st mike’s comtroversy. Of course, he wants the faithful Catholic side defeated (Mulroney and several other appointments)

Even pro abort Gerald Butts (#2 to the Prime minister) is now commenting on this. He said he was offline while on vacation in cape breton, but this is too important to him to stay quiet.




#DPCDSB Teacher: Catechism and Ontario Sex Ed ARE contradictory. #oecta #catholicteachers #OCSB #TCDSB



An MEd thesis by a Peel Catholic teacher. Basically, she comes to conclusion that one cannot teach the Catholic faith and do what the government insists (Bill 13, GSA, Sex ed, etc). They are simply too contradictory.

Her conclusion is that “Catholic” schools should officially become less Catholic. The Catechism is to become a “conversation starter” only. Then teachers move on to tell students exactly what Pope Wynne and Cardinal Mitzie Hunter believes.

Throughout the thesis she talls about CTF, EGALE, OECTA resources that teachers now use (rainbow decorations, genderbread persons, etc)

At least, she is HONEST!


On a greater scale, I believe that changes should be made to the Constitution Act (1867), where Catholic schools still work in collaboration with the Catholic church, but are able to do so in a way that better aligns with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This can be done by having schools refer to the CCC and biblical scriptures as conversation starters, rather than as rules and standards that must be met. If meaningful conversations among teachers and students can be started from Catholic writings, then teachers can continue to use the Catholic Social Teachings to guide their students to meet the Catholic Graduate expectations in a more inclusive and positive way that embraces every student for who they truly are.


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