#OCSB #TCDSB Children to learn about “people with penises”

Remember, the ICE resources (as bad as they are), only provide a little commentary and supplementary material to the basic Wynne/Scandals/BenLevin sex ed. OPHEA is the main provider of actual lesson plans. The “catholic” school boards are paying members of OPHEA.

Apparently, saying boys and girls is too “gendered”. The children will learn about people with penises and people with vaginas! Grade 5s!


“Persons with Penises” Link

Grade 5



People with a Penis


Boys and Girls is Gender interpreted


This is what happens when you teach this stuff: Video: Can this 5’9″ white guy be a 6’5″ Chinese woman?  A 7yo, 6’5” Chinese woman!!






OPHEA resources:





understanding_changes_at_puberty-1286 (1)



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