WFMP 2017 Dissident keynotes #catholic #oecta #ocsb #carfleo #tcdsb #s2bgn

Both WFMP keynote speakers are known for their extreme dissident views

McGowan queered St Mike’s College and w a critic of the Bishops Respecting Differences document

He hates bishops being actually involved with catholic schools







Michael higgins is an ultra liberal “spirit of vatican 2” guy. Big fan of pierre trudeau who brought in abortion. He is also a big fan of homosexualiat Greg Baum. Of course, higgins is a fave on cbc, the toronto star etc

One can only imagine how bad the actual wfmp sessions will be, Past wfmp sessions have been very anti-Catholic.


Will students need exorcism after #OCSB yoga? #ocsbdl #catholic #ottnews

Interesting quote from a Toronto Catholic religion teacher:

“It was a yoga exercise,” Brown says, revealing to a reporter that she had aqua yoga tights under her skirt, just like the day she proved how flexible she is to her students. “You stretch until you’re aligned. That’s what I showed them. I’m not ashamed.”

“Why would the children be embarrassed,” Brown asks, noting she performed the exercise during lunch hour. “They have sex in the hallway and they smoke.”

One comment from a former students in reddit:
This teacher taught at my high school when I was there not too long ago. I graduated 3 years ago and everything the kids were reporting are definitely true. Highly inappropriate stuff to be doing at a school but she was a good person at heart. She only taught religion classes while I was there and I personally didnt have to be taught by her. However, my friends who have had her as a teacher kind of share the same thought; she’s been like this for as long as we remember in high school (2009-2013) but I guess no one really bothered reporting it until recently.

We have written before about the dangers of yoga in gym and religion class and in the chapels of the OCSB.

Now here is a great article

I asked Father Michael that same question, and he told me that if I’d asked him about yoga 5 years ago, he probably wouldn’t have had an opinion on it. It wasn’t until he started practicing deliverance ministry that he realized the impact of yoga on people’s souls, and the dangers that it was introducing into their lives. “It wasn’t even on my radar, as a priest, five years ago. And I’d bet it isn’t on most priest’s radars, if they’ve never seen stuff like this.”
Could yoga be a partial reason why catholic schools have no better moral results than public schools?


#OCSB celebrates ” #catholic ” education week #CEW2017 #ocsbarts #ottnews


This was at the “Catholic” Education Week #CEW2017 Celebration. more terrible videos like this are available

Girls dancing to Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj



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Did the ACBO fire Roger Lawler for his pro-abort promotion?

They have brought back a retired Gen Secretary from 3 years ago!

What is the nature of Lawler’s departure? We pray he and his family are healthy. Were his tweets just too much for the Bishops?

Pro womens ordination conference at SPU Ottawa #catholic

Ple write respectfully to Absp Prendergast!!



CNWE is the new name for “Canadian Catholics for Womens Ordination”. They push homosexual acts, contraception and “women priests”



Futurechurch Sr Schenk is the keynote speaker at the Ottawa CNWE confernence

Schenk and Futurechurch say they only advocate for womens diaconal ordination, not to the priesthood, but the following shows they lied to Absp Durocher


Push women priests, homosexual acts, contraception, etc


#OCSB #TCDSB #OECTA Prez presenting at anti- #Catholic CCDSG Jer’s Vision Conference

We have written before how anti-Catholic and radical Jer’s Vision/CCGSD is.

No surprise that the OECTA president, Ann Hawkins will be presenting at their conference!! As well, Jer’s Vision is pro-abort and Ann Hawkins signed the pro-abort FAFIA letter.

Have a look at the disgusting sessions they are having:


Also presenting is homosexual ex-priest Murray Watson from London Ont
Dr. Murray Watson is a Catholic theologian, and a gay man, who has worked widely with Catholic educators and leaders over the last 20 years, around issues of inclusion, diversity and bridge-building.


Jer's Vision and Free the Children 2Jer's Vision and Free the Children 1Jer's Vision Day of Pink

prochoice JV

ACBO Ad Limina Whitewash #catholic #ocsb #tcdsb

Ad Limina 2017 – ACBO Regional Report FINAL (Aug 25 2016)

Over the past 10 years, secularism has been spreading noticeably. Cultural influences, such as individualism, consumerism and moral relativism, continue to have a negative effect on the faith of our people. To a certain extent, our society tolerates people who profess religious beliefs, but many today are advocating that these beliefs are private and have no place in the public square.
Faced with these negative cultural forces, the dioceses of Ontario are strengthening our efforts to carry on the Church’s mission of evangelization, seeking to build vibrant, welcoming parish communities and to support Catholic institutions, such as our schools, universities and hospitals. We are taking steps to assist our people to grow in holiness and to be more confident in their baptismal call to witness to their faith and to reach out to their fellow Catholics who are not going to Church and to others in our society who are hungering spiritually.
Recognizing the grave threats in our society to fundamental human rights, we are entering ecumenical and interfaith partnerships to speak with one voice for the rights of people, especially the unborn, the vulnerable, the poor and the marginalized.
Thanks to the strong faith of those who have gone before us, the Church is well established in Ontario. There is a solid core of the faithful who remain firm in their Catholic faith and are committed to passing it on their children and grandchildren
Submitted by
+Most Rev. Ronald Fabbro, C.S.B.
Bishop of London
President of the ACBO

The only bad things mentioned in 60 pages are
– overall society
– a single march by OECTA in Gay Pride

everything else is apparently cheery.. Salt and Light,yada yada, government funding for schools, yada yada. The report looks like it was mainly written by ACBO Gen Secretary Roger Lawler (pro abort). He was head of an unknown group called FACES and many sections mention FACE (Friends & Advocates of Catholic Education) which basically just ensures govt $$ for “catholic” schools

They don’t mention the plummeting weekly mass attendance (down to 15% overall, and much less for gen X and millenials – Source Reg Bibby).

– Almost six out of 10 Canadian Catholics who attend church once a week want the Vatican to “take a more liberal” approach to contraception, according to the online poll of 1,200 Catholics
– only half of weekly mass goers say homosexual acts are immoral

Grads from government “catholic school system”:

Public “Catholic” High Schools are WORSE than
Public schools in many areas:
– more likely to support Same Sex Marriage
– more likely to want even bigger government
– more likely to feel helpless in dealing with problems in life
– more likely to believe that Religion is a Private Matter that should be Kept
Out of Public Debates about Social and Political Issues
– less likely to feel an obligation to vote
– less likely to believe God or the Bible Help Me Decide what is Right
and Wrong

– less likely to have boycotted a company for its political or social views and less likely to have participated in a demonstration or protest

Areas where Public and Public Catholic are virtually identical:

– volunteer hours
– rate of cohabitation before marriage
2016 results:
•no difference with public schools of rate of divorce
•Catholic grads more likely to be gay/bi/trans
•same as public school in believing so-called gay marriage is ok
•do not volunteer any more than public school grads
•more likely to believe that science conflicts with religion
•-Less likely than public school grads to believe the bible is an infallible guide for behaviour

The Catholic Church in Ontario is in freefall and the ACBO is telling Rome all is fine!! Ontario is rapidly becoming like the church in Quebec.