What does the Church ACTUALLY teach about education?

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Education quotes

For example:

Divini Illius Magistri, 80. “For the mere fact that a school gives some religious instruction (often
extremely stinted), does not bring it into accord with the rights of the Church and of the Christian
family, or make it a fit place for Catholic students. To be this, it is necessary that all the teaching and
the whole organization of the school, and its teachers, syllabus and text-books in every branch, be
regulated by the Christian spirit, under the direction and maternal supervision of the Church; so that
Religion may be in very truth the foundation and crown of the youth’s entire training; and this in
every grade of school, not only the elementary, but the intermediate and the higher institutions of
learning as well. To use the words of Leo XIII: (Militantis Ecclesiae, 1897) ‘It is necessary not only
that religious instruction be given to the young at certain fixed times, but also that every other subject
taught, be permeated with Christian piety. If this is wanting, if this sacred atmosphere does not
pervade and warm the hearts of masters and scholars alike, little good can be expected from any kind
of learning, and considerable harm will often be the consequence.’”


How “Catholic” are OCSB Gay Straight Alliances?

Are they even close to following the Respecting Differences Document?

See who they follow? See what OCSB teachers/superintendents follow them? See their pics?

Followers include Superintendent Brenda Wilson, “Chaplain” Joe Rogers, Teacher Searle (the one who tried to take the kids to an Ohio Get Out the Vote

SPK Love is Louder happy to radical gay Love is Louder Following these groups Love is Louder (1) Love is Louder 1 spkfollowers

Gay indoctrination at OCSB in Kindergarten

Looks like at least one OCSB school has a gay penguin book for kids to take home!


Penguin2 (1)

This “And Tango Makes Three” is a fave of the OECTA Gay activists. See what they did at a TCDSB event:


See the pic with these fellows
Kevin Welbes-Godin (OECTA) – Safe & Inclusive Communities for LGBT
Students & Kevin Lobo (TCDSB) – Catholic Leadership & Social Justice

gay books (4)

The books on the table are:
Mommy, Mama, and Me
Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming
Daddy, Papa, and Me

It looks like there were 4 separate “I-LItes” events, each with 200+ kids

Along with the above picture at that one event. Other events included:

“TEACHER WORKSHOP by EGALE Canada – Safe and Inclusive Communities for
LGBT Students”

“After the opening ceremonies, we broke up into 28 different workshops
including this one that all the teachers attended facilitated by Kevin
Welbes Godin from OECTA – Safe and Inclusive Communities for LGBT

It is interesting to see that the workshop descriptions are password protected!

“Protected: iLITE Workshop Descriptions This post is password protected.”

PS: here are the Amazon listings for these books





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