#OCSB class pushes Gender Fluidity as part of UN Gender Equality

The Church strongly and officially disagrees with more than 1 of the UN’s new 17 goals. Goal #3 (Health) and Goal #5 (Gender equality) push “reproductive and sexual rights” (aka abortion, contraception, etc)

Here is the @theworldslesson’s take on the matter:

Goal3 health (incl repro)

But when an OCSB class learn about the UN Global Goals….

It is unclear what Azzi’s class was taught on Goal 3 and whether they were taught that Goal 3 has some FUNDAMENTAL problems.

However, in moving to Goal 5 Gender Equality. The class immediately uses a Gender Fluidity picture showing men and women in various configurations of pink and blue. This just shows the the HPE Sex Ed /EIE gender fluidity curriculum is taught across the board in various classes. They even put it in places where the UN doesn’t even have it. The liberal UN talks about men and women! (but note that Goal#5 also pushes abortion and contraception)


UN Global Goals

Azzi class trans

The World`s Largest Lesson – Mrs. Azzi`s Grade 6  <–PDF of presentation


Church’s belief about “transgender”



“In the Vatican’s full response – which the bishop provided in his statement – the congregation explained that transsexual behavior “reveals in a public way an attitude opposite to the moral imperative of solving the problem of sexual identity according to the truth of one’s own sexuality.”

“Therefore it is evident that this person does NOT possess the requirement of leading a life according to the faith and in the position of godfather and is therefore unable to be admitted to the position of godfather or godmother,” 


#Catholic Principals (CPCO) and LGBT and Wynne/Levin #OCSB

The “catholic” principals  organizations is in cahoots with the Ontario Immoral Sex Ed Ministry of Education/indoctrination to come up with an Equity and Inclusive Education (EIE) project for LGBT students



All the key phrases are used “EIE”, “deliverables to the Ministry”, etc

What is NOT mentioned? CATHOLIC teaching!

What are the chances that they will show LOVE to students with same sex attraction by telling them the TRUTH?




“Parents and local Catholic communities of faith depend on Catholic school boards, trustees, principals, teachers, counsellors and chaplains to transmit faithfully the Church’s moral teachings to their Catholic students, always with charity, gentleness, tact and understanding. In the case of inappropriate moral conduct the duty of Catholic schools is to guide students into morally acceptable paths. “

“The Church makes a critical distinction between orientation, and conduct or behaviour. The Church clearly teaches that homosexual acts are immoral.11 Included under homosexual acts are genital sexual activity and erotic relational behaviour with a person of the same sex. Thus, romantic behaviour between homosexual persons is morally unacceptable, because it points toward future sexual relationships that are non-marital. Romantic behaviour is not confined to a set of defined activities. It is a description of one-to-one relational behaviour which involves sexual attraction”

“Adolescent students are not always the best judges of their own sexual orientation. When a student discloses a same-sex attraction, it does not necessarily mean that the student is homosexual. “

“While the Church respects an individual who has done his or her best to come to a correct moral judgment, it is not obligated to accommodate a decision based on an individual’s erroneous conscience. This includes a student who blamelessly arrives at the mistaken conclusion that homosexual acts can be morally good. There is an objective truth concerning moral issues; and error, even when blameless, does not change the nature of this truth.”


All the above excerpts are in contrast to:



Also, will the CPCO Resources teach children with gender identity issues (aka transgender) what the Church’s teachings are? Will they show them the work of Dr Paul McHugh, former Chair of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins?



“In the Vatican’s full response – which the bishop provided in his statement – the congregation explained that transsexual behavior “reveals in a public way an attitude opposite to the moral imperative of solving the problem of sexual identity according to the truth of one’s own sexuality.”

“Therefore it is evident that this person does not possess the requirement of leading a life according to the faith and in the position of godfather and is therefore unable to be admitted to the position of godfather or godmother,” they said, referring to canon 874 §3 in the Code of Canon Law.”


We have warned before that EIE is a bigger threat to Catholic children than the sex ed curriculum alone. The above CPCO/Wynne plan is yet more evidence!


PS: A couple bonus links that we may discuss in a further post:


https://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=7861 TMHS

Already in 1988, an Ontario Bishop was warning against FULLY ALIVE (and it is much worse now)

Bishop Roman Danylak of Canada reflected the same teaching as the Roman Pontiffs and TMHS in denouncing a Canadian chastity program called Fully Alive:

It ignores the latency period of our children and therefore can contribute to the loss of innocence. It gives group instruction in intimate sexual matters although the Church has specifically forbidden this. It is woefully deficient in its treatment of moral principles. It often ignores the Church’s teaching on sin and grace and modesty. It does not distinguish between the different degrees of maturity in the same class, as the Church tells us teachers must do. It violates the principle of imparting information on sexual matters only at the point of development when this is needed. The ‘Fully Alive’ program is not a program for formation in Christian virtue but a program of imparting sexual knowledge to children . . . This sex education program descends to the level of child abuse.

Yoga at #OCSB – Leading the children astray

We have talked before about the spiritual dangers of Yoga. It is not “just stretching”. If one is not careful, your freshman daughter at university will not be going to Mass and will be talking about yogic philosophy, getting her chakras aligned and going to yoga classes on Sunday mornings.

However, yoga is widespread in Ontario “catholic” schools. It is throughout the HPE Phy Ed program, it is via chaplains, it is via Grade 11 Yoga in the Chapel for the unit in “World Religions” on Hinduism.

You are your own Creator?


Read all the spirituality parts of this OISE essay from this Yoga teacher in the classroom:

A New Approach to Holistic Physical Education: Yoga in the Classroom

Rogers_Deborah_C_20116_MA_thesis  <– PDF

“Presently, in the spiritual realm, I see a glowing red dot between the centre of my eyes. I hear deep, somber and poetic chanting in my head and I feel my body turned 8 deeply in a direction where only breath can allow me to go further. I inhale positivity and exhale frustration. My mind is enlightened by the sight of my body doing something unfamiliar and unpredictable. This peaceful place of self -discovery is like the morning sun rising behind the mountains. As the rays of the sun, seep through the cracks of rock marking the beginning of a new day. I am open to the possibility of reaching “true happiness” and clarity of mind. My spirituality is now known to me through my yoga practice and no longer through the ancient prayers I once recited. My religion is familiar and important to me but lacks the personal connection that I so strongly desire. I am drawn to the part within myself that encompasses more of the world and not just my people and I see great purpose in this hopeful space. “











A VERY quick search finds all this yoga at Assumption, St Anthony’s, Convent Glen and St Elizabeth Ann Seton. We are certain there is much much more!


St Elizabeth Ann Seton McConville Yoga

Yoga assumption

St Anthony Yoga

Convent Glen Nov 2015 Yoga

“Volunteer Yoga Instructor/School Mentor : St. Isidore (Kanata), St. Gregory, St. Anthony, Our Lady of Victory and St. Mary.”

$70,000 for an #OCSB “Christian Community Day” #ottnews

Last week, the #OCSB spent $50K on a conference for principals at a resort in the 1000 Islands. This week is a $70K “Christian Community Day” on the Friday of a long weekend.

Past keynote speakers (paid for with our taxdollars) have included MEGA-dissidents Sr Helen Prejean and Mark McGuigan



Past CCDs have included a Eucharist Celebrations with the Archbishop. This year, his schedule says he is at CATHOLIC Community Day. Wishful thinking by the Archdiocesan office that the school board is not, de facto, the Ottawa Anglican School Board (OASB).

Archbishop Catholic Community Day

Banners for a groovy Grateful Dead concert?? Or an OCSB PD Day?


Are they mocking nuns

Sister act

The “day” all wrapped up before 1?


Imagine what $120K could do for special needs kids?

Updated: sister act original goal by author was to subvert the Catholic Church

RE https://twitter.com/laurie_azzi/status/652547214439522304


Homosexual Ottawa Priest goes crazy on twitter again #ocsb

His Past:


He teaches at the Ottawa Faculty of Ed.. teachers for the OCSB etc!

Now, he gets angry at the Archbishop for not celebrating a flag (the Archbishop was at WMOF in Philadelphia). And the “foreign” monarch is the Queen of Canada!

And he goes twitter crazy the day the gay Polish priest at the CDF puts of his manifesto with his boyfriend.

Remember, this whiny  priest ignored the 1961 LAW when he got ordained (similar law in 2005). And he whines about being “stigmatized”??



samson stigmatized

Also, pro sex ed.. and prefers Fete Nationale to “SAINT Jean Baptiste Day”..

Will school internet filters for porn be turned off by The Ontario Sex Ed agenda? #ocsb

They are judged “ineffective” by the new sexting Curriculum in the new Sex ed courses:

This is what the curriculum says:



This is very sad.. it discourages parents from even TRYING!! And may affect school boards too. Why bother having them at high school if they are “ineffective” and stifle learning?

Sadly, children will suffer in the end:

This is a recent W5 show on porn and children:





I was intrigued by this tweet by the Deputy Director of Education at the OCSB:

Internet filters equity


and this one:

TDOttawa 2

It’s Blocked! How Internet Filters Impact K-12 Learning
Presented by Doug Johnson, blogger and author; Dr. Joyce Valenza, Director of Rutgers University Masters of Information Science Program; and Michelle Luhtala, Head Librarian, New Canaan High School, CT
A comprehensive 21st century education should help students build a positive digital footprint, but many students don’t have access to the online learning tools this requires. Join Doug Johnson, Dr. Joyce Valenza and Michelle Luhtala for a conversation about the impact of overzealous filtering on teaching and learning in K-12 schools. Doug and Joyce will explain how opening channels of communication for learners improves equity, teaches digital citizenship, and promotes intellectual freedom.


#OCSB and Grade 2 Social Studies and the LGBT Book by Todd Parr

More proof that taking your children out of a couple afternoon’s of sex ed is not enough. The “EIE” LGBT curriculum is spread across all courses (English, Social Studies, math, science, etc etc)

A senior #OCSB teacher has tweeted these resources for Grade TWO Social Studies. In fact, it is based on a LGBT book on diverse families:

Rola TC2 Social Studies Grade 2 The Family Book

TC2.ca Ontario Social Studies Resources on Diversity in Families:




page 74 of http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/curriculum/elementary/sshg18curr2013.pdf


It is all based on The Family Book by Todd Parr

Family Book Todd Parr

Family Book LGBT

It is one of Elton John’s favourite family books: see his Instagram post:

Elton John's Fave Family Book

PS: I note that diversity doesn’t extend to polygamous Muslim families that exist in Ottawa. These are defacto not de jure. One has a legal marriage with one wife and quiet religious marriages with the other wives. Apparently they are based on love too, just not politically correct like gay “marriages”

PPS: OCSB is an official partner of the TC2 consortium:


PPPS: The law of gay “marriage” says this:

WHEREAS everyone has the freedom of conscience and religion under section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

WHEREAS nothing in this Act affects the guarantee of freedom of conscience and religion and, in particular, the freedom of members of religious groups to hold and declare their religious beliefs and the freedom of officials of religious groups to refuse to perform marriages that are not in accordance with their religious beliefs;

WHEREAS it is not against the public interest to hold and publicly express diverse views on marriage;

Why won’t OCSB express the CATHOLIC view of marriage??!! ONE MAN- ONE WOMAN ONLY!

Update: This blog is certainly no fan of US Common Core and doesn’t think it can be made “Catholic-compatible” in any way. But even the CCCII has stopped the use of “The Family”