CARFLEO and changing Church Teaching #OCSB #TCDSB

CARFLEO is the organization for religion teachers in “catholic” schools.


A 2010 CARFLEO conference:

Comments by Catholic Bioethicist Moira McQueen

“Continuing the theme of the link between bioethics and sexual ethics, questions continue to arise about homosexuality, sexual diversity and, for example, the Ontario Government’s requirements for equity in schools, including sexual equity. As a speaker at CARFLEO’s conference in 2010, and in talking about Catholic teaching on sexual ethics, I was somewhat surprised at the more or less general acceptance of the idea that homosexual activity should be treated as equal to heterosexual behaviour. The other keynote speaker and myself were diametrically opposed on this issue, which did not surprise me. I assumed that was why we were both asked to speak. What did surprise me, and what I later recounted to the main organizer of the event, was the fact that a senior member of the group expressed in the concluding remarks the hope that the Church would change its teaching, with the clear implication that it is wrong in its teaching at present. I expressed my concern that my part of the proceedings had been “blindsided” by this, which is still how I perceive the outcome of this event. Of course my concern was and is that church teaching was being deemed irrelevant and wrong.”


Since then:


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