WCDSB Gay VP pushing gay agenda

Given that the WCDSB has a long history of teaching non-catholic things about LGBT, the news of this VP writing a book about being lesbian is not a suprise.

Though she is being called brave by the media, she is nothing of the sort. She was paid >$100K/yr and Catholic parents were not told that she would not be following Catholic doctrine (as espoused in the Respecting Differences document) when “counselling” students who who were suffering from Same-sex attraction issues. This is subversive treachery!

Given the the WCDSB is a very small board, the following questions are important:

1) How much did Roger Lawler (now ACBO Gen Secretary and Gay Sex ed advocate; WCDSB Director 1999-2003) know about this VP and what she was advising SSA students?

2) How much did Cathy Horgan (now ICE curriculum head of Wynne/BenLevin Sex ed “through a Catholic lens”; was St Mary’s Principal 99-2003) know about Joan/Joni Grundy who was also at St Mary’s School?

3) Did Grundy follow Respecting Differences guidelines when running the PRISM GSA and “counselling” students?

4) Did teh WCDSB pay for her to go to the Jer’s Vision DTSO 2014 conference?

The CIA has uncovered lots of GSAs in various boards that do not appear to follow RD guidelines (OCSB SPK Love is Louder, OCSB Sacred Heart “Colour Outside the Lines”, York Catholic Father McGivney Academy(https://mobile.twitter.com/nonamesfmm) etc. Time to add WCDSB St Mary’s PRISM GSA to the list?





TCDSB Teacher and Tonya Callaghan (author of Holy Homophobia OISE PhD Thesis – it is wrong from teh very first line – calls canon law “canonical law”!) discussing Joan (aka Joni) Grundy going to a Catholic LGBTQ Teacher retreat.




The Additional Qualification (AQ) course material that Grundy will be working on is below. How compatible with this be with “Respecting Differences” document of the Bishops?



Now, Grundy, who has been counselling LGBTQ youth for most of her teaching career, is hoping to pave the way for other educators so they don’t have to wait as long.

She also wants to see LGBTQ students to feel less “invisible” and vulnerable in schools, whether they’re in public or religious school systems.

“A lot of times their world isn’t reflected in their schools,” Grundy said. “Most of the songs that are played around the PA are (about) heretosexual relationships, the posters that they see in their hallways have heterosexual couples beckoning them to the next school dance.”


Did Grundy and the WCDSB follow “Respecting Differences” when running the St Mary’s PRISM GSA? More info on RD here: https://catholicintelligenceblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/ocsb-sacred-heart-gsa-colour-outside-the-lines-violates-respecting-differences-protocol/





KITCHENER — At first Hunter Small thought maybe he was a tomboy.

He was born a girl, but didn’t really look like one. He wore boys clothes and believed the label others placed on him.

“I tried to fit in. I tried to identify as female, but I didn’t feel comfortable,” said the 19-year-old.

Small was part of a panel discussion at St. Mary’s High School in Kitchener on Friday, sponsored by the school’s PRISM (Pride and Respect for Individuals of a Sexual Minority) group.

Saturday marks the 2014 International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

“Good for you for doing what is right and to welcome people that the world often misunderstands and out of fear, sometimes criticizes and judges,” said vice-principal Joan Grundy in her opening remarks.”


WCDSB has long history of non-Catholic teachings:



Info on Grundy Book:



2014 Jer’s Vision DTSO Conference:



Joan also attended this Jer’s Vision conference. Who paid her fees for this conference??


Other participants included:
Sister Twisted Fister Reverend Mother
The Toronto Sisters of
Perpetual Indugence –
the Abbey of the Divine
Wood sistertwistedfister@hotmail.com 416-797-4469 torontosisters.org


Update: Lifesite story: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/catholic-vice-principal-hid-her-homosexuality-for-28-years-to-promote-lgbtq

3 thoughts on “WCDSB Gay VP pushing gay agenda”

  1. Hey CIA,

    When you are making a commentary on any particular article and you are explaining how a child’s feelings changed about his God given gender please don’t use he or she to identify the child by his “new” gender!! Please call him or her by their God given gender. Example below.

    KITCHENER — At first Hunter Small thought maybe he was a tomboy.

    He was born a girl, but didn’t really look like one. He wore boys clothes and believed the label others placed on him.


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