ICE and the New Sex Ed curriculum “through a Catholic Lens”

Institute for Catholic Education is a fairly discreet organization. Their Board consists of a few Bishops, lots of superintendents from various catholic school boards and these pro-sex ed folks:

Roger Lawler from ACBO  (check out RogerLawler1 tweets and LSN story)
James Ryan from OECTA  (Toronto Gay Pride March supporter)
Marshall Jarvis OECTA
Aimee Gerdivich of OAPCE
Heather Pyke  of OAPCE
CRA report:
With the new Chair of the Board of Governers of SJU being the head coordinator of the ICE “Sex Ed through a Catholic Lens”, who will she be asking to help? What theologians? Will she pick Prof BJ Rye of the Sexuality, Marriage and Family (SMF) group at St Jerome’s?? One can only speculate.

Check out the SMF, AASECT and Guelph Sexuality Conference links below to see what are the types of things that are being discussed at universities (and many of these topics filter down to high schools and below). Also keep an eye out for SIECCAN, OPHEA and SIECUS


From the above BJ Rye website: “You will want to consult the AASECT website (American Association of Sex Educators, Counsellors, and Therapists).”

BJ Rye at 2014 Guelph Conference: BDSM

BJRye Guelph Sexuality Conference BDSM


Roger Lawler ACBO:

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