#OCSB Grade 7 Teacher charged with Sexual Assault on student #ottnews #catholic #tcot #tcdsb

Looks like she is at Mother Teresa HS

A 30-year-old Ottawa teacher has been charged with sexual assault, sexual exploitation and making sexually explicit material available to a child, police say.

We needto pray for Jessica, her husband, her toddler, her alleged victim, the children of Barrhaven and all victims of teacher sexual assault






I guess she won’t be teaching the Wynne/Ben Levin sex ed this spring to the class. contraception and anal sex is the Grade7/8 curriculum


Also, news today from  Belleville:

Prevalence of Sex Crimes by Teachers:


Shakeshaft (Hofstra U) study:


The best data available suggest that nearly 10 percent of American students are targets of unwanted sexual attention by public school employees—ranging from sexual comments to rape—at some point during their school-age years, Ms. Shakeshaft said.
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