#ottnews #onted . How do orthodox #catholic #OSCB parents get their children exempted from religion courses etc

More and more orthodox Catholic reluctantly send their children to government/OECTA run “catholic” high schools.

Also, more and more parents are getting exemptions from CARFLEO-run Religion classes, new age retreats and liturgies with Liturgical dance etc

Myexemption.ca has the expertise to help. Our advice when writing a letter is to include your MPAC status (Public school), copy the Principal, Super and Director, state there is no need for several mtgs, that is is your legal right according to the Education Act, that you want your child (at their discretion) to be able to attend ALL events except for your list (eg. liturgies without a priest, day-long or offsite retreats, Religion courses), and that this right and request applies for all four years. Also, that you will not tolerate unneccessary delays and bureaucracy to claim your right. If they want a reason (you have no legal obligation to provide one), you can mention the law again or lack of Oaths of Fidelity to the Magisterium by teachers, chaplaincy leaders, OECTA, CARFLEO, CSCO, CPCO, etc. “A signed publc oath by the Religion Teachers, chaplaincy leader, principal and superintendent including the parts of  Bishop Vasa’s proposed oath would be required in order for me as a parent to change my mind”: “This includes declaring such things as: I believe in God, the virgin birth, the existence of purgatory, the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. I also accept the Church’s moral teachings, such as the evil and sinfulness of contraception, homosexual activity, and adulterous behavior.
-Bishop Vasa 
The following is a round-up of the situation around the province:

OCSB PUBLIC policy (we know that orthodox Catholic are getting exemptions) which is cotnrary to the Education Act

OCSB Ottawa Religious Education OCSB2 Ottawa mandatory

Simcoe County SMDCSB arduous process. Why does someone need to meet separately with the Principal, Superintendent and Director Ed to claim a legal right? They have been served notice by a former student who has complained to the OHRT


Secondary Religious Exemption Procedures – November 2015.2


Waterloo’s WCDSB process:


APA002-Appendix-A WCDSB


Halton HCDSB (based on Dufferin Peel)



London’s forms have gotten stricter and do not appear to be in line with the Education Act or recent court rulings

London Old Form Admission-of-Students old London New Admission of Student ldcsb new


Eastern Ontarion CDSBEO also does not appear to be in line with the Education Act (Sec 42 (13))

Catholic Board Eastern Ontario Catholic reg. form


Toronto TCDSB

TCDSB Requests for Religious Accommodation



OCSTA’s own lawyers say that MPAC designation is the only thing that decides whether a student can get an exemption.

Original Proposed letter with OCSTA Legal cmte comments in red (?
Original Proposed letter with OCSTA Legal cmte comments in red (?

Practices and Proceedures

Legal opinion on OCSTA guideline











2 thoughts on “#ottnews #onted . How do orthodox #catholic #OSCB parents get their children exempted from religion courses etc”

  1. Very interesting, and definitely worth a more careful read. The Toronto policy doesn’t seem amenable to an ‘opt-out’ on the basis that the class activity or material is a distortion of Catholicism, or is that incorrect?


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