“catholic” trustees association was also in bed with Liberals on Gay/GenderID sex ed!

Before we go to that, please see this video:


Now to our story:

Bob Schreader, vice-president of the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association. That group and the Institute for Catholic Education supported the curriculum throughout its development.

“As a Catholic community, we’re going to ensure our children get that information, but we are going to do it through a Catholic lens,” Mr. Schreader said.


So, it looks like a pretty good sweep of “Catholic”” groups supporting the new sex ed curriculum. OCSTA, ICE, OECTA, OAPCE, etc.

Even Liz Sandals doesn’t think parents will rebel against this because she is dismissive of parents who remain in the government school system:

“As for parental backlash, Sandals seems unconcerned: “Given that we haven’t had hordes of people withdrawing from the public education system given what’s already in the curriculum, to be perfectly honest, I don’t anticipate that happening.””

When Schreader of the catholic Trustees association uses the “through a Catholic lens”, this is simply a euphemism for “we’ll add a few words about Gospel values and social justice”. It does NOT mean that gay marriage and gender identity ideology will be called diabolical as Pope Francis has called them!


ICE also were in bed with the Liberals when the almost identical sex ed curriculum was introduced:


“There is no doubt that the Ministry [in 2010] consulted with Catholic education officials. In an interview with Life Site News a Ministry spokeswoman, Patricia MacNeil, “emphasized that the strategy was developed in conjunction with the Institute for Catholic Education.” Sr. Joan Cronin, in turn, confirmed that she had been included in the process:  “I think that Catholic education has always been about equity and inclusivity,” she said”


Parents: please use this Lent to pray for courage to sacrifice even more for the souls of your children!

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