Will #ocsb obey Archbishop or Pharaoh Wynne on Sex Ed?

A fantastic article by Lifesite on Archbishop Prendergast ripping into the new sex ed by Wynne/Ben Levin:

I urge all parents to write the Minister and Premier!
Will OCSB support faithful Catholic parents and tell the Province and Pharaoh Wynne to “let my people go!”?
Catholics also must be wise though and have a Plan B if this doesn’t work. Will they idly stand by like they did after:
1) introduction of “equity and inclusive education” (EIE) http://everydayforlifecanada.blogspot.ca/2014/12/its-illegal-to-fully-teach-catholic.html
2) student-run GSA activist clubs in Catholic high schools
3) student-run (with activist parents) GSA  groups in Catholic JK-Gr6 schools (eg. St George’s Ottawa)
Will parents be like the frogs that don’t jump out of the hot water because the water temperature is being turned up slowly?
Will parents accept a possible exemption (ie. a table scrap from the OCSB) from the sex ed class (maybe 2 kids out of 30 and the kids will know what was taught in class by talking to other kids at recess  two hours later). Isn’t it weird for FAITHFUL Catholics to have to beg for exemptions from a supposedly Catholic school??
It is amazing how much more vocal papers like the National Post were in 2010 against the same sex ed program!

sexedLove is Louder Following these groups

Gay indoctrination in Kindergarten
Gay indoctrination in Kindergarten


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