Ottawa OECTA LGBT Propaganda Session #OCSB

A propaganda session for #OCSB teachers will be happening next month. So, young students will soon be indoctrinated into things like “GenderBread Persons” and books like “Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming” after teachers are trained.

All this material is very much in line with the new Wynne/BenLevin Health education material (remember, you are NOT allowed to withdraw you children from the “human rights” part of the curriculum (eg. gay marriage etc) that is coming to Catholic school boards.


How does the Pope view “Gender Ideology” and the Gay Agenda?:


Reaching-Every-Student-WorkshopOttawa OECTA

The following Windsor session is a good predictor of what will be taught in the Ottawa OECTA session:



Other previous activities by Welbes-Godin:

TCDSB event:

See the pic with these fellows in the above link
Kevin Welbes-Godin (OECTA) – Safe & Inclusive Communities for LGBT
Students & Kevin Lobo (TCDSB) – Catholic Leadership & Social Justice

gay books (4)

The books on the table are:
Mommy, Mama, and Me
Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming
Daddy, Papa, and Me

It looks like there were 4 separate “I-LItes” events, each with 200+ kids

Along with the above picture at that one event. Other events included:

“TEACHER WORKSHOP by EGALE Canada – Safe and Inclusive Communities for
LGBT Students”

“After the opening ceremonies, we broke up into 28 different workshops
including this one that all the teachers attended facilitated by Kevin
Welbes Godin from OECTA – Safe and Inclusive Communities for LGBT

It is interesting to see that the workshop descriptions are password protected!

“Protected: iLITE Workshop Descriptions This post is password protected.”

PS: here are the Amazon listings for these books

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