How to Get Your Catholic child exempted from crazy religion courses

CRAZY= CARFLEO teachers NOT teaching the TRUE Catholic faith from the Catechism

I will write more details later, but it is

– entirely possible

– legal

– not well-known

– has been done before in the OCSB and other Boards

It involves simply changing your ratepayer from Catholic to Public. This is preferably done well in advance as the Board will try to delay things for up to a year.

there is more info here:

I will have more postings about crazy CARFLEO, weird Grade 11 World Religion course, liturgical dance liturgies, eco-warrior religious retreats etc


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6 thoughts on “How to Get Your Catholic child exempted from crazy religion courses”

  1. Regarding the World Religions course, it amounts to a comparative religions course. The Catholic church has nothing special to give that cannot be found in any other religion. Jesus Christ has nothing unique to offer. Look at the heat Cardinal Ratzinger received, when he published Dominus Iesus, in 2000. This document, although weak, at least reminded us that Jesus Christ is the sole mediator between God and Man. How many Catholic educators have the courage to teach that truth? The outcome of today’s religious education is largely religious indifferentism, although neo-con educators will deny this till they are blue in the face. The fuel for this chaos is the religious liberty of Vatican II, which cannot be reconciled with the traditional religious tolerance that our Church, prudently, fostered for centuries. The ecumenism promoted in today’s Catholic schools completely ignores two major magisterial documents of the twentieth century, those being, Mortalium Animos (1928) and Ecclesia Catholica (1949). But there again the conciliar decree on Ecumenism ignored them as well. Any teacher of World Religions would do very well to read these two documents. He/she might be in for a shock. Is it any wonder why some Catholic parents would seek an exemption from religion courses that are dangerous to the faith. More power to these parents. We need more like them.
    Regarding CARFLEO, there should be a sign: Warning! Contents dangerous to you Catholic health.

    Looking forward to more posts on this subject


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