catholic organizations selling out the souls of #Catholic children!

Just 3 weeks after Archbishop Prendergast came out SHARPLY against the new Ontario Sex Ed program (knowing that ICE would be able to add a little commentary to it), ICE and Cardinal Collins are fine with it!


ICE is going to take money from Wynne to develop a little commentary around the evil curriculum which a DIAMETRICALLY opposed to Catholism!  Wynne won’t pay for anything she disagrees with! It will just be a few words about “social justice” and Catholic graduate expectations. ICE’s statement is insulting edu-babble.

Education Minister Sandals said this: ” that while the Catholic school system will be able to provide “commentary” on the government-mandated sex-ed through its own family life program, it won’t be allowed to change anything and must “deliver” the sex-ed as written.”

This whole “through a Catholic lens” is a farce. You cannot take something like gender ideology and clean it up with a few words like “social justice” and “dignity of the person”. Enough with the Euphemisms!


ICE also seems proud of their current Fully Alive program. It has been a DISASTER! In Ottawa, Catholic students have intercourse a full 8 months before Public Grads (UO study). See my post on “Sex Ed Bad and getting worse”

There has been a lot of criticism about FA.  eg. Bishop Danylak and Msgr Foy:

They were right!

People should read the historical documents on the issue:


Save your children from this abomination! ICE, OECTA, CARFLEO, Ben Levin, Sandals, Wynne, and Cardinal Collins are all wrong on this issue! Listen to your heart, Archbishop Prendergast, Pope Pius XI, Pope JP2, Pope Francis etc. Gender Ideology is demonic!

Collins Wynne


PS: Here is a petition:

More info on the curriculum:

Go to 1:22 and check out the “non-binary pansexual” girl who was a catholic high school student:

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