St Peter’s “Rainbow Day” #OCSB

I have written about this day before. We know the SPK Love is Louder group is a radical pro-gay advocacy group

LoveisLouderJoeRogers Love is Louder 1 Love is Louder (1) Love is Louder Following these groupsSPK Love is Louder happy to radical gay

The Chaplain at SPK wrongly interprets this week’s reading about the Rainbow covenant made with Moses

God simply promised NOT to destroy the entire human race. He did not promise “acceptance of all”, In fact, after the Moses convenant, He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He almost destroyed Nineveh. There are lots of other examples. Also, part of the Rainbow convenant with Moses was to
“Go Forth any Multiply”. The Rainbow covenant is NOT about Gay sex

Here is Father Just:


It is sad to see the SPK “chaplain” refuse to “think WITH the Church” (Sentire cum ecclesia) and to use political LGBT ideologies to misinform students!

SPK rainbow day

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