Ottawa OECTA LGBT Propaganda Session #OCSB

A propaganda session for #OCSB teachers will be happening next month. So, young students will soon be indoctrinated into things like “GenderBread Persons” and books like “Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming” after teachers are trained.

All this material is very much in line with the new Wynne/BenLevin Health education material (remember, you are NOT allowed to withdraw you children from the “human rights” part of the curriculum (eg. gay marriage etc) that is coming to Catholic school boards.


How does the Pope view “Gender Ideology” and the Gay Agenda?:


Reaching-Every-Student-WorkshopOttawa OECTA

The following Windsor session is a good predictor of what will be taught in the Ottawa OECTA session:



Other previous activities by Welbes-Godin:

TCDSB event:

See the pic with these fellows in the above link
Kevin Welbes-Godin (OECTA) – Safe & Inclusive Communities for LGBT
Students & Kevin Lobo (TCDSB) – Catholic Leadership & Social Justice

gay books (4)

The books on the table are:
Mommy, Mama, and Me
Uncle What-Is-It Is Coming
Daddy, Papa, and Me

It looks like there were 4 separate “I-LItes” events, each with 200+ kids

Along with the above picture at that one event. Other events included:

“TEACHER WORKSHOP by EGALE Canada – Safe and Inclusive Communities for
LGBT Students”

“After the opening ceremonies, we broke up into 28 different workshops
including this one that all the teachers attended facilitated by Kevin
Welbes Godin from OECTA – Safe and Inclusive Communities for LGBT

It is interesting to see that the workshop descriptions are password protected!

“Protected: iLITE Workshop Descriptions This post is password protected.”

PS: here are the Amazon listings for these books


CARFLEO promoting LGBT propaganda movie “Owning Our Faith”. To be shown soon at #OCSB ?

CARFLEO is promoting the LGBT Propaganda movie “Owning Our Faith” in a tweet. They also have called GSAs in Alberta an “historic day”. CARFLEO long been propagandists for Gay activities.

It can be expected that this propaganda movie will be shown by a “diversity club” (this is the euphemism that OCSB uses to call Activist GSAs like @spkloveislouder at St Peter’s) or a board-wide “Diversity Day” (remember, last year’s OCSB Diversity Day had Carleton LGBT Activist @Sarahcoophow ). PARENTS BEWARE!

The OCSB and the CARFLEO Religion Teachers Organization have close ties.

In fact, OCSB Coordinator of Religious Education and Family Life Education, Jan Bentham is on the CARFLEO Executive and the OCSB was quite proud of her receiving the CARFLEO Pockock award for 2014.

bentham pocock

Bentham Diversity Clubs

CARFLEO Owning Our Faith


LGBT background at CARFLEO:


Scene from movie:


Movie Participants:

Some quotes from movie participants:

““My friend and I talked to a couple of priests and their response was, ‘If the Church isn’t going to support your family then go find another Christian Church that supports you.'”

““I’ve found a place where I can live as an out, gay man who’s dating, and has great friendships and has a full life and can also come every Sunday night and talk about faith.”

““What the Church is saying is you cannot live fully. You can be gay, but you can’t live that life. And so that inherently is discriminatory.”


“It’s just not a matter of accepting us, you have to, or tolerate us, you have to encourage us to be who we are. We are God’s creation. And to deny that is to deny that He knows what the hell he’s doing.”

“If we leave it, if we abandon the Church then it’s never going to change. So we have to continue living here, being an example and encouraging other people to be that example because that’s what’s going to change the Church.”



Rick Vidal and his “husband”

Critiques of Movie:


Day of Pink – Centre for Gender and Sexuality Diversity (Jer’s Vision) #OCSB

Lots of #OCSB children will be wearing pink in a couple of weeks. This is tightly coupled with Jer’s Vision (although the OCSB has tried to deny it before and said it was just against anti-bullying). Jer’s Vision has changed its name to to CCGSD in order to accurately reflect their push for Gender Ideology (called demonic by Pope Francis)


At the big IDOP gala this year will be the 2 St George’s students who started Canada’s first activist GSA for Grades JK-6. I wonder how proud the OCSB is?



When Ottawa Catholic doctors warned the Bill 13 committee against GSAs and particularly mentioned the proposed law permitted elementary schools GSAs, the OCSB said NOTHING! Silence means approval!

In fact, the current OCSB chair (then OECTA Ottawa head) spoke IN FAVOUR of the Bill 13 ( the bill for elementary and high school activist GSAs)!

On Elaine McMahon, (OECTA, now OCSB Chair) by Father Kuntz:

Catholic Doctors on Bill 13 (activist GSAs):

Medical Presentation:

Mygsa_v2 <– Powerpoint on Activist GSAs

Question: Will OCSB Chair or any other trustees or former trustees show up at the Day of Pink Gala?



Mother of one of the girls (who pushed all this and organized the meeting with Jer’s Vision etc) is “pro-choice”:

acmaloney pro abort


Of course, Jer’s Vision/CCSSD does a special invite to ultra-gay-activist St Peter’s Love is Louder group:


in Previous years, All Saints Day of Pink (overtakes “He is Risen” at Easter?)

ASH Rethiink Hate 2

ASH Rethiink Hate 3All Saints transgender logoASH Rethink Hate 4

prochoice JV


New addition:

OECTA AGM Results- new LGBTQ Working Group w/ 50% self-identified LGBTQ Catholic Teachers

OECTA AGM Results- new LGBTQ Working Group w/ 50% self-identified LGBTQ Catholic Teachers

First, other news first:

Expect a strike or work-to-rule in #OCSB schools this fall.



The New President of OECTA (ie. OE*TA) is now a non-Catholic. Not as in non-practising or heretical, but not even Catholic in any way. She is big into social justice and women’s rights


Hawkins new OECTA President


Obligatory Rainbow at OECTA AGM

oecta agm logo2

Also, this:

OECTA passed resolution at AGM to form LGBTQ working group composed of at least 50% self-identified LGBTQ Catholic Teachers.





The opening and closing prayers were not done by a priest. Instead they were Aboriginal. No idea whether they were Catholic-compatible or called out to spirits. (Aboriginal Prayers can certainly sometimes be Catholic – just like Celtic- inspired prayers to the Trinity)


Aboriginal blessing

OECTA Aboriginal

Indoctrination of Children into LGBTQ Agenda and St Jerome’s University

Just like St Paul’s university in Ottawa helps ruin the OCSB, St Jerome’s spreads heresy to the teachers  at WCDSB…

We read about Canadian gay activist S. Bear Bergman in a piece appearing on Huffington Post a week ago tellingly titled ‘I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry)

Now we see he is speaking next month at St jerome’s Sexuality, Marriage and Family (SMF) Symposium:
The SMF Department is BIZARRE given that it’s a Catholic university: (CRAZY courses)

In bottom right cormer, “nipple” cookies etc
Obligatory Rainbow Flag


The Annual WCDSB lecture:

Faithful Disagreement: an opportunity for rediscovery in Catholic education
Faithful Disagreement: an opportunity for rediscovery in Catholic education


St jerome’s is one reason why the WCDSB teaches material like this to high schoolers:

Roger Lawler (former Chair of WCDSB) and now Gen Sec of ACBo is a Donor to SJU:


The Bishop of Hamilton’s Delegate to SJU:


ACBO/OECTA/School Trustees Queen’s Park “catholic” education lobbying day

The day was planned by ACBO, OECTA and OCSTA (Catholic School Trustees Association)

Everything seems lovey-dovey between catholic elite and Liz Scandals/SexEd guru Wynne. Where was Ben Levin?

Liz Scandals
OECTA Prez, Bishop Boissonneau, Liz Scandals, and catholic school trustees president. Bishop John A. Boissonneau, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto. He is responsible for the Western region of the Archdiocese of Toronto. He is also Vicar for Christian Education, Vicar for Liturgy and Archdiocesan Liaison with the Catholic Faculties of Theology. (as per the archdiocese website)



As well, the day before, things were lovey-dovey at the ACBO mtgs with Gen Sec Lawler, despite the news the week before from Lifesite and here about him:

Gen Sec Lawler joking with Bishops at ACBO mtg this week
Gen Sec Lawler joking with Bishops at ACBO mtg this week


Meanwhile parents are rising up in Agincourt and elsewhere.

EOCCC/ #OCSB bringing GSA Activist as Keynote speaker

Of ALL the speakers, they could get, they get Michael Way Skinner – a well known GSA Activist. Michael is Coordinator of Religion, Family Life and Equity for Canada’s York Catholic District School Board, EOCCC= Eastern Ontario Catholic Curriculum Corporation Skinner EOCCC He is also giving a talk with his colleague Danny DiLallo at a Jer’s Vision event What do we know about Danny-boy:   (new Jer’s Vision name) wayskinner Way Skinner has also given a talk at this dissident group: Catholic Association of Lesbian and Gay Ministries (CALGM) Skinner CALGM

More on CALGM: =================== PS: MWS and his wife DO deserve praise for adopting special needs children. It is unfortunate that he is now aligning himself with Jer’s Vision etc prochoice JV