Ontario needs Education Reform! Look to NSW. #onted #onpoli #pcpo #ottnews #toronto

Ontario needs a report like this Feb 2020 report in Australia. We need to get away from edu-fads pushed by Fullan, OISE, Jo Boaler, Hargreaves etc etc. It has only led to a DECLINE in PISA scores. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/barbara-kay-universities-shine-a-light-on-ontarios-failing-schools


Powerful Report to NSW State in Australia:


PC3 – Final Report – Measurement and outcome based funding in NSW schools – 18 February 2020

(BTW, Direct Instruction is more amenable to slightly larger classes in High School)


The Committee Inquiry identified a striking lack of measurement, accountability and quality control in the government schools system. Classroom practice has been allowed to deviate from the evidence-base. We know what works in schools and what doesn’t work. It has all been researched and reported on in
many thousands of studies here and around the world. Some NSW schools are using this evidence-base to good effect, but others are not….


…The know-how exists to make every NSW school a high-quality school for each of its students. This should be a hallmark of our civilisation and the governments that guide it. Yet unfortunately, too many schools have ignored the evidence-base, instead pursuing fad, ideological teaching programs with minimal or negative impacts in the classroom.
Educationalists have developed a long list of programs and pedagogies without a positive evidence-base. This includes philosophy circles, play-based learning, group work, inquiry-based learning, the development of ‘self-directed learners’, teachers as facilitators, so-called ‘21st Century skills’, general capabilities, creative thinking, growth mindset, ‘emotional regulation strategies’, ‘student impulse control’, teaching emotional intelligence, collaborative classrooms, flexible learning spaces, co-teaching and constructivist teaching…

…Concentrate on knowledge development in schools, not politics: “The gradual overcrowding ofthe curriculum in some ways is not surprising. Too often, the curriculum has become a depository for content aimed at fixing societal ills. The reality is that instilling value sets and encouraging positions on social and political issues is not the job of schools. It is the job of parents. A school’s job is to equip kids with the knowledge needed to successfully engage with the world as independent thinkers.”….












Behaviour Issues in Ontario Schools:


Australian Solution:



The new report, by the NSW Department of Education’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE), examined proven ways to keep order in classrooms. They included consistency, clearly-stated rules and routines, and regular reminders of what’s expected of students.



Growth Mindset does NOT work!








Direct instruction



Great blog: https://gregashman.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/evidence-is-not-the-problem/

Great Canadian: blog: https://michaelzwaagstra.com/

Resources for parents and teachers

School choice:




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