Is it ok for #OCSB chaplains to claim “Clergy Tax Deduction”? #ottnews

A science teacher has complained that school “chaplaincy leaders” are sometimes claiming the substantial “clergy tax deduction”. (Remember, priests that claim this make less than $25,000/yr)

Should Board Superintendents be signing the necessary forms? An interesting questions that a tax accountant or lawyer or the CRA should answer.

Bishops are the only legitimate authority to appoint or ordain
ministers. I am NOT aware of Bishops appointing or ordaining
Chaplains” in Catholic schools.

They specifically state that they do NOT give mandates to school “Chaplains”!


pastoral_letter_on_chaplaincy <– PDF from Bishops

The Catholic chaplains themselves (CSC0) say the crux of the matter is whether they are “mandated”:

“David brought up the issue of the Clergy Residency Tax Deduction. The
deduction is significant for many chaplains. The CRA has clarified
that it applies to women and lay people and is not challenging it in
any way. Anne-Marie Tedesco asked if it applies to teacher –
chaplains. David said he wasn’t sure. Paul Maine-Devine offered to
give a workshop on this after this meeting. David went over the
history of a challenge to it from one of the boards. The executive has
contacted a tax lawyer and canon lawyer. The issue remains unresolved
in some boards. The crux of the matter is whether or not we are
‘mandated’ by the bishop to do the work we do. David asked that
members let the executive know if their supervisors start refusing to
sign the forms.”

The question is whether a commissioning ceremony or having a Bishop’s representative at job interviews is anywhere close to a “mandate”.

See below
“appointed or recognized by a body or person with the legitimate
authority to appoint  or ordain ministers on behalf of or within the
religious denomination”. The appointment of school chaplains is done
by the Catholic school boards by virtue of the recognized place of
these boards within the Catholic community. In addition, the local
Bishops give their recognition of the school chaplains in a variety of
ways.  Some bishops conduct commissioning ceremonies for their school
chaplains; others may give specific approval (through the school
board) of each chaplaincy appointment); and all of them, in a general
or specific way, apply a nihil obstat to the appointment of the
chaplains by the school boards.  ”


Nice Latin words “Nihil Obstat”, but they apply to book publishing not appointments – there is no “Nihil Obstat” in Canon Law for jobs. Sounds nice and sophisticated though!


CRA rules:

“Paragraph 5. A “regular minister” is a person who is

– authorized or empowered to perform spiritual duties, conduct religious
services, administer sacraments and carry out similar religious functions.
Religious functions may include participation in the conduct of religious
services, the administration of some of the rituals, ordinances or sacraments,
and pastoral responsibilities to specific segments of the religious
is appointed or recognized by a body or person with the legitimate authority
to appoint or ordain ministers on behalf of or within the religious
denomination; and
– is in a position or appointment of some permanence.

Paragraph 6. In the absence of a legitimate appointment or recognition, the
mere performance of the duties of a minister will not suffice to constitute a
“regular minister”. ”

Perhaps, the bigger issue is why some school chaplaincy leaders think of themselves as clergy that are in any way equivalent to our holy priests! And why do School Boards?

Edit: The following CSCO document TOTALLY doesn’t address the point about  “is appointed or recognized by a body or person with the legitimate authority to appoint or ordain ministers on behalf of or within the religious
denomination”. School boards do not have legitimate authority to appoint ministers!—Catholic-School-Chaplains-of-Ontario



What are the leaders of #OCSB GSAs like?

Are they anything like Danny Dilallo?

Accepting School Act Conference Schedule — PDF of Jer’s Vision Conference where Danny is presenting


The similarities between Danny’s GSA (“No Names”) and GSAs like OCSB St Peter’s “Love is Louder” are remarkable. So it is reasonable to ask whether the leaders of GSAs in Ottawa hold similar views to Danny Dilallo.

SPK Hogwarts Nonames hogwarts

No Names GSA York Catholic

SPK Love is Louder happy to radical gay


Love is Louder 1

BTW, there is a new GSA at Notre Dame NDHS – so the girls who started the GSA at nearby St George’s Elementary catholic school can move right to this one in Grade 7.


Extreme Secrecy at #OCSB

A friend of the CIA (and a devoted follower of St Joshua) did an FOI and shared the results with us.

Some observations:

1) For an “open and transparent” organization, the OCSB loved to black things out!! Why would an entire agenda be blacked out? Are the OCSB dealing with Russian or Chinese spy infiltration? I have seen less redaction on CSIS documents! Does the OCSB not realize that taxpayers have the RIGHT to information.

2) They are starting to do more and more phone conversations that cannot be FOIed. This might be something my friend might take up with the Provincial FOI authorities.

3) The gay newspaper, Daily Xtra seems mighty upset that the material those 2 GSA girls at St George’s “Gay rights” social justice fair might actually present may be made public by an insider at St George’s. They do NOT want parents to find out what is being shown to our children!

4) The OCSB seems to relieved that my 2 children have in fact graduated from St Matthew’s – does this lessen the FACTS on my blog in any way whatsoever??


Have #ocsb students been asked to declare jihad?

CARFLEO continues to whitewash Islam. I have previously written about their material in Grade 11 “World Religions”

Here is some material that says that there is only ONE definition of Jihad (struggle to make oneself a better Muslim, good works) and that Catholic students should make jihad




CARFLEO which has trouble recognizing that there IS one central authority in Catholicism, has no trouble pushing the false belief that there IS a central authority in Islam and that they can authoritatively define Jihad.

In fact, large portions of Muslims DO believe that Jihad includes violence. Some surveys show 20% or more (with significant numbers of North American muslims,

OCSB students will be unable to fully understand the threat that violent Islam poses to Canada as they declare their own Jihad as an “exit ticket” from their course on Islam

PS: the last 45 seconds of the video on Jihad is on another subject – positive story of the pro-gay agenda of having gay activists as leaders in Boy Scouts.

#OCSB and “Christian” Meditation

We know that the OCSB is pushing yoga, Zen, and “Christian” meditation. These are very dangerous spiritually and is one reason why Catholic school grads turn less to God for help in decisions than Public school grads (documented in Cardus research). Why do more Catholic school grads go to Sunday morning yoga rather than Mass??

Here is a tweet from on OCSB Superintendent – the one that over-ruled the St George’s principal and allowed the gay agenda into an elementary school.

christian med

Laurence Freeman is NOT a Benedictine and is faking his “OSB”


WCCM Website:


Orig Sin



#OCSB St Stephen’s School students are “Mini-Hotties”

OCSB continues close ties with Hot 899.

This is the station that pushes gay marriage, IVF etc. Lately the station has been pushing tickets for 50 Shades of Grey and now has an “PARTY GIRL” (sponsored by the Adult Fun Store). She’ll be giving away Sex toys and condoms tomorrow night for St Valentine’s Day at a Bar


OCSB is very proud of these Grade 6 students. Their essay says that the “mini-hotties” are big fans of the radio station.

Is the OCSB proud that GRADE SIX students don’t know the plural of Mom? Are they proud that Grade 6 students don’t know that “Dad’s” is NOT the plural of Dad. Not one student or the teacher in the class knows this?