#Catholic #oecta agm delegate says God supports abortion #catholicteachers #oectaagm2017

Oecta agm so far:

1 London Agm delegate says oecta prez Ann, oecta, and God all support abortion

2 official oecta digns for gender free bathooms

3 new official oecta rainbow flags on podium etc

4 pushing pro gay camp micah








#OECTA has ties with 2 more pro-abort groups #ocsb #catholic #prolife @archtoronto

Last month, we uncovered that OECTA (and its President) signed a FAFIA letter supporting abortion. They also helped support a fundraising breakfast for pro-abort LEAF.ca




Now, they are giving $$ to Proabort EqualVoice.ca and CFOTAE









She has appeared on national and international television programs providing millennial perspective on politics, women’s issues, and reproductive rights,





PS: OECTA also donated to the Forum of Theology and Education



Here is ann hawkins , oectaprez retweeting justin suppoorting abortion




So OECTA in bed with FAFIA, LEAF.ca, EqualVoice and CFOTAE. FOUR proab0rt groups! Pls retweet, facebook share, etc etc

#OECTA must be happy with $600M for abortions etc! @archtoronto #ocsb #ocsbdl #prolife #catholic

They officially pushed for it!






Lots of celebrations at the OECTA AGM next week???



The disaster of LA Religious Ed conference at the #OCSB #ocsbdl #catholic

If you don’t want your children to imbibe the garbage from the LA Religious Ed conference, then get them exempted from Religion classes at the OCSB!

Jan Bentham,  Religious Education Coordinator for the Board, was in LA for it.




What do they teach at the LA Religious Ed congress? :











#ocsb diversity day has radical NCCM Islamic presenter #ottnews

Nccm aka cair-can is a radical islamic organization with very scary links!

They were at st pats school in the autumn and a whole board meeting 2 weeks ago. some “diversity”…







Should #OCSB school be allowed to distribute ashes? #s2bgn #ottnews

On Ash Wednesday, there are two formulas that are permissible in the modern Roman Rite (Novus Ordo Missae) when the ashes are imposed on the forehead. Either of the two can we used.

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”


“Repent, and believe in the Gospel.”


But I am hearing crazy reports of what is being said at #OCSB schools:

1) “Jesus wants to come into your heart”.

2) The high school teacher forgot the “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” and used Kansas’ “Dust in the wind.  All we are is dust in the wind.”

We are sure there are many more horror stories.

The simply answer is that parents and children as FAMILIES should attend an Ash Wednesday mass at their parish.

Priests should no longer facilitate wacko home-made school liturgies!


St Joe’s parish studying Lesbian Nuns book. #catholic #ocsb

Studying a book where nuns leave the Church and become Wiccan lesbians. How uplifting. And this is the only ministry to Catholics with SSA in Ottawa. Perhaps the Archbishop or Bishop can attend this evening function?






From the book:


She admits, “Some sisters, after acknowledging Lesbian inclinations have chosen to remain in religious life and forego sexual activity. Other present nuns whose particular friendships have evolved into loving relationships do not consider sexuality incompatible with the vow of chastity.” (Pg. xxvii) She adds, “Most of us have not been sexually involved with men. The men to whom a minority of us were attracted were often gentle, sensitive, intellectual, and nun-like… Very few of us married, and few of us have children… I am the only divorced single mother.” (Pg. xxix) She observes, “Spirituality remains at the center of most of our lives. Many of the former nuns lament the loss of a spiritual community of sisters, although most of us who have left the convent have also left the Church. Only five us who are no longer nuns have remained active in the Catholic Church… Twelve of us now practice Wicca (witchcraft) as feminist spirituality.” (Pg. xxx) She concludes, “This book does not assert that all or even most nuns as Lesbians, nor does it condemn or condone sexual activity in convents. Rather it simply cracks open some crusty old prejudices to voice the truth that daughters and sisters have always resisted the rigidity of the fathers.” (Pg. xxxii)