#OCSB Sex Ed BAD and Getting Worse!

Before we get to the latest news, let’s look at where things are.

The following study looked at graduates from the OCSB and French Catholic Board in Ottawa as well as Ottawa public school graduates. It also surveyed Ottawa French Catholic teachers and Ottawa Public schools teachers. OCSB did not allow the study of their teachers (too embarrassing?)

2026-5396-1-PB   <– PDF of Sex Ed Study

Catholic graduates from OCSB and French Catholic reported earlier sexual intercourse age than the Public schools kids -almost 8 months EARLIER (16.7yrs for Catholics compared with 17.4 for Public school). So much for Theology of the Body! This, perhaps, jibes with the other post I did on the Cardus survey that showed worse results for Catholic grads on things like turning to God to find out what is right and wrong.

Also, most of the Catholic students talked about how they were instructed in subjects like condoms to stop STIs and SRH (“sexual and reproductive health”)

14 out of 15 French Catholic teachers said that talked about practical ways to get contraception and many of them talked about access to so-called “Emergency Contraception”




Things are going to get EVEN worse next fall!!! There is almost no hope that the OCSB and other boards will stand up to the government on this given how they folded like a deck of cards on Bill 13 GSAs.


Education Minister Liz Sandals stated on TVO’s The Agenda yesterday that Catholic schools will not be able to opt out of the curriculum being forced upon Ontario’s schools by lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne.

“There is one curriculum document, and it’s our expectation that all four systems [English and French Catholic, English and French public] will be using the same curriculum document,” she said.

Sandals said that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.

If the curriculum is anything like its forerunner, shelved in 2010 after parental backlash, it will likely contain items contrary to Catholic sexual and moral teaching, such as approval of masturbation, anal and oral sex, homosexuality, and contraception.



Watch Peter Jon Mitchell of IMFC go up against Planned Parenthood:

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