Extreme Secrecy at #OCSB

A friend of the CIA (and a devoted follower of St Joshua) did an FOI and shared the results with us.

Some observations:

1) For an “open and transparent” organization, the OCSB loved to black things out!! Why would an entire agenda be blacked out? Are the OCSB dealing with Russian or Chinese spy infiltration? I have seen less redaction on CSIS documents! Does the OCSB not realize that taxpayers have the RIGHT to information.

2) They are starting to do more and more phone conversations that cannot be FOIed. This might be something my friend might take up with the Provincial FOI authorities.

3) The gay newspaper, Daily Xtra seems mighty upset that the material those 2 GSA girls at St George’s “Gay rights” social justice fair might actually present may be made public by an insider at St George’s. They do NOT want parents to find out what is being shown to our children!

4) The OCSB seems to relieved that my 2 children have in fact graduated from St Matthew’s – does this lessen the FACTS on my blog in any way whatsoever??


Have #ocsb students been asked to declare jihad?

CARFLEO continues to whitewash Islam. I have previously written about their material in Grade 11 “World Religions”

Here is some material that says that there is only ONE definition of Jihad (struggle to make oneself a better Muslim, good works) and that Catholic students should make jihad




CARFLEO which has trouble recognizing that there IS one central authority in Catholicism, has no trouble pushing the false belief that there IS a central authority in Islam and that they can authoritatively define Jihad.

In fact, large portions of Muslims DO believe that Jihad includes violence. Some surveys show 20% or more (with significant numbers of North American muslims,


OCSB students will be unable to fully understand the threat that violent Islam poses to Canada as they declare their own Jihad as an “exit ticket” from their course on Islam

PS: the last 45 seconds of the video on Jihad is on another subject – positive story of the pro-gay agenda of having gay activists as leaders in Boy Scouts.


#OCSB and “Christian” Meditation

We know that the OCSB is pushing yoga, Zen, and “Christian” meditation. These are very dangerous spiritually and is one reason why Catholic school grads turn less to God for help in decisions than Public school grads (documented in Cardus research). Why do more Catholic school grads go to Sunday morning yoga rather than Mass??

Here is a tweet from on OCSB Superintendent – the one that over-ruled the St George’s principal and allowed the gay agenda into an elementary school.

christian med

Laurence Freeman is NOT a Benedictine and is faking his “OSB”





WCCM Website:


Orig Sin



#OCSB St Stephen’s School students are “Mini-Hotties”

OCSB continues close ties with Hot 899.

This is the station that pushes gay marriage, IVF etc. Lately the station has been pushing tickets for 50 Shades of Grey and now has an “PARTY GIRL” (sponsored by the Adult Fun Store). She’ll be giving away Sex toys and condoms tomorrow night for St Valentine’s Day at a Bar


OCSB is very proud of these Grade 6 students. Their essay says that the “mini-hotties” are big fans of the radio station.

Is the OCSB proud that GRADE SIX students don’t know the plural of Mom? Are they proud that Grade 6 students don’t know that “Dad’s” is NOT the plural of Dad. Not one student or the teacher in the class knows this?



Will OECTA push Genderbread men into #OCSB??

It looks like Planned Parenthood is not the only group that likes to teach GenderBread men! OECTA is now using it in their workshops


I expect this gender fluidity teaching to be pushed both by OECTA and the new Wynne/BenLevin Sex ed programme (mandatory in all 4 state-funded Boards) into the #OCSB

genderbreada genderbreadb


This Genderbread material is a FALSE ideology that has been harshly condemned by Pope Francis and others! Pope Francis called the ideology demonic






For non-Catholic medical views:


also, the work of Dr Ken Zucker of CAMH in Toronto.

How Catholic are #OCSB Elementary schools?

It is well known that large number of non-Catholic (and non-Christian) students attend Catholic high schools for various reasons (friends, good football team, proximity, etc). This is made possible by Open Access laws that the catholic school boards reluctantly agreed to when they accepted full funding from Bill Davis.

However, my investigation of OCSB elementary schools shows that they are defacto open access as well – not be government edict, but because they want to enlarge themselves without concern for the ramifications.

The Board likes to brag about their “Catholicity” by showing this page:ocsb catholicity

While their website states that non-Catholics can go if there is space availability, the truth appears to be that there is always space availability and enrolling at a Catholic school is first-come-first-served regardless of one’s religion. The de jure requirement of a baptism certificate is just that – de jure only.

OCSB Space Availability

A friend of this CIA blog forwarded this FOI letter he got today:

OCSBother1 (PDF)

OCSBother2 (pdf)

OCSB other jpeg


In the above email, you will see:

a) the Board has NO idea how many non-Catholic students are enrolled in their elementary schools. In fact, there could be some classrooms where the majority of students are not even Catholic. No wonder teachers only teach religion in the greatest of generalities (Kumbaya) in order to not offend anyone. I have heard of several instances of teachers refusing crucifixes (offered by parents) in their classrooms to replace simple crosses – too graphic or offensive for Muslims?

b) the Board gives NO instruction about how to apply the “space availability” rules. In fact, people can enroll their children on a first-come first served perspective.

c) the Board keeps NO record of any non-Catholic student being rejected due to space considerations. If they did care to track it, perhaps the strong potential of the number ZERO could be embarrassing.


Now, it understandable why there are SO many OCSB ads (at bus-stops, on the Ottawa Citizen website etc). It is understandable why the OCSB doubled its marketing budget last year. It is understandable why their Family Welcome Centre is so popular with Saudi diplomats.

ocsb open

In previous posts, I have shown elementary schools behaving basically like public schools (Hot 899 rap, Orange and Black Day (vs. All Saints Eve), singing at nihilistic rock concerts (The Wall), being 100x more concerned about Mother Earth and the Religion of Recycling rather than learning the Catholic Faith, “social justice” ad nauseam, GSAs etc).

Much of this can be blamed on “Spirit of Vatican II” administration and an anti-Catholic OECTA teachers union. However, another factor must be the huge numbers of non-Catholics and non-Christians that attend OCSB elementary schools.

The watering down of the catholic school system to simply be a parallel public system will spell the death-knell of the catholic school system. The drive for students at any cost and the striving to conform with greater public on hot-button issues (contraception, gay agenda etc) are nails in the coffin.

PS: Don’t forget that stats show that grads of the parallel public (aka catholic) school are LESS likely to turn to God to help them decide what is wrong.





#OCSB St Leonard and St Mark’s and nihilistic “The Wall” with Roger Waters

In 2010, the St Leonard’s ELEMENTARY children sang at The Wall concert.

The OCSB thought is was so good, that in June 2012, St Mark’s did it again with Roger Waters playing the entire Pink Floyd The Wall album. This album is one of the darkest, most nihilistic albums around. The 2012 review in the Citizen talked about the wafts of marijuana smoke throughout ScotiaBank Place. The music contains numerous swear words.

The song that St Mark’s High School sang was “We don’t need no education” to a huge evil-looking teacher mannequin. The following video shows this. The Toronto video is from a different school but shows better the darker nature of the show.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EED71DHNLM   (Ottawa)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rkif6q8fjaY (Toronto)

Is this in alignment with the mission of Catholic schools?? Governments are not forcing schools to sing at The Wall concerts! This is internally driven by teachers. What principal would think this is a good idea? Why would they want school-children to be exposed to such nihilism?



Also, there have been accusations of anti-semitism against Roger Waters and his use of the Star of David and “$$$” on bombs during video projections in The Wall tours.