Anti-Catholic Michael Coren wants parents to send their kids to “catholic” schools #ocsb #ottnews

.. because they are not Catholic!

(He made the same point 4 years ago when he was Catholic and was angry about how anti-Catholic they were:   )


Michael Coren is making more $$ than ever from his gigs with The Toronto Star, CFRB, CBC, Winnipeg Free Press, etc. He is popular with these folks because he uses a lot of time promoting abortion, contraception, gay marriage, Gay Pride Parade nudity etc.

He is extremely anti-Catholic (good money in that), despite his loving saintly wife being a faithful, Magisterium-following woman with a deep faith and spirituality.

In the following article he states:

“in case you’re wondering, I left the Roman Catholic Church two years ago and would never return.”

Michael Coren Anglican

Some quotes:

…The reason we should probably keep the Catholic or separate school system is because it’s not really very Catholic anymore and hasn’t been so for some time….

…even the idea of Catholic schools teaching the church’s catechism and of teachers being committed Catholics is very far from the modern reality of the system….

…I’ve spoken in many of those schools, met countless Catholic teachers, and I can say with some confidence that the majority of those teaching in the Catholic system have no problem with pre-marital sex, gay partnerships and marriage, or contraception, and are often themselves involved in all three. Abortion and perhaps euthanasia remain sticking points but even here there is enormous dissent. Catholic in name only, as it were…

.. Third, it would be profoundly divisive to try to dismantle the system now and would force a battle between the secular left and the Catholic teachers’ union, which may be ostensibly Catholic but is solidly progressive. It rejects much of Catholic teaching, especially around sexuality and female equality, but will fight to maintain jobs and identity….

….If the publicly funded separate Catholic system does die it will be through suicide rather than execution…..


So, anti-Catholic Coren supports the Ontario “catholic” school system and likes that parents send their kids there precisely because it isn’t Catholic!

Do parents think it is a good idea to follow Coren’s wishes?


Also, today was Catholic education lobbying day at Queen’s Park. This is when OECTA, the school trustees, and the Bishops head over to Wynne’s Palace.

Here is Cardinal Collins paying homage to Caesar (Liz Scandals) to keep the $s flowing to OECTA schools:



This was the lobbying day last year:

Collins Wynne



One thought on “Anti-Catholic Michael Coren wants parents to send their kids to “catholic” schools #ocsb #ottnews”

  1. Coren gloats over the phony catholicity of the the Catholic school system. He is correct, although I certainly don’t rejoice over it. Lip service Catholicism reigns supreme. This nominal Catholicism really began to flourish fifty years ago, when the Spell of Vatican II, became the default operating system of the Church. The Catholic school system will continue to rot from within and then what is left will eventually merge with the larger secular system, or what the whatever that system has mutated to at that time.

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