#OCSB #TCDSB Radical ICE #Catholic Sex ed supplements released

The radical supplements have finally been released – they were supposed to be released in November. Remember, the catholic boards are forced to teach the FULL Wynne curriculum on contraception, LGBT, “consent” and gender ideology. Remember that Education Minister Liz Sandals has  said this:

2015: ” that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.”


Let’s review the Fully Alive program before the new Wynne/BenLevin sex ed got addded

  1. It was already a disaster. It talked a lot about contraception etc. Bishop Danyluk called it “descends to the level of child abuse”

Bishop Danyluk statement

Msgr Foy – From Winnipeg Statement to Fully Alive

2) The fruits of the Fully Alive program (pre 2015) are a disaster. Children from “catholic” schools had sexual intercourse earlier than public school grads etc


Now, the new additions from ICE.

Family Life HPE Sex Ed Supplements (CARFLEO/ICE)



Does the OCSB really expect Catholic beliefs to respected? Look how the bowed down to this family:



ICE confuses the  idea of respect of people and respect for ideas. We do NOT respect bad ideas – eg. we do not respect the idea that murder of pre-born children is ok. Likewise, Pope Francis has compared the ideas of Gender Ideology to Hitler Youth indoctrination. This documents values “diversity” more than the Truth. Relativism.

This document fails to explicitly state that scociety’s views gender are WRONG. They can only bring themselves to say “different”.

They want to meet the “appropriate goals of a public funded school system” – ie. to bow to Caesar Wynne for money and sacrifice our children


How will all actually play out in classrooms? Lip service to official church teaching and emphasis on understanding society’s view (in order to “respect difference and diversity”) will be common.

  1. Well, ICE has retweeted the head of York Catholic Family Life education (MWS) teaching teachers about the new sex ed. He is the fellow that cherry-picks the bible and catechism.



Lifesite on Michael Way Skinner

2) GSAs (run by teachers who don’t teach the full Catholic faith) will go into classrooms and teach society’s view on sexuality as correct






GSAs and their teachers are actively going into classrooms to teach students society’s views on sexuality. This cowardly new ICE program will do nothing to stop the brainwashing – it will even encourage it.


Family Life (CARFLEO) educatotrs themselves will love all the wiggly room in this curriculum.

Read how Dr Moira McQueen was treated when she presented the Catholic view of Sexuality at a CARFLEO meeting:

Dr McQueen on CARFLEO

CARFLEO just gave its top Family Life education award to OECTA employee Kevin Welbes Godin. He is the one who goes to various cities and teaches OECTA teachers about Genderbread Person. Read his account below of his views on Trans issues. How do you think he would teach the new ICE curriculum with all its talk on diversity and respect ?

Webles Godin Guelph Sexualitygenderbreadb

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PS: This is curriculum from OPHEA (OCSB and other catholic boards are paying members)

understanding_healthy_development-1290 understanding_sexual_health_and_decision_making-resources-1289 understanding_changes_at_puberty-1286

cc_hdshsupportguide_ja16 junior_appendixh_0

understanding_changes_at_puberty-1286 (1)


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